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This pocket dump belongs to J.S. Leonard who says “I get asked what my local out & about carry normally consist of. This is my local around town near town carry when I’m out of the house. Of course I may have an ink pen a note book and a couple little things extra on me but these are the essentials. Along with these items also I hate to say or use this term but I have a Go Bag. It has my medical and some other needs. If myself or my family is on the road or were going a little bit further away from home I also include an AR pistol and spare ammo of course and a bit of an upgraded go bag to accommodate all.”

Quick gear run-down: SIG P938, CAT TQ, and a Custom Three Sisters Forge Beast folder.

Re: go bags. Do any of you have go bags in your vehicles or homes? Do those bags include IFAKs? And if your daily wear includes dress shoes of any kind, do you have a spare pair of sneakers or hiking boots in your car in case you’re forced to walk? Yeah, a pocket dump might be an odd place for a go bag discussion, but it has to happen somewhere. Go bags. Yay or nay, and what’s in yours?

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    • I thought the same thing. Some of these people have really high opinions of themselves. For example, who even cares what I think about your post? Get over myself!

      • This guy J.S. Leonard is the worst kind of person you just described.

        He moved to the midwest and did some shit with turquoise, now he acts like his gear is the only option.

  1. I wouldn’t say I have a go bag. Emergency stuff? Yeah, but not a go bag. Could you use it that way? Sure, but I don’t really think of it that way. I consider it an impromptu camping setup. LOL.

    I have medical stuff (IFAK + a big med backpack), two fire extinguishers, lights, spare clothes, spare footwear, batteries, some ammo, towels, food, cooking stuff… basically I put in the normal stuff and then spent a day with my FoodSaver vacuum packing down a camping set for two. It’s amazing what you can fit into a 60L duffel bag with the help of a vacuum sealer.

  2. I’ll play.

    I have a get-home/emergency bag in my truck with an IFAK, food, and other stuff.

    I normally wear sneakers/boots but I keep and extra set of boots, clothes and a jacket.

    There may or may not be other arms and ammo there as well.

  3. Winter in Montana and each of my vehicles has (at the least) one of my old B4 bags with spare clothes / boots. Freeze dried meals, water, a couple of down blankets (Costco) and a couple of 5 x 7 foot homemade fleece blankets (JoAnn Fabrics), Pocket Rocket stove, two fuel canisters, OR pot with lid holding stove materials, fire starter, folding shovel, folding saw, hatchet, knife, lots of 550 cord, IFAK + extra med equipment, several tarps, compass, maps, signal mirror, batteries, 26w Brunton folding PV panel for charging digital devices equipped with USB connectors, GMRS radios (x2), AM – FM rechargeable radio. The vehicles have tow straps, jumper cables, fusees, basic tools, additional wool blankets / water.

    In most of our more remote areas sliding off the road into the bar ditch or being blocked by a fallen tree or deep snow can be lethal without the proper equipment (NOTE: for the benefit of the many out-of-state tourists who visit us each year…once you get away from towns and major highways cell coverage is nonexistent in most of our backroad areas…do NOT rely only on your cellphone as your sole lifeline). A Garmin In-Reach is generally in my jacket pocket while traveling in winter.

    “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”
    – Louis Pasteur

  4. I wouldn’t call mine a go bag. Man purse is a better descriptive. I’ve worn out three different ‘daypack’ style hiking backpacks over the years.

    It holds everything I want nearby, but don’t want to carry around. Rain jacket, first aid kit, laptop, rope, spare knife/ flashlight/ammo, second gun, etc. there is room to add more as the need arises.

  5. Love the Sig. Yes. 2. 1 is every day truck to truck bag; food 24 hrs, extra clothes, med and fire. Truck always carries. 2 is same but 72 hrs. Which do I carry EDC? 24 to get home. 72 to get gone.

  6. Might sound a bit coarse, but if I have my EDC and the SHTF, why worry about a “go bag’? I can probably get about anything I want pretty fast, easily, and free…

    Just saying’. Once made that remark to a Lefty school guidance counselor way back who was ridiculing preppers for stocking up on guns and ammo pre Y2K. Couldn’t figure it out- why not stock food, water, meds, etc.? I told her if I had a gun I could get anything I wanted, had to tell her 3 times before the lightbulb finaly went on. I know she went off after that and put something in my personnel file.

  7. here in the “self cleaning oven” i never find myself more than fifty yards from food, drink, heat, cool and at least three types of sex.
    if i leave town i know what to grab.
    and it goes into a go bag along with one of those sigs, minimum.

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