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D’s Spikes lower with Geissele SSA trigger, Spikes T2 buffer, Magpul ACS stock, Adams Arms 5.56 Evo 16″ upper with Griffin compensator, Burris MTAC 1.5 to 6 x scope.

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  1. Has this weapon actually been to war? It seems like “weapons of war” should refer to weapons which have been used for war (like my Mosin M44, or Colt 1917). Of course if I had to go to war, I’d certainly prefer to use your AR15 over both the Mosin or the Colt revolver.

  2. I sent in a pic of my 15th century German halberd. Not a modern weapon, but imo a thing of beauty, as is the sweet MSR pictured above.

    • I saw that picture and was rightly terrified. Regular people should not be allowed to own such evil dangerous assault weapons like your halberd of mass death and destruction. You certainly don’t use that thing to hunt ducks, or deer. Therefore, you must not be allowed to have it.

      Only the Pope’s Swiss guards (with the striped suits) and maybe the guards of Buckingham palace (with the big furry hats) can be trusted with those wicked weapons.

      What kind of monster are you?


      • Well, that’s my gun. I’m a licensed Real Estate Broker and lender. I’ve raised 2 fine men now 29 and 31 who both own very similar AR15’s and we all own lots of pistols and shotguns too. I have a CCW permit and carry everyday.

        And, if an unconstitutional government ever tries to confiscate guns then you can bet there will be war and that gun will get used.

        Donald R Coombs
        Fair Oaks, CA

        • Actually, I was just messing with MSgtB.

          I’m very glad that you and your sons have these “weapons of war”. I feel that every decent citizen should have some. It goes to the very core of our national essence.

  3. Hi Art :

    I know and I was just messing with you back, but I got to thinking how rare it is that we gun folks actually state clearly that we will fight a war to protect this 2nd Amendment right. The “majority” can pass all the gun laws they have the votes to pass but do they understand where that tyranny will take them?

    I wonder if Gavin Newsom understands that there’s a reason the founders of this nation didn’t set up a democracy and instead chose a constitutional republic with checks and balances?


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