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Here at TTAG, we cover optics exactly to the extent that they enhance or enable your shooting. Redfield’s new $200 ‘Battlefield’ binoculars promise to do exactly that. Especially if you’ve got a spotter . . .

These 10×42 binocs give your spotter an edge in calling your corrections, because they’ve got the same MOA reticule that Redfield ‘Battlezone’ scopes have. Having a reticule on your spotting scope is extremely helpful; I know this because the longest shot I ever took (1140 yards) was spotted in by a former Delta sniper with a reticule spotting scope.

The Redfield Battlefield binoculars have an MSRP of $199, which is pretty good for a full-warranty optic from an American manufacturer.

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    • I’m wondering the same thing. Considering that soldiers aren’t buying these or the Krptek Nomad clad AR15’s to take into the battlefield, and only a few states have a desert environment, Why not more Tropical/Woodland camo pattern gear?

    • Required by the Shot Show management.

      “In addition to rendering handguns safe, the following security precautions shall be employed when displaying handguns: While on display, handguns shall be affixed permanently, by means of chains or aircraft cable (not over 3 feet in length) to the exhibitor’s counter, to its back or to a display island or stand to prevent potential theft. Nothing shall prevent exhibitors from employing higher levels of security.”
      (page 4)

      All firearms must also be modified so they cannot fire or discharge any type of ammunition, as well.

      • Well, except that’s not a handgun. So yes, it’s about retaining ownership of the binocs. Yes, people are that dishonest. Reps are not always going to have eyes on the product. They can walk away, turn away, or just bend over to pick something up off the floor. That’s all the time it would take for someone to snag those if they weren’t attached. It’s only prudent.

        • Good point. I’m not sure why I thought he was referring to firearms, but that’s what was planted in my head at the time I went looking for the reference.

          More naps. I think I need more naps.

          That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…

  1. What the hell good are these if I’m operating in the Battlezone and my spotter is operating way over yonder on the Battlefield? I mean sheesh, those are two completely separate places. I operate in the Battlezone like a pro, but put me on a Battlefield and I can’t operate at all. Same thing for my spotter. He’d just be running around bumping into shit and falling over, all because he’d be trying to operate in an unfamiliar, nay, inoperable area.

  2. Dern! I just purchase a pair of Redfield Rebel 10X42 binos because I borrowed a friend’s pair on an elk hunt a few weeks ago and was very impressed. They are an extremely good set of optics, but if I’d known the Mil-dot option was coming out I definitely would have waited.

    • probably the best binoculars out there for less than $150. sometimes you can find them on sale for almost $99. totally recommend.

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