Question of the Day: What Did Santa Leave Under Your Tree?

And don’t tell us about that can of Simonize in your stocking or the new putter you found leaning against the fireplace. No, we want to know what the jolly old elf brought that’s, you know, gun-realted. Duh. Was it a heinous 33-round magazine for your Teutonically perfect pistol? A case of ammo so you can spend a little more quality time at the range? Maybe junior found his first .22 tucked way back in the corner behind the tree. I got the two future-ban-compliant mags in the pic, above. Did you maybe score a Bore Snake for your shotty? A 5-gallon bucket of Hoppe’s? Or a shiny semi-auto handgun that will appall your relatives? Oooh! Maybe you were you a really good girl or boy this year . . . and now you’re showing off a brand-spanking new indefensible black military-style rifle. Whatever it was, we hope it’s exactly what you wanted. So tell us all about it.


  1. avatar John F says:

    I guess I was BAD this year, I recieved 2 lumps of COAL. But then again a liberal will acuse me of carying DANGEROUS WEAPONS , as I could throw them at some one and Kill them

    1. avatar C. Walther says:

      They serve no other purpose than to start fires. Fires that could kill children. Any reasonable firestarter only needs a log of wood anyway.


      1. avatar Lance says:

        Got evil assault coal huh LOL!!

      2. avatar Mike in NC says:

        Come on! You know it’s really just a modern sporting fuel!

        1. avatar C. Walther says:

          And now my keyboard’s wet!

    2. avatar Bryan says:

      Thrown Coal (at someone) by definition = Assault Weapon

  2. avatar Jcc1138 says:

    Got a Sig Sauer 1911 as a joint present, could not bring it to mother in law’s, since that would be insensitive with the CT situation. She was fine with guns before, now getting squirrely with them…

    1. avatar m.ia says:

      Better hope it works with hollow points. Seems to be a common as of late. Sorry

  3. avatar Chris says:

    TechSights and a new hammer for my 10/22 takedown. Hope the come in handy at the next Appleseed shoot I attend.

  4. avatar squarebob says:

    I got:
    two -30 round mags for my PMR 30.
    1000 rounds of 22WMR
    and a partridge in a pear tree.

  5. avatar Asia331 says:

    2 beautiful pieces of gun leather from Simply Rugged

  6. avatar In Memphis says:

    Got some Shoot’n’See targets as an early gift, nothing else.

  7. avatar jwm says:

    Gun related, no. I just buy whatever I want during the year so no need for anyone to buy me gun products for xmas.

  8. avatar Jim Berns says:

    Taurus Tracker 627, 357 mag with 6″ barrel. Thanks to my lovely for that one. Plus a bunch of other neat things. Merry Christmas to all.

  9. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

    Sadly I’ve never woken up to find the surprise of a new rifle or a crate of ammo under the tree. I have to go out and buy everything gun related myself because nobody in my family knows anything about them and doesn’t want to buy me something I may all ready have. I got 250 rounds of surplus 8mm Mauser ammo and some random parts. I’m quite content with what I have and I’m just thankful that I get to spend today with friends and family by a warm fire with some damn good food.

    1. avatar gearhead231 says:


    2. avatar Jon says:

      Might I suggest setting up an online wish list so that your significant other/family/friends know what you want? Amazon’s wish lists in particular even allow you to add items from other Web sites. My extended family has been using this method for a couple of years to buy gifts for each other. It works extremely well.

      1. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

        That’s a wonderful idea, but to add fuel to the fire I collect German WWII firearms and militaria as my main hobby. I’d hate to see them go out and purchase something outright fake or messed with for the price of the genuine article. As I said before, I’m just glad I get to spend time with my extended family and chow down on some good food today. I feel like such an anomaly being a part of “generation entitlement” and wanting to buy things I want with my own money, even around the holidays. I’ll keep that wish list thing in mind for ammo or small parts though.

  10. avatar Brennan says:

    Gun related- 50 rounds of 9mm fmj. But hey, that’s 50 more rounds than I can find at any academy, any Walmart, or the LGS right now!

    1. avatar Ssgchambers says:

      Me, too!

      1. avatar Ole says:

        No guns or ammo, but my wife wasn’t afraid to purchase some optics. She bought me a 2-7 scope and 40mm red dot sight. I recently snuck a laser & light combo into the house and I have a new Benchmade on the way, so I count those too.

    2. avatar C says:

      Same, and another Glock 17 mag.

  11. avatar C. Walther says:

    Santa left me options in the form of a $50 Cabela’s gift card. Now I can’t decide whether to put it towards a 10/22 Takedown or go ahead and finish kitting out my Winnie Defender 1300.

  12. avatar dirk diggler says:

    I got a gift cert for a tactical pistol class. Also bought myself 1,000 rds of fmj and 100 rds of HP’s @ cabelas. May order a new gun off gunbroker.

  13. avatar Kevin T says:

    Ruger SR22 from Santa, and I refinished a Chinese Type-53 stock for the bro-in-law.

  14. avatar Mike S says:

    A whole bunch of bacon wrapped backstrap. Thanks Brenneke!

  15. avatar adam says:

    Picked up a sig 556 patrol

  16. avatar Jan says:

    $50 cash so I can go out and buy whatever ammo is left on the shelves.

  17. avatar Dracon1201 says:

    I got 1000 12ga buck shells. That’s about it.

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      1K rounds of 12ga buck isn’t exactly a lump of coal, though.

  18. avatar Adam says:

    My Christmas present was being able to get a Sig 716 at regular price

  19. avatar Chaz says:

    An attractive wood clock with a hidden compartment for a pistol.

  20. avatar SD3 says:

    3 x P89 15 rd mags! Just in time, too…

  21. avatar Tanner says:

    Not Santa but my father-in-law got me a stainless steel Ruger Mark III Target model. He got me a blued one last year, said I needed this one to compliment the other one. Plus now when my son is old enough we can go plinking through the woods.

    1. avatar gearhead231 says:

      Tanner can we trade father in laws?

      1. avatar Tanner says:

        I guess having only daughters made a bit of a sore spot on him. My wife swears I get the best gifts for Christmas and birthdays. He once told me if I could get the series 80 trigger block parts back in one of his 1911’s I could have it. A little grease to hold them in place and a couple of seconds later I was looking at holsters online for my new .45. Someday I’ll have to buy him a gun, but he pretty much buys every gun he wants so I guess it will have to be one he doesn’t want.

  22. avatar Steve says:

    More ammo, extra M&P mags + new holster (blade-tech) + a defensive pistol class last weekend

  23. avatar New Hampshire says:

    Beautiful new Sig P238 Sports 12!

    Son got a case (2 tuna cans) of Mosin ammo (now THAT’S hard to wrap!).

    Off to the range later this week with the family to practice.

    Happy New Year!

  24. avatar Don says:

    I got night sights and 5 standard capacity mags for my glock 23, 5 standard cap mags for my m1a, gunsmith screwdrivers, bullet casting lead, and wool socks.

  25. avatar DougC says:

    Got myself a Buckmaster Stainless Camper with URX grips. Santa brought a box each of .380, .40 and .22 ammo, along with a universal cleaning kit and range box.

  26. avatar Anmut says:

    A new coffee maker.

  27. avatar TexanHawk says:

    Me, I got nothing firearm related (Bah Humbug) but the man child got a Glock 22C , while SWMBO and the girl child got pinkish shooting glasses and ear muffs for their next trip to the range. SWMBO stated she wants to spend some range time with me so that she will be ready to attend her upcoming CHL class.

    But, right before Christmas, on order of the boss, I did put a black military, OMGThatsanASSAULTRIFLE, on order since every place was sold out.

  28. avatar Mauser says:

    Pelican 1750 and a set of .308 Win dies.

  29. avatar Wiregrass says:

    Hex head action screws for my CZ452, a hex screwdriver bit set and a pancake holster for my J-frame.

  30. avatar Tyler says:

    Cz455 varmint evolution with the beautiful blue stock and vortex scope to cross it off

  31. avatar JebNY says:

    New gun safe and some accessories for inside.

  32. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Nothing, not even a lump of coal, sigh. Randy

  33. avatar Doctorscorry says:

    6 brand spanking new wilson 47DE magazines and a full length guide rod for my Springfield!

  34. avatar Sierra says:

    I am very excited to have received a beautiful Ruger 10/22 carbine (basic wood stocked model), and two BX-25 magazines to go with it, from my wife. I also picked up two 15 round SIG magazines for myself.

  35. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    Hi Viz sights for my 1911, the girls got a bunch of .22mag ammo, a set of Hogue Rubber Grips for my Government model 1911.
    The best was getting to be off work for the second Christmas in a row. Out of 11yrs of holidays having two Christmases in a row off is a great gift.

  36. avatar keepingitsimple4you says:

    A FNH FS 2000 and a green light from my wife to buy as many mags as i can find for any gun we own. Did have the heart to tell her I am way ahead of her but appreciate to approval. James Yeager cannot tell me what to shoot Merry Christmas to all and now back to playing with my kids toys

  37. avatar Jon says:

    Bravo Company 16″ Mid-Length Hammer Forged upper receiver group with a Centurion Arms C4 9″ rail, and a Magpul UBR stock to go along with it.

  38. avatar Casey T says:

    Nothing yet, but I haven’t opened everything yet. Still waiting for family to arrive to open what they got since it’s only appropriate but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  39. avatar David says:

    I think the quote by Michael Moore was a Christmas present for us all. I am still tripping about that one. I still wonder what happened to the revolver he got while shooting Bowling For Columbine. He kinda flubbed when asked about that.

  40. avatar Castle says:

    A trip to the range with my (sort of) anti-gun father. Money from the grandparents that’s going towards a used Five-Seven…not that I can ever tell them that. And picking out a gun belt with my mother, shortly before she tried to convince me not to get any more guns because she’s afraid that “having guns might make a person flip out one day and shoot someone”.

    The Jewish Christmas is never dull.

  41. avatar Dan S says:

    I hit the jackpot 2 pmags, a Magpul foregrip, a Bushnell mp 1×30 sight, and a Magpul ACS stock, witch unfortunetly i have to send back to get the commercial-spec one, and 6 boxes of .223

  42. avatar Jeff O. says:

    2 Ruger MKII 22/45 Magazines
    2 Ruger BX-25 Magazines
    500 Rounds CCI Blazer .22LR (My favorite!)

  43. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    keltec sub2k in .40

    To: Tom
    From: President Obama

    well, me and the wife got a laugh out of it.

  44. avatar Too close to chicago says:

    One the last available ar-15s I could find anywhere ended up being a late Chanukah gift to myself!! Now I need to find some .223 and more mags!

  45. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Stainless Mini 14 with synthetic stock and some 30 mags. Life is good.

  46. avatar AM says:

    Ruger 10/22
    Magpul BAD Lever
    Magpul Ranger Plates
    Slip 2000 EWL
    AR-15 Schematic Gun Cleaning Mat
    Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod
    Fat .50 Ammo Can
    Box of Surefire CR-123’s
    Non-Marring Hammer
    Punch Set

  47. avatar TRUTHY says:

    M&P9C Talo edition
    15 assorted dreaded high cap mags

  48. avatar SelousX says:

    S&W M&P9 and two extra 17 rnd mags, plus a new OWB kydex holster. Mag carrier will have to wait until after the new year.

  49. avatar Ralph says:

    Screw Santa. That bum works one day a year and spends the other 364 judging me. What a putz.

    I was able to locate a bunch of M1A magazines, 500 rounds of 7.62×51 NATO ammo, and have enough goodwill left over for either a 1943 M1 Carbine or a Smith & Wesson Model 29 in .44 Mag.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Be carefull you don’t shoot your eye out, Ralph.

      1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

        I think you meant “Ralphie”. 😉

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          Don’t call me Ralphie. My grandmother called me Ralphie once.


  50. avatar Sam says:

    My parents don’t share my gun opinions, BUT…

    autographed photos from Raquel Welch and Honor Blackman don’t disappoint, either.

  51. avatar Nine says:

    Got some Hornady V-max .223
    Some Federal Auto Match .22
    A lead sled
    And some money, to put towards that Henry .22 I’ve been craving

  52. avatar SDFreeman says:

    I got Guns

  53. avatar Kat says:

    I got:
    Crimson Trace CMR-201 Rail Master laser sight for Ruger SR .22
    RCBS Military Trigger Pull Scale
    Champion Over-Spec Shooting Glasses
    Marksman 3060 Talon Grip Slingshot
    Husband got:
    butt stock shell carrier
    Shotgun sock
    Shotgun case
    Shotgun cleaning items in wood box
    New shooting safety glasses
    Box of gun rust prevention wipes
    And cleaned his shotgun, installed shell carrier and loaded it with five 12 gauge shells

  54. avatar ka-bar-arang says:

    Electronic hearing protection!

  55. avatar Wmc says:

    RCBS ProTrimmer 2
    Cabela’s range bag

  56. avatar bravhrt says:

    Ruger Single Ten w/4-5/8 barrel & a renewal of our family membership at the local shooting range.

  57. avatar Accur81 says:

    -Ruger 10/22 Takedown
    -Mossberg 930 SPX (my present to myself)
    -2 AR Magpul MOE lower build kits
    -AR front sight adjustment tool
    – 200 rounds green tip M885 (combo B-day)
    – 200 rounds M193 (combo B-day)
    – Olight M31
    – 500 rounds CCI Velocitor 22 LR
    – 50 Rounds 12 gauge 00 buck
    – And an 18 year old bottle of Scotch

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Whatever you do, don’t shoot that Scotch.

      Sip it.

    2. avatar JebNY says:

      Boy you must have been a real good boy 🙂

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        I’ve got great friends, great family, and an awesome wife!

    3. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Apparently I will be in Brea for the next 3 nights if you need any help with the Scotch…

  58. avatar rgsmithiv says:

    I got a Hogue overmold stock for my ruger 10/22

  59. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised to find a LaserLyte training target and matching 40SW laser cartridge. That will save quite a bit of money on range time and ammo as I get ready for competition in 2013, and of course for skill drills any time.

    Already thinking about picking up several more active targets so I can set up courses of fire.

    1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Looks like stuff you got for yourself is fair game, too…

      Snagged 2 Kaiser Defense stripped lowers from Ten Percent Firearms. Would have bought 4 if I’d known my quarterly bonus was going to be paid in December instead of late January! Too bad nobody anywhere has lowers at this point, much less good quality stripped lowers at reasonable prices.

      Also picked up 4 30-round FDE PMAGs with both regular and Ranger base plates, plus 10-round limiters. That way I can rivet/epoxy the limiters to one set of base plates, then have the other set for shooting expeditions to other, more civilized states. But never both in same place in my vehicle at once. No need for drama with some LEO who hasn’t gotten the memo.

  60. avatar george lortz says:

    A box of 500 Remington .380 FMJ bullets, a box of CCI primers and 1lb. of Bullseye powder. All set to resupply my Colt Mustang +2.

  61. avatar Brandon says:

    Eotech XPS2 and a new range bag.

  62. avatar Hal says:

    My fiance got me a Glock 19 (Gen IV) with 20 15 rd mags and a leather recliner. Not to brag, but she’s amazing. She’s got a great rack too!

    Just ordered an ACR and phantom holster for it from Raven Concealment.

    Merry xmas to the armed intelligencia and the whole TTAG family!!!

  63. avatar Adam L. says:

    Bought myself a stripped AR lower to mothball for later.

  64. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Beau-coup high-cap Mags!
    Drum mags for AK, Surefire 60 rders for AR, 30 rd AK-47, 30 rd SK-74, 30 rd Mag Pul for AR, 20 rd C-Products for AR, Beretta 92 15 rd, Steyr M9 17 rds, HK 93 40 rd, HK USP .45 acp 12 rd, GSG 522 22rd, Hk MP5 30rd, etc..

  65. avatar Tom says:

    I got a Dillon RL550b and some other reloading stuff, which I knew about. I was surprised by the Crimson Trace laser grips for my SP101. My wife is awesome.

  66. avatar Mike B says:

    My GF got me a Nagant revolver and 3 boxes of ammo. It’s not a Kimber I know, but i’m still happy she event hought about get me a gun as a prezzy!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Your girlfreind must really love you. The ammo for that Nagant is real expensive and she got you 3 boxes.

      1. avatar Mike B says:

        ended up being more than the gun! she’s pretty great. I bought her shoes. ( this required much female help to get right,but i pulled it off)

  67. avatar APBTFan says:

    Two 15 round mags for my G20 and a chronograph. Yay!

  68. avatar Brent says:

    Asked for a Ruger Mini-14, but the better half couldn’t find any. She opted to put a Remington 700 under the tree instead. Pretty rifle, but it’s for righties and I’m a leftie (hand, not political). My college-age daughter (who has been taught to shoot) was appalled that her younger sister got a Savage MkII; appears that the professors are getting to her. Not to worry….her older brother went through the same phase and is now scheduling his CC class.

    1. avatar APBTFan says:

      Keep gunning for that Mini-14. They’re great rifles! I’ve had mine 14 years and wouldn’t ever consider parting with it.

  69. Surprise gift: two boxes of FMJ ammo for my 9mm. More ammo is always good.

    Known gifts: a Lee Precision Reloading starter kit, with 9mm (for me) and .308 (for Number One Son) die kits. A late Christmas present is coming too: got a co-worker who used to collect .308 brass, and doesn’t reload them now. Number One Son is scoring.

    Now I just need to get a book or two and some powder.

    I would probably have bought Milady a LC9, but she really needed an iPad (for homeschool). I would use the post-Christmas money to make up for it, but I will probably have to buy an iPhone to satisfy work (they reimburse me for the phone plan, so it’s hard to say no….).

  70. avatar Sanchanim says:

    I got a shotgun! Well not really..
    Wife got me the walking dead shotgun game. Crappy graphics but fun for all of us at the Christmas party… All the guys are crowded around the TV.

  71. avatar Cameron S. says:

    A Ruger LCP and a Ruger 10/22, spare magazines for both, ammo for both, targets, cleaning supplies and a nice new watch. I love my parents 🙂

  72. avatar KCK says:

    M&P full size 9
    M&P sport EBR
    NO bullets?
    Lead must be to heavy for the sleigh!

  73. avatar Tom Hobbs says:

    Two magazines for the C9 Hi Point. For those who haven’t shot one, try it. Not a bad shooter. A bit heavy for CCW but works at home.

  74. avatar Kelly in GA says:

    Streamlight HL! And my girlfriend asked me to help her get her carry permit! Woohoo!

    I did manage to gift myself (between birthday and Christmas being9 days apart) a Leupold MK4 MR/T 1.5-5 with an illuminated reticle for my EBR and 500 rounds of Federal XM193.

    ETA: That’s the scope in my avatar. I absolutely LOVE that reticle.

  75. avatar MattK1 says:

    1 Gen 3 30rnd PMag
    3 MagLevel 30rnd PMags
    500 Hornady 55rgn bullets
    4oz bottle of Slip2000 30wt
    Another – StreamLight PolyTac LED

  76. avatar chewcudda says:

    I got:

    1. membership to private gun range.
    2. C93 rifle
    3. 50$ gift card to cabelas

    1 was my santa gift.
    2. i bought myself out of money from selling some things
    3. from my aunt and uncle.

  77. avatar Austin says:

    Llama IX-A 1911 and 50 rnds bulk steel case. All my local farmer store had in stock. The Llama was a present to myself. Some will say a burden in disguise but I think its cool.

  78. avatar Rick says:

    A Ruger Scout .308!

    My wife loves me!

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