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Community members in Detroit, whipped into a frenzy by some “community organizers” rallied against law enforcement over Friday’s police-involved shooting. Fortunately in this era of bodycams, the truth is obvious to those willing to see it.

In this case, bodycam footage showed Hakeem Littleton drew and fired two shots at police with a .25 Auto before cops returned fire.

Prior to the release of the video, Littleton’s uncle told everyone who would listen that Mr. Littleton put his hands in the air and cops shot him twice in the back of the head. Not unlike the myth that surrounded the Michael Brown shooting until what really happened was determined. If only Darren Wilson had been wearing a camera.


From the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit police fatally shot a man Friday afternoon while investigating a July 5 shooting — and tensions quickly escalated between law enforcement and police brutality protesters.

Police Chief James Craig said the victim was an alleged gang member who pulled a semiautomatic pistol out of his waistband and fired at the officers first.

But demonstrators weren’t convinced and converged on the 12th Precinct at Woodward Avenue and Seven Mile Road, where more than 100 protesters huddled in the rain chanting, “No Justice, No Peace”  and “Black Lives Matter” while officers in riot gear stood by.

“We don’t back down to bullies with shields!” the crowd yelled, over and over again…

After the Chief spoke to reporters, Asar Amen-Ra, a man who described himself as the uncle of the dead man, said he did not believe the police’s version of the story.

“We hear one thing from the police, and another thing from the community. The community told us that the police pulled up, told (him) to get on the ground. He put his hands up, and these mother f—— shot him in the back of the head,” said Amen-Ra, adding his sister had been to the hospital and saw his nephew’s body. “He has got two shots in back of his head, plus other bullet wounds.”

Amen-Ra said the time for peaceful protesting is over.

More from the AP:

Video released by Detroit police show a young man appearing to shoot at an officer at close range Friday before fellow officers opened fire, killing the suspect.Police Chief James Craig told reporters as he released the video Friday evening that the suspect he identified as 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton was no more than 3 feet (0.91 meters) away when he began shooting.

“It’s simply a miracle he wasn’t struck in the head,” Craig said about the officer.

Hours earlier, dozens of protesters converged at the site of the shooting on Detroit’s west side, yelling at police and chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund DPD!”

Craig said he wanted to released the videos promptly because of what he described as rumors about the shooting, which he said included erroneous social media postings that Littleton had been unarmed.

The shooting occurred about 12:30 p.m. as officers were investigating a Fourth of July block party shooting and arrested a different man, who did not resist.

Police had no plans to arrest Littleton for anything, Craig said. Littleton appeared calm on the video, even raising his hands before suddenly reaching into his pocket, pulling out a semi-automatic pistol, pointing and shooting it at the officer as they faced each other.

Craig said the officer closest to Littleton hadn’t even had a chance to unholster his own weapon before the shooting started.

In all, eight shots were fired over a span of five seconds, four by three different officers and four shots by Littleton, Craig said. He said Littleton continued to fire after he fell to the ground.

Craig said Littleton, who was on probation for an unarmed robbery, seemed to say something about not allowing officers to arrest his friend before he began firing.

Littleton was pronounced dead at a hospital. A gun and shell casings were recovered.

No officers were wounded. Those involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

The other man taken into custody had an outstanding warrant. He is a suspect in a gang-related shooting on July 5 at a block party that left three people dead and five others wounded.

Protests have been held in the city and across the U.S. since the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd, who was Black and handcuffed, died after a white police officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes even as Floyd begged for air and eventually stopped moving.

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  1. Body cameras were supposed to avoid this kind of “police-said-community-said” thing.

    Body cameras were demanded; body cameras were provided; completely objective evidence for the police; so evidence is promptly ignored.

    What does that leave us with, then?

    • It leaves us with facts don’t matter, evidence doesn’t matter, truth doesn’t matter, basically nothing else matters except the approved narrative.

      When the guilty pursue even the innocent man flees.

      • Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic front-runner crowd, left some in the crowd at the Iowa State Fair mystified when he told them: We choose truth over facts.”

        Truth over facts.

        If the crowd sets fire to your building (etc), neither truth nor facts really matter at that point. The law takes much longer than mob rule.

        • This is the Next president? Vague response. He can’t even pick a Vice President that’s not a Token, What’s his Platform? China is Huge Issue and there’s no talk on his plan to dal with that and trade. He’s a wasted vote

        • The Democrats have already “bent the knee” to China. Will they go down on both knees and open wide?

        • @ Southern Cross

          Wait, they haven’t yet? Didn’t Clinton already… I must’ve missed something.

          Also: .25 ACP against IIIA. Really, who even does that?? Right, this newest high ranking Darwin Award candidate. How’d that work out for you?

          *crickets & the sound of a toe tag flopping against foot*

          Not well, it seems.

    • No one of consequence,

      I stated it yesterday. Whether or not the masses consider an action to be “good” or “bad” is a function of whether or not the masses think the actor was “good” or “bad” and the recipient was “good” or “bad”.

      If the actor is “good”, he/she can walk up to a “bad” person and punch/stab/shoot that “bad” person in the face for any reason or no reason at all and that is totally okay.

      If the actor is “bad”, anything and everything that he/she does to a “good” person is “bad” no matter what the circumstances or happened before the act.

      Thus, in this case, all police are “bad” and gangbangers are “good” — which means the community will condemn the “bad” police no matter what they do and glorify the gangbanger as being “good” no matter what he does.

      Yes, the masses really are that depraved.

      • Yes, pretty much.

        I wouldn’t say depraved, though, so much as thoughtless. It’s a universal instinct: your people are good, those other people are bad. Whatever the good people do must have been justified, because good people do good things. You see it in politics all the time. When “our” politicians break the rules, it’s only because they were playing hardball for a good cause; when “their” politicians do the same thing, they’re corrupt and tyrannical.

        It’s a failing that we all share at some level, and those who are ruled by their emotions and fail to engage the cerebral cortex are continually whipsawed by it. When enough of them get riled up about the same Bad Thing, they won’t pause to recognize the humanity of anyone who ends up in their sights, and then you get what we’d call depraved behavior.

        • Basically, it’s a tribal mentality. Loyalty to the tribe (small group of close associates) is much more natural to humans than loyalty to, say, a larger group like a city or nation.

      • until the banger rapes their kid anyways, then their devistated that a monster is able to just look like a reg. run of the mill criminal. and of course the crowd don’t snt feel any of yours so now your outcasted by the movment but hate the good guys and just want the comfort of your like mindless peers that might rape your kids again but as long as you dont see it your all good right. Fucking liberal drones. i say its our responsibility to show mercy. and put them to rest.

    • Chaos, thousands of Americans wiping their butts with the supreme law of the land. Cops watching arsonists and other violent felons, just waiting for orders that will never come. A joke of a Congress and Supreme Court, and either 4 more years with Tweeter Trump, or 4 with dementia Joe. I don’t believe the solution is in trying to talk with the insane, violent left, and it is not in the ballots either considering the garbage we get as candidates for most major elections, statewide and nationwide.

      • Read up on Bolivian boogaloo. Basically non – mortal kombat is the name of the game… mortal brings out the tanks and guns. Clubs and molotovs sends the paid commie actors home to mommies basement and sends the lamestream back to the locker room for new plan…

    • They release the footage a while after the shooting was my take on it. The quote about; “I wanted to release it right away” leads me to believe it was at least a day or two after the shooting.

      Probably Department procedure as they debrief first and then probably have their PR and Lawyers look it over before releasing.

      • Right away as in within the hour. They released it about 6 hours after the incident. They wanted to make sure that they had all of the details correct, from multiple angles.

  2. So .25 Autos still exist out there in gangland, I guess. Play stupid games, and all that.

    Glad no LEOs were hurt. Bet they went home after their shift that day and hugged their wives and kids tightly.

        • Lol yeah, good point possum, they don’t even try anymore. They’re saving some energy, Playstation 5 is coming out in a few months I believe, they’re gonna need fresh muscles to loot BestBuy and Walmart

    • Iraq Vet on youtube did abvudeo on the most common weapons found in police departments evidence vaults and the small and cheap stuff was fairly common.

      • I’ll have to look that one up. I can understand 32s. I didn’t realize 25s were still available but they could be old ones from 50 or so years ago.

        • “Old from 50 years ago”?!
          Seriously, there are Colt Baby Auto’s picked off of criminals all the time – Astras and Brownings and stuff from 100 years ago that are still 100% viable as a weapon. I’ve met people who have Ortiges and VZ guns that were gifted from their parents decades ago, that still reside peacefully in original boxes, ignored in drawers a closets – just waiting to be used as a tool again. All it takes is some idiot to pilfer, steal or liberate them, and it can be used for nefarious reasons.

        • I’ve got a GT26 from Italy, tanfoglio arms. It saved me once in an attempted car jacking. A .25 aint much but it does go bang. I think it was around 1994 when I got it NIB

        • .25s tend to be Ravens, Lorcins, Jennings, Phoenix, etc. They sold for less than $100 and were made in the millions. That’s a order of magnitude more than Colt Vest Pockets and Baby Brownings.

        • I understand that you are joking.

          If you are returning fire at someone shooting at you, you ALWAYS shoot to kill.

          You don’t “shoot the in the leg”.
          1) much easier to miss and hit a by-stander.
          2) its a fallacy to think “Shoot them in the leg” is less lethal. It’s easy to hit the Femoral Artery, and then they bleed out in 3 minutes.

          On a moving target, you aim for the LARGEST spot. The Chest. Period. Full Stop.

        • @Mike K.
          When you lawfully defend yourself with a firearm you NEVER shoot to kill!
          You shoot to stop the attack. Which means center of visible mass. As soon as the attacker ceases to present imminent danger to your health and life, you stop shooting. If the attacker dies, it’s an unfortunate side-effect of his unlawful act, never your goal.

          Other than that, I agree with your comments.

  3. If you intend to carry or currently do, carry a real gun of at least 9mm caliber with a good set of sites. Not a pea shooter toy gun like a .25 caliber weapon that can get you killed in a gun fight,

      • That should be added to Cooper’s Rules:

        Rule #5 – Never point a gun at a uniformed, identified, armed peace officer.

        • Wow I bet that never entered hakeems head…..unlike the returning lead! I wonder what grandpa who was calling for violence has to say now?

    • I would tend to think the blackmart hood pistol selection is what they have they buy?

    • Care to demonstrate with your body what a “toy gun” of .25 caliber can do? Or would you rather re-think that and perhaps drop the ‘its only a .22″ babble as well? People have been killed by being shot with BB guns…

        • Don’t forget that bag of drugs he confiscated from an at-risk youth. In fact that’s what must have really started this whole thing, he confiscated a gun too and was trying to turn it over to the cops when those racist pigs yelled “gun” and shot him dead.

  4. ‘Littleton appeared calm on the video, even raising his hands before suddenly reaching into his pocket, pulling out a semi-automatic pistol….”

    He was mostly peaceful. Now he’s very peaceful.

  5. Asar Amen-Ra? Really?! Who names their kid after an an old moldy Egyptian god?

    • dumbasses do

      I watched an interview with a hidden ID HR person from a fortune 500 company

      as a fact she tosses ALL resumes into the trash that had ebonics names Shaquica sha-naynay Jamal ect Because 25 years on the job had taught her one thing any black militant mother that hitches her kid with a name like that surely raises the kid with a hate chip on their shoulder and her company does not need to waste the time on the person!

    • A lot of people actually. It’s becoming more common in the black community. There’s two boys (brothers) who play ball for USC. Amen-ra and equamenious. Osiris, the other brother, played at another school.

      I mean, not to be that racist dude, but it’s better than “D’Trayekwan ”or some ridiculous non-name shit made up by an idiot. It may be a dead religion nod (since ALL religions are dead and dumb) but at least it has a basis is understanding the ideology and mindset of parents during the naming process.

    • There’s a black cult out of Atlanta that’s been around since late 80’s that’s heavily into the Egyptian stuff. They built a pyramid and the leader is a convicted pedo in prison. Malachi York is the guy’s name. I laughed a lot when I first saw the guy in pics. They go between dressing like turn off the century Egyptians or Shriners to wearing ancient egyptian pharaoh stuff to American Indian headresses.
      I think this is the same cult Wesley Snipes was involved with and that led to his sovereign citizen tax approach.

    • It was that or Jamarcus, Lamarcus, Javonte, or some other ridiculous name. He was also probably abused all his childhood by a fat, unhappy, violent “mum,” with no daddy in sight.

    • Marcus comes up to raheem and says watca ya doin later? Raheem says im layin linoleum. Marcus replies really. Does she got a friend?

  6. It’s our guy Darwin at work again, If you needed another example.
    What would make ANY person think pulling out a mouse gun, while multiple uniformed officers were on scene, is a good idea? Either he had a death wish or he was actually that dumb. No matter. The gene pool is better off without him in it.

    • simobros,

      Honestly, I think those types are demon-possessed. I cannot begin to imagine any other explanation that makes any sense.

      Seriously, research what demon-possessed people do — they do all manner of unfathomably stupid and self-destructive stuff that you cannot easily ascribe even to mental illness.

      • Yes! …of course! This makes perfect sense! It’s invisible super-villains from another dimension taking bodily control of an otherwise innocent person causing him to act in a manner totally contrary to his manifest self interest but absolutely advancing their sinister but cleverly hidden and therefore unknown plan to dominate the universe. I mean totally fucking obvious right?

        • @ Jason

          Didn’t you know that? They’re definitely racist too, since it seems to be black boys between 13&30.

        • The ages of boys involved with “Community Organizations”.

          “Community Organizations” that redistribute the wealth to the needy, provide (de)motivation for those who aspire to improve through educations, and retail sale recreational pharmaceuticals.

    • These guys in these videos and many of all colors in prison have certain things in common. Reacting badly to negative emotions and hyped up fear response are a few. Otherwise reasonable people flip out when confronted by police. Look at the Wendy’s guy. Drunk but reasonably trying to bs his way to freedom. Not on parole or looking at jail time or a long prison stretch for a stupid small incident but reacts like Dillinger when they try to put the cuffs on.
      Have you ever had your anger or instincts in an emergency situation lead your efforts and you didn’t have to think things through? I think that’s what’s happening when you see some of these kids who aren’t high or crazy do very stupid things with armed people around. Fight or flight.

    • I think they feel empowered since cops everywhere are standing down on orders from on high, that in a split second that part of the brain said, “go for it”. Split second decisions can a lot of time bite ya.

  7. HA …!!! Good for the thin blue line, this should happen to all the bangers.. WORD…!!!

    • I seriously don’t know. Rather use a .22 or .32.

      Heard too many anecdotes of .25 acp simply NOT working, even at contact distance.

      • .25 ACP is about equal to .22 LR in power, only more reliable on account of being center fire vs. rimfire.
        I wouldn’t want to be shot with it. Especially in the eye.

    • i know two who’ve been shot point blank in the face with .25 cal.
      both are fine, one gets headaches.

    • Do a count on civilian murder/suicides in the last 100 years and you will see that .22 and .25 are well represented, as well as .32. These are up close and personal, almost like a knife, but are very effective.

      • I worked with a young woman whose husband worked nights training at Boeing in Seattle. At the time she had a 4 year son. She awoke to what she thought was someone breaking in. She grabbed her son, threw him in a closet and told him not to come out no matter what. She went down the hall toward their bathroom and saw a guy crawling through the window. Ran back to her room (no door lock), leaned against the door while calling 911. Of course, he shoved the door open, accused her of calling the police and shot her point blank in the face. It was a .25 and went through her left cheek, exiting just below her ear missing the base of her skull. Had it hit her skull, it could have ricocheted around and scrambled her brain. He was robbing the place. She was still alert enough to keep asking him to please leave. He told her he’d shoot her again if she didn’t shut up. The police were waiting as he left the house. She sued the city because he’d been in jail and they let him out before he’d served his sentence. She won, and luckily ended up with a very small pencil eraser size scar on her cheek. Could have been so much worse.

  8. Not gonna lie… I went into this fired up to be on the cops’ side, but when I watched the video @ normal speed, I would have sworn that cop shot first. I was looking right at the guy and I didn’t see him pull the gun OR fire it. Seeing it slowed down was mind blowing. Saw it, that time.

    Regardless, this dude was an idiot. If he hadn’t tried to be a badass, he’d probably still be alive. And what kind of jackass pulls a gun when they’re completely surrounded by cops?

    • The same kind of guy who starts fighting with the police over a DUI or other arrest. If you just obey the law this sort of thing won’t happen.

      • I understand your point, (and I’m NOT defending stupidio from the video) but we keep saying “if you don’t break the law you won’t get hurt/in trouble/etc”. At what point to do we start fighting unjustifiable laws? The same could be said for the founders too. They fought the law, and I’m sure plenty of the people said “just go along with it, don’t fight it and you’ll be fine”.

        • Sure, there could be circumstances where the citizenry should stand up to and resist authority. Even to take up arms and fight back, that’s enshrined in our history and founding documents.

          But this was some damned fool suddenly pulling a pistol on a bunch of surrounding cops and shooting at them fast as he could. Not a good example of how to respond to any perception of police excesses.

          Plus, he was in the wrong, and he’s much too dead to debate the point.

        • Are laws against driving drunk or stoned unjust? How about shoplifting, passing counterfeit cash or rubber checks?

          Most of these “questionable” incidents start off with a minor offense and spin out of control. Few question the outcome of an incident that results in the death of a violent felony although I agree with Hannibal below. I think we are getting there fast.

      • These people are taught by their parents that cops are the enemy so when they show up, run away even if you haven’t done anything and if caught put up a fight. We see the results time after time. They have been told since the 1960’s that they are a privileged race and everyone owes them something. This combination is the problem.

    • You can hear the cop cuffing the other guy asking him why he’s going in his pockets before the deceased draws. The audio is deceptive after that because it sounds like they’re still shooting while the cop is trying to cuff his unmoving body.

      I’d like to see that video in super slow motion to see if I can make out the angels catching all the rounds headed toward the cop closest to the deceased. Lucky sob

  9. True idiot , pull weapon and shoot at police officers , sooo glad officers unharmed , get to go home to their familys .

  10. “Amen-Ra said the time for peaceful protesting is over.”

    I think a lot of folks would love to drop the tasteful restraint and finally… unwind in light of current events.

    Even when you have clear evidence, it won’t matter. The only Black lives these people care about are the ones that’ll kill them for a perceived diss.
    Black lives don’t matter when another black man takes it.

  11. These officers had no choice but to shoot the guy who was shooting at them. This is why body cameras make sense, why officers should not disable them and why video should be released rapidly.

  12. Let’s see if the gullible knee jerk protesters can observe what went down and find the courage to tell the instigators to stfu.

  13. Amen-Ra?!? The sun god said it?😃😎😋😟😏…seriously homie a freakin’ 25 caliber?!? I’m thinking a 22 would be better.

  14. Pull a gun on cops – assume room temperature. One less banger on the street.
    Another one bites the dust – Hey Hey.

  15. that escalated quickly. make a man jumpy.
    but you have to wait until they fire before you can bring them down? those are crappy rules.

  16. This video should be shown everywhere in America as a example of what the uniformed street Police Officer is enmeshed in on a regular basis.

    In the normal speed video it is barely perceptible that the knucklehead is pulling a gun and attempting to shoot an Officer. It’s not until we see the slo-mo is the homicidal action of the knucklehead apparent. Officers don’t get the slo-mo view, they have to deal with and react in real time, all in the midst of a violently dangerous and rapidly changing circumstance, with their lives, all the while, at stake. Those circumstances should be fully understood, sans any political ramifications, before a judgment is made as to the Officer’s actions. In this case there was video corroboration as to the actions. Had that not been the case, I have little doubt that the Detroit political powers would have thrown the involved Officers to the wolves and let the riots begin/continue. This is a sad time for America.

    Excellent tactics and marksmanship on the part of the shooting Officer.

    • So agree with you, we need Police protection, all of this looting, distroying, property has to stop, all lives matter to the family left behind. And I don’t care if your color is black,white,brown,or red, what is right for one is right for all.

  17. More din du nuffin’ BS from people who refuse to be civilized, and who’s existences is supported primarily by taxpayers.
    He got what he was begging for.
    F him and his worthless family.

    I stopped caring about this crap a long time ago, because 99.9% of the time, the cops acted correctly.

  18. It did look like one of the cops executed the gang member because the cop was not in control of his emotions. The black cop that was shot at was disarming the man while the fat white cop shot the gang member in the head, risking the cop’s life to do so.

    What was the point of that black cop being shot at if chubby is going to execute the black man?

    If the black cop wanted the black man dead he would have shot him like the other black cop did. It’s got to be frustrating for that black cop to almost die to prevent the death of that young black male and to gain the respect of the community for his bravery for not executing him when he didn’t have to.

    Everything is a nail…

    • OHHHH more BS drivel from Chief Commie. I suppose you have had a discussion with any of the officers involved, and have official, on record statements to back up your statement?

      Oh, you don’t? So you were yet again talking out your ass. Got it….

    • @ Chief Censor…Just Curious. Does your Ass ever get jealous of the Shit that comes out of your Mouth.

    • “What was the point of that black cop being shot at if chubby is going to execute the black man?”
      it serves as the best of many reasons to neutralize him. too bad lead has to fly by your head first for it to be justified. god bless the restraint excercisers. it can cost you.

    • Please post a link to the video you saw because nothing you are describing is in the video linked within this topic.

    • Damnit Chief! Your trolling tonight is WEAK.

      I’m benching you and putting Miner in for the remainder of the night! You come in tomorrow with your head on right or Miner is going to replace your spot as number one!

  19. If you need Littleton he’ll take care of your land house and money 💴 and whatever else you need…… oh sorry he’s in Hell. Good shots by the Poe poe defund your gangster bastard twits and all the bullshit will end. My theory is if you use a gun or other lethal weapon no trial no lawyer just public execution hanging or shot by firing squad.. x goodbye
    👋 Litttleton

  20. What the hell? A cop actually had a body camera turned on for once in the history of cops wearing body cameras!?

    Oh wait, the evidence supports the police in this instance, so of course they weren’t turned off, destroyed, or the video “over written”.

    Body camera need to be legislated both state and federally as MANDATORY. It solves so many issues. Only bad cops turn them off or don’t want them.

    • Exactly. Too many cases of body cameras being off, the batteries dead or the antennas broken off for models that transmit the video to a recorder in the cop car. Too man y examples of body cameras covered up, or every single camera at an incident somehow coming off the officer and falling onto the ground.

      I’m glad this footage shows what the officers were dealing with and how they were absolutely in the right. But body camera’s being in working order and not fiddled with should be the rule, not the exception.

  21. I think the cops should all be arrested. The guy had a .25auto. That’s barely bigger than a .22 and the cops shot him with 9mms or whatever and not even in the leg. He didn’t even hit any of them. They should have known he wasn’t a threat. Did they even count the shots to know if he had any bullets left? They could have taken cover and talked but instead they just started shooting because they’re cowards and wanted to kill someone.

    (/s but just wait, it’s coming…)

  22. I was told by a liberal white guy that facts don’t matter when it comes to guns. I guess video lies too.

  23. “We don’t back down to bullies with shields!”

    Well then do not pull a mouse gun (or a bigger gun) and try to shoot the cops. Very simple math right there. If you do not want to be “bullied” by the badge, don’t point a gun and shoot at the badge.

    Kinda’ simple. Follow that rule and don’t die.

    • That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. “Follow all laws because they are just and obviously laws exist to keep you safe”. Fuck outta here dude.

        • Aww, did I hurt your fweelings? I guess so if you can’t even comment under one name. Fuck outta here dude.

          • I always post under my name, Brokeback Actual..
            sad little fascist like you get mad when you get called on your stupidity..

      • Fake news.. Glocks never jam. They are ‘perfection’. It’s even their catch phrase!

      • “Nocco said investigators asked the homeowner why he may have been targeted. He told them he posted a lot of photos of his guns on social media and that may have been the reason why. Nocco said he appears to know the intruders, but did not elaborate.”

        Not smart.

        I better change my tag line…

        That’s better. 🙂

  24. Anyone can clearly see that is a cell phone and not a gunm, his ringtone just happened to be the sound of gunmfire. Bureau of Land Management… BTW why would you name someone after a pos Egyptian rifle

    • No it’s “Detroit will breathe” now… Even these idiot protestors are realizing that BLM is not only racist, but marxist trash and the same as Antifa, so now they try to make up names on the spot for their agenda.

  25. We got a lucky break. Just as the false narrative started taking hold and protest began to form we were hit locally by some pretty serious thunder storms and heavy rain that literally “put a damper” on the crowd’s enthusiasm. Police Chief James Craig was on the TV with the body cam evidences before the system fully cleared the area. Had this happened a day earlier in the sweltering 90 degree temps we had, things would have gone very differently.

  26. I have a .25 cal. And you can actually see the bullet come out of the gun. It’s literally a fly swatter.

  27. Also, watching the bodycam video, it’s hard to even tell he’s firing and where he’s aiming until you slow down the footage to about 1/2 speed. The cops there got very lucky.

  28. Pretty sure it was a black Cop’s bodycam footage that showed him reacting to dumbass shooting at the cop with his weapon still holstered.

    That cop’s reactions were quick and appropriate despite the fact that his shots may have hit the dumbass in the back.

    • And that why it’s meaningless to say someone shot someone else “in the back” as if it’s a crime.

      If you’re behind someone and they’re shooting at someone in front of them, you don’t have to ask them to turn around first so you can fire. If someone is partially turned, extending their arm back and shooting (as here) you don’t have to let them shoot you because you might hit them in the back. And if someone draws a gun and starts a gunfight and turns around to get to cover, you shouldn’t have to let them… although you can bet that if a cop shot a black man who was ‘running away’ with a gun in hand…

  29. As Rush Limbaugh has correctly pointed out, the clever Marxists are not so much actually working to “defund” the police as they are looking to completely redefine and remake them. To make them far MORE powerful, not less, and beholden only to the left and forget the U.S. Constitution. People laughing at the idea of “social workers” being sent out on some 911 calls instead of police, are failing to consider that those ‘social workers” will have tremendous governmental powers enabling them to do things like take away your kids, if say, they don’t like your pro-gun / patriotic political views, and that “MAGA” hat just really pisses one of them off, just for example.

    The NEW police of their desired Marxist utopia will have far MORE power, not less, including being “thought police” pushing serious political mandates and brutally crushing all political dissent. People will be increasingly pressured to report on their neighbors and children will be pressured to report on their own families and etc. The more things change, the more they stay the same. History repeats and that is why the left has to erase and rewrite it, so the young cannot see the inevitable iron fisted dictatorship / oligarchy that is coming their way – if the left succeeds.

    • From Wikipedia:

      “The Bolsheviks saw this as a matter of life and death during the ongoing civil war against the White movement. To gain permanent control over the entire military, [the Bolsheviks] introduced the commissarship. Another reason was the frequent appointment of ex-Tsarist officers to command positions. Worried about giving increased influence to officers with potential White movement sympathies, the commissars helped ensure that army units remained under Bolshevik control.”

      Enough said.

  30. “Detroit will breathe” said they know for a fact that if had not protested that video would not have been released the same day.

    Sounds like an excuse for being a bunch of fucking “privileged” assholes.

  31. HOLY CRAP, AM i THE ONLY ONE HOPING FOR ANOTHER REVOLUTION. The dems are just asking for it, give them a fight and don’t stop when their nose is bloody. Ok, just wishing. .

    • Such things are very costly and people tend to die in them on all sides. Be careful about what you wish for.

  32. Oprah has been talking about “your own truth”, for years. Facts is what happen!
    Your own truth is what you believe has happen.
    Or maybe MrJoe Biden has lost his mind.

  33. Dang it, if only he had been wearing his face mask or hazmat suit. COVID19 got another one guys, it’s no joke, stay safe out there.

  34. This is an awful situation and the shooting of the black man was unjustified. The obvious reason that the black man drew a gun and fired at the cop was his fear of being lynched. Black men are victims of slavery and should not be held responsible for “criminal” behavior. They are expressing their frustration over the discriminatory practices of our police departments. This is a good example of why police departments should be defunded.


  36. Exactly what you deserve piece of garbage
    What’s daddy saying now about his son , video doesn’t lie.

  37. So if a fraudulent statement is made to the media by an official they are liable for it, but if some private ass does the same, with serious results, they are not liable ? It seems to me they ought to be made liable for the harm they do.

  38. These thugs actually think they are bad azzes HA HA they want the police gone so they do not have to stand accountable for they’re crimes this PUNK got exactly what he deserved. My card in November is all red this crazy SH^t must STOP and these kids need educated not guns

  39. When I read the part about a ‘.25 caliber gun’, I knew that this young thug wasn’t just dangerous, he was stupid. .25s are about as useful in a gunfight as can openers. At close range, they can kill, but back up a few feet and they do much less damage. Was it his gun? Had he ever learned not to point explody things at cops? Guess not…

    • I don’t know…maybe the .25 was a significant upgrade from the air soft pistol he had been holding up convenience stores and pizza drivers with in the past. At least the .25 would make some noise if he pulled the trigger.

  40. Suicide by officer. I have heard man say, while serving a sentence… “they come at me I am commiting suicise by officer. Reckon this gu was telling the truth.

  41. Suicide by officer. I have heard man say, while serving a sentence… “they come at me I am commiting suicise by officer. Reckon this gu was telling” the truth.

  42. Who want to President. If the media loves you than you are the best if not than the worst. Look at 2016 Clinton or Trump wow. 2020 Trump or Binden wow. Where do we go. The stupid ones are the middle class who get up go to work rase there kids pay there taxes. While we let others run the streets burning, looting and demanding every thing under the sun. And blaming us for everything wrong in there life. We need to wake up stop taking make our own movement and take our country back to the values we once had.

  43. Who want to President. If the media loves you than you are the best if not than the worst. You at 2016 Clinton or Trump wow. 2020 Trump or Binden wow. Where do we go. The stupid ones are the middle class who get up go to work rase there kids pay there taxes. While we let others run the streets burning, looting and demanding every thing under the sun. And blaming us for everything wrong in there life. We need to wake up stop taking make our own movement and take our country back to the values we once had.

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