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Following on the release of their impressive M2.0 duty-sized M&P pistols (read our review here), you had to know the next logical step would be to roll out compact, more easily concealed versions. Well Brownells is already showing the guns for sale:

And our friends at Ammoland got a look, too . . .

Smith & Wesson has a new line of compact pistols coming out and we are getting early glimpse at the details.

It is a G19 sized handgun called the Smith & Wesson M&P2.0 Pistol with an included 4” barrel and holds a 15 round magazine in 9mm (13 rounds in .40S&W). Available in both 9mm and 40 S&W with ambidextrous manual thumb safety with four interchangeable palmswell grips included.

Smith & Wesson M&P2.0 Compact Pistol

The next logical step after Smith’s duty-sized M2.0 M&P pistols was, of course, compact carry versions (see our review here) . Now they’re here. Or will be soon. Our friends at Ammoland have the details:

All of the M&P M2.0 Compact pistols include the following features:

• Compact-size frame with accessory rail.
• New, 4” Barrel Length
• New, light, crisp M2.0™ trigger pull.
• Positive tactile and audible trigger reset.
• Aggressive grip texture for enhanced control.
• Four interchangeable palmswell grips for optimal hand fit and trigger reach – S, M, ML, L.
• Low bore axis reduces perceived recoil making the M&P M2.0 pistol comfortable to shoot.
• Optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim.
• Extended rigid stainless steel chassis to reduce fl ex when fi ring.
• Striker-fired action.
• Visual inspection port loaded chamber indicator.
• Each pistol comes with 2 magazines.
• Stainless steel slide and barrel with durable Armornite® corrosion-resistant finish.

When we get more details on the Smith & Wesson M&P2.0 Pistol, we will update them here.

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  1. I could easily see this being a huge seller for them. The G19 is a good target for them to go after.

  2. Am I crazy?

    Stupid question, I usually answer that one myself in tongues while binge dining on fruitloops and sourkraut,

    But….is it my imagination or is the thumb safety only on the right side of the pistol, do you need to be a left hander to use the 2.0? The article says its ambidextrous, but I see no hole on the left side to make that work.

    This seems…not likely….

    I must be crazy.

    • It is most likely like the other M&Ps: it either has an ambi-safety or it has no manual safety at all.

    • According to the review of the full sized model by TTAG, it’s much better than the previous version. I would think the same would hold true for the compact versions.

      EDIT: Oops, it looks like Dan got his comment in before mine!

  3. Hmmm – I just called S&W last week and asked about the 2.0 compact. Was told it wouldn’t be out until next spring!

    • It’s in my LGS as of yesterday. Was lucky enough to see a Gen 5 19 next to MP 2.0 Compact in person. After comparing the two I will be going with the Smith. I have the 2.0 FDE Long Slide and I personally shoot it better than the rest of my pistols. That’s for me personally. I’m no fan boy as I have a VP9, 229, Ruger SR9c, Arex ReX Zero 1, Glock, M&P Shield, RM380 and as I mentioned the 2.0 FDE Long Slide. The M&P 2.0 series is really honing in on consumer wants and needs. Aside from the .45 Shield, I hope they do a 9mm 2.0 Shield. I think Smith is about to see a consumer following and loyalty that not many gun manufacturers get to take part in aside from the following they already have to a certain degree.

  4. full sized, intermediate, compact, sub- compact and micro. i had a ’71 bonneville two door, a ’67 belvedere wagon, a ’64 cutlass f- 85 ragtop, an ’80 gutless four door, a ’71 dodge colt, a ’69 chevelle ss (four speed/ bench! for three across: “sorry, honey i need to shake it down into fourth, it’s a little tricky- there we go…” one foot on either side of the hump meant new rider or old friend), a ’71 squareback, two all wheel drive astro vans, a ’74 karmann ghia convertible, a couple of toe- rest wagons, the hiberty jiberty, a citation (sheesh), a saturn, a cj7 and some saab 99 with 270k. which was which?
    keep buyin’ all this molded goodness. i like the demand pressure low on things i’m interested in.
    investment doesn’t enter into my purchase influences; when we’re finally kicking guns out of our paths to make way, these will be the bic lighters and paper mate pens of the parkway.

    • i was going to add the one missing comma (and it’s not an oxford) but i “don’t have permission to edit this comment”…?
      it goes before the word “one”.

    • I’m sorry I’m calling shenanigans on this one no one openly admits to owning a citation and for the fact I wasn’t sure there were any left just piles of rust somewhere.

  5. Selling price in the low $500s, more like the Glock 19 in terms of size and capacity than the “compact” version 1.0 (really a subcompact by industry standards), and includes 2 grip sleeves for 17-round mags. They could have a winner here.

  6. Glock was the pioneer in what has become a very competitive market. Their popularity and durability have proven that polymer guns are here to stay. I can appreciate the advantages (and drawbacks) of striker-fired designs but I’m not sold on trigger safeties in general. Glock’s grip shape are not as comfortable for me as some other similar pistols. The M&P series looks like an option worthy of consideration.
    My brother’s XD 45 Compact has proven accurate, reliable and comfortable.
    But for now I am satisfied with my current sidearms which include a BHP, a 3913, a PPK/s and a couple of 1911s.
    Maybe someday a few others, but a plastic gun is far down the list.

  7. 1) Glock is going to have to drop their prices if they want to remain relevant to people who aren’t already part of the Kingdom Hall of Gaston’s Witness.
    2) I’m taking bets on how soon Yeager will try to take credit for this.

    • People have been asking for a Glock 19 in every brand. Now the S&W 19 can join the CZ19, FN19 Croatian 19,Sig320-19, and the Walther 19. Yeager even asked S&W for a g19 size M&P but S&W said no our compact model covers that area of the market. Put another tally mark by that all guns should be Glock

  8. I noticed the magazines do not come with the floorplate that has a finger extension like the 1.0 has. Maybe that’s because the mag is longer, with a capacity of 13 instead of 10 (.40SW) so the grip is longer too? The fact that the included sleeve is shorter than my XGRIP seems to support that theory. I guess the whole gun has grown.

  9. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We’ll see how Glock responds. They start moving their pistols into the $400-450 (admittedly where they should be) and they’ll kill everyone in the market. I’m not a marketing guy or economist, but selling much more at a lower cost, in my mind, is better than selling fewer at higher cost. More exposure, everyone has your product. Peace through superior product placement?

  10. Nice looking pistol
    I don’t have a plastic striker fired pistol
    I like this and the Shield
    Which should I buy?

  11. 40 S&W is dead, how about a .357 Sig version? And a 10mm FS. I hope this means the G26-sized “compact” isn’t dead.

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