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Press release:

Bravo Concealment launches NEW product “The Cinturon Gun Belt”

Texas company, Bravo Concealment expands their selection of products by releasing new gun belt The Cinturon.

The Cinturon gun belt, is made out of high quality scuba webbing Nylon, with a high Alloy steel buckle and stainless steel belt release. Belt is offered in black webbing color with an option of two buckles colors: Brushed Nickel or Black.

Belt is offered in a variety of belt sizes, ranging from 28” through 48” inches. The gun belt also measures in 1.50” width, with a thickness of .180 inches. 

Statement from Bravo Concealment: “Made with comfort, concealment, and quality in mind, this Nylon gun belt does not only look great but is also very strong and capable. Whether you’re a person who carries concealed on a daily basis or someone who casually goes out to the range on the weekends, the Cinturon gun belt will deliver.”

Making the Cinturon Gun Belt even better, is their unlimited lifetime warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and free shipping. Be sure to give them a look at, they will be having holiday specials and sales.

The new Cinturon Gun Belt is shipping out now with a MSRP of $54.99



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    • If you don’t mind nylon, look into a ‘riggers belt’. I have two of them, purchased from the local Cabelas. They are comfortable, stiff and were only $25 apiece. Holds my holster nice and tight with no sagging.

      • I use the which puts a (tiny) portion of each Amazon purchase to the charity of my choice. I chose the Second Amendment Foundation. According to the dashboard they’ve received $86,318.87 as of October 2018 from Amazon.

      • That decided it.

        Just ordered one from their website since Amazon wasn’t showing the darker buckle.

        Free shipping too..

        See how this one does..Thanks

    • For heavier gun/bullet combinations, especially with spare mags I have also had this problem and I went through A LOT of belts without finding a really good one. Bison Belts “Last Chance” was good for CCW/IWB but the secondary wrap/velcro got in the way if you wanted to go OWB.

      The best belt I’ve found is the “Ultimate Carry Belt” from Blade Tech. Just the right balance for a full frame, all steel gun that’s reasonably hefty, say 40oz or more when loaded.

      Starts out a bit stiff but rapidly became just what I was looking for and is far more adjustable than other belt’s I’ve had meaning you can swap guns or from IWB to OWB or vice versa without grabbing a different belt. Leather or Nylon, black or brown. The only drawback to it IMHO is that when you first get it you need to think pretty seriously about the size variations you want to have before you cut the belt to your desired size. Too big and you have to cut and reinstall the buckle again, too small and you can’t go IWB with a larger gun. Find that Goldilocks size before you cut and install the buckle.

      • Enthusiastic second on Strych9’s recommendation. I have two of them, both in the nylon not the leather but with the same ratcheting buckle. They’re stiff enough to resist twisting with a pretty heavy 5″ Ruger Bisley rig, any number of 1911 rigs and my usual EMP on them, IWB or OWB. And they can’t slip, period. I’ve retired a half-dozen riggers belts with these two ratcheting belts because of the slipping when sweaty.

        • in regards to blade tech, i’m glad to see one of their offerings (klipt) for iwb to be configured with the clip behind the firearm rather than outside the barrel. if you are looking for kydex (or hybrid) i recommend this feature as it lends to less bulge and pulls the whole deal in tighter.

    • SOE my friend. You’ll never replace it, it’ll never wear out. Good price point, made in America by Americans to order.

      • i don’t need a “tapered war belt” but that stuff looks rugged.
        and now i know that sept. 14th is speak like a pirate day. thanks.

        • I don’t need a war belt, or a 2” outer duty belt with a D ring that will allow me to hook up to a line and repel inverted so I can do assasinations. (Or stop Nick Cage from disarming the rockets :-D) Their EDC belt with the cobra buckle is phenomenal though. Been wearing it almost a year daily, and still looks and feels brand new.

  1. Relentless tactical makes a nice solid leather belt made for CCW, doesn’t have a tactical look just a decent leather belt.
    I’ve had it for a few years and it has successfully held multiple guns iwb/owb very comfortably.

  2. Actually this isn’t a bad idea. My scuba belt generally carries 8 lbs of weights and easily supports it in and out of the water. This may be a viable option.

    • You still wear a belt rather than use an integrated weight system in your BCD? When is your gear from, 1990?

      All joking aside, I highly recommend an integrated weight system for more reasons that I will get into here but safety being the primary one. If you need to carry extra weights to hand out to other people slap those on your tank with something like a Cressi-sub tank pouch. Yeah, it’s “really” meant for trim weights but put a couple down farther on your tank where your hand can naturally reach them and you can carry as much as 10-12lbs worth of 2lb weights to hand out and, since they’re on your tank, they remove the strain of carrying weights around your mid-section and save your back. I used to do that with cruise ship tourists all the time.

      The bonus feature is that if you have a couple of old weight belts, once you retire them for an integrated system the belts have tons of uses in diving and another zillion uses in other parts of life.

        • How so? Integrated weights are more complex and prone to failure. I have picked up many weight packs released by accident from integrated systems over the years, never a belt. Sudden lost of ballast while submerged can cause rapid ascent and lung injury. More importantly, when diving cold water, having all the ballast on your rig rather than your body makes removing your rig extremely difficult if you are entangled or need to pass through a restriction in a cave / wreck. Integrated weights are easier to use for sure but but not safer. Also, lifting a rig topside with 20-30 lbs of lead needed for a cold water dive on top of a 40 lb tank/reg/pack combo is brutal, just asking for a back injury. IMO belts are better, harness for those with small butts or extreme ballast needs. Integrated is for vacation divers in warm water. 🙂

  3. Lets just shout, look at me I have a gun! This is NOT a concealed carry belt. This is for range use to look t-cool. The above mention of Hanks is a viable option. Good bull hide has worked to carry weapons since JC was a baby. This looks, well, kind of like high price junk. And it looks like a military role buckle which will slip. If you need to use something that looks like a duty belt save some money and buy a nylon duty belt from uncle mikes. Heck, even some carpenters belts look better.

  4. I love leather belts, I have a 20 year old aker that has seen a ton of use and still looks good and holds my Glock 21 and 2 mags with No problem. Bigfoot and Hanks leather are also good.

  5. This is 2018 right? Leather is cool, it’s nice, it looks good, but it stretches. It’ll tear, it’s not very rigid, and punching holes and trying to resize is a slight hassle if it’s being done correctly. Good nylon will outlive you and your kids. Make sure it’s spec’d webbing, and if you’re looking to go rigger or something of the sort, make sure it’s rated to actually hold weight, not just look cool.

  6. I’m wearing a belt made from heavy leather, that I built, that is almost 16 yo. Carries every handgun I own with no issues.

  7. horsehide, people. horsehide. mine’s a “better belt” and with the reinforcement layer a full size cz or bhp in a single clip holster is good to go. and i asked for a thinner, not catalogued version. the regular ones should be formidable.
    as far as scuba webbing goes, instead, take a look at lenwood’s conveyor belt material.

    there is some really dumb adcopy on some of the belt websites. u.s. tanners have a little more difficulty obtaining horsehide, but they can get it. some make claims that bull hide is better, and cowhide of course is fine, but bull hide is cowhide that has been compressed. and that nonsense about a bull’s testosterone making the skin tougher is cute. they don’t really make a distinction from the bovine’s gender when they cure the hides.


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