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Surprisingly, NBC’s Saturday Night Live actually did a good job on this one. I was expecting far worse.

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  1. I admit laughing at it…. especially the part where they admit that this law would accomplish exactly nothing.

    • They only admit that their law, with exemptions for Florida, weekends, and so on, would not do anything. Neither they nor their audience will see that as applying to any real bills or laws.

  2. “…actually did a good job on this one.”
    And yet basically un-funny as usual, so ‘par for the course’, I guess.

  3. Hope your Tetanus Booster was up to date before having to expose yourself to SNL’s Garbage, but you’re right…it wasn’t too bad for them. I’m betting they thought it was more satirical than it came off as, or they hired a temporary sketch writer who fooled them. Anyway the depiction of the buffoons in Congress was pretty accurate, as was the depiction of the buffoon who occupies the White House (currently closed to the School Children and People to whom it actually belongs).

    • I’m generally impressed when Saturday Night Live does a good job with anything.

      I agree that they perhaps saw this as more satirical than it came off.

      I especially liked the line that, “None of this, of course, applies to Florida.”

    • Derry, tax money paid for the CIA building, the FBI building, all military bases, etc. Do you feel you should also be able to enter those any time you feel like it?

  4. Hmmm…

    No mention of the guy in New Jersey who got 7 years in prison for having an unloaded firearm locked in a case in the trunk of his car.

    Seems like they are trying to insinuate that the gun laws in this country are ridiculously lax when they are in reality ridiculously draconian.

  5. This is pretty much in keeping with the tone the show has adopted since Tina Fey’s exit, actually. It’s been a lot more even handed.

  6. damn, Papa Johns will be cancelling the Saturday Night Special buy two pizzas get a Raven Arms MP-25? NO!

    • Even though there was more care given to assembling the pizza in 30 seconds, the only part of that delivery you might ever want to eat, is the gun.

  7. Not sure why that show is on the air. Wasn’t funny in the 80’s and isn’t funny now. I guess it’s a training ground for comics who go on to be funny in movies. Pretty sure everyone watching it is stoned.

  8. Um, aren’t they basically complaining through this skit that they’re not getting what they’d really like to see, which is some serious, far-reaching gun control legislation, instead of the usual ineffective nonsense?

    I mean, yes, they’re making fun of how useless it is, I get that. But I thought that, indirectly, they’re insinuating that the legislation should introduce much tougher gun control measures. Or am I just misinterpreting this whole thing?

    • That was my take on it. In the 70’s SNL was the funniest thing on tv. Remember to look for the union label when you buy your pot.

  9. Not too bad for liberal media. I would have liked to see part of that on the brilliance of the criminal safe zones, which by the way have failed so our guns are bad, Randy

  10. If, after years of guns being banned and numerous innocent defenseless people attacked, raped, and murdered, government gone violently police-state (beyond the present), Hollywood would probably then go mostly pro-gun rights.

  11. “actually did a good job”
    I’m not here to make offensive attacks, but how in the world does this not support civilian disarmament?

    There was one fact presented as though it is real: most Americans want more “gun control”. The rest of the dialogue was jokes about how, in the name of increasing disarmament, the bureaucrats just do a bunch of meaningless things, write meaningless legislation.
    SNL is trying to convince viewers that the nation wants more gun control, but those selfish and stupid “pro gun” politicians are avoiding it.

  12. I don’t care what the haters say, that was funny.

    Three cheers for living in FL, why do you think all the New Yorkers move down here to die?

  13. Regardless of your taste in comedy, the fact that SNL even touched gun control shows that Obama waiving the bloody shirt to get sympathy will not work anymore as gun control has been treated as a joke by even the most biased of writers.

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