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“This week on Sons of Guns: a former pro football player turned contractor hires Will to have a triple barrel 12 gauge demolition shotgun made.” Yes, but – the shotgun in the clip (not magazine) is a Saiga with a ferris wheel attached, not a triple-barreled shotgun (which has certainly been done befoa). I guess you could say the full-auto Saiga has never been done befoa but I’d rather have an AA12. And I’d prefer to watch our faux Russian friend Kyle (a.k.a., FPSRussia) fire it than the sons-of-you-know-what at Sons of Guns. Of course, that was Kyle back in the good old days, when massive firepower was his plot line. Seems to me it’s time for some fresh faces and new ideas in gunTVland.

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  1. I saw the episode. It was still cool. Agree with FPS Russia shooting auto shotgun. I find him more entertaining than SOG faux “reality”.

  2. This show kills more brain cells than grain alcohol and is less fun than the resulting hangover. I stopped watching it a couple of years back.

  3. Just one question, why? their range is maybe 10 metres. From that range he was able to put one slug into a man sized target out of an entire magazine. At that point you might as well be using a break action single shot.

    • And they talk about difficulty staying on target with a full-auto Thompson or M-60!

      In their defense – he switched to slugs to see if it made a difference in the cycling of the action, not accuracy. IMO, that mag is a little cumbersome, but I could see that with 00 or 000 buckshot, the horizontal choke to spread the shot flat instead of circular, and full-auto fire, you could do a LOT of damage with that rig – if you trusted it to keep firing reliably. Also assumes you have a need to personally take out a very large mob advancing on you without taking cover and not shooting back.

  4. I had no idea that show was still on.

    I just tuned in now and caught a show from 2012.

    Wow, and here I thought the show had jumped the shark a couple years ago.

  5. It is surely a feat of engineering to miss at short range with a full auto shotgun. It must have bent space and time.

  6. Well lets see First, put a bump fire stock on it (a metal one) a drum mag and there you go. Second yea you can build it but as usual you can’t sell it. Will bought a building????? Same old Garbage…….

  7. Is Red Jacket Firearms a legitimate gun builder/retailer? I don’t understand how anyone who watches this show would even consider purchasing their products.

    I’ve been told that they do have a large business operation and that the show really only shows a small portion of their factory/assembly facility.

    The reviews on Yelp are pretty devastating:

    They have an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau

    • It’s the same people who bought motorcycles from Orange County Choppers. The build quality “might” be better at Red Jacket too.

      • I’d feel safer with the OCC bike than a Red Jacket transformo-gun. From the times I watched OCC it looked like they actually had a grasp of wiring, and metal fabrication, and they didn’t modify the actual powerplant/transmission….so not too hard to make it work. I’ve seen a few of their bikes, they looked good, but over-priced.
        I want to like SOG, but the work looks so shabby.
        I am a competent welder/metal fabricator, and even do my own wrenching on my bikes and cars, so I have an idea of what to expect in that realm.
        My own gunsmithing is low key, of the shade tree mechanic variety, but I get the distinct feeling that I am as competent as anyone in the employ of SOG. That does not inspire confidence. Some of the contraptions they devise are way too Rube Goldberg for my taste.

      • I saw the “trigger” set up on this steel tornado and it was cables clamped on with nuts and bolts threaded thru a hollow tube to a really ugly squeeze handle that looked like it came off a caulking gun. If these guys are “master” gunsmiths. then so are the students at any high school freshman shop class. And I thought the lunchbox gun they built was bad, but this one is definitely the worst.

        • It’s unreal how they even left that in, I would have fought that tooth n nail to have it edited out. I could make that in my garage with a bronze hanger for a welding, and make it look better, the only reason I don’t?.. First off, fuck up 3 nice shot guns, and second I would not be able to make something so absurd useless, and very expensive. At the end, he had 3 shotguns that were all messed up and most likely got scrapped out…. Oh ,, wait, Ebay !….lol

        • This is the lowest quality piece of crap I’ve ever seen. Cables and a squeeze trigger off a caulking gun. The siaga??????? AA12 just all around better gun. The mags big as car tires. I would get anything from these “master” gunsmiths.

    • Some folks I know who bought the RJF 10/22 bullpup stock have liked it..

      But I think the mutants from the show had very little if anything to do with its production.

    • they used to have a good reputation as an AK kit build shop in the mid 2000s, and Will the owners was even a frequent poster on Akfiles.

      all of that seemed to go away around the time they got a TV show. frankly I still don’t know how they got it.

    • I wouldn’t put much stock in either ratings. Yelp because its basically a syndicate in that you give them money when they ask for it, or watch any good reviews go bye-bye, or give them money and watch bad reviews go bye-bye. The BBB isn’t exactly what is used to be either, and ratings can be skewed.

      That said, I’m quite sure the producers ARE doing more to hurt what they, Red Jacket, do by adding scripted drama (situations and reactions among several things) to what goes on in the name of “better TV.” I’m not saying Red Jacket is perfect, I don’t know any mortals that are.

    • Similarly, please don’t say “lah-POO-ahh” . . . the name of that town in Finland is “LAUP-wah”

      Or consider the quintessentially butchered M-1. The designer’s name was gair-und, not GUH-rand.

      Don’t get me started with gigabytes

  8. and who are these people coming to the shop doing business? Who wants to buy these poor products, made by monkeys?

    • That is the ENTIRE POINT, they can build it but they can’t sell it to anyone except another dealer of a law enforcement agency………………………………………………………………….

  9. I also saw the episode. So why didn’t I see the completed three gun unit firing in the video?

  10. I take back what I said. He hit the target twice. SOB, uh, SOG I mean, give gun folks a bad name and I hate it when people assume I must like the show. At least it gives me the chance to enlighten them that not all gun nuts are nuts.

  11. They really should change the name of the show to ‘Stooopid Sh!t My Dad Builds’ or something to that effects. They started out building the most ridiculous ‘firearms’ imaginable and now they’re just trying to outdo themselves. I’d say they’ve become a sad parody of themselves, except they were that from the start. Kind of like as if Elvis didn’t exist before 1974.

  12. “Seems to me it’s time for some fresh faces and new ideas in gunTVland.”

    You have some industry contacts RF. Let’s make it happen. Have pen will travel. I already have an idea that puts Jamie Gertz behind a Street Sweeper 🙂

    • Why don’t you travel the country talking to gun owners, shooting their guns, and touring factories? I’d watch the shit out of that.

    • Biggest problem is that many producers will DERP it just because they want better TV ratings, and drama usually does the trick when sex is minimized. Now of course, some producers may be more interested in adding things just to destroy them and/or the gun business in general.

  13. The only thing I want to see on an episode of SOG is for Willy to finally have one of his bad ideas and sloppy executions go kB! and take a couple of fingers off.

  14. Just watched the “Steel tornado” show… Really ? I’ll start by the gun welds, if I bought a gun that had welds like that I’d be more than pissed, second, I paid for 3 fully auto shotguns, (if you watch the show with a dvr, you can tell that only “1” barrel is firing most of the time with the bottom shot gun firing once or twice, the third, upper right hand side of the screen NEVER FIRES… Sadly, this gun like most is only a dream of a person with more money then brains… I applaud him and thank him for defending our country in The Marine Corp, but he is NOT a very good “Gun smith” and I am using that term loosely….
    2nd, if an EMPLOYEE of mine was to step up and talk to me (the owner) like that and flat out say “Make me CEO” Id have fired him on the spot, My company, if it fails, so be it, it would fail my way, not by the hands of a retired school teacher that has NO MANAGEMENT SKILLS AT ALL….just saying….

    • Will isn’t in charge of Red Jacket Firearms. He lost his FFL a while back and Joe and Charlie are the officers of Red Jacket Firearms. While the show portrays Will as the boss he’s actually just an employee of the Red Jacket that is owned and operated by Joe and Charlie.

      • I can buy that, didn’t know that he wasn’t in charge anymore, knew about the licence, but thought that Chris would have been taking care of that…. Did you re watch the show ? Notice how all the barrels did NOT fire all at one time ?….

  15. I can’t believe that show is still on, I watched it several years back, and it just felt fake, I didn’t like the people.

    I liked a gun show called American Guns, I think that’s what it was called, it was a MUCH better gunsmithing show, but it got cancelled after not to long…which was disappointing.

  16. After I submitted my post (10 minutes ago) I decided to look into that show I liked called “American Guns”.
    And I basically found out that the Discovery Channel is nut-less.

    Here is a section that I copied & pasted from the shows Wiki page.

    “Cancellation and controversy[edit]
    On December 17, 2012, Discovery announced the cancellation of the series. Discovery said the decision had been made earlier, it was only announced in December. A spokesperson said “Discovery Channel chose not to renew the series and has no plans to air repeats of the show.” The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is thought to have played a part in the decision to not even air reruns.[2][8]

    Additionally, in March of 2013 Gunsmoke Guns was served a search warrant for the premises by the Internal Revenue Service as “part of an ongoing financial investigation” that had been underway for several years according to an agency spokesperson. This took place shortly after a reported February 27th burglary where twelve handguns and three rifles were stolen by thieves who broke in through the roof of the shop.[9][10]

    There was also speculation in the press that the IRS investigation was the result of Gunsmoke operator Rich Wyatt’s remarks regarding pending Colorado legislation regarding gun purchase and ownership.[11] Reporter Timothy Miller was quoted by the Denver Westword as saying…

    “Currently, there is no way to ascertain the Wheat Ridge gun-shop owner’s guilt or innocence. [Rich] Wyatt did, over the last several months, become increasingly critical of, and vocal about, proposed gun-control legislation and gun rights. Shortly thereafter exercising his right to freedom of speech, the small businessperson’s retail location was raided by the IRS, and it’s quite apparent, just like the Tea Party, Wyatt and Obama do not see eye-to-eye. There is no immediate proof that Wyatt’s freedom of speech was limited by presidential bully-tactics, but Obama has been known to silence the opposition by using the IRS.””

  17. Who was the pro football player turned contractor. By contractor I mean the kind that do PSDs and such. Frankly I’ve never been impressed by SOG

  18. Wait let me guess, “It’s a Game Changer”?

    That guy would take credit for inventing dirt if Discovery would record it.

  19. Where do i begin? Did you see the weld (dare i say bead) above the grip? I remember seeing their new recruit at S.O.G.,Fletcher (who i respect as a soldier and patriot) but he had no idea how to lay a bead. You need to have a great tig welder to lay a pretty bead especially for the price they charge,or at least grind it down and media blast and coat/paint it. The three BMX cables rand through the triggers was something a kid would do when attaching a BB gun to his gokart at age 10. They couldnt think of an alternative? Its an ugly demolition shotgun (whatever that means) the trigger pull is not going to be like a highend 1911,so you may as well use an electric solonoid and a momentary button and clean up the steel brake cables. I agree a DOUBLE or over and under AA12 style project would have been cooler. The three drums and gigantic tri-pod would take more time to load and set up than taking a bulldozed to demolish something.

    Then the buyer,shows up with molle chest rig vest and kevlar lid,prior to removing what was not a STETSON cowboy hat. As a 2nd ammendment advocate and competitive practical shooter,this is the type of stuff anti gunners watch the explosions not realizing the cartridges are not actually containing explosive projectiles thus making them believe a shot gun can blow up stuff by just shooting it alot. Why do i watch this train wreck,well they have some cool older pistols “VELO PISTOL” and the M1919 was cool. As for that husband chris i think his name is who laughs and gets excited about everything,is such a blatant follower and kiss ass,its cringe worthy to watch.mim glad Vince and Fletch left so they retained some dignity.
    I liked TOP SHOT,they need to bring that and deadliest warrior back.
    My .2

  20. Derek from april 6th-2014

    I was wondering what happened to that show where the father let his daughter dress like daisy duke and his wife with the huge fake rack was built a 1911 with DIAMONDS for the three dot sights which is insane. The young kid has talent as an engraver and that was cool to watch. PAGE and the staff had a shooting competiton sales vs the gunsmiths (service staff) and the 1911 in PAGE’s strong hand literally almost jumped out and her support hand was completely off of her 1911. They still shoot with a very old school somewhat weaver stance with strong arm locked and support arm bent, and apparently they dont know about the 70/30 grip pressure or layering your thumbs properly. If you have a show where you build 1911s you should have an IDPA,USPSA or any grandmaster at least train your family so you dont look like goofballs when your shooting in front of millions of viewers. The show im sure was watched more for the mother and daughter since her “selfie” pics are plastered all over the internet. When under a microscope its best to portray yourself accordingly,it just leads to trouble any other way.
    The episodes are free to watch online on their channels website,you can watch the episode where PAGE nearly drops the 1911 in the shops friendly competition where the gunsmiths clearly outshoot the owners.
    LMAO…we are doomed!

  21. I would rather own a PRECISION CUSTOM 1911,M14 with first focul plane mil dot,a few glocks,a 92FS/M9,M1 and a high end bolt action rifle in .338(LOP-whah) or even a .50cal BMG and buy a cool 1986 ATC-250R or QUADZILLA 500cc or a BANSHEE…before i pay more money for this

    If you disagree with me and you would rather have this contraption please reply,i find it hard to believe someone would be just a dork to even be caught at GLAMIS riding this thing (without the 58s) and even at a place that would allow you to shoot them,this project screams i am an imbecile with way too much money, I.M.O.
    I rather spend the money on quality components than mounting two otherwise cool automatic firearms to a………
    Seriously if you thought this oroject was well executed please respong i wanna know that there are people out there that would want that P.O.S.

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