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We all know and love the SilencerCo 36M, but now the Utah company has taken the do-it-all suppressor a step further with the release of the Hybrid 46M. In effect, if it fires a .46 caliber or smaller diameter bullet, the 46M has you covered. Full TTAG review and video are currently in production, but suffice it to say that testing went well.

In the meantime, as 46Ms make their way to Silencer Shop where, as always, you’ll find the best prices and the easiest silencer-purchasing process in the country, here’s SilencerCo’s press release on the launch of the Hybrid 46M . . .

SilencerCo Introduces the Next Generation of Large Bore Suppressors: The Hybrid 46M
Multi-faceted Modularity Evolved

SilencerCo is excited to announce the newest addition to their product line, the Hybrid 46M: the world’s first modular large bore suppressor. It is the natural evolution of the original large bore suppressor, SilencerCo’s Hybrid 46, with the added benefit of being modular, giving shooters the option of using it in either a short or long configuration. The Hybrid 46M and all other SilencerCo products are available at SilencerCo Retailers. 

Effectively reducing the sound signature of everything from 9mm to 10mm and 5.56 NATO to .458 SOCOM, the Hybrid 46M takes it to the next level for those who want the versatility of the Hybrid 46 with added modularity. It is compatible with virtually every centerfire firearm platform due to its wide range of available attachment accessories. 

“The Hybrid 46M is the perfect tool for shooters hoping to suppress a variety of calibers on both pistols and rifles with only one suppressor,” said Dewie Vieira, SilencerCo’s Senior Product Development Specialist. “It’s the first modular big bore suppressor ever; it’s the answer for those who want to suppress every small and large bore caliber.” 

The real beauty of the Hybrid 46M, however, is that it allows the shooter to remove the front module, providing a shorter and lighter option that is especially useful on handguns. While SilencerCo’s Omega 36M is still the best modular option for .30 caliber pistols, the Hybrid 46M gives shooters the ability to suppress big bore pistol calibers like 45 Auto and 10MM. 

Included in the MSRP of $1,117.00, the Hybrid 46M ships with a multi-tool, a spanner tool, an ASR mount, a .46 caliber front cap and a .30 caliber front cap — everything the shooter needs to get started. 

Product Specifications: 

• Includes Charlie ASR Mount, Charlie .30 Cal Front Cap, and Charlie .46 Cal Front Cap. 
Compatible with the Charlie ASR Mount, all Charlie Direct Thread Mounts, Charlie Piston Mount, all Charlie Front Caps, all ASR Muzzle Devices, Pistons and Tri-Lug
• Short Configuration: weighs 12.2 oz. & Measures 5.78 inches
Long Configuration: weighs 14.9 oz. & Measures 7.72 inches
Rated for all centerfire pistol and rifle calibers including 45 Auto, 10MM, .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, .45-70, .338 LM and up to .460 Weatherby Magnum.
Constructed of Titanium, Inconel and 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Full-Auto Rated

For more information on the Hybrid 46M visit To find the closest SilencerCo retailer, click here. 


SilencerCo, based in West Valley, UT is the nation’s leading designer and manufacturer of suppressors. Since our birth in 2008, our dedication to authenticity and innovation has never wavered. Today, we continue to focus on exceptional customer service and industry-leading products; products that are crafted by people with the utmost dedication to our industry. We are hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts, just like you. Our innovative and forward-thinking approach has allowed us to give the firearms industry what many said was impossible. This is what drives us to be better—to be the best. Because you—the shooter, the hunter, the Second Amendment lover—deserve the best.

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    • If it were half the price and no tax I’d have twice as nice of a car.

      If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.


      • Yeah, afraid so. Who wouldnt want one if only our “leaders” deemed us responsible enough to lead our own lives without their constant oversight and protection. It’s racist to be accountable for your own actions.

    • Exactly my sentiments too. Includes not paying anything more or jumping through hoops just to wear a coat over a firearm. You drive across town in a 3000 lb. projectile to a gun store and fill out a form and wait to be approved for what is a pea shooter compared to what a motor vehicle could be used for or even what a box of matches, gasoline, rat poison, anti-freeze, etc. could be used for. Anything and everything a criminal can and will misuse. And I am not a criminal and do not appreciate being scrutinized, looked at suspiciously and mixed in with criminals thank you very much Jim Crow Gun Control joe et al.

  1. I own a non-modular 46 and have been quite happy with it. The only complaint being the size and that it encourages me to buy more calibers to suppress. This intrigues me but I’ll wait for dB comparison testing before dropping $1k. Given my experience with the 46 I bet I’d end up leaving the 46m in full size configuration most of the time anyway.

    • The accessories add up, but I’ve been happy with mine. It’s a good suppressor for everything but 22, which I have another one for. Pretty tough, also. I accidentally put some 45 right through the 30 cal endcap. No damage at all.

  2. Suppressors are to expensive for what they are. Then add the $200 tax stamp.
    Dumb government should make it mandatory that if you own a gunm you’ve got to have it suppressed.
    $1,200 for the suppressor, $200 for the stamp, $850 for the HiPoint,$250 for the box of boolits.
    Just think of how many gunms we could keep out of the hands of “those people “.
    You know the ones.

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