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Handgun sales are alive and well and continuing to outpace long gun sales, with no sign that the trend will revert to historical precedence. Credit the liberalization of concealed carry laws. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Smith & Wesson’s Firearms Division President P. James Debney [above, right] on the current and prospective state of play via “If you take the primary indicator, which is NICS, the background checks performed through the FBI when a consumer purchases a firearm, that number has had very strong year-over-year growth that has continued even after the surge period that occurred in late 2008 and into 2009, reflecting strong growth in the firearms industry . . .

Couple that with trends toward concealed carry, which we believe are driven by the need for self-protection in the current environment, where municipalities have fewer funds available to support the current need.

We believe the result is that people are generally taking responsibility for protecting themselves. This seems to be supported by many states which appear to be much more willing to allow concealed carry of firearms by citizens. I think there’s now only one state remaining that doesn’t allow concealed carry. Wisconsin was one of the latest ones to recently allow concealed carry.

He thinks? He should know! We know. It’s true: Illinois is the lone U.S. state prohibiting civilian concealed carry weapons (CCW)—although there are plenty of de facto gun ban states.

With the NRA’s Todd Vandermeis playing hardball with Illinois pols, it’s only a matter of time before S&W snubbies start selling like hotcakes in the Land of Lincoln. How much time remains to be seen . . .

Meanwhile, anyone want to buy a profit-draining security company? Only one not-so-careful owner.

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  1. SWHC stock rose 10% on the news that Debney had been promoted to CEO and Golden was shown the door to the big green pasture (Board of Directors). Debney’s a sharp, personable guy and much more focused on the core of Smith’s business than previous leadership at SWHC. Perimeter Security was indeed a horrible purchase and has cost stockholders far more than the ill advised T/C buy.

  2. No offense, but these comments are more marketing than anything. When he says “in the current environment” of governmental cutbacks, he speaks the truth, but he also ignores the nation-wide falling rates for violent crimes (and please remember that Illinois, Wisconsin, and other restrictive states have experienced the same declines in crime rate as states that allow CCW). Just as car manufacturers create images of SUVs as “manly” vehicles, the gun manufacturers have a lot to gain by gun owners seeing themselves as rugged individuals.

  3. Wonder how much this has to do with Obama and the Democrats being in power. I have heard that about all semi-auto defensive firearms are doing well right now. I think people are stock piling before the Obama ban. Mitt ain’t any better. Future looks bleak for the next election.
    I jumped all over Ruger high capacity magazines for my 10-22.
    Yeah, I support Ron Paul.

    • Increased firearm sales are not as much about President Obama as everyone thinks. The NICS data, as well as the Pittman-Robertson excise tax numbers, have been steadily increasing since at least 2001. That’s four years before Mr. Obama was even a Senator.

      Shooting is simply becoming more popular.

  4. At one time the heavies in the industry, Smith & Wesson and Ruger, shied away from producing and aggressively marketing modern concealed carry pistols and revolvers. Today they are both openly and explicitly going after the burgeoning CCW market, as are most of their competitors as well. Competition benefits us all in better products and, hopefully, in lower prices as well.

  5. If ron paul wins I will buy lots of party supplies and ayn rand books. If anyone else wins I will buy lead and gold

  6. Only buy S&W concealment revolvers with out the malfunction prone, Internal Lock!
    Many would be customers are waiting for larger S&W revolvers, like the 686 and 629 series, with out the Internal Lock. If one needs to lock the action a non-marring outdoor padlock behind the trigger works just fine – and will not cause a malfunction when removed!

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