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Show Us Your Weapon of War – DTI & Spikes Tactical ARs


Top: DTI lower and upper 10.5” SBR With Surefire light, Troy rail and Magpul BUIS, BAD lever and CTR Stock Bottom: Spikes Tactical 16” lower and upper with Osprey defense drop in Piston system, AAC mini-4 Suppressor, Vortex SPARC II red dot, Knights anti-rotation pins, MAGPUL 60 degree short throw ambi-safety, MAGPUL CTR 6 position stock, Tango down stubby forward grip, MAGPUL rear sling mount and front sling point mount, MAGPUL BUIS rear sight


  1. avatar notalima says:

    Before my brain fully brought in that image I was trying to figure out what that weird angled handle on the front of the top gun was. Heh.

    1. avatar germanguy says:

      You where not the only one with that problem. I also tried to figure out what wired thing that under the upper AR was.

  2. avatar Jay W. says:

    Where’s the description of the 1911 style pistol or doesn’t that qualify as a weapon of war anymore, since Obama’s going to allow the CMP to sell them?

    1. avatar Rob says:


      That is my Combat Precision Technology Custom 1911 built by Chris James in Cumming, GA. It’s on a CPT CNC frame, Caspian blank slide, The Project Name was Snap Crackle Pop ( a nod to my Paratrooper past), Stan Chen mag well suite, a combat precision rear sight, 20 lines per inch on the front strap/matched on the MSH. High undercut at the trigger guard, flat trigger @ #3.5. I have about 18k rounds through her since June of 2014. I use it mainly as my IDPA: Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP Division).

      Here’s a brief review on youtube:

      Here is a link to my channel to take a look at SCP in Action…

      Let me know what you think…..

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