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Square ranges are boring. Public shooting ranges with stalls and benches are great for getting a solid 100 yard zero or a quick test of your new gun, but the most fun you can possibly have with a firearm takes place outside the confines of the dirt berms. As our own writers Chris Dumm and Joe Grine know, some of the best shooting grounds in the United States are out in the wilderness. SilencerCo is launching a new series of videos to illustrate this point and Noveske joined them for the initial shoot to show off some of their pretty awesome kit. But there is an ulterior motive at work . . .

SilencerCo seems to be leaning pretty heavily on marketing these days to sell their gear. The Harvester is their latest product, but beyond that they haven’t really made any improvements. The game plan for SilencerCo seems to be that their products are good enough, they just need to get more shooters interested in buying NFA devices in order to boost sales.

To that end, SilencerCo seems to be sliding into the position that AAC voluntarily vacated when Freedom Group decided to put the kibosh on original thinking and marketing. Slick videos, a distinct appeal to hunters, and interesting products that spark the public’s imagination — that was the formula that catapulted AAC to the position they were in at the peak.

It’s a winning plan, and hopefully they can maintain or exceed the quality in both product and marketing that they have shown so far. With no one else hitting the marketing this hard in the suppressor world, they have the field all to themselves. At least until some big name decides to get into the game as well, that is.

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      • Since rivers of blood aren’t flowing in the streets of Vermont and the people of the gun there are (generally) exemplary examples of responsible gun ownership…

        Why in the HELL are they blocking the obvious public health benefits (hearing protection) of suppressors?

      • See, the problem is, is that you had work that needed to be done, and you had neighbors that needed a job, and some folks got together and voted for them (the vote was to ‘keep it fair’ not a popularity contest or an investiture of king/god/duke status). The neighbors (needing a job, a/k/a the “the elected” NOT “the elected” formerly known as “neighbors needing a job” [’cause that is still what they are]). Took it upon themselves (as a form of their evil and insidious mental problem called narcissism) to consider themselves the founding fathers and to attempt to re-write the Bill of Rights (which even if re-written does not have the capacity to alienate un-alienable rights or sever their investiture upon individuals by my GOD [I don’t know yours, the founding fathers did nothing if not in absolute deference and in shrinking awe of my GOD. Be offended if you’d like, I just need to make certain my GOD knows I have no interest in pleasing your GOD, if you’ve chosen a different one]).

        • Long story longer, there are no illegal weapons, just illegal laws against them, there is no abuse of power worse than someone doing it for your supposed benefit, or the benefit of the common good. Let your statesmen and governor disarm you for the next Civil War, and tell them to be quick about it. I’m sure there are people in surrounding states (or Mexico, China, etc.) growing weary waiting and your little state is ripe.

    • Their in Utah, why the hell do they not build there own range here? I would be there every weekend. Now that they know what they love about a great range, bring it home!!! You have the market, now capitalize on it!

      • That’s Utah? Noveske has a big chunk of land in Oregon near Grants Pass.

        Finding your range in the north west is easy enough, 95% of the land is a range.

        I may try some dynamic shooting in Griffith Park at lunch today, see what happens….

  1. Hate to be the FUDD because it looks like a Helluvalot of fun but I’d more hate to be hiking around 1000′ downrange from the party….

    • Agreed. Know your target and what lies beyond it and all of that…..

      When I shoot outdoors there is quite a bit of hiking around my “range” to make sure there are no trails or signs of people. And then I still like to shoot into a valley or a hillside for extra insurance…..

  2. “The Harvester is their latest product, but beyond that they haven’t really made any improvements.”

    Whaaa? Let’s see, the past few years alone they came out with the Sparrow SS, the Octane, the Saker, Harvester, and now Salvo. They pretty much got rimfire, pistol, rifle, and shotgun markets all cornered! Regardless of Remington/Freedom Group’s antics, Silencerco has been pounding AAC to the ground the last several years.

  3. Cool. I just got an email from Silencerco this morning that my item shipped today!
    I’m hoping to get back in the hills this weekend for some bear hunting. Love me some bruin meat after they’ve been eating all the berries.
    Ha! Shooting from a moving boat. We do that a lot. It’s a hoot!

  4. There are some people who won’t stomach the NFA.
    Besides that, the 200 dollar tax is too steep for even more people.
    After that, silencers are the cost of a good handgun.
    After that, some states ban them.
    After that, some states heavily restrict them.

    The odds are stacked against silencer companies… Sad but true.

  5. Sigh. I live in Tucson. There is a ton of places around here to go shooting. Which I do. But I am not able to afford private lakes and land like this video shows. I don’t think it is wrong the message they are trying to get out. Yes, go shoot and explore! But most of us can not afford a lake etc. So take this video with some salt. Obey all local laws etc. Good shooting

  6. Please, fix this site. The new version is driving me crazy — it is impossible to read. What did you guys do?

  7. I’ve been to grant’s pass Oregon. I hate these guys. all that land. none of your neighbors calling the police about loud noises. Shootin’ Scootin. and BBQin’. Clean Air, Water, Sunshine….

    and I’m trapped in Socialist Paradise Seattle suburbia….

    Oh Despair..

    Now where can I buy some of that awesome stuff?

  8. Here in reno the desert is the range just find a place that is safe and remote and ur good to go

  9. Could someone please clue me as to how shooting from a boat at speed makes someone absolutely certain of what is behind the target?

    What am I missing here?

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