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Courtesy of St. Louis Biz Journal
Steve King – owner of Metro Shooting

I wrote earlier this week about how the ongoing riots in Ferguson, Missouri strengthen the position that gun control is dangerous. Again. Still. Forever. This is because it takes away the best tools for the job from people who are failed by those paid to protect them. That’s not an indictment of the police force in America, something that can be a hot topic here on TTAG. I’m just making a statement of fact. The police cannot be everywhere at once, especially in a situation where mob mentality, and the violence that often accompanies it, takes over. In any case, you are ultimately responsible for your safety. The residents of Ferguson, Missouri seem to be getting wise to that fact as well . . .

The St. Louis Business Journal reports that in the wake of the Ferguson riots, local gun stores Metro Shooting and Mid America Arms, are reporting a spike in business of 50% over the last few days. Two store’s spike does not make a surge, but it is a nice anecdotal reinforcement of what I wrote earlier this week. Now that I’m done patting myself on the back for stating the obvious, I’ll let the Biz Journal say their piece.

For the past two days, Steve King has been “unbelievably busy” at his gun store, Metro Shooting at 11434 St. Charles Rock Road. King said business spiked 50 percent as local residents respond to the violent events taking place in Ferguson.

“We’ve sold a variety of handguns, shotguns and AR-15s (a semi-automatic rifle),” King said. “All of the sales are having to do with home defense.”

King, who owns the store that has 17 employees and 2013 revenue of about $2 million, added that customers have ranged from new firearm buyers to those upgrading their current arsenal. He said both black and white individuals have purchased firearms at his store over the past few days.

“Usually it’s pretty slow through the summer, but this has been a huge spike for business,” King said. “People are hunkering down because those events are taking place too close to their own home … in some cases, a half a mile away. Lots of people are afraid.”

Officials at Mid America Arms, at 8205 Gravois Road, have seen a similar increase in business. Owner Al Rothweilerhad to break away from his jammed-packed store this afternoon to talk to theBusiness Journal.

“We were closed Sunday and Monday, but today, sales have been brisk, and the store is full of people,” said Rothweiler, who estimated that his sales were also up 50 percent Tuesday compared with a typical day in August. “Everyone who bought today mentioned something about Ferguson.”

Before this week’s spike, Rothweiler said August had been a slow month for the $3.5 million business, but he doesn’t expect the spike to continue.

Inflammatory language about arsenals aside, I appreciate that the author pointed out that the typical buyer isn’t the stereotypical Fudd-ish OWFG as it seems all races, colors, and creeds are tooling up. I’m encouraged to see that the people of Ferguson are not content to shelter in place and hope that the police can disperse the crowds of hooligans looting and setting fire.

And I’m also pleased to see that in flyover country, the people of Ferguson, MO are able to go out and purchase the best tools to defend themselves and their property without unnecessary restrictions on their rights. If you happen to be in or around Ferguson and have purchased a gun because of these riots, please drop us an email at [email protected] or a note in the comments to let us know about your experience.

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  1. I’ve gotta say, the people who say allowing guns escalates the situation are pretty stupid.
    If criminals think they will get shot the second they start robbing a store, they probably won’t even enter. That’s why gun stores rarely get robbed (most people behind the counter OC, to state the obvious). If gas stations started requiring the register operator to be proficient in handgun shooting and to carry, and put signs on the doors reflecting the new decision, I doubt they would ever be robbed.

      • That dated reference MUST be replaced with the “tattoo artists in Missouri.” Hits closer to home.

        • 1) The Koreans in LA had a serious look about them. Like this really was an urgent need they were fulfilling. The Tattoo guys on the other hand looked bored.

          2) Koreans are a better image because they aren’t the good ole boy stereotype that the anti-gunners like to make into straw men. The tattoo artists, though I’m sure they are perfectly cool people, can be cast into that light without context.

      • ….. and the folks protecting their homes in New Orleans post Katrina, and the folks protecting their neighborhoods in the New Jersey shore towns, post Sandy, and the folks in Detroit who are just trying to survive every night. There are people who arm up every night for survival, someplace in America where resources are stretched too tight to assure that the police are on their way to establish law & order. Right now we are hearing about Ferguson, MO, but it could be where mud slides have cut off authorities, or a wild fire, or an earth quake, or a hurricane, or any similar event.

    • +1

      Cops are there for clean-up and paperwork (there in seconds when minutes count). Plus they’re on the same side as the people of whom the right to keep and bear arms are supposed to protect you from.

      Plus, cops would be fending for themselves in a government take-over or a war with China/Mexico (pick your favorite zit).

  2. Good to hear eyes are opening. We’re there more riots last night? Are any expected tonight? Edit: my Google fu served me well. Yes and yes.

  3. But, but wait.. Isn’t it the NRA’s fault for spreading lies and fear???
    Oh yeah that big angry mob that just passed your house, well I guess they were paid NRA shills right? And Led by none other than the Rev Al Sharpton!
    Sorry I have to be a little sarcastic. I mean it never happens to me, are the famous last words.
    Reality is we may never see another riot in Furguson, and then again we might.
    It is nice to see people taking the idea of self protection seriously. Maybe now with more folks with skin in the game, gun rights will be more important to them come election time. Just sayin…

    • Ha ha… Those mom and dad OC marchers don’t seem to scary now do they?

      I lived through the LA riots, still have the t-shirt. Very formative for me. Aside from plinking with my dad, I never saw so many guns until that week in April. Guns everywhere. My white suburban neighborhood became like a fortress.

      I was with a friend at his parents garment warehouse in LA when the riots started moving south. One of the employees came in and told his dad about looting near by. I remember he pulled what seemed to me the biggest revolver Id ever seen out his desk, think Dirty Harry. He stuck it in his pants and went out to secure the building and get the workers to their cars safely. We drove home running the red lights past the broken and looted stores and strip malls. He had that giant gun in his lap the whole way home.

      I can also clearly recall holding a neighbors Desert Eagle, they were a big deal back in the 90’s. It was easily as long as my 11 year old arm.

      We got out of school for a week too. Wow.

  4. A boys death is a tragedy. Protesting an injustice a social requirement per Henry David Theroux. Why some people think it’s an excuse to upgrade their audio systems, TV, food, alcohol, or cigarette supplies is just beyond me. I’ve never been racist, but sometimes they make it so hard to stay that way.

    • Remain a non-racist. The world will be better without any negativity.

    • Yay a kid got shot by the police, time to go window shopping ( literally) for all new electronics!

    • I just don’t get the thought process.

      I’m SO mad. I think I’ll burn my house down. Then I’ll break into my neighbor’s house, steal his TV, and burn it down too.

      Just beyond stupid.

  5. Well – like I told Dan Z earlier, there were people buying @ Cabelas, but not a crowd like I saw after Sandy Hook with the lines 5 deep

    Guy near me @ cabelas was buying SD weapons for the home but he lived near police station. I learned my lesson after katrina. Buy ’em cheap and stack ’em deep BEFORE panic sets in.

    I will say the situation in ferguson will help greatly this fall when the legislature starts to pre-file new bills. I expect it to be a banner year for pro-gun laws in MO

  6. How about some pictures of people protecting their property wearing body armor so we can flood Representative Hondas inbox?

    • Check the article yesterday of the folks armed, protecting their tattoo parlor. It looks like the guy on the left may have a vest.
      And they are definitely armed.

        • I work in that area at night I have to admit before all this i was laxed on carrying my gun with me. Sometimes id forget it and be like oh well but after the first night me and friends were watching everything unfold (was glad i chose not to go to work that night). However i have carried every night since it started and it will prolley stay with me as long as possible.

  7. Glad to see we passed Amendment 5 last week! Go to Metro Shooting. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You can’t go wrong.

  8. Looters are about the lowest of the low on the crime scale. It has been “common law” in this country just about without exception, that it is justifiable to dispatch them.

    Seems the “Show Me State” will be showing looters the business end of a, wait for it and forward to Shannon, legally purchased firearm.


    • Is that right? I have seen articles for decades showing armed people standing ready to defend their businesses, but have never heard of a looter being shot, much less the legal result of such a shooting. Can you give me a link?

  9. I’m currently at work now, but I’m watching the live streams and the tactical teams are aiming their guns, but not really moving. I took an oath when I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in ’09 and I’m appauled at the police presence. They do look like they’re geared for war and it’s not necessary. So therefore, I just hope they don’t starting murdering people because they will be the domestic terrorists that I sworn an oath to protect them from.

    • Are you nuts? The police are supposed simply to stand there in standard uniform, without helmets, shields, or riot get and let armed thugs take pot shots at them, or have people throw bricks and bottles at them?

      Get a grip, guy.

    • If we are going to ask police to stand in front of these violent groups to protect society and property then we shouldn’t be bitching about whether they’re wearing cammo or not. On the other hand if you prefer not have the police look military-esqe then by all means, call in the national guard. That would make sense… but for some reason no one wants to do it (Kent State, cough).

      • Pretty sure the public doesnt have a say anymore, ..police are militarized.. There is no asking them to do anything, they impose the will of the politicians

    • You know…all this talk about ‘police militarization’ is getting a little tiresome. I will say that perhaps having better protection, at least a little, adds to their willingness to be overly aggressive and stomp on rights, and I’m not cool with that.

      But think of the flip side. If anyone, like myself, could click on cheaper than dirt dot com or wherever (not an endorsement!) and get a bullet proof vest, a helmet, goggles, etc., WHY in the world would you not expect almost every local police department not to have that gear too? Asking police to quell riots in shirtsleeves and corframs with Glocks is simply ‘not providing the right protection and equipment’ and opens the flood gates of litigation for LEOs that would get hurt. Sorry…I’m not on that bandwagon.

      That said, I’ve helped the local ‘special’ gendarmes ‘practice’ by playing bad guys, and good guys in many different scenarios and I’m very worried about the tactics they used. Any role I was playing, when I made contact, I was forced onto the ground in a show of overwhelming force (and let me tell you, even though I knew it was practice, it was still pretty scary) with a kind of ‘subdue any effing body you see and sort it out later’ mentality.

      Anyway…IMHO this talk about ‘police militarization’ is just silly. The gear’s available to anyone, they should have it too. As for the vehicles….same thing. Protection.

    • Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

      If they fight back against the looters they’re jack booted thugs. If they sit there and do nothing they’re a useless waste of taxpayer money.

      How EXACTLY would you suggest?

    • Hello! My name is Mariana A. Joyal and I’m a producer with RT Spanish. We will be sending our correspondent to Ferguson to continue covering the story and we would like to request if you might be interested in recording an interview with us at some point in the beginning of next week regarding the increase in sales of arms as well as the “militarized response” of the police in Ferguson,Mo this past week. If you think you might be interested or available please contact me by email so we can work out the details. Many thanks, Mariana

  10. I’ve not been anywhere near there, but a business associate who’s also in the alarm biz informs me that reactivation of lapsed security system monitoring agreements and new installations are up by a factor of four, keeping him hopping.

    He also just upgraded from a .38 Special to a Sig via Metro Stooting, as alarm installers work where alarms are needed.

    Big surprise…

  11. I know that store well and it’s very nice. Only problem is they don’t allow suppressors or private machine guns on their range. Doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t allow them if you have your papers.

  12. No need to apologize Tyler. Force needs to be met with force. Hope the 2 shops sell out. Please don’t rag on us OFWG. There’s a helluva’ lot of us on this site.

  13. Seen in the Ferguson MO Craigslist “skilled services” section:
    Roof Koreans for hire

    Roof Koreans for hire. Much success during L.A. Riots, no looters at our stores. Added bonus: can’t be accused of racism, especially if violent mobs are fired upon. Will provide own ammo, but will charge extra for any rounds spent.

  14. Reddit live feed here:


    What I found most useful during recent wildfires was
    Tweets alerting to relevant news reports about real time updates from fire agencies, and
    tweets from people on the ground. The latter requires healthy skepticism and cross check of course.

    I’m reading now that Fox and other outlets have been told to turn cameras off, for “safety reasons”.

    WAPO reporter arrested for recording cops:

  15. Well, I’ve been to riots first hand in LA, and they are ugly affairs. My advice? Be armed. I imagine that same concept applies quite well to Ferguson.

  16. As far as the shooting goes, I honestly don’t know what to believe. Less than a handful of people know the truth. I do know that Ferguson is a nice community because I have friends who live there. I’m sad to think they’d need a gun, but certainly glad they can own one. Things look to get a lot worse before they get better.

      • ok – so a Black candidate at the STL County Police Academy. . . good grades, good reviews. Hmmm, where do I go work? The county with better resources? West County (maybe Ballwin or Chesterfield)? Oh, I know – he will go to Ferguson and work his butt off . . . for what?

        exactly. oh, and if the chief tries to give this prize recruit more $$$, that sparks jealousy and resentment. No – this issue in Ferguson requires fundamental changes in the home and how people are raised.

        • So, we should simply resign ourselves to the fact that in a community that is 2/3 Black, the police force should be content with only 3 Black officers on staff?

          Not prudent!

        • Did I write that? No. But there have to be conditions to make someone WANT to be a cop there when they have choices. and until the community learns to EMBRACE their police and DEMAND their political leaders are ACCOUNTABLE rather than just name recognition, what;’s gonna change???

      • There are plenty of things to blame the Police for, but their racial composition is not high on the list. The Police, as an institution, have fundamentally eroded away their relationship with the communities they police. So there are not going to be Black police recruits in any substantial numbers. Balkanization has already happend – the death spiral commenced many years ago. The Cop/Thug paradigm does not reverse.

    • As far as the shooting goes, I honestly don’t know what to believe.

      And the fault for this is whose? Seems to me, if this was a good shoot, the police would be forthcoming about it rather than wheeling out the MRAPs. The cops are not covering themselves in glory here.

      • They knew it was a bad shoot from the word go. You don’t start off by circling the wagons on a good shoot. The active subversion of media coverage, the assaults on reporters – these too are indicative of rogue behavior.

      • I agree with you Doctor. My comment is just that–my comment. The police are not forthcoming and it has diminished any future attempts to help the grieving family and the citizens of Ferguson who are wanting answers. The topic of this post (the way I read it) is the increased gun sales in the area and what that could mean. I’ll leave it to the family of Michael Brown, their attorney, the city of Ferguson, the governor, the state’s attorney, the FBI, the Reverend Al Sharpton, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the east- and west-coast media, the New Black Panthers and Anonymous to sort it all out.

    • according to news sources Brown had been involved in 3 shooting incidents and had been shot once already (14YO)
      I’ll add that he probably had his Drank-On, just like Trayvon.
      Drank creates an elevated aggressive paranoia as well as destroying the kidneys in a very short period of time

      • He grew up in St Louis. I’d wager that most teen boys there have had their brushes with a bullet. But just because you have been shot, or “involved in 3 shooting incidents” doesn’t mean your death should just get dismissed out of hand. And your “Drank” comment is just a straw man you have allowed yourself in order to do just that – dismiss his death.

        And know this – Even if the facts come out in support every assumption you have made, you still will have been in the wrong for making them. That mindset is part of the problem.

  17. It’s nice to see that gun stores are getting a lot of business, but the fact that it had to come from the events happening around the town is lamentable. I believe that a general interest and curiosity of firearms and defense should bring people to the gun-store not fear. I’m probably gonna get a lot of sh*t for this oh well.

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