murfreesboro gun store robbery
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We hear about plenty of gun store robberies, but they typically happen after hours. These are usually smash-and-grab attacks with thieves ramming a vehicle through a store’s front door. There’s a good reason for that. Most gun stores are filled during business hour with…employees and customers with guns.

That apparently didn’t occur or matter much to would-be thieves of Bullseye Gun, Gear and Pawn in Murfreesboro, Tennessee yesterday.


The suspects entered the store, grabbed two weapons and fled from the business. The clerks, all armed, chased after them and got them to surrender.

The clerks held the four suspects at gunpoint until Murfreesboro police officers arrived.

All four suspects are from Chattanooga and have been arrested. Two of the suspects have been identified as Even Bell, 21 charged with Incriminating Impersonation and J’Darrius Rice, 19, charged with Theft of Property.

The two other suspects are minors. The same wayward youths had apparently hit the store just a few weeks ago and thought returning to the scene of the first crime would be a good idea.

The suspects had reportedly stolen from Bullseye earlier this month – and this time the clerks were ready for them.

Police confirmed there is now an ongoing investigation and they’re hoping to recover weapons from other gun thefts. More arrests are possible in the case.


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      • When these four gophers came in, I’d have immediately started profiling! They are NOT the picture of lawful gun owners!

  1. I am sure universal background checks would do wonders to prevent these sorts of criminals from getting guns. On the serious side damn this was a bold group, most firearm thefts over here are after hours burglary affairs

    • At what point will they simply start walking in the doors with guns blazing?

      They MUST know everyone inside is or might be packing. Isn’t the mantra about open carry that they will simply shoot you first?

      • You are kind of setting up a red herring. gun store employees are mainly open carry because any bad guy wiht an an IQ over 75 knows those employees will almost certainly be carrying, so the employees concealing the gun mostly just slows response.

        for the rest of us, going along in everyday life, concealing is most often, virtually always, a very serious advantage over open carry due to element of surprise.

        If I were a bad guy and not in gun store, I would shoot the known armed guy (open carrier) first. Are you saying you would not?

  2. Criminals seem to be getting stupider and more brazen. Have a friend that goes to the doctor in “medicine” city here. Medicine city is also Crime city. One of the worst crime cities in the state. Criminals have taken to breaking into cars at MOB’s and clinics in broad daylight in full view of numerous surveillance cameras. He said they just dont care. If they get caught they will get bounced out of jail in short order because the jails are full of violent criminals. And if they dont get caught it 40oz’ers and whatever drug of choice non stop until they run out of money and then it’s back to the parking lots. Whata world.

  3. I don’t remember ever being in a true gun store where all the workers were not wearing a sidearm.

    • One of the pawn shops I have worked at over the years got a new owner who wanted to change a few things. One of them was to go concealed, as he thought it would present a nicer ‘less threatening’ image to the customers. This was fine by me. One day, a customer noted he didn’t see any guns on us employees. I looked him in the eye, smiled, and told him “Just because you don’t see it, does not mean it isn’t there”. Along with what we carried, the shop kept various firearms ready-to-go every 6 feet or so behind the counters, out of view…

      • Pawn shops, gun stores, locally owned gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores… basically any business that has decent cash on hand and isn’t corporately owned…

        If you walk into any of them automatically assuming that there are no weapons and it’s a good idea to fuck around, well, you’re likely to learn a hard lesson.

        • One would think that, by now, robbers would have figured out that it’s safe to rob chain stores but the mom and pop places are too dangerous.

        • Toni:

          Fair point. What are the actual rules for self defense in Australia? When I lived in NZ that kind of crime was pretty rare on South Island and trying to rob the place was likely to get you turned into a cricket ball pretty quick.

          • here in australia they talk about reasonable level of force. From everything i have seen there is no real standard for that and they pretty much make it up as they go along.
            A farmer not so long back was confronted at the door by someone wielding a knife. He grabbed an unloaded .22 and the knife wielding crim backed down and was taken to the cop station by the farmer. the farmer was charged with unlawful use of the rifle and excessive force from memory. personally i see absolutely nothing unlawful there except the actions of the police. not sure what the crim got charged with or if he even got charged.
            There have been several cases of home invasions where the crims have gotten badly hurt or killed in the struggle and the residents have been charged with assault/grievous bodily harm all the way up to murder. most of these have been bare hands self defense and not with weapons of any sort!!!

        • Kendahl, You’re assuming that these swamp guineas are intelligent. Why do you think they are criminals? Why do you think they vote left? If you took the brains from ALL of the residents of a prison, you might have enough to play a game of marbles!

        • Pawn shops, gun stores, locally owned gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores… basically any business that has decent cash on hand and isn’t corporately owned…If you walk into any of them automatically assuming that there are no weapons and it’s a good idea to fuck around, well, you’re likely to learn a hard lesson.

          For sure those will have much higher likely hood of an armed owner. Armed employees at an independent liquor store or convenience store today? probably not.

          The low profit margin like gas stations (3% markup) , liquor stores (20-25% markup), grocery stores (20 to 25% mark up) used to have a lot of cash since a $300 net profit, $600 gross profit could mean having many thousands in cash. My grand dads liquor store probably had ten to 20 times times as much cash as his neighboring the five and dime, hardware store, dress shop, pet store, dry cleaners, or hardware store due to those running on 50%, 100%, even 400% mark up.

          But cash is dropping to a minuscule proportion of sales at gas stations, liquor stores and convenience stores compared to the past. Along with the fact that the proportion of independent gas stations and convenience stores keep dropping within those sectors.

          Also a liquor store owner is typically not going to allow his employees to be armed, and even if armed himself is not going to draw if any customers are in the store.

        • The gas is low margin, which is why you won’t find many gas stations without a convenience store. The smokes, drinks, snacks, and food all have a very healthy markup. It’s like movie theaters — the movie gets them in the door, but they make the money on the concessions. Still, it seems like most transactions almost anywhere are cashless.

    • It only works if you can shoplift a pair of Nike “Go-Fasters” which can exceed a speed of 1000-1300 feet per second, just average speed for a 9mm JHP. Nike hasn’t invented shoes that fast yet but ammo makers have plenty even faster..

    • Did Kentucky’s Governor sign the bill? (I know, stupid question, of course he did!)

      And how about Oklahoma: did Oklahoma’s Governor sign their constitutional carry bill that passed the legislature?

    • I was already seriously considering moving to Kentucky. This just might seal the deal for me.

  4. I’m sure the bro’s feel so Opressed that they can’t out run some mean MEGA White boys from a simple snatch & grab.

  5. Proof Positive that ‘common sense’ background checks fail because these criminals have no common sense to buy lawfully.

    • well,.tyhey apparently got away with it…once…which just emboldens them…surprised none of them were carrying…maybe they just sold them for drugs…….

  6. GOOD WORK GUYS! KUDOS..Just a suggestion, how about a closed door or some other barrier at the front entrance? Might be a bit harder to escape so easy…Be safe and continued success, ….MAGA

    • Right but the patio tables make the place look comfy homey and a big door would spoil the mood.

  7. Normally I’d say it’s dumb to chase thieves (not robbers in this case, at least based on the reports) around outside the store but when you’re talking about them stealing weapons and being repeat ‘customers’ the equation begins to change.

  8. 4 criminals running away with stolen guns.4 Doberman pinchers running after 4 criminals running away.problem solved.glad these 4 animals where apprehended.

  9. One of them was held at magazine point. AKs are so effective that even just a magazine can get ‘er done. She could’ve whacked him with it if he got out of line.

  10. I support my LGS frequently. Usually reloading supplies. Most of the employees are open-carry. Most of the customers are concealed-carry. It’s a very polite place. Support your local LGS.

    And “D’Jarius”? “Even”? Please. Enough with the Amish names.

    • And PLEASE bring back the ‘Edit’ button, TTAG. J’Darius is the Amish name. And “local LGS” is redundant.

  11. Didn’t have to see the video to know they were black. I also see that TN has the same LEFTIST DAs running the courts. “The same wayward youths had apparently hit the store just a few weeks ago” Which means they robbed a GUN STORE and guns which should be a FELONY and yet the Liberal DA let plea bargained it down and they were LET OUT on minimal bail if any. The TRUE CRIME here is how bad the Justice System is.

    • But the DA told them not to do it again, certainly they must have misunderstood him. I’m sure these guys will go on to productive careers once they get over being oppressed by the white supremacists. LOL

  12. Translation:

    Four unpaid volunteer police chase down and hold 4 robbers for the doughnut eating pension collectors.

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