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“I read the entire book while I waited in line.” “I’m sorry, you did what?” the successful author asked without looking up from the book he was signing.  The Rembrandt Affair, which I reviewed last week, is the tenth novel by Daniel Silva featuring the Beretta 92 toting Mossad assassin, Gabriel Allon.  At the end of my review I concluded that this would be the last Gabriel Allon novel – at least for a while. “I’m just kidding.”

The successful author stole a glimpse of the jackass harassing him at the Dallas, Texas PR event, then returned to autographing books.

“In your new book you wrapped up all of the backstory story lines,” I continued.  “And at the end of the book, the main character walks off into the sunset.  Does that mean that you plan to put Gabriel Allon to bed?”

Now I had his full attention…

Suppressing a smile like a house cat hoping that I wouldn’t notice the canary feathers caught in his teeth, he answered my question with a question.

“How do you know I wrapped up all of the story lines?”

“I didn’t read the book while standing in line, but I have read it.  Your publisher was good enough to send me an advanced review copy.”  I showed him the letter from Putnam that I had tucked inside the cover.

His answer was a canned response that I have heard him give to other interviewers: “I don’t discuss books that I am going to write.”

Of course you don’t. But I already had my answer.

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