Sons of Guns Officially Cancelled


Following the most recent arrest of Will Hayden for the alleged rape of his twelve year old daughter, Discovery Channel has decided to stop production of the next season of Sons of Guns and cancel the series. That’s the news via Fox News, which posted the announcement earlier today. Discovery Channel still lists the program on its press website, but I’m guessing that will change before long. Filming of new episodes was put “on hold” following Hayden’s first arrest, but the latest statement from the network seems to officially put the brakes on the whole production . . .

“Given the serious and horrific nature of the charges against Will Hayden, we have decided to halt further production of ‘Sons of Guns’ and cancel the series,” the network said in a statement.

While we here at TTAG didn’t necessarily think the show was the greatest thing since sliced bread, nevertheless it was good to see some somewhat positive firearms-related programming on TV. Normalizing firearms ownership is a worthy cause, and Sons of Guns definitely fell into that category. Now that the show has been cancelled the number of popular gun related shows has dwindled to basically nil, which is a sad state of affairs.

As a Penn State alumnus, I know how much it sucks to be associated with the alleged bad actions of a single individual. It can’t be a good day in the shop at Red Jacket. We will update this story as we get more information.


  1. avatar Joe R. says:

    Very sad day all the way around.

    1. avatar Capt.JR says:

      I have been threw that EX wife bull shit ,I will stand by Will and if you think watch a Night time Drag Race Is Better and safer then belive what you will.

  2. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    That Jessie James BAR can rest in piece now. It finally got it’s revenge.

    1. avatar Piet Padkos says:

      Is it bad that this was my first thought?

  3. avatar Josh Wood says:

    Bloomberg paid off his daughter to further his image of gun enthusiasts.

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      While I highly doubt your claim, if in fact you can be bought by any sum of money to falsify rape charges against an innocent person then you are a truly heinous individual.

      1. avatar Publius says:

        I know women who’ve done it for free. And yes, their victim did go to jail for a crime that was never committed.

        1. avatar brian says:

          That is just awful. That innocent person will be completely disgraced.

      2. avatar Javenis Mydaus says:

        especially if that person happens to be your father.

    2. avatar Vic says:

      Are you serious? How many 12 year old little girls do you really think would accuse their daddies of that for money? That’s ridiculous.

  4. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Sons of guns was doing as much harm as good, maybe more so with the latest arrest. Not happy about the charges but won’t shed a tear for the show itself.

  5. avatar Michael Nieto says:

    Maybe red jacket will start making good stuff again I hear their saigas used to rock

  6. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    I almost bought a Red Jacket AR awhile bsck…

    Glad I didn’t, I imagine it wouldn’t be as highly valued after this event.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Would you have been buying it for its resale value, or to shoot it?

      1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

        I was probably gonna resale it.

        I figured the Red Jacket fade was still strong. And with AR prices getting back to reasonable levels, seemed like the time to buy cheap for possible resale later.

  7. avatar No_Smoking says:

    So do we know if any of the charges are true? The last I read they were statements from a spiteful ex.

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      To the best of my knowledge, it’s the same ex, just pushing a little harder. I’m not a great fan or hater of the show, but I sure hope Mr. Hayden is innocent and gets his day in court. I have no evidence either way, but just my opinion, but I’m thinking he is getting a very raw deal.

  8. avatar Gunr says:

    I hope something positively related to guns will take it’d place.

  9. avatar Tom W. says:

    Regardless of current events, prime time network pro gun shows have had an underbelly of saboteurs that are relentless. Nothing to do with this event per se, however I enjoyed several episodes until they got kinda “dopey”. Either way, Will will have his day in court to be found innocent or guilty by a jury of his peers. The first go round seemed a set up. This one has more teeth, but still,…..may also be a continuation of the previous allegations. There is more to the story not coming out in the press release’s. I will reserve judgement until it plays out, as it should.

  10. avatar BLAMMO says:

    This is my “Who gives a shit?” face. 😐

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    Maybe they’ll bring back American Guns. 🙂

    1. avatar Michael Davis says:

      Not a fan of an owner who would play practical jokes on a paying customer.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I’m not a fan of Rich Wyatt. Now his daughter . . . well, that’s a whole different thing.

        1. avatar Oliver2w1 says:

          +1111111111111111111111111111111111……blondes and firearms

        2. avatar BLAMMO says:

          The wife ain’t bad neither.

        3. avatar Gunr says:

          Dirty old man!

        4. avatar S. Cautela says:

          Not that he has anything to with this, but what’s your problem with Rich Wyatt?… I’ve never met him but if you’re going to talk smack about someone then you should at least provide some perceived gripe or issue… No need to talk about his wife or daughter either.

        5. avatar Stinkeye says:

          I’d have to check the relevant statutes, but I don’t think that simply saying you’re not a fan of a TV personality constitutes “talking smack”.

        6. avatar lolinski says:


          Do you honestly believe there is any other kind of old men?

        7. avatar Ted says:

          The girl isn’t Rich Wyatt’s daughter. In 2007 when their mother Rene divorced their real father Charles Grewcock in Connecticut, Paige Grewcock was 13 years old and her brother Kurt Grewcock was 17 years old. Psycho woman Rene hooked up with the world class @$$hole Rich only two or three years before American Guns first aired in 2011. Just about everything portrayed in the 2 year run of the loser reality TV show was pure fiction and the rest was bull$#it.

    2. avatar Dstr says:

      I always like history’s Tales of the Gun

      1. avatar bontai Joe says:

        I agree, it’s the best pro-gun programming on TV.

      2. avatar The Brotherhood of Steel says:

        Yes! That show was awesome! Back before the history channel was Aliens and pawnshops. It’s all trash now. Well… except for the Vikings, but some of that old programing was great.

      3. avatar Banky74 says:

        Agreed. Fantastic show.

  12. avatar C says:

    That headline made me spill my drink. But only because i wasn’t paying attention to where i was sitting it down. Not out of shock or anything.

    I think discovery made the right decision for the wrong reasons.

  13. avatar Mark says:

    Maybe I didn’t give the show much of a chance but the very first time I sat down to watch the show, the scene had a bunch of young guys running down the hill in slow motion with AR’s in the high ready with their FINGERS ON THE TRIGGER. Turned the channel off within the next few seconds. This was all during the height of the anti’s campaign following the CT school shootings. The last thing we needed was to give the anti’s more fodder for their gun control message.

    Earlier this year, I figured I try again and happened to pick the episode that they were placing a firearm on a radio controlled drone. To most of you that may not be a big deal but to those of us in the model aircraft hobby, that was just another nail in what seems to be shaping up to FAA restrictions that may SEVERELY limit our hobby.

    Soooo, loosing that show is no sweat off my brow.

    1. avatar Josh Wood says:

      Lighten up bro.

      1. avatar Gary says:

        I thought Mike was pretty light! I knew he was an irresponsible joke when he advocated and helped the local sheriff “modernize” an automatic Thompson for his SWAT team. Can you imagine a police officer with an automatic .45 caliber submachine gun that was designed to clear trenches conducting a hostage rescue that might require pinpoint accuracy? I finally tuned completely out when I saw the way he treated his one truly skilled employee, Vince. He was a bully and a jackass.

  14. avatar Alex romero says:

    As usual! The public and blogs are the judge, jury and executioner! Not surprised! I always like to wait until the trials are over.

    1. avatar Eric says:

      Because no innocent man is ever found guilty, and no guilty man is ever found not guilty.

    2. avatar Paelorian says:

      You must not be a producer of the American mainstream media of today. It resembles a lynch mob, and generally promotes the most dramatic allegations as facts. When false, there is no admission of wrongdoing. Reference most of the nation’s response to the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. No one can fairly say that they were definitely victimized, but from the reactions of people you’d think they had all been there and seen the incident with their own eyes. The crowd so believed their imaginations that they sought to take away the life of a man who may have been innocent.

      A person should be treated as likely innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion issues judgement within hours, and that judgement is generally binding and can immediately destroy a person’s life.

  15. avatar louringe says:

    I fell sorry for anyone who has ordered items from them. They can kiss that money good bye

  16. avatar Roy says:

    Turns out years and years of just being a terrible show weren’t enough.

  17. avatar MotoJB says:

    Who would have guessed that? 😉

    Sucks that the other people that were making good money are now SOL due to his fiasco…

  18. avatar Asdf says:

    So much for innocent until proven guilty.

    1. avatar Tom W. says:


      I hope it never happens to those so quick to rush to judgement.

      If the ” Evidence “, you guys all remember that word right? If it proves him guilty, than so be it. He deserves all punishment to the fullest extent of the law. Period. No issue there at all including Bubba time in cell block A. He’s got a right to a defense, just like the “judged by 12, than carried by 6 crowd.”

      1. avatar Mvrsn says:

        Deuteronomy 22 28-29 (In hebrew)
        Rape a young girl, keep her and pay her father money.

        Most of you are unhappy that he had sex with a girl.
        Because you are good american feminists.

        Now that alleged incest is another matter all together, but that’s not what you’re going off on. You don’t like men with young girls.

        1. avatar Rainhaven says:

          I think your biblical interpretation skills need a little work as well as comprehension. The word used is “virgin” that does not imply that the woman is “young” it just means she hasn’t had sexual relations with a man.

          And one does not do well to try to comport ancient near eastern laws that were meant for a particular society (Ancient Israeli Theocracy) into current day jurisprudence.

          Furthermore your comment does not take into account that the Mosiac law was introduced as a stepping stone up from earlier laws such as Hammurabi’s code and others. It also is not “perfect” in that it meets people where they are and attempts to bring them to a higher plane of understanding and equality.

          Paying the father is not a crude “bride price” and a transaction of chattel. Again, if you know nothing of ANE cultures then these laws will totally elude you. These laws were meant to uphold the sexual purity of both the man and the woman and to protect the woman and her family in the event that things didn’t go quite as planned.

          It most certainly is not a prescription for old men to have sex with and/or marry young girls.

        2. avatar The Brotherhood of Steel says:

          Out of which of the 100s of different versions of the bible? after how many translations? and translated by who? or whom? Study some history, particularly how the bible came about.

    2. avatar whatever says:


      If he was a minority and not a visible gun guy, there would be no presumed innocent line from our resident peanut gallery. Behold the awesome power of cognitive dissonance. LOL, whatever.

    3. avatar Chris from IA says:

      That protection only extends to the protection of the individual from governmental entities. There is no presumtion of innocence requirement in regards to other private individuals. In other words, as a private citizen, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, I am well within my rights to call it a duck before the jury’s verdict comes back.

  19. avatar WNB says:

    I defended this @#$%+#) the first time around. Having an ex who pulled a similar stunt on me, I know how it feels to be falsely accused of such things. Now his own daughter has come forward and stated she was repeatedly and forcibly raped by him. What kind of sick individual does this to his own child?? I hope he gets castrated and I’m glad I never gave a second thought to that show.

    1. avatar Mvrsn says:

      Someone who’s feminist pro-woman society doesn’t allow him to have non-closely related young girl as a bride?

      The Old Testament allows men to have young girls as brides.
      Feminist america and europe do not.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        go away pedo

      2. avatar The Brotherhood of Steel says:

        SO…. your telling us your are PRO-Rape?

    2. avatar whatever says:

      If he is found guilty (and I’m pretty sure he will be) put him in front of firing squad armed with his products. That would be a nice bit of poetic justice.

  20. avatar Dave says:

    Good. That show did more harm than good. It showed gun owners In a very ignorant and myopic light.

  21. avatar Jus Bill says:

    You know, “reality shows” depict anything but…

  22. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

  23. avatar Lucas D. says:

    This had been a bad week altogether for our local celebrities in Baton Rouge. Along with this, a TV host here was just murdered today, shot to death by his son-in-law, and his daughter is a friend of mine.

  24. avatar marlin says:

    F&*k Nittany and it’s lions and the creep probably did it. Also his show sucked a fat one and did very little to further gun rights.

    An aside, Tuhoy makes a good point about you not having a keen grasp on what you’re writing about.

    1. avatar Mvrsn says:

      Old Testament allows men to have young girls as brides.

      Not incest, but that’s not what you’re all complaing about. You are against men having young girls, because you are brainwashed american feminists.

      You’re “right thinking”, and the old testament is “wrong”.

      Deuteronomy 22 28-29 (in hebrew)

      1. avatar whatever says:

        Whatever, troll.

      2. avatar Sian says:

        Lame attempt. In this country we have rule of law. It doesn’t matter three shits what the bible says is or isn’t permissible.

      3. avatar The Brotherhood of Steel says:

        +1 what Sian said. The rule of Law trumps any faith on the planet first and foremost. And this was created by much smarter men than you along time ago. Whether you like it or not, you’re an American first and whatever your faith is second. Don’t like it? then move to the middle east.

  25. avatar Gregolas says:

    Ironic, in that I found TTAG because I had googled “Sons of Guns”.
    TTAG has been FAR more interesting, fun, informative and useful than the TV show ever was.

  26. avatar achmed says:

    I feel bad for the kids if the allegations are true. As far as the show, it was mostly retarded. No loss. There is still a huge appetite for gun related programming and I’d love to see it replaced by something like more Top Shot, a show about the Miculeks, something about competition, etc..

  27. avatar Don says:

    how about “given how boring this show is, we’ve canceled it”

  28. avatar Justin_GA says:

    The show was crap and made gunsmiths look like idiots. The only professional on the show walked out because of the stupidity. The other show with Rich Wyatt was another example of making people in the firearm industry look stupid. I would like see a firearms show similar to “How’s it’s Made” where professionals show you how most firearms are made and how they work.

  29. avatar USMCVeteran says:

    I hope to Hell that this is nothing more than just the machinations of the girl’s spurned mother.

  30. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    “…nevertheless it was good to see some somewhat positive firearms-related programming on TV. Normalizing firearms ownership is a worthy cause, and Sons of Guns definitely fell into that category.”

    What? The only times I watched this show (most of season 1 and part of season 2) the only thing it did for firearms owners was further the image of gunners as a bunch of inbred uneducated bumbling rednecks. He ran his only competent gunsmith out of the shop.

    The episode that really got me was when they were building the “accurized” AK in season 1 and Vince was like, “Hey I need a depth gauge micrometer and a set of Go NO-GO gauges to set the headspace and Will flies off the handle at the outrage that his gunsmith could be so stupid as to think he needed those tools, then hands Vince a caliper and a live 7.62×39 round and is just like “Make it work brutha!” I guess it was pointless though because then he welded the gas block onto the barrel with a stick welder bird shit looking weld so any accuracy gained by having proper head-space would have been nullified at that point. But seriously, these guys were a joke, this show at best did nothing to “normalize” firearms with the broader public, and if we are all being honest this show really was an anti’s wet dream in terms of how they want the public to think of gun enthusiasts.

  31. avatar nick says:

    Mikey Teutul from American Chopper selling their Custom Red Jacket “Sons of Guns” Saiga 12

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      Looks like someone DuraCoated a cheap russian shotgun and is trying to sell it hoping some sucker thinks it is special… Oh wait thats poretty much every gun the RJF sold nevermind.

      Seriously though, I doubt this is the American Chopper gun.

  32. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

    Arrest documents said Mr. Hayden’s daughter accused her father of taking her virginity and orally and vaginally raping her almost daily since she was 11 years old, it’s been reported. She said she never reported it because he threatened her physically.

    I got news for everybody, kids rarely make this stuff up. As hard as it is for everybody to wrap their heads around this type of crime, it happens all the time, though mostly not talked about. Will Hayden probably did these things, although he’s innocent until proven guilty. Personally, I see a suicide on the horizon for that guy.

  33. avatar Banky74 says:

    Bleh, mixed emotions on this. Hated the show for lots of obvious reasons and Will Hayden seemed like an utter jerk. So not sorry at all to see the show cancelled.

    That being said, this certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a kid was coerced to say something like this. I hope justice is served to the right individuals.

    1. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

      I would be vastly surprised that the cops would make a high profile arrest on the word of a young female without substantial assurance it was true.
      This isn’t the type of case that would be investigated in a shoddy fashion. Cops are stupid, but they also don’t like stepping on their own dicks in front of the entire nation. We all know that it takes very little to make an arrest and beyond reasonable doubt for conviction.
      I’m sure Mr. Hayden has a good lawyer on-board and for this case to be made, they need evidence. A confession would be really nice. You don’t need much more than a confession, but lacking that, they will need something more than “daddy put his thingy in my no no spot” Even Hayden’s DNA on her panties would be nice.
      If as I said in a previous comment about Hayden offing himself and he thinks he’s going to take this to trial, boy is he in for a shocker.! Remember all the lurid details about Michael Jackson in his sex trials? And what about the Jodi Arias trial? Remember how salacious that was?
      Now wait until Hayden’s lawyer explains to him how all that kinky shit he (allegedly) did is going to be all over the WORLD during trial. I honestly don’t see this ever going to trial, but I sure hope it does and I hope it’s televised. I want to see Will Hayden squirm.

  34. They should give Vince his own show now.

  35. avatar Bob Greek says:

    I did not like the show, it did not show the main stream gun owner in a positive light. If I had a vote , Top Shot would be one of the best. As far as Hayden goes he will not be missed by me.

  36. avatar Freddy says:

    To be honest, the cancelling of a shitty gun show is a small price to pay if either of these women have been sexually assaulted by him. After all, nothing is more important than the right of children to grow up innocent.

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