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SIG SAUER’s modular P320 pistol has become the choice of the US military and America’s gun owners. Now, with the P320 X-Carry, SIG SAUER has taken the 9mm concealed carry pistol to the next level of performance.

Rooted in SIG’s P320 full-size pistol and their popular X-Five competition gun, the P320 X-Carry — the most compact pistol in the modular P320 lineup — provides a host of upgrades in a more concealable form factor.

The P320 X-Carry features a high trigger undercut and extended beavertail for a higher grip on the gun. That results in a lower bore axis and more control for faster follow-up shots.

The X-Carry’s flared magazine well makes quick, effortless magazine changes.

The slide has enhanced serrations that are more vertical for a better grip. There’s also a lightening cut to ensure smooth, consistent cycling and performance.

Like the X-Five, the X-Carry also features a competition-oriented flat trigger shoe. It’s designed for a smooth, clean break at 90 degrees to improve accuracy.

One of the X-Carry’s most noteworthy features are its excellent sights. The front sight is a tritium SIG X-RAY3 night sight for easy targeting in any light conditions.

The X-Carry’s rear iron sight is mounted on a removable plate. That lets you easily swap it out for a SIG ROMEO1 red dot sight for fast, superior target acquisition day or night.

But don’t let the SIG X-Carry’s 3.9-inch barrel or compact 5.5-inch overall height fool you. Despite its more carryable size, this is a full capacity pistol, giving you 17+1 rounds of 9mm performance. Check out the SIG SAUER X-Carry at a retailer near you today and prepare to be amazed by what a compact pistol can do.


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  1. Red dots on larger carry pistols are the latest fad. What happened to the too big, too heavy, too hard to conceal meme?

    • People realized that said meme was bullshit pushed by lazy OFWG’s and gun companies looking to create solutions to non-existent problems, creating other problems along the way that they’ll “fix” later for even more money?

      Nah. Honestly it’s probably the cool factor that comes from media, military and competition. If a red dot on a rifle in Baghdad is a good idea then it must be a good idea on a pistol in Topeka, right?

      • I hate visible lasers, and don’t much like red dots for fun shooting, but for work they are hard to beat. I think they make a bunch of sense for a cc gun at any more than bad breath distances honestly. That said, I don’t see myself moving away from snubbies anytime soon.

      • Red dots on handguns are not a fad. It will not be going away anytime soon. It is here to stay. Just because something is “not for you” does not mean it isn’t relevant in the industry. Have you ever shot a pistol with a mounted red dot? It makes things much easier and faster. And in about 15 years when your eye sight starts to give you fits, the red dot works wonders at that stage of the game. Just like carbines, NO ONE runs just iron sights anymore. Simply because the dot sight will allow the shooter to shoot much faster and with more accuracy, provided the shooter actually knows how to shoot.

        • I have one on my Ruger Mk IV. It makes it a great squirrel and rabbit killer and I see how it would be useful for beyond 10 yard shots except virtually every DGU is inside 7 yards.

        • “Have you ever shot a pistol with a mounted red dot?

          Yes. It was decidedly meh.

          “NO ONE runs just iron sights anymore.”

          I do. Works fine. I regularly outshoot the guys running all kinds of optics.

          You can put silencers on your strings, get the fanciest multi pin sights, add stabilizers, buy the nicest tru-ball release and add whatever else you want to the most expensive bow money can buy. None of it matters if you hand it to a shitty Indian.

        • “NO ONE runs just iron sights anymore.”

          That’s simply not true. I run mainly irons and I’m very good with them.

      • No. I use Iron but my grandfather uses a red dot since it works best with his vision.

        What is with people assuming, over rand over, that their use, or needs, or habits, or local laws or whatever are the same as everyone else’s?

  2. Does “the next evolution” mean that if throw it down the stairs it shoots all the bad guys like a MAC-10 in a Schwarzenegger movie?

  3. I so want this on the Cali roster. If the roster opened up, the x-carry and P365 would follow me home.

    • Its not a roster problem as much as a micro stamping problem. [aka California AB 1471]

      • Can’t get on the roster without microstamping. And the two suits that challenged the requirement both failed. (One is pending cert, I believe.)
        But it won’t matter much if the Legislature passes that raft of bills now pending, one of which will ban tabletop FFLs, and further require brick and mortar stores (among other requirements) to install expensive color video equipment that is in operation during all hours the store is open (and on motion sensor when it is not) that records all gun counters, all gun racks, and any area where a transaction is made–with audio. If that wasn’t bad enough, the bill also requires on site (not cloud) storage of the video for five years. Apparently (not my field) this amounts to many hundreds of terabytes. The cost will be prohibitive. Which is of course the point.
        There is another bill that will allow the sheriff to charge not just the cost of processing a CCW application, but the cost of enforcing the CCW law. The idea is, of course, to make CCWs too expensive for average folks.
        If they can’t ban guns, they will tax the privilege to bear (open carry is banned and CCW is a privilege, not a right, per the Ninth) and regulate businesses out of business. Along with the microstamping law, the number of handguns available is shrinking. Semi-auto rifles are next on the chopping block. Pretty soon we will be down to black powder and bows and arrows.

        • Honest question, what keeps criminals from buying guns in the next state over and bringing them in? Oh, that’s right, absolutely nothing

    • Of all the plastic compacts out there. The SAR is a pretty good inexpensive 9mm.
      For me the only one that works part time is the PPQ-SC with its 10 round mag. Best trigger of the bunch too.
      Use the 15 rounder and its butt sticks out. Same with the M&P2.0, FN-C, Glock 19 SAR B6P Sig 320. Bought them all. Got rid of them all too.

  4. The X-Carry is NOT compact. It’s basically a Glock 19X/Glock 45 – it’s got a HUGE X-frame grip and a slightly shorter barrel.

    It does not readily conceal.

    And, personally, I still haven’t figured the god damned triggers out on these – there’s a ton of slack and then creepcreepcreep – no discernible point where you know it’s going to break the wall.

    • Mine conceals just fine. and WTH are you talking about with the trigger? No creep to speak of. Maybe you either got a bad one, (it happens) or have never shot one.

  5. Unfortunately what it still cant do is hide its butt.
    Wear any of these hi capacity so called compacts IWB. You still have an overly long gun butt to deal with.
    Ive bought 5 plastic fantastic guns in the last 9 months. Not a 15 rounder amongst them you can wear IWB under just a t-shirt.
    Ive settled on a PPQ-SC with its 10 round mag in place. Put in the 15 rounder and it prints.
    Add its 22 oz weight.
    Im back to my SigP938. 9 rounds under 16 oz and just the right size for me.

  6. Why would you want a “lightning cut” on a gun intended for EDC? Isn’t it just a way for dirt to get inside your gun? If, as the article states, the cut is to “ensure reliable and consistent cycling” then I would rather buy something else. If the gun won’t cycle reliably without a large hole in the top then I would rather own something else.

  7. When is someone going to actually make a narrow slide and frame on a double-stack pistol? Sure, the double-stack magazine (and therefore part of the grip) has to be fairly fat. Nothing else does.

    • Q: “When is someone going to actually make a narrow slide and frame on a double-stack pistol?”

      A: It is called a SIG P365.

  8. I would give up some capacity for easier concealment. The ole SR9C is 4.5″ tall with a 10 round mag, and 5.5″ tall with a 17 round mag. I would love to find something similar in size and weight that accepts an optic. I carry it with the 10 round mag attached and a 17 round mag as a backup. 5.5″ just isn’t concealable when carrying OWB.

  9. Count me out as a customer for a P320. It’s a good gun but it doesn’t do anything my Performance Center M&P 9 doesn’t. Next candidate for purchase is a Kahr CW380 or a Ruger LCR in .327. (I’d load the LCR with .32 H&R Magnums or .32 S&W Longs.)

  10. I ended up buying a 320 , a while back.. I didn’t like the fact that you have to order a different grip module for large hands.. I had to order a large grip for about $50.. Then, I called Sig Sauer to purchase caliber exchange kit ( to make my gun a carry model).. I tried to purchase one with a large grip module instead of regular size grip… The Rep told me I would have to purchase a regular size model.. Then he said, I must purchase an additional large frame to fit my mits.. Well, I didn’t purchase anything that day .Soon after that, I sold my 320 and never looked back.. The frames should have interchangeable palm swells with each gun .. I shouldn’t have to pay fifty bucks extra each time, in order to make the gun fit my hand..

    • P.s.
      Hey Sig,
      You should make a grip module that is the exact replica of a p226 or p229 grip too..

  11. One day I’ll Inde stand that trend of shortened slides with full size grips for conceal carry, considering the fact the main issues in concealment are the width of the gun and the length of the grip giving a nice print under your garment. Glock did not reinvent the wheel with the 45 and 19x models, yet Sig has to follow because why the hell not, people will buy.

  12. I think the short slide/long grip option appeals to the appendix carry and ‘i don’t actually try to conceal’ Crowd. And the ‘I gotta have the newest trend’ Crowd.

    But it’s mainly just a way to sell more guns in a saturated market.

  13. I’d be concerned with the screws for the optic coming loose. You have to remove the striker to install. Screw backs out one has a catastrophic failure. Curious why Sig would do that?

  14. Variety and options are GOOD as long as you have them. In this case SIG offers options. Take it or leave it I don’t care. As for me I can’t choose, my PD policy chooses for me – no laser sights, no red dot sights on or off duty. Enjoy your options/variety and/or choices if you have them and let the other guy enjoy his if he has them without over opinionated scorn, scoff and pretensious ridicule.

  15. Say what you want, but why won’t they make a large, dependable, double stack mag with at least 15, .380? And please, no responses from .380 haters. With today’s self defensive ammo choices, .380 is very capable as an EDC. I own 2 .380s and love .380s. I also own a Glock 17 and a 357 4″ revolver. I would be all over a reliable double stack .380 even a full size. I have no trouble concealing what I own now except for the revolver.

  16. I carried a double stack 380 Beretta for awhile in Detroit. Figured capacity would help with a low power caliber. The fat grip was difficult to conceal however.
    I found I could conceal a lightweight 45 Commander just as easily, and it was easier to shoot.

    Currently carry a Sig 365. Just over 1K rds through it and it’s been flawless. Of all the small easily concealed guns I’ve owned, it is by far the easiest to bring into play and get hits with. I think it’s mostly the grip. Maybe just for me, but it sits solid in my hands. All the others shift some, and that ruins your consistency, and your confidence.

  17. I now own the X-Carry, an HK VP9, and a Walther PPQ. I’m a “trigger snob”, and these have the best triggers, (for me) OTB.

  18. I just got the X Carry in Coyote, and didn’t realize that sig discontinued the lightning cutout on the slide. Would’ve been nice to know that. Anyone got an original that would want one without the cutout instead?

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