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SIG/SAUER had some big product launches this week, and the factory flat dark earth version of the P2022 wasn’t really one of them. The polymer P226-alike gets only a mild makeover this year with a factory FDE treatment and SIGLITE night sights. The 2022 is a much better gun than its lowly place in the SIG/SAUER catalog would suggest . . .

SIG doesn’t show it much love, but it’s actually an outstanding full-size pistol. (Read Nick’s 2012 review here.) We hope this mild makeover shows that SIG plans to keep it around for a while unlike the superseded P250, which (despite SIG’s repeated denials) probably has a remaining shelf life of less than two years.


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  1. I love the XDm but if I had to choose another this would be at the top of my list. Great shooter, fits my hands, and fits the XDm holsters.

  2. I was gonna grab a 2022 recently, they seem like great guns for a relatively low price. Seeing this though, now I really want the FDE version. Wonder if itll still be the same $400ish price.

    • As you should. You could have had a Glock! 😉

      Seriously, I’m a glock guy but the last hammer gun I truly loved was a 2022. If I had to cock a hammer again it’d be another 2022 or an FNX. Solid gun all the way around.

  3. I have been looking for a 2022. It seems the price has really goneup on these. $520 with the night sights is all I can find. I might just wait for his one though.

  4. “Remaining shelf like” I presume is supposed to be “remaining shelf life.”

    And now I can say that I’ve done it, but I still don’t see a way to offer a correction without feeling like a prick.

    • When I typo an actual word, it still slips through the spell check. Which is still no excuse. Thanks for the tip; text corrected.

    • Chris, you also need to correct the name of the gun in the title and in the text. It is an “SP2022”, not “P2022”.

      I know … SIG tends to name all of their pistols P___, but this one is an exception to that rule.

  5. I generally shoot striker-fired pistols, so my 2022 doesn’t get much range time. Occasionally I consider selling it. But whenever I take it out of the safe and hold it, I’m reminded how good it feels in the hand. I’m glad to see Sig offering new versions.

  6. I just picked up a black one with night sights for $459 off gunbroker. Haven’t put my paws on it yet. Looking forward to it. Might paint the frame FDE if I can’t find one of these.

  7. “We hope this mild makeover shows that SIG plans to keep it around for a while unlike the superseded P250, which (despite SIG’s repeated denials) probably has a remaining shelf like of less than two years.”

    The SP2022 isn’t going anywhere. SIG has contracts with several governments including France which required a 20 year service life. Hence the name 2022. Plus it’s a kickass gun as compared to the P250, which isn’t.

  8. And, it’s more like a P229 than a P226. This gun has the smoothest DA/SA trigger I have seen out of the box. Is it exciting? Not really, but I won’t sell mine!

  9. Picking one of these up from my LGS next week. (Yay for cali waiting period). Cost me a pretty penny, but regular sp2022 have gone way up around my area. The mag cost is a bummer, especially since it only comes with one. But after reading Nick’s review, various opinions online, and holding this side by side with the MK25 Desert, I’ve concluded that this would be a good first Sig pistol for me.

  10. Traded my P250 two-sum for an SP2022 with night sights – never looked back. The SP2022 has to be one of the best overall semiautomatic handgun values available. I’ve never had a problem and it shoots like a dream. It would be damn near perfect if you could get it with the SRT.

  11. I put one these on layaway today. Foolishly traded my last black one for a Remington model seven in .260 Rem which was actually a pretty cool rifle. Anyway, my dealer had one FDE and one 2 tone 2022 today. Put a c-note on the fde for layaway. I love these pistols except for the lack of aftermarketness. Although I too found that it works in a Blackhawk serpa for an XD45 service model.

  12. Buds Gun Shop has the FDE version with black grips for $399 comes with nite sights and two mags. Wish I waited a couple weeks to order mine. It has the fde grip and nite sights, but only came with one mag for $452 w/shipping and insurance.

  13. I got my sp2022 FDE BG for a steal!!! 550 plus tactical bag and two extra mags brand new! Got lucky!!! I love my gun!!! Can’t wait to get another! Ps my first purchase…


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