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Two SHOT Show Range Days in a row have brought me to the SDS Imports table. Last year it was to see the Retro Riot Gun, but this year it was for the Tisas Fatih. I keep calling it the Fatty, which seemed to be a common joke among the SDS Imports staff. The Fatih is a clone of the Beretta 84, a gun I consider to be the pinnacle of grip ergonomics. I’m not sure why that gun fits my hand oh so well, but it does and it always has. It’s as if some Beretta engineer in Italy molded it to my hand.

Anyway, the Beretta 84 has been out of print for decades. Beretta recently introduced the 80X, but to be honest, I like the classic look and feel of the 84.

The Fatih mimics the 84 perfectly, and the latest generation made a few changes. They redid the slide, melted some edges, took some precautions to prevent slide bite, and reworked the sights. Specifically, they went from fixed sights to removable sights.

It was really windy at Range Day this year and was tough to hear clearly, but I’m 99% sure they told me the Fatih can use 92X sights, which opens up a nice market for night sights, match sights, etc. It’s a nice touch, but the three-dot sights across the top of the gun look very good as-is.

Throwing .380s with the Fatih

I firmly believe .380s shouldn’t be pocket pistols, but compacts like the Fatih are a great carry option, too. It’s a very soft-recoiling cartridge in a relatively big platform. This gun holds 13 classic 9mm Kurz rounds and it barely moves when you pull that trigger and hear the bang. It’s controllable like a 4-wheel drive on a highway. I put round after round into small steel targets at 15 and 25 yards.

I was surprised by how nice the trigger is, and lord knows I love a DA/SA action. The Fatih has been produced with both a decocker and a safety that allows for cocked and locked carry.

The Fatih handles like a dream because, again, I swear it was built for my hands. With good ammo, the .380 ACP will poke holes, but with the Fatih, you can poke those holes quite accurately.

I spent only a brief time with the Fatih on the range, but it had me coming back to shoot it one more time. At an MSRP of $400 or so, it’s a must-have as far as I’m concerned.

Can we get a .32 ACP version next?

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  1. Price is right, quality is there, performance is there and potential is there…so why would anyone be dumb enough to pass up a well made firearm all because of the location of the manufacturer? You’ll have to ask a bigot.

      • Jethro (JWM) you are a hypocrite. You claimed to have bought a foreign made shotgun and then you rant about not buying a gun made in Turkey.

        In reality you mental midget the workers of Turkey have not much power to throw out Erdogan so the only people who you hurt are ordinary hard working people. But hey you are a far right racist with little brain matter between your ears.

        And by the way Moron the current high demand for firearms in the U.S., especially pistols, and especially lower priced ones, means that when you deprive yourself of a quality firearm there are 100 more people snapping them up so the only fool that missed out on a good deal was you and since you are so cheap and stingy you squeak when you walk the real joke was on you.

        Believe it or not I will miss you when you kick off because you were such an outrageous, and uneducated clown on this forum.

        • dacian, you seek to help bring about a fascist regime tyranny here in the U.S. and have even expressed in the TTAG comment sections your desires for such. But then you rant against a person making a choice to not support the economy of what he thinks is, in his words, “the Fascist State of Turkey”.

          So of course you are attacking him for you don’t want anything said against fascism because you are a fascist yourself.

          ya think you can be even more of a hypocrite? I’m sure it would not be difficult for you. You are such an outrageous and ignorant clown.

        • to Booger Brain

          quote————dacian, you seek to help bring about a fascist regime tyranny here in the U.S.———-quote

          Booger Brain it is you who are the facist and here is the definition of a fascist proving again it is you who do not have command of the english language.


          an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

        • @dacian

          Well, would ya look at that, dacian the Hitler lover calling someone else a fascist and doesn’t even know what ‘right-wing’ or fascist means while hes been accusing us of it all this time.

          Ahhhh… we are playing dictionary I see… well OK

          The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition:


          A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

          A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

          Oppressive, dictatorial control.”



          a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

          a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control”

          Ya know, the very things Hitler did and you endorse for the United States now.

          You are a fascist, plain and simple. And an ignorant one too.

        • dacian. As i’ve noted before. Calling yourself not a not-zee isn’t valid. Your actions and words make you a not-zee. Your hero’s in the SS and the kgb probably though of themselves as hero’s also. But they weren’t.

          Benelli is made in Italy. Which is not a fascist state. Turkey is. As evidenced by your defense of same.

      • jethro…Try to comprehend. A direct answer should come from a bigot…That means if you are a bigot use your Made in China device to answer and not to spin.

    • I’ve got a few Turkish origin firearms, never really had any problems with them.

      Most stuff in the firearms industry today has some sort of foreign origin. For example, all red dot optics, no matter the brand, are essentially made in China because they all contain parts that are made in China even if they are branded “Made in U.S.A.”

    • Turkey is mostly a free market economy. There are certainly problems with the Turkish government, but not buying a Tisas pistol because you don’t like the administration in Turkey is like not buying a Henry because you don’t like our current administration.

      • People who bash Turkish guns because they think Turkey is a fascist dictatorship have never been to Turkey and experienced what an awesome country it is. I’d buy property there on the Aegean Sea if it weren’t so far away.

  2. Why does the author say “I firmly believe .380s shouldn’t be pocket pistols”? Is it a typo? There are lots of great .380 pistols suitable for pocket carry like the various Ruger LCP pistols on the small end up to the Sig P365 .380 on the large end.

    • good question.
      when the fish hair larger 9mm mustang clones came out i forgot about .380. but the .380 versions are enough smaller that i could see it as a backup/ ultra concealy. big .380? for a small demographic i s’pose. but then why not x18?

    • Any serious handgun collection should have a German made SIG Sauer P230 or P232.

      SIG Sauer took the classic Walther PPK design and improved on it. Yes, even the looks.

      I have either an HK P7-M13 or P232 on me whenever I suit up. Anything else feels ‘uncivilized’.

      • Part of what I like about the comments sections is learning about weapons I had never heard of/considered P230/232 was a fun research thank you.

        • I’ve surprised several range buddies with the P232.
          Great looking gun, , great ergonomic, great quality and detail, a rather long barrel that gets the most velocity out of 380acp ammo.
          The prices aren’t crazy like many German handguns from the ’90s.

          James Reeves from TFB has a good vid on them. He’s a huge fan.

  3. .380 isnt easy to find around here unless you order on line and if you order online fedzilla marks down in a book what you bought and where you bought it. Well it really ain’t a book, it’s a microchip, a chip that can hold a gazillionbillion bits and bytes. They type in your name, the computers buzz and it spits out everything you’ve bought online pertaining to the question. – Like how much soap did possum buy? – Bzzzzzzzz,chirp chirp, click, bzzzzz,,,,,,,,possum purchased 0 amounts of soap with credit card 2022-2023.
    Credit Cards, Credit Cards, Get Your credit cards. Trade your personal information and life for the ease of a credit card, gettem while they’re hot. Gettem while they’re free. Credit cards, credit cards, approved and recommended by .gov.
    Hell of a nice gunm, price is good too, to bad the emu shortage keeps us out of grease

    • Penetration is often better in 32 but both can have issues with hollow point expansion vs penetration. Screwdriver tips for either if I were to use them.

  4. “It’s as if some Beretta engineer in Italy molded it to my hand.”
    so who was the priapus designed after? and was cynthia plaster caster involved?

  5. Very nice looking pistol, with the new upgrades versus the previous editions. Too bad it will not be available in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. Looks like it would be similar in size to a .380 Makarov.

  6. “I firmly believe .380s shouldn’t be pocket pistols…”

    From the context, I’m guessing you meant SHOULD be?

    • That’s just dumb. This is a replica of an elegant Beretta design that wasn’t intended to be soiled with lights and red dots. If you want that stuff there are literally dozens of models to choose from, so knock yourself out.

    • You are a full 180° off from understanding the point of a reproduction firearm. It’s like complaining that there’s no place to mount neon on the undercarriage of a vintage Studebaker.

  7. The only way I would consider a 380 such as this is if 380 ACP was cheaper than 9 mm. Which it is not. I’ll stick with 9 mm.


    • A little of both. He’s a big guy, but Cheetah’s are small pistols. About the size of a Glock 43, though thicker in the grip. I have an 81, and that’s about how it looks when I’m holding it.

  9. Wow!!! A new production gun with a decocker. I’m so close to wanting to buy this gun. But I’ll have to wait to see if it has any bugs still in it, being it’s a brand new model.

    And I too, would love to have it in 32 ACP. Now how about they make it with a tip up barrel like their little brothers???

    Yes 32acp and .380 are more expensive than 9 mm. But guns that are easier to shoot accurately require less training time.
    One of the big selling points for the Bobcat or the Tomcat is the tip up barrel feature in both guns. People always talk about this when marketing those guns to women. Particularly older women with weaker hands.

    A tip up barrel with all its other features. Would make this the best carry gun for anyone with weak hand strength.

  10. I got gripes with turkish guns, doesn’t help being a System of a Down fan – but I got a LOT of love for Beretta 84s. I have an 84B that’s one of my favorite guns to shoot, despite being older than me, and I swear Travis took the words out of my mouth with that bit about the gun just NOT moving when firing, the 84 is a tack driver. I paid a little over 400 for it, too, and Tisas is going to have to work pretty hard to sway me towards finally buying something of theirs…but that profile finally falling closer in line to a real 84 (as opposed to a squirt gun like the Fatih 13s, that trigger guard alone is nauseating) and those walnut grips are already piquing my interest A LOT…but when you can have the real deal, even old and used, for the same price I don’t know if I’d bother buying one on release. My 40-year-old piece might have some blemishes but the bluing is still beautiful and function is perfect, so waiting another year for other reviews and maybe sale prices seem the way to go. Replaceable sights ARE a huge plus, though, maybe that will tip the scales

    • Oh and the 80X isn’t doing it for me. That’s the funny thing, I’m much more interested in this clone than I am the latest real iteration. I could care less for optics-ready, pic-rail and *barf* vertec grip. Hard pass. This trend of everything needing to be optics ready, picrailed threaded barrel is turning me to boomer-status real quick, just give me a friggin nice looking gun with 3-dot irons and 30% cheaper than all that tactical bullsh*t.

  11. I have the current Fatih 380 and a Beretta 85. I am going to trade my Fatih on the new version when it becomes available. I like the looks, and redesign much better. I have a Tisas GI 45 which is an excellent pistol.
    On my current Fatih, the only thing I dislike is the finish, a blah gray black. I was going to have it refinished in black CeraHide, but since I’m considering trading, that won’t happen.
    My Fatih is a great shooter, and every day carry.
    Great article, I’m glad I found it.


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