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Smith & Wesson’s just added another Spec Series pistol kit. These are Performance Center guns that are tricked out with lots of extras. The latest model to get the Spec Series treatment is the M&P9 Metal M2.0. It sports a Faxon comp and ships with two 23-round magazines, a knife, and a challenge coin.

Here’s S&W’s press release . . .

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, today announces the release of its latest Spec Series Kit with the new Performance Center M&P9 Metal M2.0.

True to its design, this pistol not only sets a new benchmark for the Spec Series line but also places a heightened focus on performance, ensuring users encounter the pinnacle of what Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center models have to offer.

Upgraded features integrated into this Spec Series pistol include a built-in Faxon compensator to mitigate felt re-coil and muzzle rise, custom lightening cuts in the slide to reduce weight and improve reliability while being compensated, an enhanced sear for a lighter, crisp trigger let-off, suppressor height sights,  and a sharp OD Green Cerakote finish. Within its sleek new look lies a testament to durability – a robust all-metal frame that can withstand the elements while still maintaining a well-balanced feel in the hand.

“Our M&P polymer handguns have long been recognized for their reliability and ergonomic design. By combining these trusted attributes with the durability of the Metal M2.0 platform and adding modern performance upgrades, we were able to elevate the Spec Series to next level. This design is a bridge between tradition and progress, and offers a distinct edge across today’s dynamic shooting environments,” said Corey Beaudreau, Product Manager.

The PC M&P9 Metal M2.0 Spec Series ships in a custom hardcase and includes two 23-round magazines, two 17-round magazines, C.O.R.E plate system for mounting optics, a karambit style knife, and custom M&P Spec Series Challenge Coin. The MSRP for this kit is $999.

For more information on the Performance Center M&P9 Metal M2.0 Spec Series, visit

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  1. Let me get this straight. S&W lightened the slide to reduce weight. Then they added a muzzle break. To a 9mm. Jesus wept.

  2. 2 ounce weight difference between the basic 7075 and polymer model. Nice piece, accessories, reviews, etc.

  3. I have to think that the 9mm Luger semi-auto pistol market is over-saturated at this point. Business 101 recommends pursuing a niche market when the general market is saturated. This doesn’t seem to be that.

    • Judging by the huge numbers of gun sales every month the market may not be saturated. And people buy the 9mm because it is the worlds cartridge.

      And every day a fresh crop of kids cross that line into adulthood. They need to gun up, too.

      • jwm,

        When I stated that the market was saturated, I was referring to product offerings rather than consumer demand. With a bazillion semi-auto pistol designs chambered in 9mm Luger in the market, producers need something to differentiate themselves from the pack. This offering from Smith and Wesson doesn’t seem to be it. This coming from a customer who owns and carries a Smith and Wesson M&P 40 (Gen 1) full-size semi-automatic pistol every day.

        • jwm,

          I have not purchased any magazines nor priced them in several years. Thus I have no current information to share on S&W magazine pricing.

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  5. Wicked looking knife. I would be interested in some accuracy testing. The box stock M2.0 I had was woefully inadequate in that dept.


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