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After the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the murder of French Jews in a Paris market, calls in at least some quarters went up for Europe’s Jews to arm themselves. Relying on the local gendarmerie to protect the targets of aggressive Islamist terrorists didn’t work out well for Charlie Hebdo’s employees (who had police stationed outside their offices at the time of the attack). Why would anyone think that the average European, whether shopping for grocerieseating dinner in a restaurant, or just walking down the street, would fare any better? Yesterday the anti-semitic violence hopped across the channel to north London when a mob of yobs attacked a synagogue shouting “kill the Jews!” . . .


In a shocking video filmed at the scene, chairs are seen being flung against the double doors, shattering panes of glass, as men shout profanities at those desperately barricading the doors.

Those inside then start to fight back by throwing parts of broken chairs around the synagogue. This morning, a mound of broken furniture and trails of blood could be seen strewn across the building.

The incident is said to have taken place after the group attacked a young Jewish man outside the building, who is not a member of the synagogue. As he ran inside for refuge, the thugs chased him inside.

Police said some of the men did manage to briefly break into the synagogue, but were quickly thrown out again by security staff.

As one congregant was quoted,

‘The Rabbi was telling me this was not an anti-Semitic attack but a fight outside that just got out of hand.

‘But from what my friends have told me this was definitely an anti-Semitic attack. People were shouting “kill the Jews”. I’ve seen videos of them chanting that. You can’t say that’s not anti-Semitic.

And denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

‘I don’t feel safe at all. My friends said they were terrified by what happened last night. I’m so scared sometimes I try to hide my Jewish identity.’

Unfortunately, this person lives in the UK where “security” is provided by video cameras on almost every corner. A fat lot of good that will do, though, when the horde is breaking down your door. So there’s no way to (legally) protect yourself with a firearm. Short of, you know, emigrating.

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  1. They can’t arm themselves and they shouldn’t emigrate because British Islamists and Euro anti-semites will need people to help them load the boxcars.

    • Once more I find myself thinking “Ralph, you really should unretire.”

      I know. You’re enjoying your new work too much….

  2. Longtime lurker here; this is my first post. As an orthodox Jew living in NYC, this has definitely factored into my interest in firearms. No matter how “progressive” and “enlightened” society may get, anti-Semitism, sexism, and racism will always exist, and only fools would believe otherwise. This is multiplied tenfold with the rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS et al.

    Alas, NYC’s wonderful gun laws are chafing more than ever and my wife and I plan on leaving for either Texas or Pennsylvania for just this reason. I’m still surprised when I encounter fellow Jews who don’t “believe” in guns, and I do my best to convince them of the truth.

    • Or just a pro-gun anybody in Texas. We are very friendly and polite people.

    • Wife’s from DFW, so I’ve been several times. As a born ‘n bred Yankee, I think I prefer the Lone Star way of doing things.

    • They may not believe in guns but guns are still real. Good luck w your move if you decide that is best for you and yours.

    • Had your attitude been more pervasive amongst the “mensch”, the holocaust would have never occurred!

      Never again, means, NEVER AGAIN!

      C’mon down here, pard. Respect our country an’ our ways…… we’ll show you the same like from a lookin’ glass.

    • As an orthodox Jew living in NYC, this has definitely factored into my interest in firearms. No matter how “progressive” and “enlightened” society may get, anti-Semitism, sexism, and racism will always exist, and only fools would believe otherwise. This is multiplied tenfold with the rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS et al.
      Oh, do not worry, we had a bunch of blacks come out of Cincy and kill off a retired school bus driver of German Catholic Descent in Milan Indiana ( think the movie Hoosiers) for a few dollars.
      Hey, you do not have to be Jewish to have someone kill you.

    • Welcome to TTAG .” I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you…”

  3. I know it shouldn’t be the case but in truth I am always amazed by how this crap keeps happening. I had hoped that Europe had learned from the lessons of the Holocaust but I suppose not. If I were Jewish and living in Europe I think I’d be look to move some place where I could protect myself.

    • Europe did from WWII, but those who learned firsthand are mostly gone.

      The US has learned and tought lessons since its inception, but those lessons go by the wayside as the learners and teachers die off.

      Humans, y’know.

    • Antisemitism is as European as schnitzel or bangers and mash. It’s the core of European “civilization.” That’s why the Euros and the Islamists get along so well.

    • I’m always amazed by this stuff still happening in ‘civilized’ Europe (you know, the places so civilized that they turn their noses up at us).

    • As it happens, there is a country with shall issue concealed carry (also for EU/NATO foreigners), with no gun free zones (apart from courthouses), and which for maybe as long as century, if not longer, ranks as the least anti-semitic in Europe.

      That country is called the Czech Republic, and for now, the Brits have the right to move there if they wish so. That is, they have the right until their populist politicians decide to pull UK out of the EU.

        • “…London, where long knives are illegal but machetes aren’t.”

          Russ, really? I had always read that carrying any blade was illegal there…

  4. What is it about Jews and being Liberal/progressive?

    The very belief system that fights to be disarmed in the face of over 2000 years of oppression and recent attempted genocide.

    The very belief system that fought for “multi-culturalism” and opened the flood gates of Muslim immigration into Western Europe and England.

    The very belief system that sides with the Palestinians and most of the Muslim mid-east and their vocal statements that they will not rest until every Israeli Jew will be massacred to,the last man, woman and child.

    I can somewhat understand the delusion of western “intellectuals” because of being protected for hundreds of years from much of the worlds reality by the efforts of “rough and ready” men and women dedicated to protecting freedom.

    But especially the reality of WW II and of the experience of Israel over the last seventy years seems like it would be a wake up call to even the most “stiff necked” people.

    Well, maybe that’s why the Apocalypse will be so horrendous; it’s going to take that kind of experience to finally wake up not only the Jews, but the rest of humanity as well.

    • People care about more issues than guns. If we had something better than a two-party system I think we’d be a lot better off because you could have more of what we used to call ‘blue dog democrats’.

      • BS. “Social justice” is marxist garage and some jinos are marxists, LIKE THE MILLIONS OF CINOS.

        There is no “tenet of evils justice” in observant Judaism. And if you want to make a blood association between marxism and jinos, this time we will shoot your &ss before you bring out the boxcars.

        most marxists are anti religious, anti religious Judaism, anti religious Christianity, and allies of convenience with jihad since jihadis hate Christians and Jews.

        Get your head out of the nazi play book blaming Jews for marxism. They were a profound minority of the Bolsheviks, and they constitute only a few thousand here in already vastly Dem majority cities and states, nowhere near the TENS OF MILLIONS OF NON JEW AMERICANS WHO EMPOWER / TURN STATES BLUE FOR THE GUN GRABBING LEFT.

    • “being protected for hundreds of years from much of the worlds reality by the efforts of “rough and ready” men and women dedicated to protecting freedom.”

      Heh. The vast majority of “rough and ready men” in history had no interest whatsoever in protecting freedom. War is the supreme expression of the State, and the State isn’t interested in freedom.

      Also I like how you put “intellectuals” in quotes. A sure sign of deliberate ignorance.

  5. I have always felt if all the Jews boarded a space ship and left Earth the Muslim countries would join together to start a space program. Cause who would they hate and blame then?

    For the New Yorker, move to a pro 2nd state. Get training and carry.

  6. Has anyone else noted that mass Islamic immigration was implemented shortly after the UK banned guns? It’s almost like citizen disarmament is a pretext for bad things…

  7. I know this area of the attack. This is probably where the largest jewish community in england lives. In a non-inflammatory way.. “there are jews EVERYWHERE and they own EVERYTHING (property-wise)”.. more than enough for them to have groups to patrol streets and actively protect their neighborhood. Also, plenty of Turkish shops down the street from where they can acquire “off the books” pistols in a pinch..for a fee.. Or so I heard from someone, somewhere..ahem.

    This location is likely just perhaps a most two down the road..were the London riots a few years back kicked off..

    To be honest, my gut is telling me this was an act of a drunken mob of ‘yobs’, bored, a little drunk, looking for sport and prone to trouble. I dont believe it was ‘Charlie Hebdo’ style- serious.. BUT… make no mistake, british youth can be vile, cruel, tenacious and horribly violent..for sport. Europe frankly is a very ‘tactile’ place. It’s one of the most ‘hands on’ violent places I have been to. Fists, feet, sticks and blades rule the day, and the breaking of sweat of brow by one alpha miscreant and his loyal cohorts piling on is common there..and lemme tell ya.. I’m talking about the females too!!

    London is a powderkeg the government doesnt want to talk about. Too many have’s and have-nots. Way too many folks living on the margins and hanging on barely along with some of the richest people in the world.

    Frankly, those riots were overdue and were just the relief valve that bought them time.. yea.. physical social steam lowered the pressure enough for a spell.

    If Jew’s can have guns, everyone else should be allowed to have guns. Regardless of what we read here about the british loss of rights to firearms, I’d bet that 95% of the british never even knew there was a legal right to access firearms. Owning a gun in England is more foreign than bulgarian sushi in Okinawa. Firearms will not be made legal there anytime soon if ever, and if it were it’ll be so layered with criteria that it’s the same hereditary elites and major landowners that will be the only ones with the ability to have license to them, the regular man on the street will never get his paws on one legally, I’d bet lots and lots of money on it.

    • ” I’d bet that 95% of the british never even knew there was a legal right to access firearms. ”

      This is the most baffling and frustrating thing about having a gun rights discussion with many Europeans. Most of them believe “people can’t own guns” in their countries, when it couldn’t be any further from the truth. They just have no idea what the actual legal processes to obtain them are, and those people who do own them, keep them a secret for fear of theft or political targeting.

      Spend enough time on the various big gun forums and you’ll run into enough European gun owners, and they voice this same frustration with their countrymen.

      • I went to a gun store in Kiev Ukraine a few years ago. They had a lot of interesting things there that made my collection look very sad at the time. Of course there are a lot of hoops to jump through to buy them legally, unless you get a Putin special in the Donetsk oblast. Then there are no hoops for a real AK74 and RPG.

      • I grew up in MA where friends to this day are amazed that regular people like me can own and carry guns. They are almost to a person anti-gun too until they need one. A neighborhood break in, run in with a criminal, or local lawlessness after an extended power outage are reasons I have had friends ask to “borrow” a firearm.

        It is not an uncommon belief in utopian liberal areas that haven’t experienced a recent loss of civility.

    • “Also, plenty of Turkish shops down the street from where they can acquire “off the books” pistols in a pinch..for a fee..”

      The problem is that with a mob you risk being killed, but it is possible also that you will survive it.

      Using pistol in UK for whatever purpose carries life-in-prison sentence.

      As sad as it may be you have better chances to be there for your family tomorrow if you risk being killed in UK, rather than fight back.

    • “Immigrate to America now. Don’t wait until the boxcars are being lined up on the sidings.” — The progressive Jews in America are working on their own extinction.

  8. I can’t really comprehend why Jews (and nobody else) should be allowed to flout their host country’s laws. The good, wise, seasoned, and oh-so-enlightened peoples of Europe have voted themselves into a gun control paradise. Certainly, they know what’s best.

    I suppose that if any Jew in particular isn’t happy with being left defenseless and at the mercy of a potential attacker, that person would be welcome to go to Israel and try their luck there.

  9. I am Jewish. My parents fled USSR when i was 13. They as many others ended it up in NYC. Well one of the many reasons i moved to Southern FL is that NYC laws which are designed to keep the populace unarmed. Given our history as a people, it boggles the mind that any Jew can be in Bloomerg’s camp.

    • Given our history as people in general, it boggles the mind that anybody can be in Bloomerg’s camp regardless of their background. Fixed it for ya!.

  10. Last time I checked you can still own bows and crossbows in the UK. Better than nothing…

  11. Sounds like Aloha Snackbar work place violence to me.
    Of course under more mundane conditions, these same Jews would probably be joining some sort of Bloombum astroturf Every Moron for Gun Non-sense.
    But in general, Brits love their gun control and we rednecks in America can watch the carnage proceed in Un Great Britain.

  12. Should everyone everywhere arm themselves now, too?

    Ummm yes. Next question.

    I know we in America always hear about how terrible gun laws are in Europe, but is there any way to effectively and legally arm yourself over there? In ca gun laws are bad but you are not exactly unarmed with a 12 ga pump and a XD 9mm (even if it only has 10 rounds). Is anything effective available in the UK or other parts of Europe?

  13. A better question than the title asked: Why do so many Jews allow themselves to ever be disarmed? Seriously! So do so many fellow Heebs seem to be all to willing to forget.

  14. All Free minded people that believe in HUMAN RIGHTS not class or religion or status. Should be ready to defend the WORLD From Extreme ideas from either end of the spectrum. Hitler killed millions, communism Under Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and many others have killed billions, ISUS,
    Al-Queda, Hamas whatever the title that claim religion guides them (sounds like: “Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition” so called religious extremes) But all free people should be armed if they so choose. For those that lived through or survived the Holocaust they should have taught their children that NEVER AGAIN was more than a Bumper Sticker. for others of the Jewish faith I have a question. Why do you vote for people that want to take away your RIGHTS TO DEFEND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? I have traveled around the world and visited many other countries but very few places have the RIGHT to be armed included in their laws. Why anyone no matter their beliefs wish to live at the whim of others in so called positions of power. Title means nothing, Party means nothing those change with the people that Claim to be following some path. Britain lived through a great peril many people were armed they survived through the “Blitz” after the war they disposed of the leader that brought them through such turmoil with out a care. Now they find the evil at the door again but it is inside
    already, Neighbor hoods are more bazaar and souk then shops and stores different law court’s hold sway over common law. PC is killing the West and free, open countries allow the cancer to grow.
    ALL FREE LAW ABIDING PEOPLE should have the choice available to be armed.

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