SIG522 Classic > AR = America’s Rifle

From the American Rifleman‘s review of the SIG522 Classic: “The tactical-style rimfire is part of a wave among manufacturers recognizing that much of the appeal of tactical rifles is ‘play.’ You have a rifle that looks like those issued to law enforcement or the military even though you’re a civilian. Such rifles look cool and are fun to shoot but, if you don’t really need them, are a pricey indulgence. Most go for well over $1,500—and that’s just the initial outlay . . .

Spend the afternoon shooting even relatively inexpensive military surplus 5.56×45 mm, and you’ll still be putting a serious dent in your wallet.”

First define “need.” Second, sorry, but there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby. Pinching pennies? How about a pre-owned AR-15 with a .22 upper swap out?

Still, this .22LR-firing Sig (and those like it) provide yet more evidence that AR-style guns continue to replace bolt-action weapons as “America’s rifles,” right up and down the economic scale.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Sig, Colt (via Umarex), S&W, Armalite, and others have jumped on the rimfire AR bandwagon. The plus for going with a dedicated .22 unit? The barrel is designed with a proper twist rate for more accuracy than a conversion unit on a typical 1:7 or 1:9 twist rate AR. 1:16 works nice with rimfire. A regular AR still works good with a conversion kit, but as the price of these drops, why not have a dedicated rimfire AR?

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