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Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Langdon Tactical has taken one of Beretta’s popular little pocket pistols, the .32 ACP Tomcat, and customized it. They’ve given the trigger a fluff and buff, added a threaded barrel, Cerakoted it and cut the slide for an optic. How cool is that?

Here’s Langdon’s press release . . .

After years of waiting, the Beretta Tomcat is finally getting the custom attention it deserves. Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT), custom firearms shop that specializes in creating customized, high-quality firearms, has released their version of the legendary Beretta Tomcat, Beretta’s 32 ACP tilting barrel pocket pistol.

“Customers have asked us for years to work on the Tomcat, and in 2022 we jokingly released an April Fools post suggesting that we had started doing so, however it was just a joke” said Vice President of LTT, Aimee Langdon “but then the likes, comments, and messages started rolling in with thousands of customers begging us to make it a reality. Today, we have.”

Langdon’s Tomcat will include their Trigger Job, RDO Cut, and a rear slide Bevel, along with Cerakote finishing on the slide. At launch, LTT will be offering the suppressor ready FDE variant of the Tomcat and accepting customer guns for Custom Gun Work.

LTT Tomcats with the full custom package will retail at $649 without an optic, while Custom Gun Work begins at just $140.00.

To learn more about Langdon Tactical and browse the full lineup of custom gun options, visit For other news and tips, you can find Langdon Tactical Technology on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram.

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    • can they do geoff’s rami?

      They don’t need to, I can buy a threaded barrel all day long.

      Besides, the Beretta ‘Covert’ line is already being sold with threaded barrels, and I have one in .22lr… 🙂

  1. For those asking if this is April 1st, it actually did start as an April Fools joke but LTT got so many request for it they decided to actually make it.

  2. I have owned and used a lot of different brands of handguns. Including a 95 Nagant revolver.

    By far the worst factory trigger ever was a Tomcat .32. Made me want to buy a sword.

    • “By far the worst factory trigger ever was a Tomcat .32. Made me want to buy a sword.”

      The trigger on my Bobcat ‘Covert’ isn’t great, but doesn’t totally suck, either. It’s long, heavy, and stacks like Dolly Parton, but at bad-breath range works just fine…

  3. Blonde chick on the bar stool next to me: “Is that a Tom Cat with a suppressor in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

    Unbelievable what people will spend money on, just because they have a credit card. Maybe I’ll try to get them to do my Beretta .22 short, see what they say. Cripes.

  4. I’m still happy with my keltec 32. Which has aftermarket laser and 10 round magazines available. The tomcat does not.

  5. Having that optic on top will make this a very difficult pocket gun to carry. In fact now it’s not a pocket gun at all.

  6. Cooper would’ve had some comments on attempting to acquire a proper grip on this thing before drawing it. I envision a lot of fumbling around from a pocket, even out of one of those Remora types. Add a can? WTH for?

    I carried the Beretta .22 LR version in my pocket for years while deer hunting in MN to dispatch wounded deer flopping around. I liked that better than the injuns I hunted with who just walked up and blew its head off with a .270 or ‘06 from 1 foot away. Messy.

    • Amen,

      The Tomcat is as Tomcat does. Tomcat is an excellent pocket or purse pistol. You can laugh at the .32 caliber ACP cartridge. You can laugh at the short barrel and short sight radius. However; you won’t be laughing after your intended victim expends a magazine to stitch a line from your sternum to your crotch. In the event that you’re still alive, you’ll be to busy getting your ass to a hospital to consummate your crime.

      • Don’t let the numbers fool you. 32 acp is not a very large step-down from .380 at all. They are about as far apart as .380 is to the next step up to 9mm Makarov. The next jump to 9mm Luger is a much bigger step in firepower than any of these three are apart.

  7. While I won’t question the utility of a little pocket gun (I carry a 738 TCP), I do wonder about the utility of any kind of optic on one that is meant for use at fisticuffs distance. Aiming for a specific shirt button? Maybe put a laser on it instead, so folks can shoot from the hip?

    Now the flip side is, utility doesn’t really matter if the buyer simply thinks it looks cool. I’m ok with that. Ain’t this still something of a great country?

    • You can actually buy a laser that fits on a NAA mini-revolver.
      I bet it extends the effective range of the NAA from two feet to all of six feet! I mock them, but they are cute little guns, though, and I own one of the magnum models.


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