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There are some people who say the American gun culture is out of control, that gun owners are trigger-happy buffoons who don’t care for the safety of others and act with reckless disregard for the safety of others. But compared to these guys, even the worst offenders among us are saints. Apparently this display of firepower is a customary occurrence during weddings in the middle east, and while I do my best to respect the customs and beliefs of other cultures at some point it crosses the line into irresponsible. For example…

When you are firing a machine gun over the heads of hundreds of people and in the general direction of an inhabited town. Physics is real, and what goes up must come down.

Remember, you are responsible for that bullet for its entire flight path until it finally comes to rest. And even then, you might still be responsible for it depending on how the EPA feels. Firing blindly into the sky looks cool, but its not a situation where I would want to be on the receiving end. So don’t put anyone in that situation — always shoot towards a berm or a bad guy.

[h/t Reddit]

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  1. They still believe it is safer for them to have guns than responsible American Citizens. Just remember, “statistically, you are safer when being violently attacked to just comply than if you had a gun” . . .

    • I hope you are just kidding. Because, if you believe that, then put a tooth under your pillow, and some milk and cookies out on Christmas eve.

    • Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
      Please remember that this is the culture that D.C. praises and wants us to cozen up to! We shouldn’t be denigrating another culture simply because we don’t share their beliefs!
      It doesn’t matter what we think because all cultures are equal!…. Right?

      Sarcasm off now.

      • Markarov,

        You have it all wrong. They truly don’t want you to believe that all cultures are equal. American gun culture is inferior. I’m glad we were able to get that straight! 🙂

        I’ll turn my sarcasm off now as well before someone actually takes my comments too seriously!

        On a more serious note, I love your name! I didn’t see the “r” at first. Very subtle!

        • Hey, you can’t just blame the Libs for this one. They’re Bush, Cheney and Murdoch’s BFFs. Ride or Die bros for real.

        • Yeah, looked at that way, you are correct; I was thinking of a National/religious culture. Although, I guess that D.C. looks at religious culture about the same as gun culture. To those pickle-heads in the District, any and all cultures are equal as long as it’s not American!

  2. They never seem to count. It doesnt count when countries of predominantly brown people have higher murder rates. They’re just 3rd world heathens who believe in witchcraft. It doesn’t count when countries of predominantly brown people stone women to death for driving or rape children for a $5 debt their family owed. They’re just poor 3rd world heathens who believe in witchcraft.

    But you. Oh, you monster American. Asking a woman out is an offense that’ll put you on a registry and if you own a .22 bullet or sparklers on the 4th of July in certain places the state will take lock you up, take your house and ship your children off to DCF rape parties.

  3. In the summer of 2003 in Baghdad, we had the IPF bring into our Police Station a Groom from his own wedding who was covered in blood. He was doing the old “Celebratory Fire” thing at his wedding reception with a Beretta.25cal pistol. He negligently shot the Wedding Singer in the face and killed him. He was T zoning hard. SHOT PLACEMENT PEOPLE!

  4. You should ask doctors that work in hospitals where this is common how often they see the results of the “what goes up must come down” phenomenon. Bottom line: a bunch! The libtards always get hacked about this sort of thing too, but because it would be insensitive to criticize the culture, about all they can do is go for the Maalox.

    • It always amazes me how people on pro-gun websites assume that everyone who disagrees with you about open carry must also be pro-muslim. It is not true. Most of the liberals I know object to the Muslim gun culture, the treatment of women, the lack of basic human rights, and the casual murder over political differences.

      It was conservatives who decided to invade two countries to impose our political will and to secure our oil supply (respectively). Liberals objected to both wars.

      As far as I can tell, the gun owners in the video share the same views of gun rights that the TTAG crowd does: They know innocent people might get hurt, but no government liberals are going to come take their guns away.

      If Sarah Palin gets elected, there will be similar celebrations all over the South. TTAG will whine and moan about the resulting loss of life, but they will continue to support the laws and lack of enforcement that made it possible.

      If it were up to me, I would bring our troops home and let Iran, Iraq, Syria and even Afghanistan fight their own wars.

      • On the flip side, it bugs me how people assume that being pro 2A means you’re ok with anti Muslim bigotry.
        Some of us aren’t.

      • So you decry one “stereotype” that anti-2A Liberals are automatically pro islamists/jihadist, but than project one yourself by claiming the South will be ablazed with the same type of behavior if “Sarah Palin is elected” (elected to what, I don’t know).

        Liberalism is indeed the philosophy of the stupid.

        • Yellow: It is a little funny to be called “stupid” by someone who thinks “ablazed” is a word.

          In answer to your insult, I have no idea if I am smarter than you, because I don’t know you. I can’t tell you if liberals are smarter on average, but most studies suggest that they are. I can tell you that people who don’t watch Fox News are smarter, because they don’t spend half the day getting lied to.

          It also appears that you don’t understand how characterizations work. If one out of a thousand people in the South fire guns in the air, then it is a massive problem, even though it was created by a small minority.

          If one out of a thousand liberals posts a pro-muslim statement on TTAG, it is just as non-representative of the population, but different in effect, because no one gets killed.

  5. Every product is thoroughly test before its shipped to Syria!

    Seriously though, spring for some fireworks you cheap pricks!

  6. That is as insanely awesome as it is horrifyingly irresponsible. Also, are they shooting tracers, or do bullets fired from automatic rifles actually look like that?

  7. Wow. Just … wow.

    For the first time ever, I actually agree with gun grabbers — this should be a prohibited use of firearms. Notice, however, that I did not say this justifies prohibiting the ownership of firearms.

    • Here’s the thing: you don’t need a special new law to address this. Nearly every place in the world hs laws against reckless endangerment, criminally negligent homicide, that kind of thing. Those laws are exactly the thing for this kind of behavior.

  8. A Staff Sergeant in my company got hit in the Kevlar by celebratory fire that had fallen back to earth on the night Saddam was captured. I have a handful of AK projectiles that hit all around me from that night. They live in the good JuJu pouch.

  9. Shhh.

    If they want to go all “Operation Down a Brownie” I’ll hand out glasses of milk for the Darwinfest Olympics, the line starts at my concrete bunker.

  10. I truly do wonder where they think those bullets go. Carried away by birds? Burn up on re entry?

    The frightening idea is that they might think they’re like teeny fully auto fireworks. No bullets, just pretty glowing bits.

  11. Now, now. Aren’t we taught that all cultures are equally valid? This is just different from what Westerners are used to and is no different from a wedding toast.

    • Yeah, basically like throwing rice. A custom, I’m told, that is now discouraged because eating the rice gives birds tummy aches. Which I seriously doubt.

      • Supposedly when the birds eats the dry rice, it will swell and burst the stomach of said birds when it absorbs surrounding moisture. I don’t know if it is true or not, but everytime I think about it I chuckle.

  12. Actually this is good thinking! There’s an ISIS company just on the other side of a high ridge, and the only way to shoot them is to fire your weapon like a mortar.

  13. No ear protection either. Because hearing damage is so great I now know why farsi is usually spoken in a loud tone.

  14. Come on now, be honest. How many of you tried to sneak “Celebratory gunfire” onto your wedding schedule and “6 cases of .223 ammo” into the budget?

  15. Egad- big weddings are always expensive but if you toss in the price of ammo on this one, well, it’s a good thing they’re in the crude oil and drug biz.

  16. Let their culture be their culture….they’ve been doing it for the longest, hell even us Americans have been doing for a while. It was part of our culture before and as long as there’s nothing to hit for a distance it’s fine. Like if your out in the woods or a very bare field. It can be safe.

  17. I wish the United States government would give me as much ammo as they have them for weddings to use at the shooting range. lol

  18. I had the owner of a local outdoor range relate the incident of two Pak brothers and their dad coming to the range to loose off a few rounds from their AK clone ( I know, it’s stereotyping, but that’s what they had). After, one of the brothers asked if dear old Pop (who could not speak English very well) could fire a few into the air! Could not understand why owner said “NO WAY, JOSE!”.
    The posted rules of the range NOW CLEARLY SAY “NO ROUNDS IN THE AIR”.

  19. Is ammo free there or something?
    Also, is anyone else annoyed that they get to have full auto and we don’t?

  20. they think Allah will stop those bullets from hitting another Muslim, like he stops their botched IEDs and suicide vests from blowing up a few morons now and then (he doesnt).


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