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“West Virginia legislators have given the Parkersburg South High School mascot hope of a reprieve from a ban on guns on school property. The Senate Education committee advanced a bill Thursday to exempt the school’s Patriot mascot from the gun restrictions.” Wait. Was someone actually going to arrest a kid dressed up in a patriot get-up? Never mind. Strike that. Stupid question. Of course someone would have. The legislation, as reported by, is apparently needed to allow the Parkersburg mascot to fire the school’s musket at away games. Why no one has deployed the local SWAT team when the gun’s fired at home games (as it has been since 1967) remains a mystery. [h/t]

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  1. At least they didn’t claim the image is that of a colonial terrorist, that’s been done by some schools before.

  2. “The Senate Education committee advanced a bill Thursday to exempt the school’s Patriot mascot from the gun restrictions”.

    Welcome to America’s Orwellian police-nanny state. As progressive politically-correct and feminist values and thinking move through and take over America’s traditional cultural heritage these are the results. Reflect back how things were forty years ago in America. Now imagine what they will look like in forty years based on the known trends. Forty years ago, someone imagining and voicing concerns about today’s existing social conditions would have been laughed at as the fears of a paranoid.

    • 40 years ago? Try 11. Before September 11, 2001, would you have taken someone seriously who told you about our airport security proceedures? About young children and the elderly being invasively searched without warrant? What about the PATRIOT act or the 2012 NDAA? It takes frighteningly less time for your civil liberties to be washed out than you would think.

      • Completely agree with you about the “changes” since 2001. I only went back further to make the point even more clear. When I was growing up as a boy in the 1960s everyday was a magical ‘Huckleberry Finn’ adventure believing that I lived in the greatest, most wonderful, and strongest country on earth that would last forever.

  3. There are not enough palms of faces in the world to try and capture to ridiculousness of this. My old high school used to play a school that fired a cannon when ever they scored a goal/won a game/former student got paroled. A fricking cannon. These guys are a bunch of morons.

  4. My high school had the football team charge the field and attack a paper mache replica of the opposing team’s mascot and shred it. There would be all kinds of trouble with that today.

  5. It’s those clothes that should be banned, not the gun. Our forefathers didn’t fight the Revolution in tights and go-go boots.

    Though I’m not so sure about our foremothers.

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