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Egypt has brokered what’s described as a long-term cease fire agreement between Hamas and Israel. It’s basically the same deal the Hamas brain trust rejected a month (or about 1500 dead Palestinians) ago. While predictably declaring victory, Hamas failed to attain any of their stated goals, the primary one being an end to the Israeli and Egyptian blockades. They’d fired over 2000 rockets into Israel during the conflict and all they have to show for it is about the same number of dead Palestinians, hundreds of thousand of tons of rubble, a decimated tunnel infrastructure and incontrovertible evidence that Israeli engineers know what the hell they’re doing. But as the AFP photo above illustrates . . .

The current cease fire is temporary at best, as every pragmatic Israeli who’s watching the situation knows all too well:

“At this point, a cease-fire to me only means that I need to prepare the city for the next round,” Mayor Itamar Shimoni of Ashkelon, a city of 115,000 less than 10 miles from Gaza, said in a radio interview.

We don’t remember where we read it, but someone recently wrote something to the effect that that under Hamas, Gaza looks like Haiti. Under the Isreaelis, it would look like Santa Barbara. You can bet your last shekel Hamas is already back at work, using whatever materials they can scrounge to dig more tunnels and rebuild their little paradise all over again.

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  1. Kind of insulting to Haitians. Things may suck there, but at least they don’t spend their time and lives blaming and trying to kill folks in the Dominican Republic.

      • Yeah and therein lies your chicken and the egg scenario. Given the rhetoric out of Gaza, I don’t think the IDF letting all of the sunshine and rainbows back into Gaza/West Bank would lead to anything other than more dead Israelis.

        • Yeah, but they will no have chance to be independent if they can’t export/import.

          You simply gotta give people more credit. In my honest opinion what you are saying isn’t much different than racists saying that blacks can’t have guns or they will start a revolt and start exterminating whites.

      • Egypt blockades their border with the Gaza strip as well. They must work for the Jews too right?

  2. There will never be anything like peace as long as the Palestinians continue to ‘educate’ and indoctrinate their upcoming generations that Jews (or non-Arabs) are evil and should all be killed. Any agreement based on that existing reality is bound to fail. We should cut off all aid to them unless they stop poisoning the minds of their children. That, in and of itself, is the true evil.

    • And as long as Israel continues to build “settlements” on ostensibly Palestinian-controlled land and to treat Israeli Muslims as second-class citizens. Theocracies, Muslim or Jewish–or Christian, for that matter–are never a good thing.

      • Christians and other religious sects not islamic are getting their churches burned, their women raped and heads cut off in muslim controlled lands. Meanwhile, muslims in isreali controlled land can vote in isreali elections and they can walk safely down the street without having their heads cut off in return.

        Yep, the oppression by the Isrealis is horrendous.

        • I understand there is a ‘Muslim University” in Israel–do you reckon there is a “Hebrew University” or a “Judaic University” in any Arab country? No, I don’t think so either.

        • You’re confusing the terms “Islamist” and “Palestinian.” Or, perhaps, your comment is just irrelevant to the long-term occupation of Palestinian territory.

      • Agreed. As Americans, we are quick to forget that Israel is in no way shape or form a secular democracy. And the confiscation of Palestinian land and forced removal of it’s occupants, not to mention the blockade on Palestinian fishing is a stain on their people. If someone took our land, and told us we must rely on them for the most basic needs, how long would it be before we start shooting?

        If I told you that you could never return to the land you grew up in, because it belongs to me now, would you embrace me in peace? Or teach your children to hate?

        • If i told you you had no land, you had no future,you had no right to exist on this earth, what position would you take?.. you took America from the British, you dont seem to have a problem with that?

        • I think I would say we’ve reached an impasse and will probably be trying to annihilate each other for the next century…, oh wait!!’

          You’re so busy trying to prove which side is more wrong, you’ve missed the point: everyone is in the wrong.

        • Israel pulled all settlers out of Gaza and gave the whole thing, including businesses and infrastructure, to the Palestinians. The Palestinians in Gaza then voted Hamas into power and commenced firing thousands of rockets into Israel. The let the greenhouses and other infrastructure deteriorate, and used donated concrete not to build schools and hospitals, but rather to build tunnels from which to kill and kidnap Israelis.

          Anti-semites like you hold Israel to a standard not required of any other people on earth. Israel is engaging in self defense, while Arabs are killing thousands of fellow Arabs in Syria and Iraq. There are no Jews to blame for the deaths of Arabs in the Arab countries, so the world doesn’t give a crap.

        • HP, the position of Hamas is that Isreal has no right to exist. You are being manipulated and used to support a group that will accept nothing less the eradication of Isreal, and the death or displacement of every Jew. Every last man, woman and child.

          So, no, giving back some supposed land that was “taken” from a group of locals will mean the sworn enemy of Isreals very existence would simply have that much less land that they would have try to take to full fill it’s end goal.

        • “confiscation of Palestinian land and forced removal of it’s occupants” … this phrase; I don’t think it means what you think it means. If you’re referring to the 1948 Palestinian exodus, then you’re blaming the wrong horse in this race. In ’48, the Arabs in the region were told by the Arab states than an invasion was imminent – an invasion to exterminate the Jews. After which, the conquered lands would be given to the Palestinians. If, that is, they first evacuated and cleared the way for the soon-to-be advancing armies. in effect, a “GET ON THE DECK!” order so they could indiscriminately kill those remaining, and wipe out only Jews and their sympathizers. Many complied. Those who dutifully fled at the urging of the Arab states (not Israel), anticipating the spoils of war, are the ones you refer to as having their lands “confiscated” and subjected to “forced removal”.

          BTW, this word, “Palestine” … it too doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s an invention of the Roman Empire. The regions encompassing “Palestine” had always been called Judea and Samaria. The Romans, ever the clever bunch, decided to rename the homeland of the Jews to “Palestine” in “honor” of the Philistines, historical rivals of the Israelites. Yes, it was meant as a thorn in the side of their new vassal state and nothing more. Should anyone conquer the US, if they were to rename us “Germanae” or “Russanie” they’d be doing the same thing.

        • The way look at it Wood; everybody lived by rules accepted as the norm then, we no longer think are acceptable now. Everybody owned and traded in slaves, including the Native Americans; everybody fought by force of arms, to control prime land, including the Native Americans.

          When the early Europeans went into different areas of North America, they dealt with tribes that controlled prime hunting grounds not by prior “ownership” but by tribes that probably pushed out another tribe by force of arms or because they were too powerful to be pushed out or killed by rival tribes.

          When we as Americans either used a treaty or by force of arms took land that was controlled or occupied by an American Indian Tribe, we were simply following what was the accepted norm for everyone involved, European and Indian alike.

          Would I accept this behavior now? Of course not! But I’m not going to judge a people in the past, European or Native American by current day rules.

          The reality is Wood, we as Americans simply were better at playing by what was the accepted rules of engagement, (at that time) by everyone one involved.

      • Yeah, because building settlements on your own land is insensitive and not very neighborly.. you think with that brain too dog$hit?

        • So are you saying that the West Bank, given in 1947 to the Palestinians, is really Israeli territory? And that Jewish settlers therefore have the right to enter the West Bank, seize houses and lands without paying for them while the Israeli government and courts turn a blind eye, eject the occupants, and build their settlements? And that this is all justified by a religious belief that these are the promised lands and belong to the Jews for all eternity?

        • Mark N: the ’47 agreement was accepted by the Israelis, but rejected by the Arab states. See my bit above (or Google) “1948 Palestinian exodus” and “1948 Arab–Israeli War”. They chose war, in hopes of conquering all and wiping the Jews from the region (their stated goal).

        • Very perceptive; Israel as an unconscious symbol of every thing a person hates about themselves and their culture.

          There is a reason for a “scape Goat” it is the symbol of all that a person hates about themselves, and Israel is the “scape Goat” for all of the “white Guilt” and the hatred that the Liberal/progressives have for themselves and the “Evil” they feel the west has brought to the world.

      • Second Class? Like being able to vote and be elected into political office, able to own property? Best second class ever

  3. Two seagulls fighting over a long decomposed fish. Ain’t nothing left but IT’S MY FISH!!!

  4. Well, I know I’ve said the “Palestinian state” is located on what could be some of the best resort property in the world. but the only native industry is terrorism. Not surprising when you consider the historical provenance of the so-called “Palestinians”.

  5. Damn, they start young over there. Five years old and they’re already angling for their 72 virgins.

  6. The Palestinians will never get what they want until they recognize the state of Israel. In Oslo they had 97% of their demands and yet they still walked away from the table. Israel lives with a gun to it’s head and yet the world condemns them. If anyone should be condemned it is the Brits and the Frenchies for drawing the maps over there a hundred years ago and promising the Promised land to the persecuted Jews…

    • The Brits and the French are the root of most of the problems in the Middle East west of Iran. (America is responsible for the Iran mess.)

      • Sorry Mark N. That is the same as blaming a Gun for causing someone to go on a shooting rampage.

        The Muslims have been happily mass murdering each other when they aren’t mass murdering the infidel for over a thousand years.

        • Keep turning the crank on the wayback machine …

          Think Persians and Arabs. Way before the Prophet, those folks were going for each others’ throats.

          And they still are … only today we call them Iran and Iraq.

          Humans are really really good at hating each other for long enough that it no longer matters who first said whatever it was about the other guy’s momma.

  7. Required watching for understanding the mindset of what I call “The Crazy Place”. First “Kartoum” written by Robert Ardrey and with fantastic cast. Second “The Wind And The Lion” written by none other than John Milius. Third “Lawrence of Arabia” script by Robert Bolt and David Lean directing. Then you will understand that we (USA and Israel) are in for 600 years of madness.

    • Better yet, read “Lawrence IN Arabia” by Scott Anderson. It gives a detailed picture of the effects of British and French blunders during and after WWI. Arbitrarily creating new countries without regard for ethnic and religious regions didn’t help an already volatile situation. Still no excuse for the savage, inhuman and totally unacceptable behavior of Arab Muslims. Ralph Peters’ book “Wars of Blood and Faith” paints a good picture of the current situation, and his (accurate, I think) assessment of the future in the region.

      When I was in high school, I met an Israeli exchange student who told me that Israel fights like they do because losing a single battle could very well mean losing the war and therefore their country.

  8. Bill Clinton was strolling along the beach one day, and he spotted this bottle. He picked it up and it was a magic bottle, and a genie appeared. The genie said he would grant one wish to the bearer of the bottle. Mr. Clinton asked the genie if he could stop the fighting in the middle East, and showed some maps of the location to the genie. The genie said the Arabs and Jews have been fighting almost since time began, and there would never be peace there. Give me something I can handle the genie said.
    Mr. Clinton thought for a moment and then threw up his hands said boldly, Can you do something about Hillery’s hair! I can’t stand it any longer! The genie thought for a moment, then said, Let me look at those maps gain!

  9. Its just a short respite till it starts all over again.
    See definition of insanity please.
    The Palestinian people will never live in peace. They don’t know how to.
    Unfortunately not in my lifetime sad as it may be any way.
    In all of our life times here, There has been nothing but strife in this part of the world.
    There is no solution to it.
    Not when people cant learn to live and let live. Or simply wont.
    Arab fights Arab for the same sand…….over and over again time immemorial.

    Israel just wants to be left alone to prosper as any sane people would.
    Ive always said to anyone who asks a simple solution to this problem is.
    If someone choses to live in the 13th century……….. let them.
    Just don’t try to make me do the same.
    At one time this area of the world held the “Enlightened” civilizations.
    1st in every thing good,
    Science math arts…….
    What happened???

    • “At one time this area of the world held the “Enlightened” civilizations.
      1st in every thing good,
      Science math arts…….
      What happened??? ”

      • Not Islam, RADICAL Islam. In the conquered lands (basically all of southern Europe) the Caliph fostered and encouraged divergent thoughts and philosophies, as long as they behaved themselves. See Moorish Spain. Then the radicals showed up.

        • Forget it, better folks than us have tried explaining that. For them, we are just “scary mooslems”. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

  10. Wow only one anti Israel comment-SO FAR. Do ya’ think Israel would be this nice if they were attacked by Iran or ISIS,IS,ISIL or whatever those lunatics are calling themselves today?

  11. The only thing that will work is the systematic extermination of this filth. These parasites kidnap and murder Christians and Jews and we do NOTHING. We need to fully support the state of Israel and prep for the war ahead.

      • I don’t think an eye for an eye is what is needed. An eye for an eye means compromise or a draw. That would be Obama’s foreign policy. Victory over your enemy is how the world becomes peaceful. Do you think dropping the big ones on Japan was “eye for an eye” or was it total devastation?

        • It was death in answer to more death.

          Mind you, I don’t mind killing when it is morally right but it rarely is.

          • So the end of WWII was not a good thing? Who bombed Pearl Harbor and then later refused to surrender? I can’t think of a better reason to kill your enemy than that.

        • I didn’t say whether it was good or bad, I just said what it is.

          I have done bad things for good reasons and good things for bad reasons. So I ain’t exactly a saint here, though I still have managed to keep a sliver of my humanity.

          • I’m sorry…what were we talking about? Oh yeah…I remember now.
            “I didn’t say whether it was good or bad, I just said what it is.”
            If you can’t decide whether destroying your enemies that wish the same for you is a good thing then I think you have a big problem grasping reality in general.

        • Not really.

          I just meant it as in “was it morally right to do it in such a way?”. I like my morals… only thing keeping me human anymore.

        • Meanwhile, under the prairies of the US and the steppes of Russia and the world’s oceans lie enough nuclear weapons to end sentient life on earth for 20,000 years. The thought of that keeps everyone from using their weapons.

  12. I’ve often wondered why the oil rich Arab states did not help the Palestinians at all. Then it hit me, with the Palestinians fighting the Israeli’s they had all of Arabdom hating the Israeli’s so no one in their country would question their own leadership.

    Kinda like gun control . . . . . Push it with no results but it keeps the sheep from looking at their leadership for answers as to why everything has gone to crap.

    • I’ll give you a hint. The other Arab countries won’t take them in because they don’t want them. Because they would prefer that their countries not devolve into the Gaza Strip or Lebanon.

      What person or country in their right mind would import a couple million people into their country who will refuse to assimilate and act like the host country owes them something. All the while getting up to all kinds of mischief. What country would do that? Besides us of course.


      • Of course no other Arab country wants them. The so-called Palestinians were kicked out of the Kingdom of Jordan in the first place for being revolutionaries. Those Jordanian rejects and a few nomadic Bedouins who were wandering about the area until the Israelis turned it into a modern state are the source of the so-called “Palestinian people”, who have never had an organized state, never formed a government, never established a unique cultural identity, never built any kind of politico-economic system…

      • Kuwait expelled their entire Palestinian population too, because the Pali idiots sided with Saddam Hussein.

      • A lot of the so-called Palestinians came from Egypt well. The Arabs wanted to make sure, when discussions of partitions to create a State of Israel first began, that they would be left with the lion’s share of the real estate, and so flooded the areas with “refugees” that they wanted to get rid of. I understand there is a British census done after Britain took possession of Palestine at the end of WWI that report the place to be undeveloped and mostly uninhabited, which stayed that way until the Jews began migrating there from Europe.

        • I’d like to see a link to that census. I’ve heard it mentioned quite often by Zionists.

          Does it actually even exist?

  13. Long term??.. Riight.. the only thing long term in the middle east is War… they are just taking a breather to clear the tunnels

    • More like to bury the dead before an epidemic breaks out. Also, the dead smell REALLY bad in that heat.

  14. Some cultures are just dead-enders. This is one of them. I’m sure there are some very nice people in Gaza and what not, but taken as a whole…well, let’s just say compare the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to Israelis versus “Palestine” or the rest of the region in sum.

    There you have it.

    • Omg, literally laughing out loud!! Did you just reference the Nobel Peace Prize as relevant and legitimate? Too funny, thanks for the afternoon chuckle.

      • You do know that Nobel prizes are given in the sciences and medicine right? You knew that right?

        Let me help you out my anti-Semitic “friend”.

        Jews have won 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of Physics, 19% of Chemistry, 13% of Literature and 9% of all peace awards.

        Palestine: 1, that would be “former terrorist” leader, cum money launderer and UN aid thief, Yasser Arafat, Nobel Peace prize.

        So yeah, I guess in the larger sense the Nobel prize isn’t the be all end all of a society’s worth, but it can certainly be part of the calculus.

        But do tell, enlighten us with what wondrous marvels of science or the arts that the Palestinian people have brought forth into the world (suicide belts don’t count) such that all peoples everywhere proclaim their genius….waiting….Bueller?….Bueller?…,

        • Sorry sparky, you lost this the moment you used the ad homnem ” anti-Semitic” label, which by the way is losing its effectiveness and credibility much like your Nobel Peace Prize. But thanks for playing.

        • I see that you are still misinformed about Nobel Prizes. You keep calling them peace prizes.

          Once again for the rest of the class, Nobel Prizes are given in a variety of areas of human endeavor, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, economics, and yes your personsal favorite the “peace prize.”

          Your friend.


  15. As an American Italian jew , I can tell you that War and fighting for survival on this earth is hardwired in our DNA.. Much like Christian Americans for their freedoms. only our fight is thousands of years old… you are a little late to the party.. but welcome anyway..As Christians, you are welcome to dilute the Muslims to make them more palatable.. But from our experience, the bastards will never be happy until white crosses and the star of David are decorating the landscape.

    • Many denounce Islam as a violent religion while others argue that the particularly radical groups are misinterpreting their holy book and the religion isn’t that bad. Your comment betrays either a pathetic interpretation of the Christian faith or that the same is true of the scriptures of your favorite sky god as is of the Koran. Religion is a blight on the earth.

  16. Interesting how this conversation has devolved into refering to entire religions as being bastards. I wonder if a comment would stay on here that refered to Jews or christians as such. Let me tell you all something, there are those who champion freedom and equality among all groups and those who trample on it. There are Jews, Christians and Muslims who are tyrants equally, as there are patriots among all as well. Think Jews can do no wrong? There are a lot of them in this country like a particular ex mayor from New York. In fact, the vast majority vote for the party that is the party of civilian disarmament. Does that mean a generalization should be drawn regarding them? The main man of this blog shares the same liniage as mayor Mike, so I have little use for generalization. There are a whole lot of Muslims in this country that are 2nd Amendment supporters and patriots of freedonm, they don’t deserve to read this filth.

    • Well, that’s true Salvatore; I do feel equally ashamed (because I’m a Christian), of hearing about how my fellow Christians are chopping off the heads of non-believers; Ummm, I guess not, or about how they were burning down mosques with a bunch of muslims inside; Ummm I guess not, or about how we in the US are outlawing the importation of Korans and outlawing the building of mosques like they outlaw the importation of bibles and the building of Christian churches in Saudi Arabia, (you know, the acknowledged guardian of Islam);Ummm, I guess not, or how we are killing gays like they are doing in Saudi Arabia; Umm I guess not.

      Darn, sorry Salvatore, I’m just not getting the same level of shame for being a Christian that all “right thinking” Muslims should be feeling for the actions of their fellow Muslims that seems so prevalent in so many Muslim countries.

        • Um. No.. The atheistic powers of the twentieth power killed far more people than your list. (Although Islam certainly is a religion spread by the sword.)
          Does communism, national socialism and Imperial Japan mean nothing to you? The crusades were a flash in the pan compared to the death and destruction of WW2 and that is the supposed worst crime that Christians ever committed.

    • Hate isn’t the solution, Salvatore said it well.

      Most people who haven’t had the opportunity to kill someone don’t know. Those who haven’t, they are usually the most bloodthristy.

      • Interesting statement Lolinski; some of which I agree with,

        “Hate isn’t the solution, Salvatore said it well.” (I completely agree with this)

        “Most people who haven’t had the opportunity to kill someone don’t know. Those who haven’t, they are usually the most bloodthristy.”

        Well, this. not so much; if you look at Africa in Darfur where the muslims are rampaging around murdering the Christians and the Animists, and the muslims represented by ISIS are murdering various muslim and non-muslim sects, they have the “bloodthirsty” part down pretty well and actively practicing at getting even better at it. And that hate thing,
        seems like the muslims have that hate thing down really well as well.

        Like I said, if there could be some examples where Christians are doing the same head chopping, repression of other religions and mass murdering of those that aren’t Christian, I would like some of those examples.

        But at this point, I am only seeing the mass murder by muslims, the mass murder and tyranny by communists that don’t believe in a God and the legal mass murder of the unborn, generally supported by those that are of the liberal/progressive bent.

        Oops: There you go, And that is what I am ashamed to say that there are supposed Christians that support this genocide against the unborn, so yeah, there are Christians that do support mass murder.

        I do see though; quite abit of calling for the mass arrests and mass murder of lawful gun owners by the left, and most of these people are very much against the ownership and the use of lethal force by non-governmental entities, you know, citizens. These are also the people that are generally the most supportive of the agenda of the Muslims to murder every Jew in Israel, and these are the people that are generally the most supportive of the mass murder of the unborn.

        The left does come across as a “bloddthirsty” lot, and they are the ones least capable of effectively defending themselves from attack by predators, whether animal or human.

        Hmm, Lolinski, you might have something in what you say, “Most people who haven’t had the opportunity to kill someone don’t know. Those who haven’t, they are usually the most bloodthristy.”

        The left definitely fits that description.

  17. I know its off topic but did you guys here about the Americans who were members of ISIS who were killed? Am i the only one who thinks they deserved to die?

  18. Not to be too technical, but iron dome is really American-made. The subcontractors who built most of the system are US defense companies (using US govt $$$). It is an ongoing test of the missile defense system here for ballistic missiles

    • More to the point, the system, much like the Patriot systems used by the US for missile-defense purposes, has a dubious record of actual “hits”. It really all comes down how you measure success, because actually tracking the missiles and confirming a “kill” isn’t feasible under anything other than highly controlled situations. Yes, the missile may have tracked properly and detonated near its target, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it destroyed the incoming warhead. If you count knocking a missile off course, then maybe you get something like the numbers the IDF quotes, but if (as most people assume) you mean destroying the incoming warhead, then it is most likely a very low percentage of successful intercepts.

    • I wondered when someone was going to ask among all the religious eyeball-gouging!

      I couldn’t enlarge the image nearly to my liking, but yes, I think it’s a Hi-Power. Burr hammer, rounded trigger guard, double stack mag, Pachmayr rubber wraparound grips, that looks like an external extractor and the muzzle end looks right…I’d say the odds are pretty good. As to what manufacturer and variant exactly, who knows. Finish sure looks awfully shiny, too. Hmm?


  19. In honesty I think Israel should just finish the job they started. They already had the country of Jordan that they gave to the the Pal. people but for peaces sake the let them
    Live in the Strip, West Bank and one other area in there country. These Palistine people just want more and more at Israel’s Expense and Lives. Israel just needs to stop the peaceful approach and the thought to get along, instead evict these people out there country and place them in Jordan and let them kill each other there. That group is classified as a group of wild donkeys whose hand will be against everyone even your own Brother and nomadic. They’ve lived this way for over 2500years fighting there own. We would stand for it our country Israel gave them a country to have and do there thing but this is what happens when they try to help them and live in peace they bite that hand and kill there children. Just Evict them all to Jordan or The Sea!! Nothing Less Nothing More Just End It!!

  20. Just finish it. No more bullshit treaties that don’t hold water. Someone has to win. Guess who I’m routing for?

  21. I would make a grand bargain with Israel. Offer them New Mexico and all the architectural stucco they want…..everybody wins.

  22. “Hamas’ charter says Israel has no right to exist, because of this, they must be destroyed!”

    “Yeah, but doesn’t the Likud party of Israel also maintain that Palestine has no right to exist?”

    “Anti semite!”

    • The Zionists here will tell you that Palestine doesn’t exist. “It is an imaginary construct of the ancient Romans.”

    • Why has no one yet disputed Dan’s regurgitation of the 1500 Palestinian deaths in the last month? Guess who released those inflated figures?…Hamas. I understand Dan is using this exaggeration to describe how Hamas not adhering to a ceasefire is causing the deaths of its citizens but that number is also used to drum up international opposition to Israel’s right to defense.

        • Normally, I’d say, “Well, it’s a good start!”, but the problem is that it’s only the stupid, the gullible, and the fellow-travelers who voted for Hamas who are getting killed, and not the hardline militants. It’s like we had a war with Washington, DC, and the only ones getting killed were congressional interns, and not Senators or IRS agents.

  23. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the living embodiment of the phrase, “the beatings will continue until morale improves”.

  24. Wow, thought I was returning to a decent gun information site, didn’t realize this was an Israeli propaganda site. No thanks.

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