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In case you can’t be bothered to bathe in the self-righteous righteousness that is Snoop Lion promoting an album, skip to 11:15 for his pro-gun control rant. And if you can’t be bothered to do that, here’s the money shot: “Politicians, you all got to pay attention, man. This world that we live in, it’s so easy to get your hands on a gun. You’ve got to put some restrictions or ramifications on it. I can go outside right now and buy a gun. Easy. Just like that. You all should really think about it before it hits home, before it hits one of your family members or it hits you or affects someone personally that you know. It shouldn’t take that . . .

Those kids that lost their lives in Connecticut, those kids that keep losing their lives, innocent people who keep losing their lives; we have to speak up for them. We have to do something. We have to make a change. If we don’t do nothing, it’s going to hit us. If I can say it and I can mean it — Goddamnit, get off your ass and make it happen.

True dat. If Snoop Lion can say it and mean it, it must be true. Like the truth that he expressed in Vato, right? Where he promises to “smoke you like a menthol.” And other shit like that.

Which kinda explains my favorite bit of this interview: immediately after the Snoopster’s rant. “That’s what I’m talking about,” the liberal msnbc guy says in his unbiased comfy sweater sort of way. “Let me tell you something, the NRA, you know what they’re gonna say? They gonna say it’s not the guns, it’s you Snoop, it’s these rappers.”

And criminals. Don’t forget the criminals. And the crazies. Otherwise, well, Snoop self-identified as the problem, so who’s to argue?

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  1. July 1993 – Snoop was stopped for a traffic violation and a firearm was found by police while conducting a search of his car. In February 1997 he plead guilty to one count of being an ex-felon in possession of a handgun and was ordered to record three public service announcements, pay a $1,000 fine, and serve three years probation.
    August 1993 – Snoop was charged for being an accomplice to the murder of Phillip Woldermarian. In February 1996, with the help of attorney Jonnie Cochran, Snoop was found not guilty of all charges but voluntary manslaughter, on which the jury deadlocked.
    April 2003 – Snoop Doggy Dogg’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee, was grazed by a bullet after unknown assailants showered Snoop Dog’s car and other cars in his entourage with bullets.

    • And if snoop is a ex-felon, how exactly can he buy one which additional gun control would prevent?

      • So he’s saying that as he can obtain one illegally, we should execute everyone like him, as laws obviously change nothing?

        I dunno if that’s a bad abstract, but we do have some civilized rules of law in this country.

  2. This is coming from Snoop? Isnt marijuana illegal (sans medical use)? Anyone that knows snoop knows that he smokes ALOT. It being illegal doesnt stop him does it?

  3. It’s good to know that Snoop has stopped puting himself at the center of everyone else’s universe, though it seems a major portion of American Pop Culture is populated by Sociopaths. I wonder if he even knows that his statment proves the Pro-gun arguments?

  4. let’s just ban felons like Snoop from having guns, that should really cut down on our gun violence problem!!!

    oh….. wait

  5. Here’s an idea: Mandatory sentencing of 20 years, to be served concurrent with any other charges, for felons in possession of a firearm. No amnesty, no plea deals, no 3 strike BS, no reductions.

    • Here’s an easier idea – if someone is arrested for a violent crime or deemed violently mentally unstable, you lock them up until they are no longer a threat to others. Our current “catch and release” policy of putting violent people back on the streets is flat out moronic. We already know most crimes are committed by repeat offenders, so why do we keep setting them free to commit more crimes?

  6. Well, since I get most of my advise about life from Snoop Dog, I reckon I’m just gonna have to change my position on gun control.

    • Well, I was thinking to change mine on weed. His gun position seems to be “a felon can get one, so you shouldn’t be able to.” Overwhelming clarity of thought. I love the way media felons (a few financial bloggers, lots of rappers, a few actors) who can’t legally own guns campaign against responsible people owning them, fo’ shizzle.

  7. Just goes to show you the kind of people he associates with.
    I don’t know anyone who has one, or would sell me a gun illeagally . I guess being law abiding and hanging out with law abiding gun owning citizens you kinda have that problem.
    Just another idiot in the peanut gallery. I’d also bet $$$ that he has a gun that he knows he is not supposed to have. Any bets?

  8. Thanks Snoop!! I and a very grateful nation will take your wisdom and exemplary life experience under serious consideration. Seriously. No, really. Thanks a bunch, Man.

    • Sadly, far too much of America holds Snoop and his fellow travelers in very high esteem. They are role models of a new and historically novel kind. Many of them are not particularly talented in any classical/liberal way, often they are completely bereft of anything that could be considered redemptive, insightful or emulative in any meaningful sense, and yet they capture a disproportionate share of the common zeitgeist. I simply don’t get it, go figure. But then, I was raised on things like the Ten Commandments, the Scout Oath. Law, Motto, and Slogan, the Federal Constitution (as amended) and the Judeo-Christian philosophies of community, self reliance, personal responsibility and self-actualization. It breaks my heart and soul (not to mention confusing me to no end) to find myself to be such a disconnected throw back in these present times.

  9. Did he move to Jamaica to complete the new persona? Pretty sure our existing background check would say no to him purchasing a gun at any FFL dealer.

  10. So I’d be correct in assuming that Snoop, his bodyguards and all his associates will now cease carrying firearms?

    How about a nice television PSA featuring all the aforementioned individuals stating as such. Betcha Bloomie would pay for it.

    • Or he’s like fiffy cent, desperate to gain the approval of neighbors around his new mansion in suburbia. “Really, I hate guns! It was all an act! Really!”

  11. A full list of agencies devoted to stopping narcotics cant stop him or anyone from getting weed, just like a background check cant stop someone from buying or stealing a gun illegally. What good would a more intrusive pain in the ass check do? The one we have works just fine.

  12. from the rapper who said he would commit a murder on a undercover police officer? really?

  13. “You’ve got to put some restrictions or ramifications on it. I can go outside right now and buy a gun. Easy. Just like that. ”

    And that is the way it is supposed to be. In the USA we are innocent until proven guilty. He makes it look like all gun owners are guilty of a crime if they buy a gun. Anyone can go out and buy a lot of things that can do damage. (pressure cookers included).

    Liberals are always bent on preventing rather than deterring.

    What is he trying to say? That he is a gangster looking criminal moving to perform some nefarious actions?

  14. *eye roll* – Translation: “I can go out and commit a crime so you should pass laws that people like me wont follow.

    Snoop is a douche sell out now.

  15. Yes, you should quick get out there & do it before it hits you,(reality) & the speeding bus thats about to run over your pot addled jaywalking ass, dipshit, Randy

  16. Snoop points out that a convicted felon such as himself can easily go out and buy a firearm illegally despite living in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. Snoop then says there should be even more restrictions for law abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to lawfully purchase a firearm.

    Snoop in all his 420 glory has just clearly outlined that the only people restrictive gun laws prevent from buying firearms are law abiding citizens and not criminals such as himself.

  17. God there’s nothing that makes me wanna drink Everclear more than these self-righteous scumbags who make an entire career out of promoting criminal acts and the gangster lifestyle, only to climb on a little pedestal and act like they belong on the moral high ground.

    Now, who lives in a free state and can supply some of that Everclear?

  18. Not to agree with Snoop’s message at all, but did anyone listen to what he says at 12:15?

    “I’m not even speaking to guns, I’m speaking to gun violence. It’s a big difference. I don’t mind the guy having a gun that’s protecting himself that knows how to use it. He’s supposed to. I’m talking about these idiots with these guns that’s shooting up these schools, shooting up these public places, that have no heart or no nothing, no, no feelings for the people that they’re shooting. It’s not fair, it’s not fair to these people that walk into these venues or walk into school where a little kid goes to school to learn and has to get shot. That ain’t cool, that hurt my heart man, to see that. And I’m fed up behind that.”

    Not to suggest that one should look to Snoop for advice on such things, but Snoop is talking more about the people than the guns. When he says put some restrictions or some ramifications on it, he is, in part, agreeing with a lot of us here; talking about making the consequences such that they aren’t worth it for your average Chicago gang-banger.

    He’s not pro-gun by any means, or someone who we’d commend even if he were – but he doesn’t seem to be forgetting the criminals and the crazies here at least.

    • Nice catch. And thank you.

      I admit I didn’t watch the video because I lumped him in with all the other hypocrite celebrities I have listened to and expected the same canned crap. Lesson learned. He’s got the right idea and needs to expound on that, be more vocal on that point.

    • Well, he’s absolutely right! There oughta be a law against shooting kids! I demand a plan for common sense legislation to close the shooting people in public places loophole.

  19. Entertainers need to entertain more, and politic less. I’m sick of them and their bully pulpits.

        • He may be, he was Army. He is also an admitted bank robber and pimp.

          I was just running the gangsta rapper now on L&O SVU or starring in children’s movies as in the case of Ice Cube.

  20. He obviously means increase the effectiveness of enforcement instead of more restrictions on law-abiding citizens because as we all know generally we can’t just “go outside and buy a gun”. In addition, many of Snoop’s “family” would still be alive or out of prison if illegal guns weren’t in the picture, so I can see where he’d be in favor of saving people from themselves.

  21. never really listened to rap before, but if that rap he did at the end was extemporaneous, that’s pretty impressive.

    • Ok, I was gonna skip it, but your comment made me look. The last three or four minutes of that video were awesome from where I’m sitting.

  22. NRA already blaimed the entertainment media…a week after Newton. Or did you all forget that, too.

  23. Well thats it. If Snoop Dogg Lion Guy Man Boy Dude says it then we gotta do it. I mean anyone so brilliant as he must know something us little folk don’t know right? Oh, maybe he is an elitist millionaire who wouldn’t know “the streets” even if his private security drove his limo down to that neighborhood, but rest assured his pot smoking, drunk, rich, woman chasing, ass gots the fo one one yo! Sure, he is just trying to stay relevant by getting political now. After all, what a easy transition. Gangsta to politics sounds like a perfect fit. I mean hell, if Dennis Rodman is the new ambassador to N. Korea then snoop might just be the next President of the Brady Anti-gun organization. And that’s foshizzle

  24. Snoop is no Rhodes Scholar obviously and I get the opinion that the “187 on a motherf@&$):! cop” makes him sound quite the hypocrite to comment on gun control…however…

    I think the context is important in that: A) that song from Deep Cover was written as a soundtrack for a movie where a UC officer faces the peril of getting caught, and B) the song was written in 1992, same time as the LA riots, by a then early 20s black man, in a time when minorities were alleging an incredible amount of racism perpetrated by the LAPD

    I dont condone the message, I wasnt there so I dont know what was really going on, but I do know we all mature as we get older and “Snoop Lion” doesnt rap about guns and violence because he’s an almost 50 year old father FWIW

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