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“The first recorded biathlon competition occurred in the 18th century between the militaries of Sweden and Norway,” reveals. “The sport involves skiing long distances with occasional stops to shoot at targets. If a competitor misses a target, they are then required to ski a 150-meter penalty loop.” Boring! We can thank SilncerCo and pro snowboarder Scotty Lago for showing us the way forward.

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  1. I would totally watch a snowboard biathlon.

    Or downhill skeet.

    Or really any action sport combined with target shooting.

  2. Actually, Biathlon isn’t boring. Just watch some of the most current events that have been and are being streamed live on YT. There can be quite a bit of “drama” produced with just one miss and things can change drastically. Plus, to go with your Gun Bunnies post earlier, just watch the women’s events. Fit (understatement) females, wearing tight cross-country ski outfits, with slung rifles while skiing and then shooting them, is a sight to behold.

    • Seeing how snowboarders always seem to ‘out-asshole’ everyone else on whatever slope they seem to be on, I could get behind shooting hot-dogging snowboarders on sight…

      • Then you’re riding at the wrong mountains. Or more likely you’re just a crotchety old man who doesn’t like snowboarders because “back in my day….”

        And for what it’s worth, I’ve encountered my share of asshole skiers too, who either don’t know or don’t care that you can’t switch directions 180 degrees on a dime when you ride a board. Oh, or my personal favorite, when you get a HORIZONTAL line of skiers blocking a cat track, just standing there chatting aimlessly.

        Here’s all it takes, and in my experience, the vast majority of people who enjoy downhill snow sports observe this rule: be considerate of others. Not that hard to be slightly conscientious.

  3. While we(really you) have been surfing clickbait the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is proposed dropping most or all shooting sports in the name of gender equity….

  4. Biathlon is boring to same degree as football, free pistol, F1 or Nascar – once you don’t care about competition, that’s it.

    I’d pay for watching RF doing a presentation of this “Future Olympics Sport”, though. Seeing a bunch of IOC decision-makers going into seizure (what? Safety concerns? GUNS? And where are our financial benefits and usual ass-kissing?!!) will be fun.

  5. A biathlon development consisting of a 3gun overlay over a triathlon, would be of much more practical use for most of the world.

    The fundamental stressor of biathlon, that of managing ones exhaustion to be able to effectively deploy a firearm, while performing as well physically as possible, is ridiculously real world relevant for virtually al manners of combat and military operations.

    Besides, just imagine all the cool holsters and bicycle scabbard developments that would come of it….

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