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Undercover California law enforcement agents are prowling gun shows in Nevada, watching for attendees with California license plates on their cars. This article from the LA Times emphasizes that they’re looking for buyers bringing “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines back home.

However, now that ammunition is subject to a background check in the Golden State, you can bet that they’re stopping those buyers, too. And while not mentioned in the article, does anyone think they’re not also staking out gun stores near the border as well?

The black Isuzu with California plates headed west on Interstate 80 into the Sierra Nevada, eventually crossing the Nevada state line. That’s when the California Highway Patrol pulled Vincent Huey over. Inside the vehicle, state Justice Department agents found 18 high-capacity magazines, some capable of holding 30 rounds, according to court records. …

“DOJ continues to investigate information provided regarding the unlawful importation of illegal firearms into California,” including with undercover investigations, the Justice Department said in a statement.

[Former chief of the California Justice Department’s Bureau of Firearms Steve] Lindley said he attended this year’s Reno [gun] show as an observer for Brady United. Up to half of the cars in the parking lot, he said, had California plates, adding that undercover law enforcement was also on hand.

“We cannot comment, even to confirm or deny, potential or ongoing investigations or operations,” said a statement from [Attorney General Xavier] Becerra’s office.

Scott Tarbell, the organizer of the Reno event, said he welcomed the presence of California Justice Department agents and wasn’t concerned about them scaring away potential customers.

“We invite them, but they come at their own leisure and they don’t announce anything,” Tarbell said of the agents. “The only ones they’d scare away are the ones that got no good on their mind.”

– Patrick McGreevy in California struggles to keep illegal guns and ammunition from crossing state lines

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    • Draven,

      “News from 1999…”

      from the article:


      I think that it says “2019”.

      • Looks like everyone already beat me to it, but yes, this is really old news. Everyone in CA already knows this. In fact, when I was in NV at a firearms training facility during the first week of July, all the CA residents were worried about what they might experience when going back across the border on their way home, due to the just-implemented “ammo registration” law.

        All of them were going home the more popular way, but I used a back road after midnight. Took me a little longer to get home, but I didn’t see a single LE vehicle the entire way. Of course, LE needs a “probably cause” reason to stop you, so if you drive at the speed limit and have everything in your vehicle covered with a blanket to prevent LEOs from seeing anything via a “plain view” walkaround search, you’re good.

        However, if at all possible, avoid the southbound I-15 coming back from Vegas. CA has a new checkpoint station. The only way to avoid it is to detour south of Vegas through Searchlight, or north through Pahrump. If you’re not doing anything unlawful, then you’re fine, but if you (like me) don’t want to even hassle with being stopped and questioned, then take one of these alternate routes. I was stopped once by a belligerent LEO on my way home, and believe me, LEOs absolutely don’t like to be reminded when they’re overstepping.

        • Ahhhh yes probable cause. Watching Live PD and all the other reality shows about LE probably cause can be “I think I smell pot or alcohol or something like that, whether you have it or not. Then they ask for permission for a search, you decline, they make you wait while the bring in a dog and hopefully the handler doesn’t say the dog hit on something.Watching the reality shows broadcast live you only need to sway a little or cross the center line then you can be stopped. Don’t think a honest person can’t be stopped and search for almost any reason they can come up with.

        • As for smelling anything, that’s only legally permissible in court testimony if there’s a cross breeze, so you open only a single window at a time. That’s why a second officer/deputy will sometimes go to your passenger window and ask you to roll it down so he can talk. If that happens, you ask them who’s the “responding” officer for the contact, and you keep the conversation with only that officer. If the second one becomes intent and demands that you roll down the window, then you ask him/her to please come around to the primary window so you can keep your eyes on all participants because they have approached you with guns and you fear for your safety.

        • Thanks for putting that up where everyone in the CHP can read it. I guess, pretty soon, you’re going to have to find another way in.

        • @CT
          I had the joyous experience of when I questioned an LEO why he wanted at an ungodly hour to trespass on my private property, my home, to conduct a illegal search without a warrant, he proceeded to slam my own door into my face repeatedly until I was bleeding. He then exclaimed, I see blood! so I have probable cause and then proceeded to have me arrested; my very expensive attorney found it humorous that I told her I was arrested for contempt-of-cop.
          They will fabrícate probable cause. And, the body cam tapes will miraculously disappear.

        • Literally speaking– what other “state” in America has border checkpoints to travel in and out of the state, and at multiple locations along the border? This is the United States of America… you’re supposed to get a “Welcome to Our State!” sign and a rest stop with vending machines, and that is all.

          Proof positive that *California is no longer actually part of the United States of America*, and is in fact its own little foreign fiefdom… with its own economy, its own (bizarre and screwed up) ideas about Constitutionality, its own draconian virulent laws, and certainly its own uncouth customs (e.g., “hey everybody, let’s poop in the streets!”).

          California is a neo-Stalinist, communist foreign state… hostile to America, and blatantly agitating our fine nation on the border. What are its police doing in our country, anyway? I say we invade and occupy this “Shithole Country,” and pillage it. But first, we must arm and support the patriotic freedom-loving insurgency!

          Cue Bluto scene from Animal House.

          Be safe… actual Mort/AZ

        • @UpInArms,

          I’m sure LE doesn’t really care. There aren’t enough resources to monitor every single back road leading into the state, anyhow. If they have things in place to oversee 99% of all “Vegas” traffic on the I-15, I don’t see why they’d care about the remaining 1% unless/until it becomes a known route for contraband. Note that I didn’t advocate for importing contraband in my previous comment above…I simply said you can use those alternate routes if you want to avoid the hassle of being stopped at a checkpoint.

          BTW, those checkpoints used to be for agricultural inspections, to prevent diseased fruit coming into the state and threatening our vast agricultural industry. I can understand this, as it’s a large part of our economy and CA grows up to 90% of the nation’s fruits and nuts (depending upon the type). We’ve already been experiencing devastating collapses of certain species due to invasive beetles and molds. What I don’t like is the potential to use these checkpoints to start asking all sorts of non-ag questions, such as “do you have any ammo” or “is everyone in your vehicle a U.S. Citizen”?

        • “California is a neo-Stalinist, communist foreign state… ”

          Don’t be ridiculous. Stalin would have had people shot for pooping in the street. As much as I despised the old soviet union no one there would have allowed the kind of crap (excuse the pun) that bleeding heart American liberals do.

          Once you let them have the checkpoints for some dumb thing or other they will only expand the use of them. As a friend of mine likes to say “Any new power you give to the government you like will be used by future administrations you don’t like to beat you over the head.”

    • Yep, don’t know why cops aren’t just stopped at the door and kept out, privacy fencing put up around private event parking to deter ALPR and note taking eyes.

      Go a step further and make it invite only with terms and conditions stating you may not using ALPR, conduct warrant-less spying, or otherwise phish for information on private persons, you may not loiter in the parking lot, etc. Cops are not allowed to have booths because it would amount to entrapment. Check their nam / IDs against a list of known fuzz.

      Spying is one of the biggest reason I want to see license plates removed from cars, its nothing more than a means of tracking and control.

      • So, rent a car in Nevada, drive it to the gun show, make your purchases, drive to a nice restaurant for a good dinner, turn in your rental car, and drive home to Commiefornia in your own car.

        • Go with a friend in two cars. Park one car at a distance, then go to the show. Buy what you want. Return to the parked car, reload into it. Drive the first car the short way home, through the checkpoint. If stopped, there’s nothing to find. Drive the other car home the back way.

      • I scrubbed half of one of the characters on my license plate extra hard while washing it, so as to remove some of the coloring. To a human being, you can easily discern what the LPN is, but to an automated LPR (which have been installed on an increasing number of LE vehicles and intersection cameras here in Los Angeles County), it can’t discern an entire LPN value, and therefore can’t “see” you.

        And before anyone says “whoa, you can’t mess with your license plate”, what about all the government owned buses and vehicles that have stripped or otherwise illegible plates due to aggressive power washing? All the buses in my city have plates that have been stripped all the way down to the bare metal. If it’s okay for them, then a little scrubbing of a single character is okay for me.

        • Nope. $250, and only if it’s proven that you altered it. And even then, only if anyone cares that a small portion of a single character (at the corner of the plate) appears to have been power washed in the **same manner** that gov’t cleans their own vehicles & plates.

          CA VEH § 5201.1

          (c) A person shall not erase the reflective coating of, paint over the reflective coating of, or alter a license plate to avoid visual or electronic capture of the license plate or its characters by state or local law enforcement.

          (d) A conviction for a violation of this section is punishable by a fine of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) per item sold or per violation.

    • Califa has transformed itself into a fascist state. (Not surprisingly—and typical for socialism—1 in 4 people there live in poverty.) You can’t have that level of control without also creating a police-state. And police-states become very good at seeking out just the right kinds of low-self-image thugs who will happily kick in your door whenever the state gives them an order. While there are Califa cops who are sickened by all this, they know they can and will be replaced.

      • No, believe me, 1 in 4 living in poverty is absolute nonsense. Those are numbers the local govs finaggle so as to claim eligibility for federa/state assistance, or to garner voter support for yet another funding measure. I cannot tell you how many people I encounter who claim to be struggling, yet drive new cars, wear name-brand clothes, and have nice iPhones. In most of those cases (aside from true poverty), such people don’t have enough money to fulfill their budget because they buy too much and get themselves into debt. A reliable $10K used car is much cheaper than a new $30K one, and a $30 TracFone will text and call just as well as a $500 smartphone, etc.

  1. California should build a wall. You know, to keep Californians safe from all the backward antics of the rest of the country. I’ll chip in.

    • I’ll chip in too. We’re seeing some of that Cali logic here in Texas. We might need walls around Houston and Austin soon. These areas are awesome for grabbing classic firearms at bargain prices, for now.

  2. California…America’s First Police State..
    First they came for the gun owners and I did not speak out because I wasn’t a gun owner.
    Then they came for the Christians and I did not speak out because I was not a Christian.
    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they changed our Constitution and I did not speak out because it didn’t effect me.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    • Hardly the first or only “police state” with police working the state border. Biggest difference is that Kalifornia is generally going after their own citizens, while police states like NJ patrol the roads entering the state looking for cars with out of state plates hoping to catch someone carrying or transporting a firearm (NY & NJ both refuse to accept FOPA).

      But none of this is new or limited to just firearms. Back in the 1960’s on weekends Utah used to have highway patrol cars waiting at the Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado borders watching for cars with college decals or parking stickers bringing in 6% beer.

      • Not just that, NJ cops also stake out PA firework stores . Then pull over any NJ plated cars they saw stopped at one once they cross any of the bridges from PA back into NJ.

  3. Every California Democrat politician and a significant number of their cops are ignorant totalitarian cucks. This bunch is spectacularly ill equipped to make or enforce law outside of some crap hole like Cuba or Venezuela.

  4. Rent a car, get one with out of state plates (some agencies let you pick your car, making this easy) and use it to drive out of state.

    For trips longer than a few hundred miles, renting is arguably cheaper than driving your own car (based off the current GSA mileage reimbursement rate of $0.58/mile, gas prices, etc.). Plus it saves wear and tear on your car, lets you try out a newer model, etc.

    Get the out of state plates because local police in CA, and CHP, are always kind and understanding to out-of-state drivers.

    • Ha! Was thinking the same thing. Sort of ridiculous that anyone would need to go to that extent. I live in FL and there’s some fear that some Cali-like laws might be popping up here soon. If that’s the case, I’m packing up and heading to GA.

      • @Tom in Oregon:
        Here’s another idea: Californian, drive your own car to Nevada, rent a car with a Nevada license plate, go to the show. Then, return the rent-a-car before driving your own car home.
        And, watch who you vote for the next time.

        • “Here’s another idea: Californian, drive your own car to Nevada, rent a car with a Nevada license plate, go to the show.”

          Use technology against them.

          Drive to the town in Nevada where the gun show is. Call an Uber to take you to the show. Uber back to your car after the show…

        • @Geoff:
          I wonder how our Uber driver would feel, if our Californian wanted to stuff a piece into the trunk of the driver’s car. Might work out okay, or it might not.

  5. Scott Tarbell, the organizer of the Reno event, said he welcomed the presence of California Justice Department agents and wasn’t concerned about them scaring away potential customers.

    “We invite them, but they come at their own leisure and they don’t announce anything,” Tarbell said of the agents. “The only ones they’d scare away are the ones that got no good on their mind.”

    So… buying standard capacity magazines is “no good” ?

    • If they are Law-enforcement from another state, then I would say they also come at their own risk, their badge means nothing. If I lived in Commiefornia and saw some yard bird snooping around my vehicle He would wake up with one h*ll of a headache and more than likely a couple of hundred miles from where he was snooping, and more than likely a couple of hundred miles from any water or food source.

      • They don’t need to snoop around your car, just drive up and down the parking lot with their licence plate scanner. They get you license and send that to the border check point or any CHP units to check out.

  6. Too bad about California. Elect good for nothing, liberal law makers, and this is where you end up! The criminals are pouring in across the southern border, and the undercover agents are at Nevada gun shows…The stupidity exhibited by this State knows no limits! They have raised their gas taxes to the highest in the Nation, now they have announced, they are opening an investigation on, get this…why the price of gas is so high in California!!!

    • Don’t forget the super special, highly localized, gas formulations that are used nowhere else in the country.

      • The price of gas is so high in California because the State only allows 4 refineries in the state! CA created its own problem! Many years ago CA was one of the major oil and gasoline producers, but the state put a stop to that! Now they look for alternative fuels rather than solving the problem by allowing new refineries!

    • Actually, Washington at 49.4 cents per gallon, and Pennsylvania at 57.6 cents per gallon, are higher than California, which has “only” 47.7 cents per gallon state tax on gas.

  7. Well if the Cali-cops are carrying they need a CCW. If they are performing their duties then they need permission from the State of Nevada or Head LEO to perform law enforcement activities in Nevada/County/City. If neither they can be arrested too. So Nevada should tell them No you can’t and if you do then those doing so will be prosecuted.

    • That’s because most of them are like PETA members. When’s the last time PETA made a pilgrimage to Sturgis or Daytona Beach during their respective “Bike Week” gatherings to throw red paint on biker’s leathers?

      A substantial portion of those 10,000 felons are violent, hardened criminals who will think nothing of engaging in gun battles to avoid going back to prison.

      Just like the ATF, it’s safer and gets you promoted faster if you target non violent, otherwise peaceful, law abiding citizens for “technical violations”.

      • Did you just call all bikers violent felons? If so, generalize much? There’s a reason there’s what they call 1%ers. Look it up…. and stop generalizing….

        • Actually, if you re-read my comment, I didn’t call all bikers violent felons. The analogy was PETA people won’t throw paint on bikers, whether they’re 1% ers or not, because the likelihood ANY biker cleaning your clock is substantial. That’s why they prefer to assault women wearing fur coats, less chance of getting injured.
          The violent felons are the ones the LEO’s
          won’t engage.
          Understand now?? Goood!
          Reading(and comprehending) is fun-duh-mental..

        • Quote- A substantial portion of those 10,000 felons are violent, hardened criminals who will think nothing of engaging in gun battles to avoid going back to prison.

          Sounds like you did….. but either way, you are correct in the fact that a sizable portion wouldn’t be too happy if PETA did something like that.. but the other side of the coin is that most bikers I know would help another person without question if they needed it too, so there’s that.

        • He did not call all biker felons. Read and comprehend. It is important to understand what you read.

  8. And the LA Times is shocked that people will not comply with laws they don’t agree to? What do they expect? I just wonder why anyone returned to the People’s Republic after the show.

  9. Wowzers😋So glad you got those stand er evil 30round magazines! Haven’t been to a gunshow in 8 years…in a similar vein ILLinois state idiot’s look for “contraband” at the ILL/Indiana border. But there ain’t no porous deserts!

  10. Californians: Your state is on fire, governed by a philandering drunk and taxed beyond comprehension. Now, you’re also under surveillance.

    Time to leave!

    • Why people continue to live there????? The politicians, Cops and Hollywood crowd have ammo and high capacity mags… But the serfs in the state do not…

  11. “…found 18 high-capacity magazines, some capable of holding 30 rounds…”

    HORRORS! Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight for fear that I’ll be attacked by demon clipazines.

    “…Up to half of the cars in the parking lot, he said, had California plates…”

    Weasel phrasing. 1/1024 is _up to half_. Schmucks.

    • 0 (zero) is also up to half. Good point.

      Though (oddly) not stated, up to half of the attendees also left the show carrying grenades, RPGs, and even nukes….

  12. I would encourage those in CA with friends who live out of state to simply have their friends ship them magazines. Easy peasy. Can’t imagine how you would get caught either. That’s what I would do. Same goes for ammo.

    • Well, not exactly. I’ve had mags shipped to me, but ammo must be shipped with ORMD designation, which acts as a flag because ammo can’t be shipped to your door anymore. It must be shipped to an FFL, unless you yourself are an FFL, in which case this doesn’t matter to you anyway.

        • I’m referring only to CA. Our now-Governor Newsom authored gun control bill AB 63 a few years ago (which then-Gov Brown signed into law in 2016) banning direct shipments of ammo to CA. Beginning Jan 2018, all ammo purchases must be performed face-to-face with an FFL or COE holder.

          On top of that, even if you comply with the necessary FFL or COE documentation, the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, and Avalon have banned any and all importation of ammo from out of state within their city limits.

        • Hmm, “from” and “to” seem to have different concerns. Those of us in a potential “from” don’t seem to have much care regarding the concerns of the so-called “authorities” in a “to” destination.

  13. The Massachusetts State Police did something similar in the 1970’s. Mike Dukakis ordered them to go into New Hampshire and stakeout the state owned liquor stores looking for Massachusetts plates. Liquor was/is cheaper in New Hampshire and the stores were open on Sundays. Cars that were targeted were stopped once they crossed the state line. The Governor of New Hampshire put out an edict to the New Hampshire State Police to arrest anyone “impersonating” a New Hampshire law enforcement officer who was affiliated with the Massachusetts State Police. The surveillance activities came to a screeching halt. Nevada should arrest the California DOJ Agents in their jurisdiction. The California DOJ conducts BS investigations against citizens because arresting gang bangers or cartel members is dangerous.

  14. The Ohio State police used to do the same thing to prosecute people who drove across the Ohio/Michigan line to buy…… Firecrackers. This was in the sixties. Don’t know if they still do.

  15. What are the chances that the organizers of these shows are actively cooperating with CA police?
    Article says they just show up and do their thing, then quotes the guy in charge of the show saying that only people up to no good had anything to worry about. What precisely does that mean? A CA resident buying mags is up to no good, but a NV resident doing the same is A-OK?
    Is it as simple as that for this guy, that all laws are good laws and anything outside the law is bad?

  16. Step 1: I’m not going to discuss my day or my night with you.
    Step 2: I do not consent to any searches.
    Step 3: (when they call for a dog to manufacture pretext for search) Am I being detained?
    Step 4: STFU
    Step 5: see Step 4.

  17. So California cracks down on its own citizens driving back from Nevada but not Mexicans sneaking in from Mexico.

    How charming.

    • The liberal democratic politicians target their own citizens who attend gun shows because they know they’ll never get their votes. And they welcome the illegal immigrants, because by doing so, they expand their voter base. And the cycle repeats as they maintain totalitarian control.

  18. It should be “Stay the blank out of my jurisdiction!”. I knew at some point California would be in a position where they would to control border entry points and search cars. Whoever posted “1984” kind of understated things because they aren’t just messing with their own state but with commerce in another state and that is not Constitutional. Gun owners should endeavor to move. Buck knives did.

  19. I left Cali over 13 years ago. Best decision I ever made. At that time I was advocating to give the state back to Mexico so Mexico could pay for their own welfare. Now it’s more important to let Mexico have control of this failing state. Maybe Eric Holder could run another fast and furious scam. I used to feel sorry for those left behind now it’s just you are getting what you deserve.

  20. In california on certain days, you have the government’s permission to having sex in public. You can shoot up crystal meth to improve your sexual experience in public. You have legal recreational pot smoking in public. You can defecate in public.

    The Bread and Circuses continues while laws are passed making rape and stalking victims, and everyone one else, wait an extra 10 days to get a gun.

  21. Some years ago, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue sent agents to various New Hampshire state liquor store parking lots to record all cars with MA license plates. MA residents would then get pulled over as soon as they crossed back into MA, and charged with (sales) tax evasion. This practice ceased when these snitch agents found their cars with four flat tires when returning from a call of nature.

  22. On what grounds are they pulling people over? And searching people’s vehicles? Do people know a search request can be refused unless a warrent is involved?

  23. Be soooo much fun to blow their minds… drive up with a moving truck with Cali plates, go in and buy a fucking army’s worth of guns. Drive it off, unload the guns onto other vehicles — not necessarily even ones going to Cali — , then take it back across the border with them drooling at the idea of catching this massive truckload headed into Cali… 😀

  24. Patriotic U.S. firearm manufacturers need to cut off all CA law enforcement. No guns for you, no parts, no support, no ammo.

    What’s bad for your subjects is bad for you too, LEO.

    • I’d even take that a step further. ANY state that passes laws restricting citizens’ rights should have those same restrictions placed upon their LEOs by the manufacturers.

    • Barrett and several others have done just that. I would love to get Glock and Smith on board for cutting them off as well, or at least limit all their LEO agencies to whatever is on the Cali approved list, after all if it is unsafe for all the other citizens and since cops are more likely to need to use their guns around other people, then they should be held to that same “high” standard!

      • I second that and only High Point pistols for LEO in infringing states. They aren’t worthy of High Standard .22s.

        • From what I can tell, Hi-Point is one of the more patriotic companies, and their bread and butter customers are often people with strained relationships with the cops, so I don’t see them being the ones to sell to traitorous LEOs.

    • Do you actually have any degree of familiarity with Calif firearms statutes? Or how quickly they change? OR how drasticly UnConstitutional they are? The of course there are the ethics violations inherent in operating outside your own jurisdiction undercover and in complete subterfuge. So you’re ok with all that are ya? If so you part and parcel behind the reasons that the Golden State is now prima facie proof that Gold can Tarnish.

    • I doesn’t matter if you follow their laws if they keep changing every year. What’s legal one year is illegal the next.

  25. How about some really concerted efforts to keep the California legislature from enacting the really dumb laws they seem to have a strange attraction for. Oh in addition to the foregoing, how about an extra large bolus of common sense, that would lead to the repeal of a significant portion of the state’s existing firearms laws, for which there seem seem neither rhyme nor reason. By the way, many years ago, in the late 1960’s, I lived in The Bay Area, as it is known. There weren’t anywhere near the plethora of Gun Laws now existing back then, and as I recall, the only gun fire that I ever heard was on designated shooting ranges.

  26. Some people on this site are suggesting that capricious tyranny should be resisted, even by resorting to illegal measures. There might just be some fiber left in the sons and daughters of the American Revolution. Interesting.

    I should perhaps note that at least a modicum of circumspection with regard to identity might be in order. Lists are being compiled. In circumstances where the NRA is a terrorist organization, and MS-13 members need extra protection from red flag laws, who knows how such lists will be used.

  27. What happens if a California resident stores the firearms in a Nevada storage locker for use in Nevada only to then be subjected to a search upon entering California?

  28. A lawyer could argue that the search is unreasonable since it is unreasonable to assume that the law abiding citizen is breaking the law solely because of his or her presence at a gun show.

    • It depends on state laws and agreements. You have to remember in public you have no expectation of privacy. If it can be seen from a publicly accessible area it can be photographed. The Cali cops are just gathering publicly visible info. Just like the NY cops who would infiltrate mosques in New Jersey. The problem is allowing cops to be under cover. All cops should be readily identifiable from a distance of 100 yards.

    • They wait until the tires touch .CA soil then they pull you over. Nothing prevents LEO from observing in NV.
      Too bad they don’t treat illegal immigrants this way.

  29. From what I read about the folks in calipornia, I know they not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree, but UPS does have drop off places in Nevada. Just crate it carefully. Just for the real dim bulbs, don’t do it in the show parking lot, or use the closest drop.

  30. Ethos isn’t the same crap Blumberg did with New York City Police going undercover in Virginia and Florida trying to look for people to arrest buying guns!! This is crap. This is not going to end well with essentially states patrolling other states without approval or knowledge and then using some made up pretext for stop and search probable cause when they cross back into California!! Sir your taillight was out so open the trunk… presumably without a warrant. A legal purchase made in Nevada suddenly becomes a basis for a probable cause stop in California

  31. Is it even legal for other stste’s LEO’s to basically run stings like this ? The Feds obviously could, but I think a Nevada sherrif oughta run ’em out of town !

    • PA does this for liquor at the DE border around the holidays. Substantial difference in prices makes even bars load vans with booze.

  32. They’re going by license plates to determine statehood? Good luck with that considering the amount of CA plates in Clark County alone. People avoid the high registration in NV by keeping their CA tags.

  33. And now for something to warm everyone’s heart on a cold October day—

    There are whispers in the wind that Gubner Gruesome is looking at a White House run in ’24.

    First thing he needs to do is throw away all that hair gel.

  34. StuckInIllinois is happy he ain’t stuck in commiefornia. Loved my time there in the USAF, but that was years ago. Kid is @2 9 Palms. Only reason I’ll visit.

  35. No wonder they have the crime problems they do, if they’re wasting time with this. I’ve got to question the judgement of chasing after someone with magazines they’re not supposed to have per CA law, but anyone can dump a load on the Golden Toilet OOPS Gate Bridge.

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  37. Need to have a car with pro police camouflage so that it goes ignored into California while having a decoy car with zero defects, not carrying anything illegal in the state and plastered with anti-police propaganda!

  38. I think I’ll go pickup a few big magazines and a case of ammo, no permission needed, today. I don’t live in a state that flips the bird to its taxpayers.

  39. Commie-fornia -Kooky Gestapo. “Pay-pers pleez. Let me see your pay-pers.” Sad. People with their heads in the sands would never believe this could happen in America. They keep voting for the “free-stuff” and snake oil salesmen that promise it.

  40. “Public Servants” in California just love to kalifornicate their citizens, and let’s face it, the majority of the citizens joyfully quiver in anticipation of just such an occurrence, else why would they keep voting the same kalifornicators back into office every single election?

    I have no pity anymore for those who incessantly whine but never act. You laid down with dogs, and you will be unable to get rid of the fleas. Have fun scratching yourselves…..

  41. Gun Shows in states bordering California and New Jersey are business opportunities. I would sell shipping services at a table right by the doors. AFAIK, these Commie states aren’t scanning incoming mail yet. Mail those mags home!

  42. Simple solution. Drive your CA tagged car to a mall/Walmart/Target/etc near the show. Call an Uber, get Ubered over, buy all your toys and then Uber back to your car.

  43. Make friends with a long haul trucker who lives in free America. Order bulk online ship to his/her house. They bring it to you on their next run to your area. + all the other suggestions. Work it!!

  44. Ladies, and gentlemen, boys, and girls, may I have your attention please? If a person really wants to get their contraband, and safely smuggle it into the golden state, there are safe ways of doing that.

    A buddy of mine has a time share, and so going to Vegas, and buying prohibited items, and bringing them back is pretty simple. Simply get a room off the beaten path, take a Lyft to your favorite store, and then take a Lyft back to your room. I personally like buying things at Bass Pro, as I’m going into Vegas. If you have an issue with carrying magazines home with you, just go to the post office, and ship them that way.

    The people that are getting in trouble are not thinking things through. That’s all I’m going to say on this.

  45. I just recently saw this topic and thought to chime in with my 2 cents worth even though it is a little late. As for me first and for most I am a son of the only True and Living God, yes a Bible believing Christian, a citizen of the Greatest Country the world has ever known, a present day patriot, a constitutionalist, great x grandson of a Rebel Officer of the American Revolution, further a descendant of the May Flower Compact, a tax payer, a employer, a gun enthusiast, and, among others, a California resident, I love the Golden State, in as much of the topography it is a beautiful state. That is where the love affair ends. The majority of the people and their wicked sinful corrupt to the core ways have defiled this great land to become what it represents today. I too will leave my native state one day, but not entirely. I believe one of the best things exiting Californians can do is to leave but funnel as much wealth out of this state as deemed legally possible. Don’t cash out, the state loves when you sell your homes that are now going for much more then when you bought, they get a windfall of tax increase every time a property sells. As an example, a friend bought in 1974 for 50K, that house is now going for 1M, guessing she is paying less than a thousand in property tax a year, that same house if sold today would give the local government somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve times that. With the rents that California properties fetch and the low percentage rates the banks offer and the volatility of the stock market, real estate is a solid investment. No one ever won the game Monopoly by selling any properties. Keep that house and funnel all that pay out of California once and for good. All business owners should move their selves and their families out but continually funnel as much of the California economy as legally as possible out to you, ie: paying taxes to whomever taxes are due. If you own a manufacturing business, and it makes sense logistically, move out completely. We all know how screwed up California is so enough with bashing California, now with the rest of the happy go lucky that live outside of California in utopia and think it will never happen there, think again! Lee Iacocca the brilliant saver of the Dodge Chrysler Corp once said that the “auto industry (speaking of Detroit and the Big Three) looked toward California for where the future of the auto industry was heading”. Now I don’t remember exactly what he was referring to, if it was emission related or some other related trend. What I do know is that up until recently, not all autos were California smog legal, however, most if not all autos sold in the USA are now compliant with 50 state emissions. Did California lower their emission laws or did other states get in line with California? In other words, what happening now in California will soon be happening to the rest of the country. Another fine example of this is the legalizing of weed, California was the first to come up with medical weed and now look were we are. I think cannabis is now legal in at least 11 states and counting. Then as not to be out done by California, other states like Colorado were the first to legalize it for recreational use. Absolutely genius, the left’s thinking is let’s get everyone stoned then they won’t know we just took away all their rights. So if you like the 2nd amendment and the right to get high, well it’s that old saying, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Choose one or the other, I chose to be sober when they show up on my front porch demanding I turn over my right to protect myself and my family. Seems like a lot of people on here standing on the other side of the property line in Nevada, good for you, but you got a front row seat to what’s headed your way and soon. Think you are safe on that side of the line, guess you didn’t get the memo. Nevada is as shy of Republicans as California is now days, the people of the silver state have elected all blue jackasses to the governorship and both legislative state bodies. Problem is, you let the wrong Californians in, Las Vegas is liberal to the core and it is sad to see the rest of the state following suit. Once one domino falls they all fall. The democrat’s number one tactic is to “divide and conquer”. Now more then ever we must stand united, we must take back California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado. Texas albeit enormous, is in the liberal cross hairs. In all my travels in the past 30 years, most people of other states have been welcoming to the migration of Ex-Californians, but, have always wished the migration would come without the politics. As for now I chose to stand on the front lines and defend the rights that my forefathers bled and died for since before the beginning.

    I don’t wish to alienate any of my brothers and sisters, I have my own trials and tribulations and faults, no one is perfect. The Bible tells us “There is none righteous, no, not one.” Romans 3:10. I only wish to open every one’s eyes to the fact that the problem we have here in California will not stay in California. It will and has been spreading to all corners of this Great Nation, we were so graciously given by our Creator. Let’s encourage each other to go out and vote in the 2020 election to take back our Nation and preserve the remnant for following generations!


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