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Anti-fancy.  That’s what “Name Withheld” (Is that like FNU LNU?) calls his daily stuff.  From Everyday Carry.  Have you submitted yours yet?  What’s holding you back?  Heck, I even posted a link

Anyway, Mr. FNU LNU carries a SIG P365.  You’ve probably read my review of it here at TTAG (I try not to include any links aside from those to Everyday Carry here which is why I haven’t listed it…  but if you type Boch P365 Review into the search bar above, you’ll see it).  Probably the best small, general purpose carry pistol out there right now.  If my cart wasn’t already hitched to Gaston’s product, I’d be all over the 365 like white on rice.

Back to my guy FNU LNU.  He writes:

I teach daytime engineering classes on a university campus.

This set up is carried everyday in Costco cargo pants with an Uncle Mike’s thick nylon belt. The P365 and spare mag hold 20 rounds of Critical Defense. They ride in a Recluse holster in the front pocket.

The square profile of the holster is intentional to keep the hundreds of eyeballs on me daily from making out the profile of a gun.

The Timex Ironman, Cold Steel Voyager, and 14 year old wallet are ready for work every day before me.

I don’t carry a flashlight… yet.

Campus carry.  Love it.  God bless him.

Gotta appreciate how he aggressively combats printing issues.  And with a bunch of people watching him lecture, that’s obviously a savvy, wise and prudent decision.


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  1. The P365, like the Glock, or Shield isn’t anti-fancy. It is just standard run of the mill. Anti-fancy would be a Kel-Tec P11, or maybe a Taurus G2C or model 85 . I’m not knocking the Sig. It is a great CCW. It just doesn’t have the “poor folk anti-fancy” credibility of Kel-Ted or Taurus.

    • anti-fancy does not equal poor to me. It just means functional without bells and whistles. I’m still not sure if the P365 is a great example because its price point is higher than other subcompacts ( often with a but less capacity) but it sure ain’t fancy.

  2. “If my cart wasn’t already hitched to Gaston’s product”…John, why limit yourself to only one manufacturer…even Taurus makes one or two models that are decent firearms.

    While I do not care for the Glock “dropped wrist” angle…it doesn’t keep me from owning a couple (Gen 5 19 and a Polymer80 19 clone – that said, the P80 has more of a 1911 angle of the dangle…it fits my style and shoots very well).

    Wore a P365 all day today while grocery shopping and doing errands…ya kinda forget that it is there…what better accolade for an EDC?

    • Oh, I might hypothetically already own a Taurus 85 or two (google the review), and a number of other good guns. It’s just that I’ve carried the Glock 19 for twenty years, and shot it for more than that. So many times that it’s practically part of me.

      In addition to a lot of guns, I’ve now got two twin boys. And formula, diaps, food, clothes, and misc baby stuff ain’t cheap. To say nothing of never-ending co-pays for a host of docs and related stuff for kids and the domestic supervisor. If I can avoid spending $500 on a P365, plus another $100 for a couple of extra mags, $100 or more on holster & mag pouch, and another couple of hundred on ammo for familiarization and practice with a new gun (along with the time for dry-fire and dry-run on holster work), why not?

      Yeah, I’ve shot plenty of revolvers. But frankly, from concealment (or open), my wheelgun times are consistently about .1 to .2 seconds slower than my Glock (with 3.5# target triggers in all of them) times. Simply because there’s that longer, heavier pull that requires (me, at least) to slow down just a little bit to get that a-zone hit at 5-7 yards. With the Glock and my familiarity with that, I can pretty much let it all hang out and still get good hits.

      Yeah, I’ve carried a Beretta 92 too, back in the day (90s). LOL. That one’s closer to two or three tenths slower thanks to that god-awful long trigger!


      • Thank you for your response. Like you we had a set of twins (girls) who ate up most of our disposable income during the 80’s and 90’s.

        I started with revolvers and will always have a soft spot in my heart for them…but, I carry an auto most days.

        You are correct in that you should carry what you like and are familiar with.

        The G19 is a good choice for millions of people…just not me…carry on.

  3. I looked ar the recluse holster years ago and passed.

    I would rather have the trigger covered than have it nestled into a groove.

    My fear was that if the gun did shift, the two hump would be pushing on the trigger.

    Haven’t read of any ADs with a Recluse holster, but it made me pass on trying them.

  4. Not so long ago I would have questioned the method here but whatever works for him. Personally when I think it might be an issue I just throw on a cover garment like a sport coat or an overshirt.

    Campus carry is actually kinda nerve wracking even if it is legal (it is for me). Realistically a student making you isn’t the issue. The only ones who might actually figure it out know what it is, that’s mostly vets, and they figure it out based on prior knowledge meaning they’re familiar with guns and likely carrying themselves.

    It’s the faculty/staff that might cause the big issues when some hyper-sensitive ivory tower type flips out that a gun got within 100 feet of them. That type will raise absolute holy Hell and they KNOW how to fuck your life up.

      • I know. I’m married to one.

        Fortunately she has a good enough sense of humor not to kill me in my sleep for saying this.

    • I’ve seen a number of cases where teachers were fired or even arrested (i.e. in NY) for carrying on campus\school grounds. In each one, when you read between the lines, it was faculty or staff that dropped the dime on them. Sometimes because for ‘some reason’ they happened to be looking through someone else’s purse(hmm!) or, perhaps more likely, because the person carrying let it be known to trusted colleagues… and paid dearly.

    • “It’s the faculty/staff that might cause the big issues when some hyper-sensitive ivory tower type flips out that a gun got within 100 feet of them. That type will raise absolute holy Hell and they KNOW how to fuck your life up.”

      Oh, hell yeah.

      If they know you carry, I wouldn’t *ever* have a disagreement or conflict with them. They will associate you with Trump and vent their hatred at you anytime they feel like it.

      And having the cops called on you is an excellent way for them to “Get back at Trump”, even if only via proxy.

      Check this shit out, people –

      “Last Wednesday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr issued a memorandum to all U.S. attorneys, law enforcement agencies and top ranking Justice Department officials announcing the imminent implementation of a new “national disruption and early engagement program” aimed at detecting potential mass shooters before they commit any crime.”

      Bet your ass that’s gonna be weaponized against POTG…

      • I don’t let people know.

        The real issue is that while CCW on campus is legal here OC is not. So if they see it and report it the cops will show up, see you’re CCWing, concealment failed but that it’s not a OWB rig or something and they’ll leave you alone. Probably with a warning to be more careful.

        But, if someone wants to be a righteous asshole, they act in a way so as to add in University policies where a “protected person” (female, LGBTQ, minority etc) complains that you didn’t brandish but allowed concealment to fail specifically for the purpose of letting them know you had a gun and that they “feel” this was done to “intimidate”… and you’re in a world of trouble with the University. That’s hard to fight because it’s all about the other person’s feelz at that point. The harassment policy is much like the sexual harassment policy… just elastic enough to be used as a weapon.

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  6. I guess I some one says back in the 90’s.

    Starting back in the 70’s till now I have carried everything from 22rf mouse guns too 7.5 in redhawk.

    I gave up carrying small guns when carry has become more common and in most states it doesn’t matter if some one spots your firearm.

    Yes I know there are places where concealment is still of up most important.

    But in large areas of the country it just doesn’t matter. We do have 16 constitutional carry states.

    Now days the smallest handgun I carry is a Glock 23. The small guns never make it out of the safe anymore except for a little range time now and then.

    Large guns are not hard to conceal with a little forethought.

    Most people hardly ever notice my SR1911 when I open carry it.

  7. I posted mine, but I’m thinking the little wimps that run that site were scared when they saw my edc…..
    I carry a full size USP AND a full size 92fs with me AT ALL TIMES…
    Yeah, I love OVERKILL!

  8. I would want a holster that covers that light trigger. I use a DeSantis Super Fly when I pocket carry. It covers the trigger and the gun outline.


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