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US Violent Crime Rate courtesy Statista
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Statistic: Reported violent crime rate in the United States from 1990 to 2018 | Statista
Note: the drop in the US violent crime rate depicted above occurred during a period when the number of civilian-owned firearms doubled. (Find more statistics at Statista)

The Washington Post responded to the recent [surge in violent] crimes in their city by publishing an op-ed calling black-on-black crime a “fallacy,” and concluding by blaming “lawmakers’ blind devotion to the NRA.” Nevermind the fact that more homicides are committed every year with knives and blunt objects than are committed with firearms.

Larry Keane, senior vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said there have never been more firearms lawfully owned by Americans, and until very recently, we have seen crime rates plummet. “In reality, when law-abiding citizens own firearms, crime goes down, not up,” he told The Federalist. “What we have here are criminals engaging in criminal activity, illegally possessing firearms, and misusing them to commit their crimes.”

Of course the recent spike in crime is related to a number of complicated and intertwined factors like coronavirus, an economic collapse, the defunding of local police departments, and mayors allowing chaos and anarchy in cities like Seattle. But that has not stopped the gun control lobby’s friends in the media and the Democrat Party from blaming “gun violence” for all of the above.

As for the gun industry and the Second Amendment, all of the above has never made them safer.

– Medeline Osburn in No, ‘Gun Violence’ Is Not To Blame For The Spike In Violent Crime

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  1. “Nevermind the fact that more homicides are committed every year with knives and blunt objects than are committed with firearms.”

    Citation, please.
    (because that’s complete nonsense)

        • Besides the FACT that homicides with knives and blunt force is a FACT the most popular way to murder someone! Because most of the time its a spur of the moment crime!Those that are committed with guns are mostly committed by gang members and criminals that DONT FOLLOW the laws anyway!So when the Spineless criminal lefty politicians take away our 2A rights ,the criminals will be the only ones armed other then the police(which you scumbags all claim are so racist and criminal and corrupt!)and the military,along with the BLM,Antifa,Moslem Brotherhood and members of CAIR! Which have all partnered to try and take over America! You see no matter who wins there will be people in the streets burning,looting and murdering people since the left is already dong that!The right will NEVER give up its right to personal protection so no matter who wins we are going to see more civil unrest if not flat our a Civil War! I already know what side im going to be on ,what side are you pond scum liberals here going to pick?The one that is raping,burning and murdering people or the decent Americans of this country?All i can say to my fellow patriots is if you already own firearms make sure to buy all the Ammo you can to take out as many scumbag liberal TRAITORS you can to save our country from these Communist scum!!! I know my self and family will be safe!!! at least until there are more liberals then we have ammo!

        • Using incorrect facts destroys an argument. A proper citation is that knives or blunt objects are used in more homicides than “assault rifles” or any other rifle. Among civilians worldwide, knives and blunt objects are probably the most used for homicides because so many are denied access to guns. Don’t sugar coat it. Guns are a useful tool for defense because they can cause damage to attackers, Unfortunately, that makes them useful tools for those who are seeking to harm someone for illegal purposes.

    • I have seen that with regards to long guns in the past…but not all firearms.
      Normally about 15,000 or so homicides each year if I recall right.
      35,000 gun deaths…65% suicides…so about 12-13,000 gun homicides…ISH
      Yeah…does not jibe.
      Does not do our side any good to put out false information.
      600-800,000 abortions, on the other hand…that is factual…and legal…and WAY bigger than gun deaths
      Just sayin’….

    • For those looking, here are the most recent stats I found from UCR data.

      The claim is bullshit. The only way to try and get to it is by excluding handguns… and even then, it’s not necessarily true because there is a lump of “type not stated” (could be handguns, could be shotguns or rifles) guns that would in and of itself exceed knife and blunt object weapons.

      • Hannibal,

        I came to say the same thing. Well done sir or ma’am.

        The relevant statistic is that violent criminals use their hands and feet as the murder weapons to kill more people every year than they do with rifles and shotguns as the murder weapons.

      • Looks like you already found the FBI stats before I posted my link above. I hadn’t yet scrolled down here. Good job.

        • They can blame Who ever, What ever or How ever they want. There are enough Kool-ade drinkers out in the Real world. As well as the Interweb to believe them. That the Facts mean nothing. Along with 99% of the MSM spewing their Ideology. So at the end of the day. POTG must learn that mere Facts mean nothing to people who are controlled by their emotions. If it makes ME Feel Good. It must be the right thing to do. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • No it’s not. BTW, morepeople are killed in car wrecks in a year than by guns. Don’t see the dems wanting to ban cars though do ya ?

    • I believe that is an erroneous bastardization of the stats that show you are more likely to be killed by feet/fists or knife than by a rifle.

    • Not all firearms…just long guns (i.e., rifles and shotguns). Somebody had a brain-to-fingers disconnect, I think.

  2. Buy buy buy…guns and ammo…you can use them later or sell them.
    If Biden gets elected the prices and availability WILL change.
    There will be a HUGE run on ammo and magazines and semi-auto guns after the election and before “coronation”.
    Imagine the gun legislation he has ready.
    If Trump gets back in…we might be able to relax for another 4 years…but do not become complacent.
    Eventually there will be a Democrat in the WH again. And if they get both the house and the senate…there is no telling what might happen.

    • Early in the year I’d of said Trump could sleep-walk to reelection. Now the numbers are very different. I’m not about to make any prediction, but I would not be comfortable about it were I a Trump supporter.

      Trump is not pro-gun or pro-Constitution. He is simply pro-Trump. He will stab gun owners in the back the first instant he calculates it to be in his favor to do so.

      This election is looking scary in the way the 2016 election was scary. Two godawful choices from the big parties. Bad for our Republic no matter who wins.

      Best outcome would be divided power. No one party controlling the Executive and both houses of the Legislative. A divided, shared power situation is the best tool to hold back the excesses of either party.

      Remember, in eight years Obama achieved diddly squat in the way of new gun control.

      • “He is simply pro-Trump”
        And Biden has proven in his DECADES of “public service” that he is for the American people first and not just for enriching his family and staying in power?

        At least Trump doesn’t hate America. I can’t imagine voting for people that hate this country. I also can’t imagine voting for a senile, weak, empty vessel like Biden.

        • Exactly. It’s overtly clear to everyone at this point. The Democratic Party wants to destroy America. Period.

        • Correct, Dude.

          Trump is a bit proud and Manhattan-style braggadocious, but he can only serve his own best interests if America is strong. I’m not so sure he does what he does out of pure patriotism, but he can personally prosper only if the nation does, so that’s where his efforts go.

          I believe Trump will win. Enough fence-sitters are waking up. Yesterday, as I was parking my vehicle at the local grocery store, a volunteer was at the door with a clipboard collecting signatures to recall our Governor Newsom ( ). As I watched, every single person who passed thru the doorway took the time to stop and sign, and most expressed frustration with the Dems in general and said they wanted a return to sanity. And this in Los Angeles! There’s hope.

      • “Remember, in eight years Obama achieved diddly squat in the way of new gun control.“

        Ok Chief Censor…

        You liberals keep pushing that line. Yet you conveniently leave out the GOP had a lock on Congress for 6 of those years.

        Oh, and enjoy Romney as Biden’s VP pick. You heard it here first.

        • Ron says: July 11, 2020 at 09:56 “Oh, and enjoy Romney as Biden’s VP pick. You heard it here first.”

          Romney would have to appear in black face for the left to pick him for VP.

      • Yes, Trump will stab us in the back if it benefits him enough.

        Given that our political choice is between a potential backstabber and someone who has repeatedly spit in our faces and promised to cut our throats, I’m going to pull that lever for Trump as hard as I can…and watch him like a hawk.

  3. The correlation that really grabs me though is the pre-1994 period, 1994-2004 period vs the 2004 later period—or, what exactly if anything did the “assault weapons” ban do. This chart says it did nothing, the slope of the decline for each period is so similar that there is no discernible effect. Yet, we have leftist politicians banging on and on and on about doing it again. What little “gun violence” problem that we have in 2020 has nothing to do with modern sporting rifles and/or licensed firearm owner/operators. Id venture a guess that 2020 forward is going to show an increase in violence, that the violence will continue to be overwhelmingly urban and overwhelmingly limited to individuals using illegally obtained hand guns.

  4. To argue stats and facts with these people is to ignore what they are really after. They don’t want an honest discussion and a full airing of the evidence. They want the guns gone, out of the hands of Joe and Jane America. We’re giving them too much credit and ignoring the, now very obvious, truth about their endgame.

    • And remember…these are the same people that said only the military and police should have guns.
      And now they want to defund/abolish the police. At the same time they want to eliminate cash bail.
      Hmmmm….am I the only one not liking where this is going?

  5. Remember that this is REPORTED violent crimes.
    If they go unreported…the numbers drop.
    If you change what is considered a violent crime…the numbers may drop (or rise, depending).
    Arrest numbers drop if cops stop arresting, too. It does not always mean that there is less crime happening.
    Always question…even if it is in your favor…there may be more than meets the eye.

  6. The Washington post op-ed author Shirley Carswell somehow comes to the conclusion that black-on-black crime is a fallacy because white men shoot themselves. So the mental health problems of white men somehow negates crime in black communities?
    I really enjoyed this quote also, ”Black artists have written songs and made movies, urging youths to stop the violence.“ Because hip hop music never glorifies violence.

    • “…black-on-black crime is a fallacy because white men shoot themselves.”

      This is the current talking point. Don Lemon used that the other day as well. It’s about as reasonable as black people can’t be racist because white people have the power. Right, so using that logic, no one could ever be racist toward Barack Obama (the most powerful man in the world for 8 years), right? These fools come up with the most illogical arguments. It works for them though since they control 90% of media and academia, they’re able to use the strategy of Hitler’s Big Lie technique. That and they’re preaching to the brain dead zombie choir.

  7. The washington compost is so dedicated to an agenda rooted in racism and genocide they cook the books to blame the 2A and gun owners for the nation’s ills.
    The washington compost relies on the ignorance of gun owners to get away with filling the heads of readers with a nazi and racist based gun control agenda. Until gun control zealots are cornered and held accountable for their racist and nazi based gun control agenda the washington compost will continue to slander, libel and pee on absent minded gun owners.

    TRUMP/ PENCE 2020.

  8. They want police gone, us disarmed, and their own “people” patrolling with guns. Just like Venezuela.

  9. when you are not doing anything, read the history of Stalin’s Russian revolution. that is what these idiots are shooting for. a TOTAL TAKE-OVER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY.

  10. If we’re going to criticize the anti-gun zealots for playing “make up your own statistic” (and they do and we should), we MUST NOT do the same. The actual statistics support our position; use them. Don’t make s*** up. There are NOT more deaths from blunt objects than from firearms. Don’t say that ish – it gives anti-gunners a talking point, so they can accuse US of “cooking the books”.

    It is true that there are more deaths from blunt objects than from rifles of all types. And that’s a valid statistic. Don’t try to make it something it isn’t.

    And I would vehemently argue that firearm suicides should not count as “gun violence” – their body; their choice – but PLEASE, PLEASE don’t make up or mis-cite statistics! OK?

  11. Yet, even with safety equipment we’d all have called science fiction 20 years ago, the number of traffic fatalities is more than double the homicide fatalities. That’s roughly 100 people every single day of the year dead from cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc…somehow this is completely routine, just part of living in a modern mobile society while less than half this number of homicides is a epidemic of “gun violence”?

  12. I’d like to see that graph with the number of privately owned guns displayed too. That would be a striking chart, the violent crime rate fall steeply as the guns owned numbers climbing steeply at the same time.

    Nothing is more telling than that about how gun ownership is not causing violent crime. If guns caused crime, the violence rate would not have gone down so steeply it would have gone insanely upward. Every American city and town would have a new addition to the local trash collection service. A big dump truck rolling down the street weekly calling out on a loud speaker …

    “Bring out your dead …. Bring out your dead …”

    More like Monty Python than this one, but I just saw this and it’s a hoot soo…

  13. Aw man, whine about it all you want but don’t kid yourselves, you orange-kool-ade-junkies only pretend to reason to support your fee-fees and it’s no secret. End of the day, in january you deplorables will be stuffed back in your basket, right back where you were 4 years ago, and society will decide what’s going to happen to your guns.

    Best you could do now is hush up and show some behavior that could be mistaken for dignity by people who don’t know you, that way it will be less fun to upset you. Also distance yourselves and your other losing values from gun rights. The cause is better off without you.

  14. The Olympic Snorch says: July 11, 2020 at 13:47

    Best you could do now is hush up and show some behavior that could be mistaken for dignity
    whine about it all you want but don’t kid yourselves
    society will decide what’s going to happen to your guns
    distance yourselves and your other losing values from gun rights
    Olympic Snorch is your typical loony lefty and babbling buffoon. Even so consider the talking points of the nutty and radical left. DJT wins then it’s time to crush the radical left, the vandals and the barbarians. > BLM

    IF Biden wins increased sales of guns, rightly or wrongly, will be used as reasoning to introduce a series of new taxes and regulations on sales of guns and ammo.

    Pays to consider some of the talking points of the left:

    The states that impose the most restrictions on gun users also have the lowest rates of gun-related deaths, while states with fewer regulations typically have a much higher death rate from guns.

    The truth is that if more guns and fewer gun laws made us safer, we’d be the safest nation on Earth? Instead, we have a gun homicide rate 25 times higher than the average of other high-income countries.

    The NRA has a long history of using fear during natural disasters to sell guns? Why is the NRA working so hard to sell guns during the coronavirus? Because gun manufacturers write checks to the NRA. But the truth won’t pay the NRA’s bills.

    … estimated that there were 2,109,177 excess firearm purchases in the U.S. in March through May 2020, a 64.3 percent increase over what would have been expected based on previous years. In the states where sales surged the most, rates of violence also rose the most. … researchers found that in May 2020 in particular, there were 633 excess gun-inflicted injuries — a 17.7 percent increase over expected levels. It’s possible that if rates of purchasing remain elevated, so too will rates of firearm violence? Researchers from UC Davis suggest that states might want to implement policies to limit new gun purchases during the pandemic.

    There are people who will struggle economically and psychologically during this crisis, and easier access to guns for anyone who’s experiencing suicidal ideology could mean the difference between life and death. Research shows that having access to a firearm triples one’s risk of death by suicide.

    Paycheck Protection Program Scams?

    Gun companies received tens of millions of dollars in loans granted by the federal Paycheck Protection Program, new data shows, EVEN as firearms sales hit record levels amid the coronavirus pandemic. More than 50 manufacturers of guns and gun accessories received loans, which all together totaled between $33 million and $75 million. More than 40 gun companies received loans between $150,000 and $1 million.

    Correlation is not causation? The correlation between homicides and ice cream sales—when ice cream sales increase, the rate of homicides also increases—has long been a topic in statistics and science classrooms.

    • Grin Reaper says: July 11, 2020 at 14:20 “Instead, we have a gun homicide rate 25 times higher than the average of other high-income countries.”

      If you remove large cities controlled by democrats, (communist party USA), America is near the bottom of the list.

  15. Grim Reaper not Gri[n] Reaper lol, but I have many reasons to Gri[n] …

    Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we can not eat money. Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless. Dead, did I say? There is no death, only change of worlds.

    Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,
    Where wealth accumulates, and men decay;
    Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade;
    A breath can take them, as a breath has made.
    But a bold peasantry, their country’s pride,
    When once [coronavirus] destroyed, can never be supplied.

  16. While the polemics of the Anti Gun Set lack factual support, that little problem has yet to slow down their rhetoric, the chart shown will have little influence on their ranting. For those who doubt, remember that The Flat Earth Society is still with us, right, and they are a harmless lot.?

  17. This is becoming a more and more pointless argument, because facts and statistics mean nothing at all to today’s left. They have become completely detached from reality. They see firearms as a symbol of “White supremacy”. And thanks to the brainwashing and programming of our media and subverted education systems, they believe they need to wage a war on everything “White”, including American and European history and values.

  18. I always find it funny that the people that always ask for footnotes, proof, citations etc., are the same people that never look anything up themselves but always claim your position is incorrect

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