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M2onDodge& 37mmAT

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  1. Sometimes there are humorous results from misreading a blueprint.

    The original Army specification sheet for the Willis jeep, for instance, called for a hood-mounted tachometer. The Willis prototype design chief, however, read this as “flakometer” with the results seen here…

  2. Private!!! Your ass is really swinging in the wind now!

    I’d love to get my hands on one of those old Dodge Power Wagons….. the Mrs. would likely choke me in my sleep if I bring home any more stray trucks…

  3. (Channeling Samuel L. Jackson in ‘Pulp Fiction’)

    “Fly that quad-rotor over here one more time…I DARE YOU!!!”

  4. In retrospect it is not hard to understand why the Afgan Army abandoned American supplied weapons systems.

  5. Wait, what?
    Sir if we shoot that Tiger with this thing we’ll just piss it off.
    Yeah and it’s gun shoots further than ours. Lots further.

  6. Early prototype anti-tailgating system, with optional” double-decker bus assembly for the British market.

  7. What happens when you have to “crap” and shoot at the same time. I didn’t want to use crap but decided it’s more family friendly.

  8. “If you don’t get those damn grabbing brakes fixed I’m going to shoot you dead in your ass”!!!! ” Repeatedly”!!!!

  9. “What do you mean MOVE OUT????? Sarge, you gotta pick one or the other… I can’t frackin shoot AND drive!!!!

  10. “Able-1, there is no artillery available to assist, but we may have another solution . Fire for effect, Jeb.”

  11. After seeing the destructive anti-aircraft fighting power of the quad-20mm German Flakpanzer IV “Wirbelwind” in the Hurgten Forest… The Americans did what they always do best… Improvise!

  12. Yeah, we went deer hunting last weekend. Seems some of those PETA wackos came along to watch us, so we got us a couple drones too! Don’t worry; I’d got me one of those licenses for hunting drones. Anyway, does anybody know how you mount a drone, for putting it up on your wall?

  13. This shows Alpha and Bravo Squad having joined forces and are waiting for personnel from Delta to arrive with the torpedo.
    It is a team of dense talents able to attack all theaters of war simultaneously.
    Air, land and sea. At least they will as soon as Delta squad shows up.

  14. “And lo” said the Lord, “So shall Man be operator as f*ck”. And verily, Man operated. So sayeth the Lord. Thusly was man granted Vehicle-Borne Operations.

    • And the invention of Saint John the Browning with which to comply with the Lord’s commandment.

      Can I get an Amen?

  15. “Yuk it up while you can, you f-cking dog. We’ll see who’s laughing once those ducks get a load of this baby.”

  16. “Sarge…he’s doin’ it again…”

    “Just ignore him, Private. He’ll wind down eventually…”

  17. “While Lt. Mitchell fired up the grill, Sgt. Samuels attempted to bring down something to cook…:”

  18. TTAG Three Percent Militia member Dan Zimmerman takes aim at DOJ cell phone drone spotted over Austin, TX fund-raising vent by Open Carry 50Cal Texas.

  19. “I dunno LT, it still don’t like right to me.”

    “Shut your pie-hole private, that’s what the book says, and we do things by the book!”

    “You’re holding the book upside down LT.”

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