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“‘It’s very scary to know there were guns one floor below me. I had no idea,’ said one of (Bernard) Goal’s co-workers, who described him as pleasant and a hard worker. ‘But knowing Bernard I’m not scared.'” Another whack job caught tooling up for a campus shooting spree? Nope. Just a kid from Texas attending an elite northeastern school who forgot what city he was in. reports that when the Airsoft guns Goal was building were spotted, he was taken down by NYU campus cops who “hit him with six misdemeanor violations of a local law that prohibits the possession or sale of air rifles and replica firearms, according to a law enforcement source.” Thank God he was stopped before he could carry out his nefarious plans. Just imagine the welts and pock marks that could have resulted if he hadn’t been sniffed out. [h/t Allen V.]

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  1. Well, now that he has a record it should be a lot easier for him to get a job as a professor. That is a requirement to be a liberal professor these days right?

    • Baby Bomber is now in line for a Professorship at the University of Illinois and a slot as presidential adviser.

      • This would be true if he were an inept leftist bomber. Unfortunately, his record is related to possession of an Imitation Evil (TM) Black Rifle-inator, so a career in the hallowed ivy halls is out of the question.

        However, I hear Dr. Doofenshmirtz has been buying up all the .17 caliber plastic pellets in the Tri-State Area, so there could be a larger plot afoot. (Perry, go find out what he’s up to.)

  2. Tings gonna get a lot easier when youse muggs unnastan dat we mean what we say. We mean what we don’ say, too, so watch youse mouts.

    An’ don’ forget youse needs our PERMISSION to do tings!

    But don’ youse muggs even ASK; THE ANSWER IS NO!!

  3. The fact that his co-worker thinks Airsoft toys are guns and is actually scared of them says a lot about people in America today.

  4. Did you people read the story about Reese Witherspoon this weekend? The idiot who wants to trample all over our rights and has pictures holding up those stupid I #DemandAction signs was arrested this weekend. Her husband was driving drunk and she started mouthing off to the officer. Saying things like “Do you know my name? You are about to find out who I am.” HAHA

    I wonder if she knows drunk driving kills more innocent people a year than rifles?

  5. Sans hyperbole, NYU students are the most insufferable, wretched and emasculated people I have ever encountered.

    I just want to know why on God’s Green Earth anyone would ever leave Texas to walk the scummy sidewalks of Union Square.

    • In my experience, they hold second place in all those categories you enumerate.

      Harvard is still far and away #1 in all aspects of emasculation and after-effects of same.

      As for why anyone would attend these schools: Their parents are convinced that they provide the “best” education they can get. It’s obviously not true, what these schools provide are credentials and connections. When I graduated from engineering school (a small, mostly unknown school in upstate NY), we regularly smoked Ivy League engineering students in competitions and in the workforce. That is never seen by parents – these schools are so adept at covering up their non-performance in actual, you know, work results that parents continue to send their money and offspring to these indoctrination camps.

    • NYU’s main campus is on Washington Square, not Union Square, and I remember Washington Square as being kind of a fun place back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

    • ^this

      I was thinking the same thing. Some of the LA cops that led to the recent settlement could learn as well.

  6. I love this image. The very picture of gun safety. Look at his finger! Off the trig. Shades AND gogs! No way he shoots out an eye — at least not his. But wait, it gets better: knee AND elbow pads? Check. Muzzle pointed in a safe direction? Check check. I bet that badass Imitation Evil (TM) black rifle’s not even loaded. I bet the kid’s wearing a Kevlar dickie and jock strap. And shoot me (figuratively speaking) if I’m wrong, but is he wearing a helmet? The man looks like a ninja roller derby dude. I don’t wear that much protection on a motorcycle.

    • Airsoft replicas must have the 6mm or more of blaze orange tip until purchased by the end-user or on the secondary market. That means the orange tip only has to be attached while in the possession of the retailer or in transit from the retailer to the end-user. Once you buy it as the user you can remove the tip, paint it, or replace it. Look up your state law for any variations, but even California allows for the replacement or painting of the orange tip.

  7. Are airsoft guns and pellet guns not two different things as airsoft uses plastic bbs and pellet guns use lead pellets? From this article I am confused as to what type he actually had.

    • Here’s an article that goes into a bit more depth:

      “Arsenal” of Airsoft weapons. Uh-huh….

      Both articles conflate Airsoft toys with air rifles. I think it’s the fact that the word “air” is used in both terms that makes people who don’t know the first thing about guns (i.e., journalists) think they’re the same thing. As far as I can tell, everything he had was an Airsoft-style toy that shot plastic pellets.

      Then’s there’s this:

      One student said there were better ways Goal could have made cash.

      “It’s a wakeup call that this is a dorm. You’re part of a school — you can’t sit around doing crap like this,” said Nick Metcalfe, 20, a junior. “It’s a weird way to make money.”

      The future of America, folks.

      • Airsoft guns are treated as real guns on college and university campuses and must even be stored in the Police gun lockers at the campus PD if you want to keep them while living in a dorm.

        As for the business opportunity, becoming an Airsoft distributor is a fairly simple matter that doesn’t take that much capital (or he could have just made a large order for friends and distributed the guns when they arrived, which would make it look like he was “selling” when they actually would just enter a large joint order, which are also quite common with HK retailers to save on shipping costs) and there probably wasn’t much competition in the area, so in order to supply the Airsoft community around him Goal started procuring and selling Airsoft guns. It’s really not that uncommon or unintuitive, he probably started an Airsoft community where there was none and started to supply it.

        • Surely the rules vary somewhat regarding Airsoft guns from college to college? I don’t recall hearing of a national law that requires them to be stored at a campus PD!

  8. Maybe it’s me. I travel to NYC a lot. I’m there right now. I never bring my gun there, nor would I bring an airsoft gun to that draconian city, because of just this kind of situation. And then for the kid to take a photo of himself outside? In NYC???

    Dumb. Simply dumb.


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