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I have been lusting after an MCX since the day I first saw it. The gun is fantastic, both to look at and to shoot. Kevin Brittingham has been dangling one of these in front of me like a carrot in front of a mule for months, but it looks like one of you readers might get an MCX of your very own before I ever will. And an MPX. And a P320. And a P226. And a Mk25. And a free trip to Las Vegas for the SHOT Show. How? Well, SIG SAUER is running a little competition . . .


SIG SAUER, Inc., wants you to “Take a SHOT” at winning one of (20) P320TM Carry pistols, which will also give two lucky semi-finalists a trip to SHOT SHOW 2015 to compete at the SIG SAUER VIP Range Day for the Ultimate SIG SAUER Collection of firearms and accessories, including the brand-new SIG MCX(TM) and a SIG MPX(TM). The total prize package is valued at $10,000!

There are two ways to enter to win on

1. Sweepstakes

Starting today, enter the P320 Take-a-SHOT Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of (10) P320 pistols. One pistol will be given away at random for 10 business days at 3:20pm from December 1, 2014 through December 12, 2014. From these ten winners, a semifinalist will be chosen at random towin the trip to SHOT Show 2015 in Las Vegas and compete at the SIG SAUER VIP Range Day for the Ultimate Grand Prize Package.

2. Video Contest

Starting today and running through November 30, 2014, fans can submit a creative video with the theme “The P320 is Epic Because (fill in the blank)”. From these videos, SIG SAUER will select the ten best videos and send a P320 pistol to the 10 winning contestants.

The top 10 videos will be posted on December 5th, and voted on by SIG SAUER® fans thorugh December 22nd. The contestant whose video receives the most number of votes will be the second semifinalist to win the trip to SHOT Show 2015 in Las Vegas and compete at the SIG SAUER VIP Range Day for the Ultimate Grand Prize Package.

The two semifinalists will then compete in a series of shoot-off challenges at the SIG SAUER VIP Range Day, with the winner taking home the grand prize Ultimate SIG SAUER Collection: a SIG MPX-P with a Pistol Stabilizing Brace in 9mm, a SIG MCXTM in 300BLK, an M11-A1 Flat Dark Earth pistol, an MK25 Flat Dark Earth pistol, a P226® Threaded Barrel and an M11-A1 Threaded Barrel. But that’s not all. These guns need to be fed, so SIG SAUER will throw in a case of SIG V-Crown Elite Performance 9mm JHP and Elite Performance 300BLK rifle ammunition, plus additional SIG MCX and SIG MPX magazines.

A custom Pelican case keeps it all together, and a SIG SAUER PVC patch lets you show your pride every Fans can enter via both methods to double their chances at winning. For complete rules and regulations, Follow SIG SAUER on social media, including Facebook at, Instagram at, and YouTube at

The entry form for the sweepstakes and video competition can be found here:

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  1. “Residents of Massachusetts, California, Florida and New York are not eligible to participate in this promotion.”

    What…no Maryland and New Jersey?

      • Fl does not respect the right to carry. They have a privilege to carry concealed only. See Norman vs FL (pending decision and possible legislative action)

        • That shouldn’t matter here, this isn’t about carrying. I think I know why NY/CA etc are on the list- they have laws banning evil black guns, standard capacity mags, etc.I don’t know why MD/NJ are not on the list with their similar restrictions.

          Maybe it’s actually just laws regarding contests?

        • aside from the magazines (which one presumes you would have to not receive), what exactly is being given away that would be banned in Maryland?

      • It probably has to do with this Florida Statute regulating contests:

        A game promotion is defined as a contest, game of chance, sweepstakes, or gift enterprise, conducted by an operator within or throughout the state and other states in connection with and incidental to the sale of consumer products or services and in which the elements of chance and prize are present.
        Game promotions offering prizes totaling more than $5,000 must file with the department seven days prior to commencement. Even game promotions based in other states must be filed if they are conducted in Florida and/or are open to Florida residents and have prizes valued at more than $5,000.
        In addition, a surety bond or statement of trust is required from the operator unless they have conducted game promotions in Florida for at least five consecutive years and they have had no civil, criminal or administrative actions instituted against them for a violation of Section 849.094, F.S., during that five year period. This protects consumers who participate by ensuring compensation if the game operator is unable to award prizes offered in the promotion.
        The material terms of the rules must be published in all advertising copy. Full rules must be conspicuously posted in all outlets. Additionally, game operators must give, at no charge, a list of winners to those who request it.
        A violation of the game promotion law can result in a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per violation, an injunction and, in some cases if appropriate, referral for criminal prosecution. In addition, a violation may constitute a deceptive and unfair trade practice actionable under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. The law does not provide for restitution if a consumer has paid money to the operator.

    • After January first, any of the pistols will be unavailable to non-LEO folks, and the threaded barrel ones never were. So they’d have to go to the trouble of finding on roster guns with all kinds of extra do-dads to put in the package. Tack on the one new handgun per 30 days requirement, the extortion racket that is the CA DOInjustice handgun roster, the magazine limitations, the bullet button requirements for the MPX and MCX….I very sadly can see why. There are other states where the package can be shipped to FFL, 4473 addressed and away the lucky so-and-so goes. Bummer of it is, the first part of the contest would be good-to-go for California, as I know there are SSE dealers running P320s out the door as fast as they come in.

    • Tell you what, go ahead and win and then you can give it to me. Think of it as paying it forward or back or whatever.

  2. Well I can guarantee I’m not winning the big prize. If I have to out-shoot someone else for it, I ain’t winning unless they’re blind. I’m a terrible shot (mostly because I have zero time to practice).

    • If they have the competition set up where you have to run from station to station, you might beat me. I have COPD, and although I can shoot very well, not so much when I’m gasping for breath and looking for my inhaler.

  3. Googled a couple vids of the suppressed MCX with the folding stock in full giggle. Pretty kewl.
    Mchances of making a wiining video and then winning the range competition….to own one,
    are the inverse of my chances of going away for 5 yrs in one of Komrad Kamala’s Kali Komfort Inn’s if I did.

  4. After Sig jacked up my experience with the 556XI (Stuck op rod in the gas tube and warranty repair mess) I think I’m more or less done with their products in general. I’m the kind of guy that’ll enter to win this contest.. And then sell everything and buy something else.

  5. I owned a sig 556 folding stock. How I wish I never sold that rifle. Best carbine I have ever owned. And I only paid $600 for it, used from a cop. Crap now I am sad. Maybe I will win an mpx and be happy again…

    • Its on my short list. What in your opinion is the best area to buy a piece of land for enough rain and good dirt to grow vegetables, with close access to state and federal forest for hunting? More than one tank of gas drive from a major metropolis.

      • I second that completely. Family’s still here, but they’re slowly creeping towards the Oregon border after realizing what the last two generations have wrought. I prefer to welcome them with a stern admonition and a stash of NFA items.

  6. I believe NJ is okay because none of the mags exceeds 15 rounds, three of the weapons classify as pistols and none of the weapons is on our AWB list. That said, a NJ FID holder would need to apply for three new Pistol permits to accept transfer of the items. Somehow, given what he/she would receive, that’s an ordeal he/she would accept.


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