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Not necessarily Governor Malloy (courtesy

“Governor Dannell Malloy calls Connecticut’s new law “the most far-reaching gun safety legislation in the country” and a model for other states. It’s a model, all right—of disregard for the Supreme Court, and not unlike the massive resistance in some Southern states that followed Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. The main difference now is that the media are cheering on the politicians thumbing their noses at the law of the land.” – editorial at

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  1. The ‘all deliberate speed’ phrase was the source of a lot of resistance in the years following the Brown decision. My fear is the game will change and we will be ‘well regulated’ to the point of full disarmament.

  2. They won’t be cheering when facing catastrophic money loss through lawsuits. Think of a 50,000 person class action. Then we will hear the crying about how they were just trying to help, Randy

  3. As this is a civil rights issue I’m looking forward to Federal Marshal’s and troops descending on constitution free zones like California, Ct. and NYS and forcing them to honor the law of the land.

    Hey, a guy can dream. “I have a dream…..”

  4. Sorry, but the courts are going to be of little if any help at best, being as they’ve been poisoned by the same kind of little tyrants and despots that rammed this stuff down our throats. The simple and unfortunate fact of the matter is that those who thumb their noses at the law will have to reap what they sow in kind. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday, somewhere, it WILL happen, because that is the way of history. And that’s a fact.


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