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EDC Everyday Carry Ruger LC9 CCW Alien Gear Holster

Robert Hanson says he’s carrying the venerable, reliable Ruger LC9 these days in an Alien Gear IWB holster. But he goes on to say that, like a lot of carriers, he swaps out elements of his carry gear from time to time. That might be OK when you’re talking about your knife of choice, your pen, or even your Field Notes, but changing guns can be problematic.

If you move from, say, a striker-fired gun to a 1911, a pistol with a safety and different manual of arms, you could be setting yourself up for problems in a self defense situation if you haven’t trained with the gun you happen to be carrying that day. And that’s why a lot of carriers pick a carry gun and stick to it. Because pulling the trigger and not hearing a bang can ruin your entire day.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump CCW

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    • Hey, you never know when you’ll need to roll a saving throw… like the perp got the drop on you, your gat jammed, lousy cell reception, etc.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit of a board gamer/MTG player, every week. However, I keep all of my die(dice?) with my gaming supplies, not in a pocket.

      • It’s amazing how much subjectivity can be injected into an objective analysis.

      • It’s amazing the lack of fun and humor some ass hurt folks have.

      • You mean the shit-load of 6.5 CM remarks of late??? Yep, it’s getting old. Then again, the original article did throw the firat stone. Still old though.

    • I EDC a 6.5 Creedmoor. I have to pretend I’m wearing a leg brace but if I need to engage an enemy at a half mile I’m prepared.

  1. Beware the man who owns one g un he likely knows how to use it. That may be true, However I’m terrified of someone who sticks magic markers and ink pens in their pants, thems some badass operators operating operationally with a mission….. Love that pocket watch with wrist straps BTW

    • I saw the same thing and at first thought that the holster sucks if it doesn’t cover the trigger. I think the photographer pulled it out a bit for effect.

  2. Bah!

    I swap out various daily carries, depends on the weather and what I am wearing.

    I say its crazier to force yourself into carrying the same thing no matter what the situation.

    For example, (this will drive them crazy)
    SP101 daily on average (reason, stainless, easily washable, workhorse)

    Glock usually for winter carry or when I feel 5 rounds might not be enough, I can’t reload the revolver as fast as the Glock can pick up the 6th round. So when in strange areas or traveling, Glock.

    SW airweight , Ankle holster for meetings, dinner parties, any dressed up affair or when I want deep cover, sometimes its easier to hide it than sit in security and explain my rights.

    Now, given that…

    I also don’t believe one needs to shoot 1000 rounds a week in order to remain “proficient” with your carry piece. Would that be ideal? maybe, but I can’t afford the ammo or time.
    But I can hit minute of bad guy with everything I own and have carried them long enough that I feel very confident that I can rely on my muscle memory to know the difference between a revolver and a semi.

    For those wondering why those firearms, well, trust, they will all 3 go bang every time and they fit my needs perfectly.
    The poor SP101 has been bathed in dish washing liquid and carb cleaner hundreds of times.
    Main spring support tends to rust because its the only piece that isn’t stainless or well protected, but Ruger sent me a bag full of them so they’re disposable now.
    They also fall under the 357/38 and 45acp blanket of coverage, should I find myself away from supply for an extended period, good chance of an easy resupply.

  3. You do you.
    Why have an opinion about someone else’s carry?
    The whole point is they’re carrying.
    Sounds like a win to me.
    In any event, zero impact to you.

  4. I see that Mr. Hanson just like me, you just can’t carry too many knives. I am assuming that one of the pen things is actually a flashlight? If yes, then I would say his EDC is pretty darn good.


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