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JonnyBravo, who describes himself as a “wheelman,” sends his “Small and Simple” submission to Everyday Carry.

P365, spare mag, CRKT folder, Olight flashlight…  all the bases are tagged for a home run ensemble.  He has that tuckable holster that’ll let your gun fall out when you take your pants off / down though.

That’s not good if you’re going to the gym (or the bathroom – especially in a porta-john).

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  1. “He has that tuckable holster that’ll let your gun fall out when you take your pants off / down though.”

    Easy to address with a modicum or self-training.

    Do you normally let your gun stay in its holster and slide around on the floor when you’re on the crapper?

    Pretty easy to remove as you get situated and lay it in your pant when you sit.

    Amazing that were able to carry guns before the introduction of kydex. We even used soft leather holsters for IWB. They worked great. Just had to remove and reholster and then reinsert. Kind of like you should do with a pocket holster.

    Not even remotely related to rocket science.

      • I’ve been at a bunch of gyms late at night and never seen this. In fact, I’ve rarely seen anyone there who isn’t working or about to hit up the diner for their senior discount.

        • Honestly Geoff, kudos to those people.

          The people I have the most respect for are not the jacked guys or the super fit ladies. They’re the morbidly obese people sweating and struggling day in and day out and the old folks keeping themselves in shape. That’s some hard shit for them and they do it repeatedly. My hat is off to those folks.

          To be entirely honest about gym carry… people won’t like this but I think gym carry is about as retarded as it gets. If you’re really working out that means you’re pushing yourself, meaning falls, drops, injuries etc are already a hazard because the entire point of this is to come damn close to maxing yourself out. Carrying a hard metal object on yourself while doing this is about as smart as doing it while downhill mountain biking. The chances you need the gun are outweighed SO much by the chance you hurt yourself doing it that it negates the entire point of carrying the gun in the first place.

          I mean, you’re gonna squat so much that you need a spot and/or maybe one of those lifting belts but carrying a gun seems like a good idea in that situation?

          Get a gym that’s key card entry with 24 hour access, go when there’s no one there and leave the burner in your locker or if you can find a gym with a bunch of cops working out while strapped, ask them their schedule and follow that. You don’t need to come heavy 24/7.

          And a side note, you know who killed gym carry without ever even going to the gym? The Yankee Marshall.

    • I like to make my workouts about my workouts. So gym attire only, zero tactical gear except in my gym bag. And I only go to my department gyms so they’re very secure. I couldn’t imagine going to a general public gym wearing a gun.

  2. Almost identical to my EDC rig. Except I carry 2 spare mags (really only because when I bought the mag carrier, the DeSantis dual was on sale and cost me $2 bucks more than the single). I go back and forth between my DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide and my Alien Gear IWB 4.0 depending upon how I’m dressed each day. I carry a Streamlight rather than an Olight, either my Polytac or Stylus, and a SWAT-T Tq and pressure dressing. I like the CRKT M16 folder I’ve used for about 3 years now. The edge holds up well, and I keep a Gerber Mini Suspension Multi-Tool in my pocket.

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