EDC Sig Sauer P226 Mk25

EDC Sig Sauer P226 Mk25

It takes a good gun belt and holster to make carrying a full-size steel pistol around all day comfortable. Kevin Kreutzer’s SIG SAUER P226 Mk25 tips the scales at a beefy 34oz. That’s government 1911 territory, but the Mk25 gives you at least 15 rounds of 9mm protection. That’s a feature lots of gun owners are more than happy to trade for the weight. Are you?

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        • Oh, so you’ve seen the 21-R as well! Yes, Perfection II series. The G-65 Creedmoor is called “Supreme Perfection.” I love how the rounds have a built in targeting control system. Absolutely Perfect!

        • Remington Firearms by special order produces a 40XP chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Or try MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) which produces a Pistol Stock for the Remington Model Seven chassis…

  1. Earbuds? How do you maintain your awareness if you hear?

    Apparently every encounter will require shooting or stabbing…..hope that works out well for you.

    • Re: every encounter requiring either shooting and/or stabbing – What else should the average person be carrying beyond a knife and gun on a daily basis, and in preparation for what? I suppose I carry a flashlight that could be used as a non-lethal impact weapon for deterrent, but what else are you thinking?

  2. I carry a Cz Sp01 concealed, OWB. The SP01 is 41 ozs unloaded, and I carry it with a Streamlight TLR1 in a kydex OWB holster just with an unbuttoned shirt over it. The key to it, and just about anyone will tell you, is a HEAVY sturdy gunbelt. Its not that heavy compared to a lot of other dedicated gunbelts, but I use an Alien Gear belt with good results (double layered leather with a steel core). Have no issue carrying it all day like I did today.


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