poor people shouldn't have guns second amendment rights
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When David Hogg took to Twitter on November 28, 2018 and stated “congress ought to create a federal tax on gun sales to fund gun violence research” fellow Parkland student and gun rights supporter Kyle Kashuv had an immediate answer. Kashuv tweeted back “David, please realize that this penalizes people from low income areas that are just trying to protect their families and will now be unable to because of this unnecessary tax.” And then someone named Kimberly got involved:


This should be accompanied by the #ohnoshedidnt hashtag.

Kyle Kashuv’s Twitter thread on this topic can be seen here. However, when you try to go back to Kimberly’s ignorant tweet now, all you get is this:

Unfortunately for @Kimberly_747 the internet is forever. Want to check out her page? It’s right here. Fair warning, the “South Florida mom” and “Sheltie lover” has blocked quite a few people.

She may be just some bigoted rando on Twitter, but she represents the thinking of a disturbing number of people out there.


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      • Next time say “Florida woman tweets” then I can skip the article altogether.

        Florida and Ohio news always gets skipped when I read any web page. It saves so much time.

        Disclosure: I grew up in Florida, but left when I turned 18.

    • By her nit wit commentary on Twitter it is fairly clear that “Kimberly” has had the good fortune of never having to work for a living. Her unearned comfortable life style affords her the ability to publicly reveal her stupidity.

  1. Bring an “honest Democrat” together with anti-matter and watch them both explode. Good times…-30-

  2. Unfortunately the truth is there are many people in the “gun Community” who agree with this stupid intolerant bigoted woman. Some of those people are on TTAG leaving comments about the bump stock issue.

    No rapid fire guns for the poor. Only for the rich. Like the rich man shot shot up Las Vegas.
    Or the rich man who is an heir to the Dupont Chemical Fortune, he who murdered several people, with his very expensive guns, and was in a standoff with police several years ago.

    Many say the 22 caliber is worthless or the Hi Point company makes useless guns. The families of dead criminals would beg to differ with these opinions.

    The socialist progressive have always wanted to control people. They hate the church so they created the welfare industrial complex, to replace faith in God with faith in government.

    As I have said before TTAG it seems that rapid-fire weapons are only for the rich. And that does not mean only for a rich white person. Already a black basketball player has purchased a select fire weapon. I guess that’s progress?

    • That’s a strange rant. 8yrs of reading TTAG and I heartily disagree with the sentiment you seem to have extrapolated from the comments. For every snobby comment about Hi Points and the like, there are several dozen supporting 2A absolutism, correctly asserting zero infringement. No infringement = capitalism does its thing = rock bottom prices, higher quality, and more availability of firearms for all Americans.

      • Well, he did same “some”, not “many” or “all”.

        I see (and hear on ScrewTube) many alleged PotG making similar comments. Many of that subset are from professed LEs.

        It’s the old throw some to the wolves and hope that they eat you last schtick.

      • Anner
        It only seems strange to you because you do not understand the history of gun control in the United States. It was first founded on racism. Denying guns to free blacks and slaves at the same time. Later laws were passed to force the price of guns up to prevent poor people from having firearms.

        A Hi-Point is not the best gun. But it was created by a man who wanted to make sure that every American could afford a firearm.

        The bump stock is not the best rapid-fire weapon. But it also was created by people who wanted to give every American the opportunity to have a rapid-fire weapon.

    • I have to agree somewhat, there are a few TTAG commenters like that and I’ve been following TTAG for only a few years.

  3. …she represents the thinking of a disturbing number of people out there. CORRECTION NEEDED!
    …she represents the thinking of a great number of disturbed people out there.

    Bear in mind, riches come in all fashions. Family riches, riches in love and so much more. Monetarily, a millionaire might consider her too poor and stupid to protect her family with a firearm. Sad that personal or human value is her basis for allowing people to protect what they cherish.

    • Well both statements are equally correct. The original refers to the large number of holier than thou libtards that want to infringe.

    • And that’s the problem with infringing on rights, there is always someone ‘better, more deserving ‘.

    • I agree Paul. I’d also add…. Some of the stupidest people I know have their PhD in some social science field. I think Leo Buscaglia said something like that.(rest his soul)

  4. Using her logic, maybe some too people are too poor/uneducated to speak their minds? These poor people not having anything valuable, must not have anything valuable worth saying anyway……

    • In fact those people are a drain on society and should be taken out of existence. Oh, wait, they are already doing that.

    • And, historically speaking, it’s usually a very short trip from ‘that group isn’t.. smart enough, good enough, blond enough, white enough, black enough’, etc., to ‘that group I was talking about before…. isn’t really even good enough to live. So let’s kill ’em and take their stuff’!
      OFC, evil ones like this know better than to word it that way… they wouldn’t get very many followers without couching their desire to kill and steal in something more palatable to the average sheep. Like; “Do it for the children” or; “We’ll give some of the take to (whoever we consider worthy… but they will SAY…) the ‘needy’, etc.

      • Public safety, greater good, to make children safer seem to be among the most commonly used propaganda phrases used to disguise the attacks on individual rights.

        • All the police have to do is catch you with a bag of money and it is “asset forfeiture” time. Most of the sheeple think that is great because that money will mean lower taxes – funny, it doesn’t work like that.

  5. Oh there’s a boatload of azzholes on Fakebook(especially AR15 group’s) who look down on anyone with a gun they deem “inferior”. They’re called “the poors”. Whether it’s a meme or just being jagoffs they agree in spirit to this stupid gal…

    • They’re just mad that their $500 billet lower doesn’t actually work differently or do anything that my $40 poverty pony can’t. Uppers and components are a different story, but even then, you can get a perfectly functional and reliable rifle for under $400 these days on a good sale, and more AR owners means more people have an investment to protect when the antis start getting notions about trying a ban again.

      • Ha, I love it! Poverty Pony is what I am going to call all of my Anderson lowers from now on. I have quite a few of them and only one was not in spec. The coating was too think in the magwell which required sanding to allow a mag to drop free.

        • I get that people like ARs, I like them, own a couple, enjoy shooting them, etc. But I do think it is a little odd when people insist on taking what is designed to be a mass produced, utilitarian product and try to turn it into a custom meisterwerk. To me, it seems a lot like trying to build the fastest F150. Sure, you can build a fast F150, faster than some other purpose built fast cars but, you cannot turn it from a pickup into a supercar no matter what you do.

          My $.02

        • hmmmm i know of at least one old 50’s diesel pickup that is now a diesel drag racer…. and it was beating more modern built petrols

      • I just picked up a new “used” never fired Smith & Wesson Sport for 373+ tax = $400. And my favorite pawnshop threw in a Pmag and a 50-80 buck carrying case with 5 mag holders with velcro. Probably all I’ll ever need…at nearly 65 I don’t give a rat’s azz what some internet troll spouts😄

  6. We got a pol in CA that wants to nuke gun owners and now this bigoted beotch. TDS is real and it’s causing the mask to slip from the dems faces. They are not even pretending to be normal now.

    Bigoted. Genocidal. Racist. Elitist. Welcome to the new dem party. Same as the old.

  7. Can we quit calling Hogg and Kashuv “survivors”?. They weren’t injured in the attack, and I know at least Hogg wasn’t even in the same building when shit got the fan. It’s like saying I was the survivor of a shark attack because I was swimming in the same body of water as a Great White.

      • Ahem. . .

        Although I may have missed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I AM a survivor of both the March 27th, 1964 Alaska Earthquake (in Anchorage at the time) and now the November 30th, 2018 Alaska Earthquake (Eagle River for that one). FAR more energy was released in those latter two events than in those first two trifling incidents.

        I am now an expert upon All Things Earthquake, All Things Broken Glass, All Things Fallen Painting, The Effects of Kerosene Upon Carpeting, and What Happens When Harleys Tip Over Upon New Cars In Garages.

        Feel free to consult me upon any of the above subjects. All fees charged will be nominal.

        • Dude, hope you are coming out of the current tremor relatively unscathed. 7.0 is some serious energy. Take care and best wishes to all you souls up there in the last frontier.

        • “…and What Happens When Harleys Tip Over Upon New Cars In Garages.”

          Good think those shiny new cars cushioned the falls of the Harleys…

          But seriously, that had to suck…

    • Spot on. There were tens of millions in high schools when the attack began, but I hesitate to call all of them survivors, particularly all of those more than 500 yards away (never mind a thousand miles). I think a better standard would be “did he shoot at you?” Unless, of course, you’re trying to parley an event which did not involve you into a life of ease and fame, Mr. Hogg.

  8. Here’s a fun suggestion: Tell the Hogglet that there already is a 10-11% Federal Excise tax on guns and ammunition, and ask him to tell Congress to redirect the proceeds to his study. Then listen to his indignant howls as America’s only native criminal class ignores him completely…

    • That would be an interesting proposition since the funds are supposed to be directed to wildlife conservation. You’d think the eco-nuts would scream bloody hell over that.

      Or not.

  9. Saw this a couple days ago and came to the conclusion she’s an NPC.

    I could be wrong though.

    • Ding Ding Ding You win the prize today. Just another Stepford wife married to the liberal ideology on elitism.

    • Yep, I’m pretty sure she’s an NPC. Her whole page is just retweets of ‘resistance’ idiots spewing barely comprehensible nonsense about Trump.

    • IMO, almost everyone you meet or talk to now is an NPC. By my definition this refers to those who merely respew what they heard somewhere else. Devoid of any originality, meaning, ideas, or creativity. Usually without even the ability to reword the respew slightly, to at least appear to be not a complete parroting. Often without even the ability to correct misspelled three-letter words.
      I guess that’s why I still hang around here, despite the nasty downhill slide they’ve been on ever since RF sold out(that’s when it became painfully obvious, but really the slide started even before that, back when they had their social media exposure curtailed to the point that their focus necessarily changed from journalism to paying the bills.
      The commenters here(as a whole, OFC. there are exceptions. I know you’ve been around long enough to remember Cisco and 2Asux, etc., but a lot of others probably don’t) are still the best of any site I’ve been on since the days of rec.martial arts.
      For those too young to remember this was back when the world wide web was the internet, downloading one still picture took an hour, it was all text and typing, and everybody on it was a programmer or a hacker, because one had to be to make it work. Maybe…1995ish?

      • It’s mostly Red Sox vs Yankees for most people. They either don’t have the intellect or they don’t have the desire to question their own beliefs, they just belong to a team and that’s all that matters. Johnny Damon was Jesus in center before he cut his hair, defected and became Judas in center. But no one in either Boston or New York was physically harmed by the move. These twits will survive the Trump presidency as well.

        • Why, or why did you disrespect us Cardinal fans? Dang it, the Cardinals are the best thing about St. Louis, the worst thing about St. Louis is St. Louis.

        • Yep I have little time for those that love to winge, bitch and moan about all the shit that is going on yet say my dad and his dad voted labor (demoncrap in the US) so i vote labor. This could also be applied to any party. Here in australia there is labor (well to the left with heavy union involvement), liberals (these days it is not right wing any more, just another party that wants to destroy the country with corporate cronyism), the greens (most of the ranking members came out of the old communist party) and a whole heap of far more conservative splinter parties as well as a couple of them that are quite a ways to the left as well. I have often said to these types well if you dont like what the parties you are voting for are doing why not give some of the minor parties a go. They certainly couldn’t do worse. I usually get the line back that parliament needs a ruling party to be able to pass legislation. I then tell them that it is these same parties that have been passing all the legislation that they are winging about and that our system of government was not actually designed for the party system but rather for independents who talk to those that they represent about the legislation put before them and then vote accordingly…. i usually get blank stares at that point or some vitriolic answer at which point I usually give a sad smile, shake my head and walk away or a barbed “well enjoy your slavery” and walk away

          • Toni opens a terrific point of history, of politics, of the nature of governance and representative government.

            For those interested in a sober consideration of what we should be about (we as citizens, and those we elect to legislatures). The question of the purpose of representatives in a representative was a serious issue in the English Parliament in 1774.

            Not being unaware of how just the thought of “history” can induce a near-coma state, if we would be considered informed voters with an intellect greater than a Robin, we should, from time to time, look back at the great political minds of the past (the present being completely devoid of even modest political intellect). In that spirit, the link below takes you to a short speech by a Member of Parliament, a Mr. Edmund Burke (well known to those who studied politics before the great upheaval of Leftism in the 70s).

            Whether or not Mr. Burke explains the moral imperative for legislative representatives in a manner comfortable, the question he addresses has great importance today, and shines a harsh light on our contemporary political and cultural divide. Agree with Mr. Burke, or not, but do make the effort to understand his position, and analyze his remarks against your (meaning we POTG) preconceived views on major issues of being represented by those we elect.

            Hope you enjoy:

        • Rick, personally I’m a Twins fan and have fond memories of the 1987 World Series. But those northeastern types don’t know the Twins and Cardinals even exist.

      • Don’t forget one of the old guard favorites, MikeyB109832!!!!!948203948230948209. He was one of my favorites around 2012-2013.

      • “For those too young to remember this was back when the world wide web was the internet, downloading one still picture took an hour, it was all text and typing, and everybody on it was a programmer or a hacker, because one had to be to make it work. Maybe…1995ish?”


        You’re one of the ‘kids’ you were kvetching on about, Kenny. I was doing local BBSs in the late 80s, and by the mid 90’s was wallowing in entertaining cesspits on USENET like alt.tasteless and rec.guns (500+posts a day, and that was with moderation!).

        First ‘puter I futzed with was a Z-80 machine on an S-100 buss. 8-inch floppies on it…

        • My first was a VIC 20… until I could afford a Franklin. Remember the Franklin? The Apple 2 clone that was so direct a copy that Apple made them stop making it in, I believe, the first of a very long line of lawsuits with Apple as the plaintiff?
          Also: careful with the “kenny”. That’s another guy on here every once in a while but not very often. I used to get confused for him a lot so I switched to “kenneth” for that reason. I guess I might could drop that now because I haven’t seen a post from the other kenny in at least a year now. This is one of only a very few comment boards I’ve ever seen that lets more than one poster have the same username.

    • I had to look up “NPC.”
      I have a hard time keeping up with social media-induced vernacular.

      • It’s not from social media. NPC is a role-playing gamer term. It goes all the way back to the “Dungeons and Dragons” game of the 1970s. Before even the internet(don’t look up the date and post it. I know the internet goes back to the 50s. I’m referring to when the internet became known to people, and not just to government organizations), let alone social media.

  10. Just another ignorant slut. To paraphrase SNL. Unfortunately from my state.
    And as far as one of my nearby neighbors PigBoy. No words for him.
    Actually some. He should just go away already.

        • It was funny because they would push themselves over the line. Now it is mostly #Orangemanbad skits and other lefty BS. It’s only funny to a subset of the population. Other NPCs.

        • IMO, SNL died with the departure of the Eddie Murphy/Joe Piscopo cast. I call them cast “B”, meaning the second funny cast after Belushi, Murray, Chase, etc. I don’t count all the unremembered shit in between.

  11. Young people are generally democrat out of ignorance.
    Older people are democrat out of sheer stupidity.
    Ignorance can be cured. Stupidity is forever.

  12. Hmm, how about taxing stupidity instead? With the current population of dumbasses, that would make more money for the government.

  13. People that say that kind of thing are too stupid to be on Twitter and maybe even too stupid to vote.

      • part of why at one stage you had to be a land/business owner to be eligible to vote. Land and business owners are more likely to vote in ways that prosper the nation, at least in the case of most small to medium business owners. The demographics change again when you get to the corporate level and it becomes about power and control

  14. Ah yet another of the uneducated twits of twitter.

    Amendment II

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    I fail to find anything in the above that mentions monetary status, rich or poor,educated or not, just the People.
    I wonder if that is the same People that Kimberly the twitter twit is refering to…..

  15. This dumb woman spends her entire day just posting and reposting on twitter. There’s hundreds of reposts each day in the thread/feed. Why are we giving this dumbass attention?

  16. “low income” is liberal code for “not white”.

    In their talking points the dichotomy is ALWAYS drawn as non white/poor vs white/rich.

    This lady wants to disarm non whites.

  17. Any person who, today, does not know about the “war zones” in Detroit, Chiraq, Baltimore, Camden, etc. self-identifies as someone too ignorant to be trusted with a gun, or even being outdoors without a keeper.

    • Sam, MO has 3 of the most dangerous cities in the US, #1 St. Louis, #5 KC, and #12 Springfield. https://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/experience/america/2018/10/17/25-most-dangerous-cities-america/1669467002/.
      Why they don’t receive more national press like Detroit, Baltimore, or Shitcago is beyond me. If you add small cities, just across the river from St. Louis is E. St. Louis IL, perhaps even more dangerous than big brother to the west on a per capita basis.

      • Probably should have first looked up the top 10 crime cities to make my list. The three mentioned were just the most convenient.

        But people must have their heads stuffed in a wastepaper basket to not know about the war zones in this country.

        Maybe this woman is proof there really are some people who should be forbidden firearms.

  18. She just inadvertently admitted that South Florida public schools are bad. Random act of truth from an anti-2A.

  19. Oh man, there is so much one could unpack from her tweet.

    I guarantee you she’s one of those folks who consider a college degree the gold standard of both intellectual and moral authority to discuss important issues. Life experience, technical training, etc. are sniffed at and summarily dismissed in favor of that piece of paper, even if it was for 18th Century French Literature.

    I’d also lay money that she’s one of these folks who equate shouting with logic. The louder she makes her argument, the more “powerful” it is. Especially when she’s arguing we need to do something because “it’s for the children.”

    I could go on, but my Hotpockets are done and I’ve spent enough time on this spoiled suburbs mommy. Feh!

    • Know a few people that feel only the properly educated college grads should vote or make decisions for the rest of us. These same people can’t replace spark plugs, clear a drain, or paint a room. They think we are silly doing that ourselves, that’s what they have money for.

      And they are the perfect gazelles for the criminal lions.

      • There are those among us who have advanced degrees and who can still change out the spark plugs, clean the drain and paint the house (and build it, for that matter), and manage to hit the 10 ring most of the time.

        Oh, I also think everyone else gets a vote too.

        • No offense meant, but I know lots more people with advanced degrees who cannot do anything outside their specialties than I do any who can do other things. Now, obviously, there are some exceptions to all general rules, but how do we KNOW that you are one of them? Simply by taking the word of someone completely anonymous? If you possess even a GED you must know better than that. Hell, even a 5th grader ought to know better than that.
          So, I wish to know which specialty your advanced degree is in, and what level, so that I can ask questions that will reveal whether or not your claim is correct. Again, no offense intended. I do not deny your claim, I only ask for proof.

        • Well, proof is going to be difficult to provide since I intend to stay anonymous, but, my advanced degrees are in Industrial Engineering, MSIE and Ph.D. You can quiz me if you like but I don’t know that I’ll bother to respond.

        • So your advanced degree is in PhD? No need for questions, I’ve already got my answer. Nobody with a degree in any type of engineering would say he has a PhD in PhD. PhD IS a level, and not a type, of degree. One could have a PhD in engineering, but since you don’t even understand what a degree is, you would not be one of them.

  20. Nothing new here….Just more of these people are coming out of the woodwork to make THEIR opinions known…This mentality has always existed here in The Socialist Marxist People’s Republic of M-assachusetts…Where NOT only has DemoCommies and Left-Wing, STASI Police Officials have exclaimed that a MA residents DON’T have a 2nd Amendment right in M-assachusetts…But, “What does a minimum wage Burger 🍔 Flipper, McD’s or BK employee need with a Firearm…” Coming from both the Politicians and the Local/State Police Departments…This is the mentality that encompasses M-assachusetts…And thanks to that recent court case within our broken, Marxist Activist Judge controlled Judicial System…THEY have further eroded our U.S. Constitutional/Bill of Rights…Thanks to GOP. SCJ/ Scalia’s comments, about ALL Constitutional rights are NOT absolute and subject to oversight by the states!!! Which is absolutely absurd!!!

  21. And just like that, another woman makes a solid case for repealing the 19th amendment.🙄

  22. What is funny is that most people in impoverished urban areas vote Democrat. If they aren’t “educated enough” to find jobs, make a living, or even defend their families, why should they be allowed to vote?

    • I actually agree with this. If you are on public assistance, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. It would either motivate people to get off public assistance or reduce the number of wolves voting on what sheep to have for dinner.

  23. Poor people shouldn’t vote, either, lol. Poverty makes one vulnerable to collectivist ideologies, after all.

  24. Couple of negatives about HiPoints. I own 2 carbines. Fun to shoot. 9 and 10mm. Also own 2 AR’s. Grab one of the HiPoints more often when going to range. Always when going to “indoor” range due to normal restrictions on center fire.

  25. Not surprised at all by this lady’s response. Democrats think that only LEO should have guns. Only rich people should have armed guards. That poor people are helpless and need handouts and “guidance.”

    The left is the party of elitism. They show it with actions, not words, while with their words, they talk about “equality.”

  26. Her comments are spot on, way too many ignorant poor people leeching off the rest of us, they should be disarmed

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