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Will Hayden's mug shot

Last we heard, former Sons of Guns reality TV star Will Hayden [above] pled not guilty to one count of forcible rape of an 11-year-old girl in a Livingston Parish court, Louisiana. Before that, the former Red Jacket Firearms jefe pled not guilty to one count of aggravated rape in Baton Rouge in connection with his arrest for raping a young girl multiple times between March 2013 and August 2014. But a report on Hayden’s hidden endorsement deals just published on casually suggests that the Discovery Channel’s former cash cow has copped a plea with the state. It says . . .

The former Discovery Channel star and ex-Red Jacket Firearms owner, who last week plead guilty to multiple rape charges in Louisiana, has been ordered by a Baton Rouge state judge to pay more than $130,000 in penalties and damages to his former business partners for secret business dealings using the company’s brand.

“I can’t think why he thought he would get away with all this,” Red Jacket Licensing CEO Joe Meaux, who filed the victorious breach of contract lawsuit along with the other partners against Hayden, told FOX411, “unless he’s a psychopathic megalomaniac.”

Yes, well, there is that. And, one can now say – if the report is true – the rest. Anyway, Fox reports that prison life doesn’t suit Hayden.

A source connected to the show said that Hayden is said to be struggling in prison, gaining weight and depressed.

Meaux and the existing team are not in any way involved in the criminal charges against their former counterpart. But despite the piling troubles, Meaux is determined to keep the Red Jacket name and continue building the business as a leader in the firearms industry.

“So far it is not negatively affecting me to keep the name, so it makes no sense to change it,” Meaux added. “We’re up and running, using our knowledge to create even better products.”

“Even better products”? Would it be churlish of me to wonder how hard that can be?

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  1. If guilty, he has proven he cannot use them in a safe, law abiding manner…so off with his nutz.

    • Pretty much. I think castration should be the go-to for anyone convicted (perhaps with a slightly elevated burden of proof) of sex crimes with children under 13.

    • every time rape or child molestation comes uo, out comes everyone suggesting we ignore the cruel and unusual punishment clause

      • Well, yes. Cruel and unusual crimes deserve cruel and unusual punishment.

        It’s not like we are advocating for cutting his hands off for shoplifting; what he did is unforgivable.

        • >> Cruel and unusual crimes deserve cruel and unusual punishment.

          The Founders didn’t agree to this more than 200 years ago, in considerably harsher times. And they cared enough about it to stick it into the Bill of Rights. Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

      • “Civilized society” seems to be one in which the majority tolerates the most heinous crimes of the few. Some punishments should become usual for some crimes. The only problem with capital punishment is that the Capitol is corrupt, and the justice system is in shambles. We are currently operating under the Golden Rule, where those with the gold make the rules.

        • I can tell that you were indoctrinated by the Left by your flawed thinking.

          Justice, like all other things in life, cant be perfect because it’s administered by imperfect man. There are many capital murder cases now days that can be ironclad proved by DNA. Justice dictates that murderers get executed.

          OTOH, I don’t think rapists should get the death penalty because it could lead to a portion of rapists who decide to murder their victims in hope of hiding the evidence.

          • Got me all figured out eh? How did your statement add to this discussion? Don’t mistake justice for the “justice system.”

        • I don’t think that sticking someone behind bars for life (in a solitary cell if need be) is “tolerating”. But if it lets us at least partially fix things if someone turns up to be innocent later on, I think that’s one argument that totally obliterates anything in favor of death penalty (which mostly boils down to “I want my revenge now, dammit!” anyway).

        • Doesky, except that DNA is not nearly as infallible as people think from watching the crime shows. If it gives you a negative match, that’s pretty foolproof, but false positives are not at all uncommon.

      • I don’t think male castration is cruel and unusual.

        Female castration obviously is cruel and unusual. Male castration on the other hand can be done painlessly and more importantly, it changes the behavior and desires of the person castrated without affecting their personality.

        Making men unable to breed (and possibly pass along genetic tendencies to molest children) and restricting their testosterone seems like a logical response to what is, in most cases, a completely uncurable condition.

        My cutoff is 13 for several reason. 13 was the age of adulthood in days past. 13 is the youngest age (I believe) the age of consent has ever been in any US state. 13 is when most people start getting their adult bodies and personalities. And more importantly, 13 is the age most kids start thinking about and being interested in sex.

        A man having sex with a kid under 16 or 15 may be illegal in the United States. Ok. Whatever. But sex crimes with a child younger than 13 in my book is unforgivable without castration.

        • >> 13 was the age of adulthood in days past.

          There was no such thing as “adulthood” in days past. Until about mid-to-late 19th century, a child was effectively treated as an adult for practically all purposes. The notion of children as special snowflakes is really a recent thing in the history of humanity.

          >> 13 is the youngest age (I believe) the age of consent has ever been in any US state.

          Not really. Neither UK nor the colonies/states had meaningful age of consent laws back then. The closest that comes to that is a UK law that referenced “maidens of age”, which has been interpreted as 12 by some, but I don’t think it was ever enforced, and certainly there were marriages registered for children much younger than that.

          There are plenty of recorded marriages on the books for 12 year olds and even 9 year olds in the colonial and early US period, too.

          The notion of age of consent, separate and distinct from marriageable age, was also gradually introduced over the 19th century, and pretty late at that. As of 1880, all states had such laws, but most of them put that age at 10, a few at 12, and one at 7; none had it higher than 12.

          (even then, many states considered consent to be inapplicable in a legal marriage, just like back then there was no such thing as “marital rape” in law – any sexual contact between husband and wife, even when forced, was considered legitimate)

          • Indeed. My Pilgrim, Puritan, Quaker and earlier English ancestors tended to treat children as miniature adults, and though, like the Romans, they were expected to honor and OBEY their parents without question, they were also handed tons of responsibility that we rarely see in these modern enlightened times.

            The special snowflake cultural thing has been largely a function of the late Dr. Spock and his minions, indoctrinating the Boomer generation’s parents and then the Boomers, my own generation of misfits and spoiled brats, now rolling in wealth and telling the rest of the world how to live their lives.

        • Ok good points all. I stand corrected.

          All that said, I meant youngest age of consent /now/, which is 13 in Mississippi I think. My point is that it would be terrible to castrate for any ol’ sex crime since in the United states, what is a felony in one state might literally be 100% legal a mile away over the border in different state.

      • Why do people always cry cruel and unusual? Does the very high rates of repeat sexual criminal behavior not bother you?

        Besides it’s not cruel and unusual if you do it to everyone who meets the required conduct, then at worst it’s just cruel. is there a rule against cruel? Keeping someone in jail for life is cruel, the electric chair is cruel but as long as they are applied to everyone in a equal way it shouldn’t fire up the cruel and unusual argument as the word “and” has a well defined meaning and universally applied punishment really shouldn’t trigger it as an argument against said punishment.

        Leaving people in prison for ever isn’t working and making prisons nicer places to be doesn’t seem to be much of a detergent or rehabilitation method.

        • I would suggest that you read on what exactly “cruel and unusual” means in lawyer speak. There’s a test associated with it. And yes, at some point cruel alone is sufficient to trigger the clause.

    • That phrase will not apply to his backside much longer. It will definitely get “done.”. Repeatedly. Pedophiles are at the bottom of the pecking order in prison. Which breaks my heart.

  2. “A source connected to the show said that Hayden is said to be struggling in prison, gaining weight and depressed.”

    Aw. My giveadam is broken. If guilty, he’s pure filth. From what I’ve heard, those who harm children don’t do well in prison in general.

  3. I read an interview with Stephanie the other day saying Meaux changed the name to Meaux Guns or something. It sounded like they were not going to use RJF.

  4. Fuck this guy for ever having enough marketing talent to be on TV and become a “gun culture personality” – He looks like a fucking scumbag, talks like a retard, made the worst guns akin to those chintzy flea-market fantasy swords, and before he ever committed a crime (that we know of..) he was guilty of making gun owners seem like idiots.

    Literally the first time I saw his ugly mug on TV I wanted to slap him into next week! Then he opened his mouth!

    Fuck whoever at Discovery channel failed to properly vet this guy before giving him his own TV show, too.

    Hopefully all of the inmates who are so inclined are literally fucking this guy!

    • Jeff, where do you get your knowledge of the quality of RJF products? Have you owned one? Have you even fired one? have you even seen one close up?

      It’s nice that you get upset that one person did something terrible but going nuts on everyone around them is a sad over reaction. Don’t you think they are innocent victims to? They have had their worlds turned upside down and futures changed forever and they were not involved in any way.

      The complaint that Discover failed to do a proper back ground check is ignorance in motion. You do realize back ground checks don’t usually involve precognition? Since the offenses he got charged with had not happened yet, this very special skill would have been required.

      If Discover based their decisions on appearances then they might have been able to avoid the RJF issues but what would that mean for shark week? Anything involving Danny Bonaduchie. The survivor guy would definitely be gone, he creeps me out. That traveling food guy? Ooooooooarg. /shiver.

      If they follow the rule of not showing stuff based on looks of one or more of the cast members we might end up with nothing but programming with Bunnies, Platapus, flowers, non poppies, and maybe 15% of babies? OMG some babies are stupid ugly. I’d still keep the ugly ones away from Hayden but that’s just wise since we have to let him keep his tools.

  5. Ewwww. RF, why did you harsh my mellow morning coffee browsing TTAG with this POS’ picture?

    He is where he belongs, in prison, in hiding from every con who was abused, who wants to kill him.
    What do they call child rapists – “short eyes”? Survival rates are very low, I read.

  6. What may I ask has gone wrong with our prison system? “Gaining weight” ? Dude should be on bread and water and breaking rocks 18 hours a day. What the hell happened to CHAIN GANGS ?

  7. If he pled guilty to the rape of a child, then I guess he’s guilty, unless they tortured it out of him, amirite?

    Death penalty.

    I’m not a huge fan of capital punishment but that’s one of the handful of offenses I’d consider capital. Got somebody dead to rights and can’t guarantee we can keep them securely locked up for life? Guilty of murder, rape of a child—no, make that rape, period, genuine treason, then whack ’em. Publicly. Now that I think of it, throw in the financial speculators, banksters, lawyers, and politicians who tanked our economy and caused untold suffering and even death for countless families in this country.

    I watched a couple of these shows back in the day and was not impressed anyway. There are pretty decent episodes on the Sportsman Channel concerning firearms, hunting and self-defense but more could be done.

  8. I don’t think he is still part of RJF. If we wants to be considered a legitimate quality gun maker he has to run away from RJF in my opinion.
    “Joe Meaux of “Sons of Guns” is moving on since the show has ended. On Friday, Nola shared that he has started two new businesses called Meaux Guns and Aklys Defense. Joe is the former owner of Red Jacket Firearms and has moved on to these new businesses.”

    • Does it sound like “moe”, as in I just mowed the lawn? Or does it sound like “wow”, as in wow that orange jumpsuit looks ugly on him!

  9. If Islam and Sharia Law are eventually implemented here in the US then Will Hayden might be pardoned. He may even be seen as a hero to this religion that takes on 8-12 year old brides.

  10. Sadly my opinion of daughter and son-in-law is not much higher than Daddy the rapist. Yep torture for pops…

  11. All we know is what is what we read and see on tv. IF he is truly guilty he should be executed. If he was somehow framed or strong armed and is actually innocent it would never matter. his life is over anyway, credibility gone forever. Cool show while it lasted, but WTF, dirk diggler is a racist, and this guy is a sick bastard.

  12. Well one good thing that comes out of this…….We dont have to watch his ignorant daughter on TV anymore. She just looked odd and awkward on camera. She has the charisma of a rock. She made it very painful to watch that show.

  13. “The media can make an innocent man look guilty, and a guilty man look innocent” -Malcolm X

    If he is truly guilty of these crimes then take him out and drop one in his head and be done with it because that’s all the attention piece of shit child molesters are worth.

    But, it’s just odd none of this comes out until the height of his popularity, and going into partnership with his Daughter, Son In Law, and Joe Meaux. Stephanie Hayden Ford told doctor Phil her dad, Hayden, touched her when she was 12-13 years old, but yet she worked for him all those years and went into a partnership with him, I don’t know timing is weird, the arresting department didnsaybthey had proof enough for an arrest but never released what that proof was. If he is innocent, that’s a fucked up horrible thing to do and even if he is innocent he never will live life that way, that kind of thing is unrecoverable. If he is guilty, and there might be proof I am made public I am unaware of, then hang him from the yard arm!

  14. OK, as far as the age at which a “child” is considered an adult – it had to do with the girl getting her period, supposedly the fact that she was able to now bear a child meant she was ready to……..But they didn’t know a whole lot about the emotional/mental impact on the child.
    As for all the gung-ho, “castrate and kill ’em” idiots, has not over 100 men being released from death row after it was discovered they were innocent taught you meatheads anything? There’s a reason morons like you don’t get to make the rules.

  15. Before this tragedy of raping this child came to light and the true nature of this animal will hayden became clear I proudly displayed my RJF Ar15 and wore one of his shirts and hat. Well I traded the rifle for a baretta m9 and lost more than half my money. I threw the shirt and hat away. I was a disapointed fan of the show and to say that I’ll never have anything to do with the name RED JACKET FIREARMS again. I have a lot of respect for Joe and am pulling for him to do well. He needs to disassociate himself with that name and I’ll be proud to give him business in future. I will not buy anything with RJF name. Best Regards

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