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America’s favorite champagne socialist’s penned a post-Sandy Hook polemic for Michael Moore starts by bashing the “deranged, delusional National Rifle Association.” No surprise there. But wait, this is a surprise. The left-wing documentarist director of Bowling for Columbine has a brand new bag: “These gun massacres aren’t going to end any time soon.” Even more startling, Moore drops the other shoe: “And here’s the dirty little fact none of us liberals want to discuss: The killer only ceased his slaughter when he saw that cops were swarming onto the school grounds — i.e, the men with the guns. When he saw the guns a-coming, he stopped the bloodshed and killed himself. Guns on police officers prevented another 20 or 40 or 100 deaths from happening. Guns sometimes work.” Talk about winged swine! MM [now] reckons spree killing is a cultural issue . . .

I’m not saying it’s perfect anywhere else, but I have noticed, in my travels, that other civilized countries see a national benefit to taking care of each other. Free medical care, free or low-cost college, mental health help. And I wonder — why can’t we do that? I think it’s because in many other countries people see each other not as separate and alone but rather together, on the path of life, with each person existing as an integral part of the whole. And you help them when they’re in need, not punish them because they’ve had some misfortune or bad break. I have to believe one of the reasons gun murders in other countries are so rare is because there’s less of the lone wolf mentality amongst their citizens. Most are raised with a sense of connection, if not outright solidarity. And that makes it harder to kill one another.

Moore’s analysis ignores spree killings in Europe, of which there’ve been plenty; last year, Anders Breivik slaughtered 50 children in Norway. And Moore feels obliged to end his editorial with a slam at assault weapons:

Don’t forget to say hi to your conservative brother-in-law for me. Even he will tell you that, if you can’t nail a deer in three shots — and claim you need a clip of 30 rounds — you’re not a hunter my friend, and you have no business owning a gun.

Have a wonderful Christmas or a beautiful December 25th!

If Michael Moore’s backed-off from gun control as the answer to spree killing, perhaps there’s hope that the left aren’t marching in lockstep towards an assault weapons and magazine capacity ban. Chinks in the armor, as it were.

If so, that’s a welcome Christmas gift.

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  1. Hahaha, love it!! SO the NRA is delusional…yet..he agrees with them! That is the quintessential LIBERAL MINDSET!

      • Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Sorry my libertarian love for my fellow man is a tough love and deeper than handouts. Oh wait, no I’m not.

        • Politicians and Mass Media are forever woirkng furiously to keep the population frightened out of their wits. The media do it to sell papers. Politicians do it to get attention. But after creating an environment of fear, the politician has to be seen as having the answer. No one will get elected saying we have all the laws we need. We just need to deploy our resources effectively to enforce those laws. Nope. You gotta have a law. Every political campaign for the last 50 years comes down to this: You know what the problem is? We don’t have this law! Did someone pass a law? Hey, there’s a loophole! cue music to Another Brick in the WallWe don’t need your leg-is-la-tionWe don’t need your gun con-trolHey! Congress!Leave our guns alone!

      • To assume that we should be charitable and love each other “because we’re all human” is a laughable fantasy. Forcing people to care about and provide for each other for life is counter-intuitive to our very existence. Being selfish and prioritizing the well-being of me and my loved ones over everyone else (without going out of my way to ruin others’ lives) is a part of human nature. No Democratic social engineering scheme will ever change that.

      • Your willful ignorance of “libertarian” and “self-interest” is amazing for someone on a gun site, where the constant refrain concerning hoplophobes is their refusal to even try to understand guns and what they represent.

        Do YOURSELF a favor and try to learn about something before opening your big yap and proving yourself a fool by choice.

  2. If anyone ever happens to see MM in person, would you please tell him we want to ban his high-capacity gut from buffets and any form of media.

  3. MM [now] reckons spree killing is a cultural issue . . .

    What’s funny is that Bowling for Columbine shows him following a trail of evidence that suggest the exact same thing for gun violence in general, at which point he throws it all aside and decides to go protest an ammunition manufacturer regardless.

  4. It would behoove the liberals to tell this guy to FOAD.

    Didnt the conservatives sort of do that with Glen Beck?

    • I view Michael Moore the same way I view Rush Limbaugh: people who make money by aiming to piss off 49% of the U.S. population.

  5. Michael you fat fool the 2nd A is about killing folks not hunting, so yes we all need 30 round mags, and 60 round Surefire quad mags and 100 round drums etc, etc

  6. Bloomberg said the same idiotic line about killing a deer in 3 shots. But Moore is right, this is entirely cultural. Society today has little regard or respect to life.

  7. Whats next, sarah brady packin? No, if she/followers gets in trouble they just call….stay with me now…. the men with guns. Which begs the question, what the hell happens at the police academy? An ordinary citizen walks in, are they sent through the Matrix? Maybe if we all just wear kindergarten cop badges the bradys would fall all over themselves praising us, Randy

    • Here’s what happened at my policy academy:
      arrived, got yelled at, did PT, classes, more yelling, uniform inspections, got yelled at, learned about hundreds of officers who were killed in line of duty, went to the range, qualified multiple times, fooled around with some ladies at weekend liberty, returned hungover, boxed, wrestled, pepper sprayed, tear gassed, more yelling, more PT, a couple more tests, yelling, and then graduated. If there was a matrix, I’d have swallowed that red pill in a heartbeat.

  8. Since when are gun deaths rare outside the US? Violence is not unique to the US. I wish these supposedly travelled liberals would step outside of the guarded resorts and UN missions, and see how the world is when you aren’t protected by, gasp!, guards with real full-auto assault rifles (no semi-auto civillian US rifles them, not when theres a job to do).

  9. Mass killings would be a cultural issue if some significantly large minority of people in our culture perpetrated them. Hundreds of millions of people grew up in our culture and don’t do this. Guns. Pah. How many generations of people need to grow up with guns before anyone acknowledges the statistic that they don’t even correlate to criminality? Next violent movies… about 6 decades of violent movie watchers later, we are a less violent society. Videogames… about 2.5 decades of violent videogames later, we are still a less violent society.

    This thesis is based on behaviorism, a social theory if the mind which was hugely in vogue in the 40s-60s and has been stuck in popular culture up to the present day. This theory stated that we are all born as blank slates and psychology is defined entirely by external inputs such as culture. It it a wrong theory that no scientists that study the mind today believe in. Neuroscience, psychology, and genetics have utterly proven this theory woefully inadequate.

    • Yes, they removed Patriotism and God from the classroom and replaced it with anti american self loathing and non human theories of our true nature.

  10. The recent “deer in 3 shots” comments in the media strike me as a “friendlier” alternative to the “you don’t need 30 round clips” and “fires 4-6 bullets per second when pulling the trigger” nonsense. It’s as if once the media “reports” it then is now fact and then everyone runs with it. The media isn’t driving some of this hysteria?? BS!

    • I think it is reasonable to have 5-7 shots per hypothetical bad-guy in your magazine. Deer aren’t on the offensive and they don’t shoot back.


  11. Its shows the left has no facts for a AWB and it isnt working FOX news said the same thing. And they all admit it has at best a dim chance of passing congress.

  12. He’s backpedaling since it is now public he has an ARMED bodyguard. When he makes a public statement that we peons have a right to defend ourselves I’ll start watching for pig sh*t splatting on the roof of my truck…

  13. Moore has a weird world view, like Europe was a some kind of gigantic, yummy bollito misto and the US was a plate of haggis. When actually, Europe is a bag of lutefisk and the US is a bacon cheeseberger and a side of fries.

    See, I’m trying to frame this in a way he might understand.

    • Both are kind of shitty? That is true, you know they make lutefisk by using bleach IIRC? back on topic: biggest advantage of US gun laws if you ask me is that you dont have to justify a purchase here in Norway I can buy a AK, AR, AUG etc as long as it is for “practical shooting”(and not full auto) that means I cant buy one of each and so I have to live with my choice.

  14. Actually, I just read an article yesterday on NBCnews (née MSNBC, now renamed) that pretty clearly laid out the case that President Obama was going to have to choose between immigration reform and gun control in 2013… And guess which one of those issues was highlighted as a no-upside expenditure of major political capital?

    Hint: the Democrats have known for years about coming demographic shifts, and immigration reform is VERY important to their ability to build the Democratic base. Gun control appeals to the base but pisses off those all important moderates. Like, um, yours truly.

  15. I got to thinking that if we HAVE to keep Piers Morgan, then why can’t we send Mr. Moore to the UK on a one way ticket? Seems like a fair trade to me. We shouldn’t be “blessed” with having to listen to BOTH of these clowns.

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