NRA Essay Contest Winner Unsure About Second Amendment Rights

Arielle Mueller won this year’s National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Youth Education Summit (just say yes to guns!) essay contest. The Minnesotan high school student gets a free trip to Heller-land (Washington, D.C.) courtesy America’s foremost defender of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. TTAG contacted the NRA this morning for a copy of the prize-winning essay . . .  so . . . anyway . . . reports that the Wayzata High School Senior-to-be is kinda sorta maybe a little bit ambivalent on the topic of gun rights . . .

“I did a lot of research to learn about the Second Amendment before I wrote my essay,” Mueller said. “I didn’t know whether or not I was pro or against the right the bear arms.”

“I ended up writing about both sides of the issue. I wrote about the conflict and I think that made my essay stronger,” she said.

Did she ever figure out where she came down on the issue?

“I can definitely see the support for both sides,” Mueller said. “It’s hard. I can’t be all one way or the other.”

And I can’t tell what that means. Is the NRA becoming more open-minded in its old age, or did someone forget to read the essay and/or give Ms. Mueller a little media training?

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