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A Walther P99 AS is center stage of this pocket dump. Walther manufactures some very reliable, accurate guns and this model is certainly one of them (in my experience). Always nice to see a spare magazine in there as well.

Spare mag carry. Do you do it?

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  1. Not currently, do carry with pocket pistols.

    Question…I’ve asked this before.

    How many people, beside LE, have reloaded in a actual DGU?

    I can find no reports, write-ups, nothing..not even a story heard by someone on various forums in the gun community.

    • I think it is safe to say that at some point someone (non-LEO) has needed to reload during a DGU. Apparently it was never reported. I guess the real question is how many times have people needed a reload and didn’t report it?
      You probably won’t need to reload, just like you probably won’t need to use your CCW. I don’t always carry a spare, but waiting for the police to show up with an empty/near empty gun can’t be a good feeling.

  2. My EDC Setup – S&W M&P Shield 2.0 in 9mm, Relentless Tactical IWB Holster, 2 Spare 8rd Magazines, ZTE Blade V8 Pro, Nitecore P12, and SOG Flash II Tanto Tactical Knife…

  3. As the owner of this firearm. I realized my mistake after the picture was taken. I was transferring the ammo from my G19 to my P99. Did not have magazine on the left at full capacity. The right mag is loaded as you can see the cartridge just above the feed lip. I apologize for any confusion.

  4. Spare magazine…not often.
    My carry guns are typically 6+1 nowadays.
    I can limit where I go at this point in my life and never really felt I would need my carry for defense, but comforting to have with me.
    Appointments in bad areas = spare.

    I believe the 3’s. 3 seconds, 3 shots at 3 yards.

    Makes me think about maximizing caliber and minimizing capacity…maybe.

  5. I do about half the time. I carry a Glock G17. 17+1 plus 17 more? Hmmm. A hell of a lot of shots that I’ve never heard of anyone shooting in a DGU. Will a magazine jam? I haven’t heard of it. It’s a kind of what the hell thing, why not. The extra weight isn’t much. I actually feel better carrying a Ruger LCR on my other (right) side. 2nd gun instead of extra mag. I always remember a story a guy shared with me earlier this year. Got carjacked. Happened to carry LCR’s right and left. Left arm got pinned in the attack, got his LCR out from his right side, killed the guy. Swears by carrying on both sides. Made some sense to me.

  6. I carry a spare mag or two depending on which firearm is my primary at the time. Lower round count = second spare mag.

    This is one of those things where there can be a lot of arguments about if it’s necessary or whatever. I would simply point out that no one has ever come out the other side of a gunfight wishing they’d started with less ammo.

    Is that a tired cliché? Yes, but it’s also true. Unfortunately when it comes to statistics for CCW we just don’t have them because no one keeps track of them. The closest we can come is police shootings on which statistics do exist (or at least exist publicly).

    According to Clint from Thunder Ranch (see video below) in the 1980’s when cops had revolvers they fired an average of 2.8 rounds to score a hit and fired 5.6 rounds per engagement. IOW, they emptied the gun. In the 1990’s, after the adoption of semi-autos they fired 12.9 rounds to score a hit and 17.5 rounds per engagement. IOW, they emptied the gun and then some.

    So, unless you have some legitimate reason not to carry spare ammo, such as a medical condition, I can’t see why you wouldn’t. For me, personally I would be really pissed if my gun went dry and got me killed with my last thought being “Fuck, I should have packed a spare mag with me”.

    Like Biggie said “I bring pain, bloodstains on what remains/Of his jacket, he had a gun he shoulda packed it/Cocked it, extra clips in my pocket/So I can reload and explode on you asshole/”

  7. Good to see another P99 out there. PPQ’s are excellent handguns, but If you take a minute to learn the P99’s function’s, it is possibly one of the best CC weapons out there. You can carry it de-cocked and it has a firm long trigger pull. In anti-stress mode, it’s a soft long trigger pull, where it breaks firm at the end. You can “set” the anti-stress trigger to the breaking point and leave it as a 4.5 pound and very small pull as well. It’s genius, and I don’t think there is another handgun on the market like it.

    Sadly, the P99 is likely to be discontinued due to the success of the also excellent PPQ. Get a P99 while you can. A new one so Walther realizes that there is still demand.

  8. The first words out of the mouth of someone surviving a violent interpersonal conflict are unlikely to be, “dang, I had too much ammunition”. Personally, I prefer a NY reload, after all, that’s why they make and sell so many 2 inch, internal hammer, 5 shot revolvers. Clint says, “two’s one and one is none.” He was right yesterday, he’s right today and he will be right tomorrow. -30-

  9. Here’s a comment I recently saw on a YouTube video about the need for a spare magazine:
    “Live in N. E. Texas and I remember the incident that happened in Tyler Texas several years. A lunatic armed with an ak47 and body armor tried to kill his ex at the court house in downtown Tyler. A local CCW holder tried to stop the madness. His shots were on target, the prep went down. The CCW holder was out of ammo, the prep got back up and executed the CCW as he tried to hide behind a car. Very sad, props to the CCW holder for his courage, he did, in fact, stopped the killing of others. This has left a very strong impression on me. Religiously carry a spare mag all the time.”
    – carstensxdm45

  10. Totally depends on “location”. Out in the middle of nowhere Wyoming a spare is just weight. In SLC I can’t seem to carry enough. Panhandlers with cellphones are very aggressive and have a pack of fellow PHs close by to crowd you. Has happened twice in the last 10 years to my wife and her sister and I. Seems to be the worst by the downtown Walmart. Very NOT fun. 9mm with Hornady critical defense. 1 FMJ is the last round in each Mag. (because you shouldn’t use HPs on a horse.) No comment from Tom! How did you do at the range?

  11. When I carried my large frame pistols in a horizontal shoulder, always carried two spares in the attached mag pouches. Now that I’m carrying my M&P Shield 9mm, always have two spare mags on my left side.

  12. Always carry at least one spare mag.

    It’s not about not needing it, it’s about needing it and not having it.

    Especially here in Montana. Especially away from civilization. I’ll never understand the hate towards people carrying more rounds… Isn’t that the whole point? Who the fuck are you idiots to tell someone they will never need a spare mag? or two? Guess you just know every situation that will ever unfold cuz you googled some shit.


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