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“Police say 2 of 3 robbery suspects arrested Wednesday have been charged with the execution-style murder of MTV music coordinator Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir,” KTLA News reports. “The 35-year old was shot several times with a shotgun as he walked through a residential area in the 2700 block of West 12th Street about 3:45 a.m. Police say the suspects are also responsible for at least eight robberies in the last two weeks . . .” While it’s hard to imagine a scenario whereby an armed citizen could fight off three shotgun-wielding perps at o’ dark o’ clock, me, I’d like to get free or die trying. Gun control advocates and Mr. Ben-Meir’s friends and family can take solace in the fact that the LAPD didn’t laugh off the murder. “Shotguns are kind of a rare weapon to be used in a street crime, so obviously we’re considering those very seriously,” LAPD Capt. Matt Blake said.

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  1. Is it just the camera that makes these cops seem woefully unaware of what is going on or are most of these guys actually stupid?

  2. Is Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir a Jew?

    If so, what was the nationality/religious faith of the killers?

    If it turns out the killers are Islamic, or adhere to the Islamic faith, will they be charged with a hate crime?

    (Yeah, I know that religion angle will never be explored. Religion of peace and all that)

    • Or was Gabriel just gay or walking in the vicinity of a gay bar at 3:45am? Who knows, but it’s pretty clear that three guys with shotguns set out to shoot someone/anyone that represented their greatest fears.

      • I doubt Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir is gay. If Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir was gay, it would have been in the lead paragraph to the story. The cops would have all looked solemn while denouncing this heinous hate crime.

        Jews are not part of a politically protected minority and as such, they’re fair game.

        • They’re fair game?

          I thought that they were God’s chosen people?

          90% of the wars fought in the past 500 years were fought by christians.

          See…. anyone can trash talk other religions.

          Why do you have to bring religion into this?

          This is a gun blog, why not keep it that way?

        • Yeah, politics and guns never intersect.

          Look, buddy, it’s a well known fact that Jews are not accorded the same respect as other members of the human race.

          It’s also a given that antisemitism is on the rise.

          There have been a lot of attacks, that, surprise, were committed by people in the name of Allah. However, the press tends to avoid mentioning the religious angle if there’s even a hint that Islamics might be involved.

          And don’t give me the christians and war crap.

          When cartoons are enough to incite death threats and people have to go into hiding because a religious fatwa has been issued, that points to a problem with a religion, or the people involved in a religion.


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