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M’s AAC 9″ MPW, Silencerco Saker 762, Aimpoint H-1, Magpul MBUS, Pro Mag-Pod baseplate

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    • Works surprisingly well actually. The rubber foot holds pretty good on a bench and it’s angled just right. Minimal slippage/movement during recoil.

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but anyone have any idea where to find the aac 9 complete sbr in .300 for sale or are they long gone?

      • Dont be ridiculous dude, I’m looking for a semi-auto, civilian legal, aac sbr for individual purchase, not a crate full of fully automatic colt m4s to arm a drug cartel or middle east “freedom fighters.” Besides, that Mexican accent doesn’t mean shit if you are an American citizen, it only helps if you are from a quasi-friendly, morally bankrupt nation state that has historically presented all kinds of problems for the stability of our own nation. That’s why Mexico gets the good shit and Canadians get Justin Bieber.

    • Unfortunately the 9″ complete SBR is basically all gone. AAC stopped production of complete rifles a while ago just before relocating to AL. Even the 9″ uppers are impossible to find, but there’s rumor that AAC will start making uppers again soon.

  2. Mine looks just like that, except an AAC can as well. I bought mine from the Silencer Shop, but they have completely changed their business model, you’d need to check with them online to see if the rifle is still for sale.

  3. I just can’t bring myself to put a 9″ barrel on an SBR. The ballistics drop makes it little better than a PCC and I’d rather keep the 5.56×45 ammo commonality. For me, a 10.3″ barrel gives me quite effective performance from 5.56×45 provided I use the right ammo.

      • Oh, I was aware, but even 300 AAC is barely better out of a 9″ barrel than a PCC. That was sorta my point. The sub-sonic rounds are even more of a joke.

        To give you a basis of what I was talking about, from a 9″ barrel, a 110gr Barnes loading typically reaches about ~2100 fps with a muzzle energy of ~1100 ft-lbs. That’s very comparable to a 77gr OTM 5.56×45 out of a 10.3″ SBR and barely better than a +P .45 ACP fired from a comparable rifle.

        I remain firmly in the camp of “meh” when it comes to 300 AAC. It doesn’t work as well at long ranges and is only marginally better in SBRs compared to comparatively priced 5.56 ammo. (We’re not talking about M855 or M193 here.) Other than the blatant advantage for suppressed fire, I still think it’s a solution desperately looking for a problem.

        • The 77gr OTM Mk 262 is a great round. Absolutely made the 10.3″ SBR effective. No arguement there.

          As for a subsonic 300blk being .45 energy. True. At the muzzle, but that’s where the similarities end. The 300 obviously pushes that energy much much further and has sectional density advantage.

          300 black has a purpose, but it’s not to replace the 5.56mm. The Mk262 and M855A1 have further proven that. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. Like the failed 6.8, a lot of civilian shooters and hunters love it. It’s not trying to be shoehorned into someone it’s not, like the 6.8 and 6.5’s were.

    • Ah, I see you might understand it was a 300 without saying it. I assume you know 300blk was designed to a SBR, suppressed at that, so it is baffling to me why you don’t like the idea of a 9″ barrel. Yes, it has more of a drop than a longer barrel 5.56mm. Not a big deal. We just compensate for it, also the drop for 300 BLK is a bit exaggerated, at least for supersonics.

      As for caliber communality, a great idea for a military supply chain, not for the a gun enthusiast civilian. Remember the ammo drought? Found a lot of other things in stock, but not 5.56, 9mm, or .45.

      Here’s a fun video…

      • I was talking about performance drop, not bullet drop. As for ammo commonality… That depends how much ammo you stock, now don’t it. I’ve got enough 5.56×45 in various flavors to last me several years. The ammo drought didn’t even show up on my radar from a practical point of view. I just stashed the quarterly ammo money in a savings account and re-ordered when prices dropped again. I barely got down to 60% stock.

        I only really stock mass quantities of a few cartridges because the list below covers 80%+ of my guns.

        .45 ACP

        Everything else, I don’t shoot in sufficient quantities for it to really matter.

    • Statistically, if 300 BLK doesn’t work well at long ranges, then neither does 556. That’s what 308 is for. There’s no question BLK has everything covered between 0-300yds with all the perks. Arguably up to 400. Anything beyond 500+ is obviously better suited to 308. But if you wanna proudly claim that small 100-200yd range in between and proclaim 556 is “better”, by all means you can have it.

      Common 556 loads range from 55-77gr. Common BLK loads are 110-220gr. That’s the largest range for any caliber that I know of. There’s the proof in versatility right there. Whether it’s in PCC mode or full power AR mode. On the other hand, 556 is “stuck” to just one general setting, with no perks.

      • In my experience, I can put rounds on target at 600-700 meters with mk262 just about as easily as with M80 ball. The problem that I have with most 300 AAC fanboys is that they use m193 or m855 as a baseline for 5.56×45. That’s simply disingenuous when you’re comparing them to $0.80 to $1.10 per round AAC loadings.

  4. I put the KAC rail panels on mine (awesome, but not cheap) and also did a little minor surgery on an AFG to get it fitted on. Love the can. Mine’s just running a brake shield over the 51T FH. The thing shoots dime sized groups with Barnes Tac TX, but costs me an absolute fortune to do so until i get a bench and a press….

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