Solving America’s ‘Gun Violence’ Problem One Pump-Action Shotgun at a Time [VIDEO]

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Veteran Jason Rogers recorded a video of himself smashing a gun on the ground with a sledge hammer in protest of gun ownership in the state of Texas.

“I’m an Army veteran,” Rogers captioned the video. “And I’m sick of all the guns here in Texas, so I’m starting with mine.”

With over 6.6 million views for his video, Rogers received mixed feedback from Americans. On one hand, some Twitter users commented in agreement with Rogers, claiming that Rogers’ video was “cool,” with others adding that they wanted to “see someone smash an AR-15.”

On the other hand, many users commented in sharp disagreement with Rogers and defended America’s Second Amendment. Multiple Twitter users claimed they had purchased additional guns and ammunition or were on their way to a store to purchase additional firepower after watching his video.

— Timothy Frudd in Viral Video: Army Veteran Destroys Gun to Protest ‘All the Guns in Texas’

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      • My brother was a diesel mechanic in the army for a long long time and still lives in Texas. I can assure you he is a stand up guy and a complete gun nut and takes his oath to protect and defend the constitution seriously.

        Please don’t let this twit impune all Texan army diesel mechanics.

        Baby brother, if you are reading this remember that Army stands for Ain’t Ready to be a Marine Yet 😉

        • According to the information Sua Sponte posted this loser was an officer for 4 years and got out after his minimum commitment, all prior to 2001. In reality, that means he held a rifle maybe 6 times in his career.

        • FN HP DA, I doubt you could even get into the Marine Corps let alone get through Paris Island or Camp Pendleton. More than likely you would be one of your mother’s pampered pets.

      • @JWT

        In Mr. Roger’s neighborhood his nickname is JAFO -Just Another Fxxking Officer.

    • It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, or so the saying goes. Or, used to go. Aboard ship, I was one of the gun guys. We had a couple of what we considered to be gun nuts. And, we had the anti-gun people as well. Take this article as a reminder that the military comes from all demographics, and all walks of life. The only real segregation in the military today, is that the wealthy get nice officer billets, and the poor are still grunts. Oh yeah, the wealthier the wealthy are, the closer to Washington D.C. their cushy billets are located.

      • My first tour in Afghanistan my NCOIC pulled me aside and said “remember Doc, the Taliban is our opponent, but the POGs are our enemy.”

        As it was, as it is now, and as it forever will be.

        • Jwtaylor, in the Marines is a Navy corpsman considered a POG?
          In the Army is a medic considered a POG? I ask because my son-in-law was in the Army and he called some guys he worked with POGS. He said there are guys that are “in the fight” and there are POGS.

        • Dave in PTC
          It depends. If they serve with infantry units as line medics, they’re in the fight just like everyone else, and they’re grunts. If they stay in the hospital or battalion aide station, they’re POGs.
          That said, there are POGs, and then there are POGs.

  1. I saw this dude the other day on Twitter. He got FLAMED out! He’s a perennial
    Loser that’s tried to run for office several times…and lost 😂.
    His excuse, after the fact, was that he “had a few Bud Lights” and just went a little crazy.

    • That’s the problem. He drank the Bud Light Kool-Aid and now he wants rainbow unicorn farts.

      • As if this act of petty virtue signaling is going to save him from the getting permanently canceled. Being a gun owner mark’s him as an apostate in the eyes of the woke.

    • “His excuse, after the fact, was that he “had a few Bud Lights” and just went a little crazy.”

      Saw on the ‘Zero Hedge’ yesterday the glass bottle plant that made the bottles for Bud Light was shut down, laying off 600 people… 🙂

      • thats not good as I’m sure those bottles are used for other beer then just Bud lite.
        Great, now something else we can import from xhina, beer bottles

    • “Bud Light”, for the moment you want something light and gay. Probably not the first time he’s done something “crazy” after one beer.

  2. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. This dude is always trying to get some kind of attention to run for office, and keeps failing. He needs Jesus and some counseling, and he’s probably not the kind of guy you want to have a gun.

    • That’s what I thought. If an emotionally unstable leftist wants to destroy his own property and disarm himself, its ok by me.

      The part about him needing Jesus is true. We all need to believe on, and submit to the Lord Jesus. I imagine this guy probably doesn’t want to.

      • Art out West,

        But, but, but, don’t you know that life is all about thrills? Why would anyone want deep and lasting peace, serenity, contentment, and joy when they can keep chasing after momentary thrills (often at other people’s expense) instead?

    • Being anti gun ownership in Texas must be an interesting row to hoe… Ask Robert Francis “HELL YES!” O’Rourke.

    • That was my thought. He will probably be a mass shooter if he doesn’t get the attention he so desperately appears to need. More to be pitied than censored.

  3. His firearm, he can do as he chooses with it. But don’t come and try to do the same with mine.

    • I do not know about that. With so many people claiming “gun violence”, maybe someone should stand up for these poor misunderstood guns. They must have a personality, if they can be violent right out of the box. It seems there are guns that climb out of the box, clean(?) themselves, and then load themselves to do said violence.
      If that is true, maybe they need an advocate.
      How many guns have been orphaned by their owners and need adoption? Adopt one today.

    • “The drama queen needs a swift kick in the pants.”

      You need the same to stop lying about what I said.

      That’s called actual slander, you dim-witted nincompoop… 🙂

  4. Hate air pollution, can you smash your vehicle too? Note: EVs are powered by coal/gas fired plants. Smash those too as lithium batteries are coming close to killing as many Americans as firearms due to the fires they produce.

  5. Fixation and OCD lead liberals to focus on the gun. They just can’t understand that there are evil people in the world, and that evil must be dealt with, directly. They hope to eliminate one of the tools that evil people use, but Pandora knows better.

    They just need more shrinks to help with their fixation. I vote for some good old tribal head shrinkers and cannibals to take on that job. A resurgence of Mori and Maori and some other tribes would be a good thing!

  6. His gun, his choice!

    What this does though is paint a target on him. Just like Dick’s Sporting Goods. The only difference is that Dick’s didn’t just make that choice for themselves. They chose for others. Why should I care if someone wants to destroy something they own? UNTIL the days comes when he is killed by a criminal that he can’t defend himself against. The point that these people never seem to grasp is that the same lunatic that kills them is still roaming free to take more lives. Something that this individual so cowardly leaves to someone else.

    You can do what you want with the property you own. But there is a price to be paid for such complete short sighted idiocy. That price could easily be the life of someone close to you.

    In the end…
    What’s the point in all this hugga-mugga if you care so little about yourself and those around you? YouTube clicks? THAT’s what cheapens human life.

    Too many people out there that just don’t care.

      • It’s like pole sitting, phonebooth packing, owling and planking.
        Some idiot started doing it, it got kinda popular about 5 years ago with the virtue signalers and now, apparently, every once in a while some idiot does it again.

  7. It’s wonderful to see how a slave can display their loyalty to the state.
    Now let all of the slaves come forward and demonstrate their loyalty in this way to the state.

    Years ago I remember reading where a subject of the king, had cut off his own penis. In order to prove to the King, that he was loyal and not a rapist. The King in turn promoted him to an important position in the royal court.

    Yes I know it sounds crazy.

    But this white Texas man can smash his guns. “Knowing” he really doesn’t need them. Since he doesn’t live in Chiraq. He doesn’t live in Baltimore. He doesn’t live in the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area.

    This guy is trying to prove his loyalty to someone. Who???

    • Advertising revenue stream on his social media? Donors on his only fans? Voices in his head

    • He should give away his guns to a citizen that wants them and then move to Houston. RIP

      • I think all the libertarians liberals and the left who support defunding the police, legalizing drugs and emptying the overcrowded jails, should all move to Houston. And these other democrats run cities who support the policies, that they support.

        I have noticed the 3 L’s who support this stuff. They don’t live in these major cities.

    • Yea i was thinking, now how about your other 17 guns. He picked the clunkiest clunker out of the back of the safe to “prove” his point.

    • The guy in Texas destroyed one(1) shotgun, but may have many more he did not destroy in the event he needed one for self defense. This article may be the half truth and noting butt the half truth.

  8. Virtue signaling with a relatively cheap firearm…….. so empty theatrics again.

    • Being a vet means little unless you’re a hero. Weenie boy is no hero🙄

      • There ain’t THAT many “HERO’s” in the military… I served 6 1/2 yrs in the USMC, 39 months in Vietnam, 3 purple hearts, saw combat on a nearly daily basis… Only saw two bona-fide acts of heroism however I never did anything that I would consider “HEROIC” but I AM a fucking Veteran…

    • Johnny, he’d cut off his own w*ng to protest masculinity. An intact male is “toxically masculine”, right?

  9. Attention seeking drama queen and world class schmuck.

    “Jason Rogers signed up to serve after graduating from college. Rogers was in the Army from 1995-1999, stationed at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, and Yongsan, Korea”

    “Rogers is no stranger to politics, racing against Ashby in 2018, “after the elections in 2018, I left the college and, you know with a Master’s in English there’s not really much for me to do here other than work at the college”

    Oh I bet there’s plenty of other employment opportunities for you, but if it’s not standing behind a podium it’s beneath you.

    • He could buy a hairpiece and become a TV Evangelist, or run for mayor or dogcatcher.

      • I think at best he could be running infomercials between 2 a.m. and 315 a.m. on a public access channel. Or possibly a lint trap cleaner at a 24/7 laundry mat.

      • Please don’t disparage dog catchers.
        It is a noble profession compared to politicians, TV evangelists and car salesman.

  10. Apparently, this so-called “army veteran” has never heard of the story of veterans who protested for payments during the depression. And their peaceful protest was crushed by the army in the 1930s. On the orders of the commander in chief President Roosevelt.

    • Chris, your history is a little fuzzy there, the Bonus Marchers were attacked on orders of Republican President and CIC Herbert Hoover in early summer of 1932, well before the Nov election of FDR. Whether the same would have occurred under FDR is anyone’s guess, he did have a more “common touch” that Hoover never possessed. In any event the 1932 election swept the Republicans out of office and into minority status which lasted for many years..
      Love him or hate him, (plenty of reasons for either emotion) Roosevelt set the country on a course that saw us thru the Depression and ww2 and into World Power status, something that was anathema to many Republicans at the time. Life-long Republican, conservative voter, but one must “Give the devil his due”… Given the situation at that time, I might have been a Roosevelt voter too…

  11. Yeah, whatever. Last month made 47 straight months of one million or more gun sales per month in the US. You got a ways to go, Jackass.

    • O Me- I saw that statistic the other day and was so elated I almost threw a celebration party… great news that so many Americans arent completely stupid! People may be sensing that “something” is coming down the pike (red China, maybe?) and having a “rifle behind every blade of grass” may be a wise state of affairs. It might not win a war outright for us, but it sure would make an enemy occupation interesting!

      • we already have an enemy occupation.
        then there’s the invasion on the southern front

  12. Grunt is all I needed to know about another soldier. While still serving the first thing I looked for was a CIB.

  13. This fellow used the term “veteran” as if it adds credibility to his actions and who knows what his DD-214 has to say.

  14. He’s gonna need that sledge hammer surgically removed from his ass after he returns that borrowed shotgun.

  15. I think he did the right thing, anyone with this type of mentality should not own a gun in the first place, just hope he doesn’t do it to his anxiety meds, there’s still a lot of ways sick idiots can be harmful to society, doesn’t take a gun to do harm. Lets not judge, I for one do not really understand how what he just did could make him feel relief from being sick of gun violence, just be mindful that these guys roam the world right alongside of other normal humans, always be mindful and prepared, there could be an idiot with a sledge hammer right behind you anywhere you go, times we live in.

  16. Jason Rogers is a Democrat and a perennial candidate for Texas House District 9 representative. He has run for the seat continuously since at least 2018, and has been squashed in the general election by approximately 80% to 20%.

  17. Looks like just another self-made future victim.. what’s happening in France will happen here in the not too distant future…

    • WILL happen? where were you during the George Floyd “Summer of Love”? Burning, looting, (mostly peaceful) riots, assault, murder, billions in damages… That crap in France looks like a love fest compared to what went on here, where do you think the Frogs got the idea?…

      • It isnt the Frogs who got the idea of rioting, it’s the muzzies (and not for the first time in recent years btw) the French foolishly allowed into their country… an object lesson our Body Politic stubbornly refuses to learn.

        • Those “Muzzies” have been joined by a number of Radical Left-Wing Aka Kommie) French citizens… Our Body Politic WANTS something like that to happen so they can pass more laws taking even more of OUR rights under some bullshit national security threat…

  18. This guy has some balls, outing himself as unable to defend himself or his home. I wonder if bad guys in TX are writing down his name and address in case they need free food and shelter during the unraveling of the fabric of society.

    Some prey are intelligent. Other have HUGE eyes, sensitive olfactory systems, or well developed hearing so that they can detect predators with ample time to flee. Others are sleek and long-legged. Still others rely on the numbers of the pack to keep them safe.

    And then there is the anti-gun democrat, with his under developed brain out in the open! Just prancing around like Eddie Murphy’s character in the Madagascar movies; showing his raw hamhocks beneath his zebra stripes to any hungry lion in the area. Keep it up fella. You’ll be just fine, I promise!

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  20. He should take the sledge hammer and smash his pr1ck and balls to prevent rape and sexual violence.

  21. This is nothing but virtue signaling, but it’s his property to do with as he sees fit.

    Just don’t demand that I follow suit…

  22. He is free to do as he will with his own property. So long as he harms no one else in the process.
    Sounds like another REMF. Or as noted above a POG. Or some 90 day wonder from OCS.
    As I said, he’s free to do as he will with his property. And free to be an unarmed victim if he chooses. He is not, however, free to make that choice for anyone else.
    What idiots like this don’t comprehend, is disarming the legal, and more or less law abiding will do nothing to stem criminal misuse, nor stop those with evil intent from finding and using firearms. I carry a side arm, and at times a long gun because carrying either a police officer, or game warden is just a little too much like work.

  23. I did not know guns could be violent. People yes of course, but guns? Learn something new everyday. So watch out for those guns people. They could be violent. Go figure.

  24. Now he can do what all other REMFs do, hang it on the wall and say it was damaged in a conflict.

  25. This is what happens when you circumvent natural selection for a couple hundred years. When all those weaklings get together in a group you get the Democrat party!

  26. What an idiot.

    At least he didn’t make a SBS like that idiot and his AR assault weapon. 😆

  27. I wonder how many criminals saw that and said “Because he smashed his shotgun, I’m going to quit doing criminal acts”.

    • Hey, historically speaking, Turkish activities as an empire certainly were brutal and evil, but they have made some decent and useful weapons. As a collector I have a few and they were the equal of what was available in Europa at the time. They were the victim of failure to modernise and refusal or inability to bring themselves into the modern age. The guns they make now are the equal of anyone else’s if not overly progressive.

      • And nearly all budget shotguns sold in America come Turkey.
        Charles Daly, Winchester SXP, RIA, Iver Johnson, Stoeger ALL are Turkish made, fit and finish look good, too

  28. I’m from Texas…Jason Rogers is a clown. If you think we have too many guns in my life-long state, then you’re more than welcome to leave.

    I’m a retired LEO, and I’d never do what he did to a firearm; don’t care what you did in the military. I’m all for legal Texans owning firearms. So Jason, don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. Just leave…

  29. While I have great respect for our military veterans, I think this particular individual didn’t think this through very clearly. Here you have an individual who most likely would never misuse his firearm destroying his own property which of course is his right, but it is a totally fruitless gesture. The people who need to be disarmed are not law-abiding citizens but criminals and the mentally and emotionally disturbed. It is rather disturbing that people would focus their attention on those who do not create the problems while, defunding the police, allowing our Federal Law Enforcement agencies to be corrupt, allowing unvetted illegals and criminals into our Country as well as untold amounts of drugs, children unescorted by their parents and a host of other far more dangerous and destructive acts. When they talk about common sense gun laws I have yet to see any laws passed that are effective in dealing with the various populations that are really causing all the problems including the incompetent self-serving politicians who keep getting elected. The definition of crazy is repeating the same acts over and over again and yielding the same result. Sounds like you could substitute Radical Liberal/Progressive for the word crazy. Common sense, logic, ethics and morality are not even in their dictionary.

  30. He may as well have cut off his own nut sack… except he clearly was already lacking them when he did this! HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN!

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