Obama’s State of the Union Address: All Quiet on the Gun Control Front

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Thanks to the mid-term elections, Obama’s civilian disarmament agenda is dead in the water, floating next to the lame duck prez as he spends the remainder of the term trolling Republicans (sassy bastard that he is). Then again, I was the one who said the newly-elected former Constitutional law professor wouldn’t touch gun control with a ten-foot pole. Anyway, this is all Mr. Obama had to say about guns . . .

I’ve mourned with grieving families in Tucson and Newtown; in Boston, West, Texas, and West Virginia.

And there you have it. As far as bloody shirt waving is concerned, this wasn’t even a bloody nose-colored hanky fluttering outside a car window. It wasn’t even a nod and a wink to the antis’ desire to strip Americans of their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

So, to quote Szell [as above], is it safe?

Not on the state level, in what we used to call slave states. Or other places where Aunt and Uncle Pennybags are willing to throw their cash around. And not when another nutcase or zealot unleashes another ballistic atrocity. So … no. We’re never safe. A lesson I learned the hard way.

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  1. avatar Model 31 says:

    Watched it enhanced on The Blaze network. Only way I could stomach it.

    1. avatar El Mac says:

      @Model 31, what do you mean “enhanced”?

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        The Blaze showed it with running commentary from Glenn…

        A mystery science 3000 kinda thing…

  2. avatar El Mac says:

    Our rights are never safe as long as a politician is around. Particularly, this butt monkey in chief.

    1. avatar AllAmerican says:

      “Man will only be free when the last politician is strangled with entrails of the last priest.” Voltaire.

      1. avatar jake from detroit says:

        That was Diderot, actually.

      2. avatar pg2 says:

        “To learn who rules, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.”-Voltaire Much more relevant quote

    2. avatar MJJ says:

      *Every* POTUS is the “Butt Monkey in Chief.” It’s part of their job description: being the peoples’ butt monkey so they can blame everything that goes bad in their lives on the current POTUS. That’s why I called the presidential election cycle “The National Butt Monkey Dance;” where all the little butt monkeys in the USA can show their asses while choosing the next Butt Monkey in Chief. And if the butt monkey they voted for doesn’t win, that’s okay. They’ll have a willing Butt Monkey to piss on for at least four years.

      Those who run for POTUS must have some crazy mixed in their blood to put themselves into that funky mess.

      1. avatar El Mac says:

        @MJJ, no…it’s not crazy they have running in their blood streams, it’s absolute arrogance and self love. Combine extreme arrogance with sheer incompetence and blind faith in one’s putrid ideology and you have a recipe for total disaster. Ergo, the current butt monkey.

    3. avatar Weathertop says:

      Hey Farago. Racism have a place on this site???

      1. avatar jake from detroit says:

        Get the sand out of your hoo-ha and don’t race bait. “butt-monkey”, while ad hominem and vulgar, isn’t a racial slur.

      2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

        Don’t you have to be certain of someone’s race before you cry racism?

        Did you assume El Mac was white? Do you assume everyone on here is white? Did you assume everyone is white because you have a secret desire for everyone to be white? Or are you just racially profiling everyone on here?

        See how easy it is to make everything about race? Check yourself.

      3. avatar Al says:

        Only racist thing I saw was the bloody nose-colored hanky. I mean, what color is your nose? And who coordinates handkerchiefs to their nose color?

      4. avatar pg2 says:

        At least he didn’t use the term ‘schvatza’, which I suspect most people posting know exactly what this means.

  3. avatar Another Robert says:

    Wow–Boston was a bomb attack, and IIRC, West was an industrial explosion. West Va was, what, a mine cave-in? Equating mass shootings with industrial accidents ( as in, the kind of thing that just happens every so often, despite everyone’s best intentions) is completely counter-intuitive to the gun-control mindset. Hard to believe.

  4. avatar Chadwick P says:

    Not safe. Never stop fighting.

  5. avatar pg2 says:

    They will leave the disarmament agenda to Hillary or Jeb, whoever they select as the next Prez.

  6. avatar Hegemon says:

    He doesn’t have to say it. It is unpopular, like him, so he will go into stealth mode.

  7. avatar CoolBreeze says:

    We will never be safe enough to stop being ever-vigilent

  8. avatar jerry says:

    Yes the blue states could be in for some hard times on the 2A front, but if you vote democrat, deal with it.

  9. avatar Peter says:

    I would worry more since he did not mention it, one has to wonder what he is up to behind our backs.

  10. avatar IAB2 says:

    Not safe. Not at all. SOTU is about what he did, and the very lack of mention of gun-control is a big red flag.

    Just like he promised Brady, pre 2012, he and his collaborators in the gun-grabbers and .orgs, have gone “under-the-radar”. DOJ didnt learn its lesson on F&F, and doubled down on Trayvon and Ferguson. Treasury didn’t learn its lesson on Lerner-Gate, and doubled down on Operation Checkpoint.

    Alinsky wrote – push through the resistance- and you can expect political Progressives- and here I mean the nitwit socialists in Progressive v2.0, the power hungry elites, and their enablers in the State Run Media, the paid Journalistas and various echo- chambers-for clicks- Vox, Media Matters, Talking Points Memo, HuffPo, etc- and the obvious coordinated media campaign underway right now to talk about guns and more laws, is simply proof that we should expect Executive Action.

    Follow the money- both the Empty Suit in Chief, and his coterie of thumsuckers, in the anti-gun movement,
    are being used by the crass and cynical hyperwealthy corporatists as just tactic, and its a small but essential part to enact their own agenda (which has nothing to do with the little people, but in gaining more power- presumeably for some sort of globalist effect)
    – people like:

    Soros via CAP, funding the Ferguson protesters,
    Bloomberg via Everytown/MDA/Everytown now abusing the political process, like in Washington on I594, and underway in Nevada now, and
    Gates, Balmer, Hannauer, et al, in Silicon Valley- doing what Gates did to education policy- Common Core, to gun owners via smart gun tech, etc.

    and our global competition- China, Russia, and
    Islamist states- Iran, Saudi Arabia, who support hard core Islamism, and want nothing but to drag down the Great Satan,

    who fund and get control by way of money, over the idiotic children in politics, like Obama, and Jarret, and various crooks and liars in Congress, to disarm the people.

    A disarmed populace is a cowed populace. The Founders knew it, and we should remember that history repeats, and those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

    1. avatar pg2 says:

      Some solid points, but “corporatist” and “globalist” sounds a little too close to Alex Jones, PCR, Gerald Celente to name a just a few of the internet misinformation propaganda mouthpieces.

    2. avatar Summer says:

      Even those who DO learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it since most people seem only able to make decisions based on their immediate lizard brain needs.

  11. avatar Nick says:

    What IAB2 above said!…Obama and his control freak sycophants haven’t given up. They’ve shifted to billionaire pushed initiatives in States that allow them. First was Washington, next up is Nevada. They’ll NEVER give up.

  12. avatar Javier says:

    When it is quiet that is when they(you know who they are) are up to NO good.

  13. avatar Scott P says:

    Expect more executive orders on gun imports. He has to catch up to one of his idol’s, Bill Clinton, who is the current gun executive banning champion!!!

  14. avatar Deal Breaker says:

    Not mentioned because…. it does not play in his favor, actually it hurts his cause to disarm American. All the laws and gun control lunacy prevented what in Paris? a gun-control utopia smashed to pieces by a reality that you cant ban evil.
    There are —”insert number here”— laws on the books that address anything illegal that anyone can do with a firearm, Having that number of laws, plus one, isn’t going to make anyone safer…. and tested-&-proved in Paris.

  15. avatar S.CROCK says:

    Okay he has been a terrible president but he could have been far worse as far as the 2A. When he took office I was expecting a lot worse in terms of the 2A. In most other areas though, he has been about as bad as expected.

  16. avatar Albrecht says:

    Quiet indeed. That is because the new means of gun control is via healthcare. It’s already happening to our veterans thanks to the VA. That is the new gun control framework.

  17. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Gun controlain’t over ’till it’s over…which is never. At least we know where Hildebeast stands…

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