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J’s Mossberg MVP Flex chambered in .308 (the closest thing i can get to an AR living in NYC)

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  1. I’m sure you can do better than that, even Ausfailia can get 7615 pump guns & handguns. Just not allowed to bring them to a fight. Yet, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • Fully disagree. A nice 308 with magazines or clips is one of the most well balanced do all rifles you could get. Quick reloads and judicious marksmenship will get hm through most situations. All he needs is a backup handgun. I’m thinking a 1911 or even a ruger p90. Something 45 so he can counter the magazine limitations with high caliber.

      • The old “bolt guns are fast enough” pearl. Requesting a TTAG article “You might be a FUDD if…”

        My first rifle, being Australian, is a t3 varmint 308. Leaning on a post I can put soft points into 2 liters from 300m, but that accuracy and ease of placing shots is lost when you factor in moving targets that are shooting back. If you don’t have time to get in a good position, time to train to be as good as Franz Albrecht, you’ve got nothing on someone with an auto.

        There may be rare situations where from 500m out you need to stop a determined threat, maybe also armed with a marksman rifle, but for anything at standard defensive range you’d better hope your opponent is dumb enough to present a good target for your one shot.

        • An attack on my character does not make a good argument. My point is do not let perfect be the enemy of good. With practice he could be dangerous and effective.

        • I’m pretty sure Jeff Cooper would be the antithesis of a Fudd, and he certainly was a fan of a decent bolt action rifle. As someone who has been in more than a few firefights I can tell you that rarely would I have felt burdened by my scout rifle while in Iraq or Afghanistan, CQB is a different animal all together but I’m fairly certain that this is obvious to anyone involved. Good luck out there. How do you like the 7615? I had a chance to play with one not to long ago and was extremely impressed with it. I even toyed with the possibility of shooting a 3gun match with it just for shits and giggles.

        • Bob I haven’t got a 7615, uncle has a 7600 in 308 that I’ve fooled around with and once you get past the play in the fore end they seem like a bloody good gun. Stock could be better, but still easily the fastest way to get out rounds in Australian conditions, yet no where near as fast as an SKS or m1a for the few pro shooters. Uncle has been out with pros a few times, and when they find a mob of pigs his pump gun might bag 3 for the SKS’s 7.

          I’m not knocking the bolt gun, they’re great for hunting, carrying & long range, but this isn’t the woods, rifle range or afghanistan, it’s NYC. I guess 100m would be a long shot, and when you’re dealing with crack heads or corrupt cops 2m is probably a closer guess – I’ll take an auto every time. More effectiveness for less practice, just keep squeezing.

    • I like mine a lot. The muzzle blast is fierce for a 5.56 and fit and finish are a bit rough (lube the hell out of that bolt the moment you get it). But do a little trigger tuning (it comes with what is essentially a better version of Savage’s Accutrigger), find some good mags–mine are Magpul 10-rounders since I live in NY–and the thing will shoot 1-1.5 MOA with irons all day. No real feeding issues or other reliability concerns to speak of.

  2. Could the scope rings be any higher? Two piece rail and low rings would get the scope down so you could get a solid cheek weld and still leave room for the case to eject. I have a MVP in .223 mounted in a MDT chassis, very fun rifle.


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