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Shotguns are incredibly versatile firearms, excellent for hunting, self-defense, planting seeds and reducing the number of unwed mothers. We can now add opening a beer to that list. Or not. Yeah, let’s go with not. Putting your hand anywhere near the end of a shotgun as bits of lead exit the barrel at 1100 to 1200 feet per second may not be the stupidest thing you can do, but it’s close. Damn close. Close enough to make Elvis’ infamous ballistic reaction to Robert Goulet’s TV performance seem sensible. And earn our unidentified suds quaffer IGOTD hardware. Let’s hope he doesn’t drink to that. [h/t Tyler Kee]

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    • Well, having passed a couple kidney stones in the past, I have a pretty good idea. Not something you would wish on your worst enemy. Seriously.

      • Uh, swallowed glass and kidney stones don’t come out through the same “exit,” so to speak. I wouldn’t sweat the shards of glass, if you eat right and have lots of fiber in your diet. I once saw a guy eat a light bulb. =:-O

  1. Im probably way too young for the elvis ref, and had to look it up ha. I dont understand how this guy thinks he cleanly opened the bottle, slivers of glass are no fun.

  2. “And I drink Hal——oh god—-dsbur—–ohfu*kohchristohlordoursaviour–_ggggghhhh–whoartinheavenhallowedbemyrectaltissue–beer with a shotgun!– pleaseletmepassthisglassandsurvive!

  3. Do you really think this was the first time Einstein tried this. I bet he had tried it at least once before. Also bet his friends encouraged him when he first uttered the famous word of stupidity “hay watch this”.

  4. I liked the opening-beer-bottle-with-Mosin trick better. How stupid do you have to be to shoot something that close to your hand?

    What happened to bottleopeners?

  5. I s’pose if he left the bottom inch or so undrunk, he might be O.K; glass is heavier than beer, after all.

    However, effervescence might well float some smaller bits into the upper portion of the brew.

    Y’know, this just ain’t someone with whom I’ve any desire to party. None whatsoever. No siree.

    ‘Course, after passing that glass he’ll no longer be a perfect a$$hole…

  6. That was fairly dangerous. I wouldn’t try it. However, I found it extremely humorous and very ballsy. I like this man. I think he is an idiot. But I like him.

  7. He’s not shooting it off.

    He put the edge of the cap against the end of the magazine and is pulling against it. The stock is against his leg/hip, the bounce from his leg/hip after recoil moves the shotgun forward and pops the cap off.

    • Nah, I think he set the rim of the cap right in the crook between the magazine and the barrel. That would be the “safest” place, since you could set the bottle right there and push on it and it’s not going to move. I think the blast itself did blow the cap off. The question is did it do it cleanly and blow the cap off without hurting the glass at all? Only one way for us to be sure! …let us know how it goes, okay?…

        • Oh, LOL. Right. Well then substitute “magazine” in my post for “lower barrel” 😉

          This only means that I can try it at home! Somehow I’ve ended up without a magazine-fed shotty at the moment. Just an O/U 12 gauge and a bolt action 12 gauge.

          Now off to search for a beer bottle breacher choke. Someone’s gotta make one.

  8. How nice of that guy to introduce me directly into his digestive system. I will leech out into his nervous system and slowly kill him. Just like my brother paint chips did to his brain during childhood.

      • Fine lead dust is still discharged from even coated ammunition because of the primers and often the seat of the bullet not being coated. Unless you shoot indoors, don’t clean your firearms with a cleaner which keeps the residue moist during removal, handle spent cases without washing your hands, or fire a lot of ammunition with the wind blowing on you, it usually isn’t a problem. Remember that leaded gasoline was used for years outdoors and took long term exposure to create health problems in adults. So as long as you are responsible, or at an indoor range with, it’s not a major issue with shooting.

        Only fully coated bullets or lead free bullets, both with heavy metal free primers, will have discharge gasses which aren’t toxic. Problem is they cost more since almost every metal is more expensive than lead and the non-toxic primers have a shorter viable shelf life of about 25 years before oxidization renders them semi-inert.

        Firing on a target at close range, like a beer bottle, is going to deposit residue all over the target. Which if unsafely handled, or in this idiotic case ingested, can be harmful to your health.

    • My wife just finished telling me about a patient (in his 70’s) who has lead poisoning from working with car batteries as a teen.
      Horrible condition.
      Note to self, only operate the lead pot in the driveway, in a good breeze.

        • Chelation therapy can help with the lead toxicity, but probably not the damage that has already been done. But he will continue on his downward arc if he doesn’t get the treatment.

          Which is to say, he will worsen and die if he doesn’t take action to remove the lead from his system.

    • Lead metal just passes through like glass shards, mostly harmlessly. It’s the soluble chlorides and stuff that are dangerous, according to the wisdom of government-financed researchers.

  9. It appears to me that no part of his right hand is in front of the muzzle, so that’s not a huge deal, IMO. But the problem of glass in my beer is something quite different.

    However, I seriously doubt if he drank any of that beer, beyond that first (and last) sip. It’s not smart, I agree, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of danger involved in what he did.

    But I wouldn’t try it.

    • “It appears to me that no part of his right hand is in front of the muzzle…

      Yeah, dude, that’s ‘cuz his right hand is the one on the trigger haha 😉 ehhh whatever. God saw fit to give him a spare hand just in case. Probably for things like this.

  10. Meh, his hand wasn’t any closer to the muzzle than when I shoot half of my handguns and it should be pretty easy to tell if the glass is broken.

  11. Am I really the first one to mention that alcohol and firearms don’t mix?

    I mean, stupid human tricks aside… you’re setting a bad example. This is not part of my gun culture.

    • Watch the video again. He didn’t shoot the cap off. He had removed the cap previously, and put it back on, loosely. He used the barrel to knock it off, then fired when his left hand was way clear.

      It may be inane, but it’s not stupid.


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